Friday, December 20, 2013

9 days until Christmas

Hi!   Winter wonder land in the North.  51 degrees where we are.  To be in the low 40's tonight.  We are glad we are South.

I want to go out at night soon to see Christmas decorations.  Usually find some pretty ones.  One home that has always had too much in their yard does not have anything this year.  So what happened?  did they move? an illness ?????  when you see things each year you miss it when it is gone.
I relate this also to driving any one place several times during the year.  Usually Ernie is driving so I notice the scenery.  This farm needs sprucing around the home, have the crops been planted, are they growing, and then harvested.  What has happened in the towns and cities that we pass through.
Always looking for changes and/or what stays the same.  Kinda like visiting your siblings and other relatives.  What have they been up to or how are they feeling these days. 

We have been blessed with 80 degree weather the past few weeks.  Hard to get in the spirit of getting my Christmas cards done.  I did send a few e-cards, and then did finish over the week end.  The little Methodist Church I attend here in Thonotosassa had their Christmas cantata last week.  Enjoyed by all.  The director/pianist wasn't sure what to arrange.  She had one member with a good speaking voice give a history of favorite carols.  Then the congregation was invited to sing along with the choir as they sang these carols.  There were only 10 in the choir and half of them are snow birds.
After Christmas there will be closer to 20.  If Easter is not too late, they have a good choir for that cantata.

more later.

8 days and counting.    About 3 am this morning I heard a bump, clunk and bump.   Thought, what was Ernie doing out in the living room.  Nope, it was not him, he was in bed with me.   So I got up, could not see a problem and then I heard the heavy patter of feet on top of the RV.   I think it was only one raccoon.  After going to the front of the RV he ran to the back and bump, clunk and bump went down the ladder.  His dirty paw prints were on the ladder.  We are across from the area of the dumpster.  The coons climb the shrubbery and get into the dumpster.  When they get in when it is empty they cannot get back out until the trash builds up again.  We had not seen them for the last week or so and were hoping that they were gone.  HA!
On our RV  that is where one was last night.

One of our first trips to Florida we were at Myakka State Park.  We were warned not to leave any food out, even in coolers as the coons knew how to get into them.  Around 2 am I awoke and saw a coon looking at me thru the roof vent.  He left in a hurry, along with a friend or two, off the back of the old Georgie Boy. RV.   Not my favorite animal.

It was cool last night.  Actually wore my jeans all day.  To be warmer  this week end and then cool off  for Christmas.  We shall  see.
Not much else going on.  To Plant City Wednesday for the flea market and a stop at Parksdale for strawberries.

Friday Dec 20
It was 86 today.  Just not right.  I am not complaining, but I do like cooler weather for Christmas. 
Have my Christmas cards done and 5 boxes of sweets sent to Indiana and Illinois.  If I eat any more chocolate I may start breaking out in zits like a teen ager.  Oh well, it tastes good.

Have a Merry Christmas,


Sunday, December 1, 2013

17 days

Only 17days that we have been in Florida.  Linda called today to ask how long we had been here.  We left early, to get away from the "things" that have to be done at home.  Lawn, etc. 
So did we get away from it all?  Of course not.  There are always things to be done.  Got the bugs cleaned off the windshield and then when the sun shone thru it was quite streaked.  So today, I cleaned the inside and it looks better.  No, there were not bug marks inside.  Just did a sloppy job cleaning the inside the first time.

Then today as we were sitting down resting, from walking home from the Church yard sale.  Austin came over,  "Want to pressure wash your patio?
I will bring down my pressure machine.  So we did and then had to take showers.  When the dirt between stones gets hit with pressured water, it spays all over.   Spotted like a dog. 

But the patio looks great.  No more black mold, dirt or what ever on the cement.  Also did the slab where someone had a shed or covered patio.
Near supper time we put more dirt in my two big round planters and planted
lettuce and radishes.  Also some marigolds.  Ernie said they were not a vegetable.

We have been over to Busch Gardens.  Changes have been made in different areas.  The Stanley Ville Theatre is now enclosed.  Not sure whether we like that or not.  The way they have the sound so loud, the acoustics are not good.  Hurts your ears.  The gardens are so pretty,  Lots of topiary
Christmas decorations. A pretty angel and just round balls of greenery lighted.  And so many poinsettias.   all colors, white, red, red and white, yellow and white. 

We saw three shows.  We like to watch the Castaway critters and see if they have taught the animals any new tricks.  then on to a "Vacation musical" at Stanleyville.  We stopped last at the ice show.  different this year, there were
6 children as part of the show.  All good skating, pretty costumes. and music.   

We are also walking.  Checked the mileage with the car.  After several trips around the park, we averaged .6 of a mile for one trip.  so we have been walking 1.2 miles each day.  a few times 1.8,  slow, but we are walking.

Will add more later, getting sleepy.   jkc

Wed. the 27th.   Day before Thanksgiving.   Bob and Judy stopped by.
Want to come to a Thanksgiving dinner?   Southern Aire is having a turkey
dinner at 4  There are two open spots.  so, yes, we will go and I will take some  apple salad.  So tonight we had turkey for supper.   I had bought turkey thighs for us.  Had some dressing, green beans and cranberries with cottage cheese.  We bought a sweet potato pie Tues. and had another piece of that after supper.  I only roasted one of the thighs, put the other in the freezer.  Will eat it some other day.  Have a Cornish hen in the freezer for possibly Christmas.  I had the freezer so stuffed when we first got here,  and so the ice cream bars were on the soft side.  It is a little empty now, at least the packages are not crammed and wedged in as it was when we left home.

We stopped at TG Fridays last week.  thinking we would get our special of endless soup and salad, with bread sticks and a drink.  Sometimes we even got cheese and nachos.  Prices have gone up.  Now it is just endless soup and salad.  No bread sticks, drink or nachos, unless you buy them.  Shucks.
Ernie has liked their clam chowder, it just wasn't as good as last year.
Thought we might try and different Fridays and see how their soup tastes.

this week end will be the time to get out our few Christmas decorations and
check out the card list.  Haven't decided if I will write a letter or just send cards.  Need to get more cards if I do just cards.

Not much else for now.   We hear and see on TV that Indiana is COLD.
It is supposed to get cold here tonight also.  Down in the 30's.  But warms
up on Friday, back to the lo 70's.   But we have the little heater out just in case we want it.  And the electric blanket is hooked up and ready to turn on.

Have a good night.  Sleep tight!


and later still.  Sat. Nov. 30  it did get cold and we had the heater on in the bedroom and the electric blanket.  The front of the coach was cold when we got up.  Today it is 75 with a cool breeze.  Got out the tote with the Christmas decorations to be put up this week end.  Depends on my mood whether I get everything out or just some of them.  The only free space I might use (on my credenza, the top of some cupboards, is full of tomatoes and fruit.  Will have to use the front dash for more than the little tree. 
The Big Top flea market has lots of Christmas decorations.  Did buy a little
castle JJ pin.  that's is 4 pins, so far this year.
We also got new I phones this week.  So our phones are now are hot spot for the computer and we save money by not having the little hot spot box.
Have to get used to using the phone to get on line.
We have sprouted radish and lettuce seeds.  Marigolds  no.

the water is hot so time to do some dishes.   Have a good day.   jkc

We have had rain.  Almost 6 tenths in the rain gauge.  That is a good rain for this part of Florida. 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

checking out the stores and neighborhood

Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2013

We will be here one week tomorrow.    We have checked out one of the Wall Marts, 3 Publix Grocery stores, 1 Winn Dixie grocery store, Home Depot, Lowes, The near by Sub Sandwich shop, McDonalds and the most
important one,  PARKSDALE, for a strawberry parfait!    And that is just getting settled in to Charlies.  Have not been to Sweet Tomatoes restaurant or Sweet Bay Grocery.  Oh, yes, We did check out the Big Top Flea Market on Sunday afternoon.  Perkins, this am, Ernie had a free breakfast coming as November is his month. 

With all those food places,  yes, we are walking.  Have gone from 1 round, divided for a rest, to 2 full rounds around our park.  2 rounds are about 1&1/2 miles. so we are progressing on our exercise. 

We heard from our son, and 2 pictures of our home, with the grass mowed and the leafs picked up.  He also checked out the eaves troughs.  Nice to have him do that chore for us.  He did say he would like to change a few things in our yard.  Could it be the 3 old rhubarb plants, or 2 old gooseberry shrubs, or even a few trees that have problems?  Then there are 2 asparagus beds, plus the poppy plants that are in the middle of where the garden used to be.   The peonies were already cut down and the forsythia has not had a chance to grow and be a problem.    We wonder what changes a new owner would make.  We have been there 50 years and we are sure they would change the landscape.

Both Nancy and Alan told us about the snow last night.  We had 83 degree weather on Monday.  It is down to 67 now at 10 pm.

We expect Linda and Austin any day now.  They said they would leave Saturday, but the snow may hurry them along. 

We are going to try the Plant City flea market tomorrow, so I better head for bed to get a good nights sleep.

Have a good day or night.

P.S.   We did get to Plant City flea market and we did most of the grounds.
      In our travels around this area it has been interesting to note the strawberry fields.   Some, the plants are very small.  A few are growing quite well, and every size in between.    Will not be long until we have fresh
berries.  Yeah!
We stopped by friends and made plans to go to Sweet Tomato restaurant tonight.  We did and it was good.  Not the choice of soups I really like, but the chicken pot pie soup was not bad.
it was windy today and much cooler.  We did wear our jackets and this evening I put on my long jeans.  But supposed to be back into the 70's Thursday. 


Look at a 1949 FORD 4 door sedan  like dad had . only wanted $12,000 for it,  Left it there

Sunday, November 10, 2013


And we are in Florida!!!!!!

Why are you leaving so early, ask Nancy, Danielle and Alan.  Because we can.    That is if on the 4th on the 5 week check on my hip, the Doctor says I may travel.  We will.  He did and here we are!   Sat. evening we took the family out to eat.  Good visit.  Sunday, Alan came down and helped us winterize the house.  And hook up the car to the RV.  More just to show him how it is done, as Ernie and I have our routing for that job.  He will come back later this month to mow one more time and check the eave troughs for leaves.

Ernie had one last visit with the hearing aid specialist, Kathy changed the compression and he was told, by the Dr.  to take some antibiotic for his stuffy ears that hurt at night.  He is feeling much better.  In fact he drove most of the way.

I drove an hour or two each day, just enough to give him time to move about and relax? a bit.  We were tired when we arrived about 4 pm and the 6th.  We got the electric hooked up and then the fittings had corroded for the water and we were not sure of the sewer connection.  so we added enough water for showers and did not connect anything but the electric.

Now all is fixed, new connections and fittings for the sewer hose.  Slide is
finally out and we relaxed.  Nice to be here in our spot.  Charlie, (the owner) has stopped by twice.  Once to say hello and the Ernie wanted to show him something so he stopped again to day.  And they talk awhile--
no surprise there.

Will write more later,

good night


Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Hi!    Time goes fast.  the month of October is here. Pumpkins, falling leaves,
cooler? temps., and fresh cider!  

I am going back to September.   We made it to the GLAMA RAMA, in Goshen, IN.  And it was a success.  GLAMA stands for Great Lakers Area
Motorhome Association.  And the rama for our area rally.  The Michigan Knights club had operated the GLASS rally each May for many years.
It was time for the rally to be produced by all of the chapters instead of just the one.   And the committees worked their tails off, having all the clubs that were participating volunteer for various jobs.   And the National President, Charlie Adcock, Sr. Vice Pres.  Jon Walker and Exec. Director
Jerry Yates were there for the full time.  You saw them every where, and if you did not get a hug from Charlie or Jon, it was your own fault.  Their smiles and presence gave the rally that extra, needed for a first time rally.
We will meet again in June, 2014.  And I feel it will be another success.
They thought to break even at 400 coaches.  We had 465 give or take one or two.  Good time, Good entertainment and good ice cream.  Your choice,
A & W root beer float or make your own sundae.

Then it was back home.  And the knee hurt and the Doctor said, yes, there is a little arthritis on one side of your left knee.  But it is your hip that needs to be replaced.  It is bone on Bone,  no cartilage.  This I knew, but was putting it off.  No more.  Oct. 1, in Anderson, I got a new left hip.   I have a good home nurse, named Ernie.  some days we were not sure who was the most tired.  But, he has changed the bandage and made a great device to put on those pesky support hose.  And taken me out to eat most every day.  Monday, the 14, the 29 staples come out and I should feel better.  The staples are pinching and the tape is itching. 

We are missing the last Hoosier Cruiser rally.  It is at Rockville and the covered bridge festival.  I had wanted to go, no way, this time

Ernie just came in, he has been doing some maintenance on the RV.
Wants to mow the lawn.  He sprayed for weeds last Tuesday and the dandylions are looking sick.

We hope to head for Florida about the second week of November.  Shall see what the Dr. says.

I had other thoughts I was going to write, but they are gone for the moment.
Hope to be on the road again soon.  If you travel have a safe trip, enjoy the fall and take care.


P.S. Sunday the 13,

I am wide awake, so thought I might add to the  blog.
The grass is mowed, may have to bale it in some places.  Fertilizer will do that, plus some rain along the way.  The grass is looking good under the pine tree.  We cut off many lower branches this summer and planted grass seed.  A few bare spots, does anyone get a perfect seeding the first time?
This time of year, you expect to see dry or yellow lawns.  With the rain we had last week, everyone is mowing lush green grass.  Looks great. 
Afraid to say this, but no frost yet.  Hope not for awhile.  We really had not planned to winterize the RV.  Hoping to be gone before a freeze.   We shall see.

Our daughter had to make a 10 minute presentation (along with 2 other teachers) to another group of teachers, about school, then and now.
She had a picture of her great grandmother (my grandmother) and her teaching certificate.  The back had her grades, all over 95%   And the subjects?  guess?, not like they have now.   Also a little desk bell I have of my Grandma Freeman's.   Then she skipped to Ernie's Aunt Jennie.  Aunt Jennie taught in a one room school for several years.  Nancy had pictures of the inside of the school and told how students took care of the building.
Ernie helped on that as he attended a one room school.
And then she came to the present and her own class room.    29 students.
And I add she has told me that at least 2 of them should be in mentally handicapped classes.  2 or 3 more have other problems.  she gets her class down to 22 or 23 and they have a decent class room.  I like the idea that she tries to talk with her students about some of the issues the problem students have and how to treat them and behave around them.  So many of her students do not have parents to help them learn.    anything!

Well, I am still not sleepy, but I have rattled on long enough.
Good night.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Friday the 13th

I cut off the forsythia!  Finally!    Then we burned all the cuttings.  Smoke
is still in my hair.  did get some in my eyes also!

I am achy from my waist to my knees.  Yesterday it was back on the roof of the RV to put some gel coat on the top of the front and back.  Cannot reach it with the ladder.  Well, I can the back, but in front you also have to lean over the windshield a bit and on a higher rung on the ladder than I like to be.  So I lay down and reach over the edge and polish.  Can't tell a whole lot of difference, but it will help make it easier to get the bugs off. 

Ernie did a bunch of small maintenance jobs that needed to be done.
plus helping me move the cut off forsythia.  Maybe it will grow back, The humming bird has been buzzing me.  I do not know if he thinks I should make his "juice" stronger or he is telling me it is about time to head south.
We think so too.  Will probably not leave until November.

The neighbor has had some of his corn cut for silage.  The last few weeks have been so dry the corn dried earlier than it should for full kernels. 

I am getting sleepy.  Talk to you another day.

Monday, September 9, 2013


Sept. 9, 2013

I finally did it and got it done!!!!!!!  Yeah!!!!

The rubber roof is clean, both sides, front and back, Washed.  Now who wants to come help me put the gel coat polish on.  I started on the front.
Where all the bugs hit.  Figured that would help when I clean off the bugs.

That's all.  I a tired, I did the the roof and one side last Thursday and today did the rest.  Oh, yes, I cleaned the windows also!

good night

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Baby birds are gone

Sept. 5, 2013

Our Grandsons birthday.  26 years ago we sat in the St. Vincent Hosp. while Nancy labored to have this little boy.  Not so little now.  Always enjoy him when we do see him.

The baby birds hatched,  two of the.  One was big, and mother bird did not like my peeking in on them.  They hopped out of the nest soon and stayed in the bush for some time.  then they were gone.??

Have yet to cut down the bush.  Need to trim the shrubs at the side of the house also.  Was going to do that today, but instead I moved up the
RV ladder and scrubbed the roof.  and awning covers. Best way to do that with out falling off the roof is to lie down and lean over the edge. Got rather wet, Ernie said my behind was wet.  so I tried to spay him with the hose.  He would like to get up on the roof also, to check out the stuff up there, but the knees
are not the greatest this summer.  Got that done, and since I was wet all over anyway, ( I would wash myself off with the hose as my capri's were dirty wet.  Then I would clean some more.)  I came in and took a shower.  After lunch I washed the passenger side of the coach and than called it quits.  Those muscles that I do not use every day are telling me they ache!!!

We had the front end of the RV aligned a few weeks ago.  Drives better.

and we have tomatoes!!!! I even canned some juice this year.  Our grape arbor had just enough grapes to make 1 large and 1 small grape pie.  They
are in the freezer.   Have green and red peppers also.
The neighbors kept us supplied with corn and green beans.

Have you ever made peach pie by just putting fresh sliced peaches in a baked pie shell, use a glaze on the peaches and whipped cream on top of a slice.  Oh, it is good!!!  Fruit has been good and plentiful this year.

We miss having a big garden,  only for the veggies we get, but not the work a nice garden entails.    So we mooch off the neighbors.  and they do not mind.

It is getting late, wish you all a beautiful fall season.



Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I just wrote a nice long blog about what we have done in August.  Somewhere, the computer is hiding it.  I know it did not delete.  Backed spaced it into oblivion, I guess.
that is the only key I may have hit..

The RV has had its front end aligned and next week we will drive it to Michigan to see Michelle.

I canned tomato juice and made a fresh peach pie.  Thank you Melanie, for the glaze recipe.  Baked pie shell, add freshly sliced peaches that have the glaze on them and a dollop of whipped cream.  Delicious!  Shared with friends that came over for pie and coffee and a few rounds of Rummy cube. 

Nancy is back at school for the second week.  Said she has 23 students.  Grandson David will be 26 next month.  Really......slender   good looking young man!   Even if Grandma says so!

Time to close.   Take care


p.s. spell check only found two errors.  not bad for second time on same letter.

Thursday, July 25, 2013


   Our forsythia bush is at least 45 years old.  Like every thing else around here.  Including us.   Add another 31 years on the us.

anyway,-----The bush resides behind the house almost in front of the bedroom window.   Fine, I can see when it gets the pretty yellow flowers (if I am home) and watch the green leaves appear.  And the last several years I have kept it trimmed in to a nice large bush.

Over they years I have cut it waaaay back once or twice, to about 3 feet.  It doesn't die from this cruel treatment.  It just keeps growing.  Like that bunny on TV.

This year it is so big that when it sprouts nice new leaves and stems, it is difficult to see out the bedroom window.  Enough already!

I am determined to cut the bush way down.  Out I go, collect the tools needed
The trimmer wound not run.   Go to my favorite fix it man, and Ernie determined that the extension cord was bad  He found me another one that worked.  So I trim off the new leaves and get out the heavy duty cutters and start at the back to cut it down. 

We have a burn barrel, Still can, where we live, and we took a barrow full out to be burned.  Ernie had a bunch of branches burning that he had cut off one of the maple trees, that were in the way when driving the RV down the drive
We walked back and  looked at the bush.  Oh, a birds nest, OH Oh----
it had 3 pretty blue eggs in it. 

Guess what?  I cleaned up the leaves and twigs on the ground, put my tools in the wheel barrow, Ernie took the trimmer and extension cord and we headed back to the barn. 

Later, I was looking in at the nest, put my hand up to it.  (mother bird was watching from a distance)  She did not like my hand near her eggs and let out a screech.  Leave my eggs alone   so I did, and will not look that close again.
I will wait until after the baby birds have flown the nest and then take another
chance at cutting the forsythia down to 3 feet.

Have a good day.   jkc

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Familly Reunion

what a good time------

Ernie and I left Thursday, July 19th for Madison, IN.  Took the RV to the City of Madison Campground.  One of my favorite camp grounds  We get a spot facing the Ohio river and then relax.  Watch the barges, I get out the binoculars and look for the names on the tugs that push them down or up the river.  Never tire of watching the river.  Here comes one now.  The Sarah Hunter of Hunter Marine.   only 3 barges long, two barges wide.  So 6 in all.  The barges are sitting high on the water, so they are empty. 

The Madison, IN., bridge to Ky. was to be demolished this week.  Wed,  then Thurs, Monday and now Tues. the 23.  We were all hoping for Monday, and all were going to stay and come on down to our camp site to watch the show.  No such luck.  It rained and the river is also too swift.   So 8 members of the family left this afternoon.  (Sunday)  6  of us will leave Monday.

Friday, we all met at Ernie's brothers home and ate too much lunch.  Do you ever go to a reunion or family get together and not eat too much good food?   Some went out to the farm for a look see out there.  There were two that had not been to Indiana, much less a Southern Indiana tree farm.  Another good evening meal and lots of talk.
Aileen ask what did the cousins remember about Christmas at Grandma's and about the farm.  Interesting comments. 

Saturday, the 21, John and Aileen took off for Bloomington, IN. for John's family reunion.  After lunch, 10 of the family went out to the farm and this time went over to
Big Creek and to Green Hole.  Don't ask me why it is called Green Hole, but it is a spot that Ernie and brother Nick used to go fishing.    (some one is tubing down the river)  And they got rained on, a cold hard rain. they also took time to stop at the family cemetery. When they got back to the house it was,  "can we go back to the hotel to get dry warm clothes before supper?"   Fun time
We had a surprise after supper.   John and David turn 70 in 2013.  so we had two long angel food cakes with "70" candles and cards from all of us.  They were quite surprised.   Their birthdays are in August and Sept. and so they were not expecting anything.

Sunday we met at 10  ish and again headed out to the farm.  this time, Aileen, John and Jane went with them.  We stopped and went thru the South woods first.  Uncle David took us the shorter??? route to Green Hole.  Past some bamboo that was growing in the woods.  It was up hill, down hill, watch out for spider webs and fallen tree limbs to trip on.  And then we got to the creek.  Off came the shoes and we put our tired hot feet into the cool water.  The creek had risen a foot due to the rain the day before.
David walks the woods and knows them well.  He also walks 5 miles a day for his exercise.  So he would get ahead of us old folks and then sit down and wait for us.
The younger group would help this old woman over the downed trees, muddy spots
and up and down the steep hill sides. 
While at the creek we skipped stones, found many fossils and two of the more adventurous fellows climbed a rocky wall.  Laugh and enjoy.  It is good to see the younger generation enjoying the creek and woods.
When we were younger there was a picnic spot that we would go to, canoe and swim.
That spot has been sold and so no more picnics at the creek.

Detroit, Arizona,  Columbia City, Anderson, Bloomington, Alexandria, and Ernie and I from Middletown.   Tonight Alan, Danielle, Lynn and Luis will come to the camp ground and try some fishing. 

Hope all of you have family time that you enjoy. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

This and That

June 9th. 2013

Off to breakfast today, at Perkins.  Ernie's group of men from the factory.  Judy and our daughter Nancy joined me.  We had a good visit.
We discovered this am, before leaving for breakfast that the coffee maker was not making coffee.  Light was on, so it had electricity. but it would not percolate!
So I got out the little 4 cup maker and Ernie had his cup of coffee before leaving the house.
did some grocery shopping.   Found some fully cooked smoked turkey legs.
We get them while we are in Florida, had not seen them up here, until today.
The ones we get in Florida are not fully cooked.  So I put them in the crock pot
for about 2 hours and they usually are moist and tender.  Today they were good, but different.   Also had some fresh green bean and potatoes.  Brian came over and said I should come pick some beans, I did and they were good.

I have been baking cookies for a family reunion.  Tried a different recipe that I have had for some time, just never made them.  Called coconut washboards.  Use brown sugar and the coconut.  crisp    since I cut them thin.  I have found that most cookie dough will take being refrigerated, so I put them on wax paper make a roll and then I bake them when I have time.  So depending on how I cut them as to how they will turn out when baked!

Our son came down Friday and Saturday to help dear ol Dad work on the RV.   They got the mirror all set, except for the glass and Ernie ordered that.  Alan found a leak in the air pressure system, Ernie got a part and they fixed that Sat, after a trip to town for the right size part  Alan also found
a few hole in our exhaust system.  SOOOOO  off to the repair shop     Will check one out Wed or Thur.  in Muncie.

I think one of my two tomato plants may be sick.  An end to one of the stems is wilted and looks kinda droopy.  Will have to check it out in the morning.  I did pick a green
pepper yesterday.  And today after picking the green bean at the neighbors south of us, the neighbor north of us called me over and cut a nice head of cabbage for us..  He also showed me the weed pursalane, the leaves are good eating.  Did not taste bad, might be good in a salad.  If my tomatoes die and the ones out in the garden do not do well, we may have some from our neighbors. 

Nancy came over the other day, to pick up some things I had from Syracuse.  She brought back the big ledger that my mother had used as a scrap book when in high school.  1919, 1920 and 1921.   Interesting articles, pictures from magazines, various notes and stuff.  Fun to look at and I was able to fill in some questions she had about her Grandmother. 

Have a good evening.


Monday, July 1, 2013


June 30, 2013  I am writing letters and on the blog today!!!

Yes, we closed on the house June 20 and 21.  Took two days because -
 long story that I will not put down here.  Nothing drastic, just timing.

We had our laughs, memories and sighs, while we were cleaning the home.
We each took a few things, most was left for the new owner.  At his request.
And so now we can get busy with the things that need to be done at home.

The chigger bites are almost gone,  altho I found a couple of new ones.  Where is that
human bug spray you spray on yourself.  Maybe I need to be more careful what I
weed whip. 

The rally was a good time.  Ernie took Friday day off, staying in the coach and resting.
That evening we all went to the Ft. Wayne Tin Caps baseball game.  Nice, fairly new
ball park and good weather.  Not too hot, with a little breeze.  They are called the Tin Caps, because------Ft. Wayne is an area where Johnny Appleseed was located long ago.  He is often pictured with a tin pan on his head while he walked around planting apple trees.  Sat. we went to a private car showing.  Corvettes?  Ernie could tell you all
about the cars.  Very pretty and the man even said we could touch and  sit in some of the cars.   Then off to an Art Show.  (Ernie went back to the coach, I went with friends)
some neat things, some a little too modern for me, but I enjoyed looking.

Sunday we came home.  Our coach has a loose mirror on the drivers side.  A car pulling a trailer passed us in a no passing construction zone and the trailer they were pulling had an awning.  The awning brace hit our mirror.  It also moved the coach just enough that we scraped the guard rail.  I was looking down, could just see the white line
(I was the passenger, Ernie driving) and the guard rail next to that line.  so we have a scrape along the right side of the coach.  We did finally catch up with them and
got some info.  Poor RV.  It has had it share of problems this year.  Ernie hopes he and our son can fix the mirror.  We have plans to go to Madison, to the park by the Ohio River later this month.  Can not go until the mirror is fixed.

The pine tree in the front yard?  Looks so much better.  Friday, Ernie cut off all the limbs that were dead and more so that it is even all around.  Our neighbor helped clean up the limbs.  One more load and it will be all clear.  Can mow under it.  Well, I know, there is no grass there now, but at least Ernie will not have to go around a big pine tree.
And my tomato plants have tomatoes.  Not very big yet, but they are there.
Brian bought us some new potatoes and green beans last week from his garden.  Soooo good.

It is getting late. 
Sometimes when I write I get to thinking about what I have written or want to write and the time flies.  so---- enough for tonight.
take care,  see you down the road

Sunday, June 16, 2013


June 15th----   We worked outside today.  Started by cutting off some low limbs from our maple trees.  Low enough to hit your head when mowing.  Then Ernie cut them smaller to go in our burn barrel.  Yes, we can still burn things in a barrel.  We are out in the country and it is ok.   Then it was out to our big old pine tree.  Such a pretty tree, if you looked at it from the house.  But from the road the lower limbs were bare of needles and it did not look very nice.  So we have started cutting off the smaller parts of the limbs to get a path into the middle.  Then we will get the saw and saw those off.
Making a clean trunk about head high.
We had 5 wheel barrel loads full. Really full!  More to cut off also. I am reminded now and then, that when Ernie wanted to buy the wheel barrel at a garage sale I thought it was not necessary.
Well, I really like the darn thing and use it frequently.  It is a great tool when loading the RV.  I bring it up to the house, fill it with stuff from the fridge or closets and take it out to the RV.  Handy and not so many trips. Do the reverse when we get home.

Have you ever mowed a gravel drive?  We did today.  Due to not being home unless it rained or we had appointments, some weeds came up in the driveway.  Our drive is over 200 ft long and some of it does not get much traffic.  Ernie sprayed the weeds and grass with weed killer and then we had a brown and gravel drive.  So today he got out the old push mower with grass (weed) catcher and tried to see if we could mow the weeds down.  So together we mowed  and the drive looks much better.

The house in Syracuse is scheduled to close on the 20th of June.  Hope it all goes ok.
The bedroom( where I have put things from Syracuse) was a little neater and then I decided to change the shelf above the bed.
It was full of brass candle sticks that we collected when we first started traveling.
Need a brass candle holder?  I have plenty, inexpensive too!  Will put some pictures
on the shelf, with a few remaining brass pieces that I still like and want to keep.

We are going to a rally---next week-- in Ft. Wayne Indiana.  Yeah!

There were 10 from my class at the Methodist Homecoming last Saturday.  Enjoyed the day and had a good lunch.  The School of Nursing has a homecoming every 3 years.   Works out great and they still have good attendance.  The last nursing class was in 1967.

 Our son and daughter gave me a Mothers day gift of a free piano tuning.
Now I need to start playing again.  I took piano lessons for several years.  I now realize my piano teacher was very patient with me, I do not have the best sense of timing and rhythm.  But she always complimented me on how well I played the scales.
Still like doing them.  Limbers up the fingers.  Does any one else have the Readers Digest music books?  I got them when Nancy and Alan were still home. 

Our tomato plants have blossoms!!!!!  Yesterday I decided to get the clippers and cut the weeds away from the asparagus.  Our asparagus bed is rather sparse, it is only about 45 years old, the best asparagus is growing out in the grass, too root bound in the original bed.  Anyway, I even sat down to pull or cut those weeds close to the grown asparagus.  The weed eater cuts  aspargus faster than you can say  "oh no, not that one!"  You know what I am going to write next.    It is called CHIGGERS.  They had a family picnic on my body.   At first I thought I had gotten into poison ivy as I saw a little sprig of it under the pine tree.  No, Oh, No.  I do know the difference.  They are both bad things to have and get rid of.

and enough stuff, it is getting late.  Hope you all have a good day and Happy Fathers day to any Fathers reading this.


Sunday, June 2, 2013

June 1

A new month.  time goes fast, but yet so slow. 
the house in Syracuse has an offer and we close on or before June 15.  good offer,
Just trying to sell a house owned by 3 sisters and a brother, is not the easiest thing to do.   
 Ernie got out the old roto tiller Thursday and tilled a narrow spot to plant 10 tomato plants and 4 pepper plants.  I had already planted two tomato plants up by the house in my little mixed up garden.  It has miniature rose bushes,  that are now about 3 and 1/2 feet tall and full of pretty little red roses.  Ernie said I should divide them again and make the whole area a rose area.  But I also have some chives, sage and marigolds planted in that spot also.  And the big pretty pot of flowers Nancy gave me for Mothers Day.
The aloe plant is sitting there also.  Did not put it in the ground this year.  It is getting big and I have a smaller one I took to Florida last year
We have decided that the Florida way of life is the best.  No grass to cut, no 3 bedroom house to take care of, nothing to do each day, but what ever we decide to do
that morning.  Sometimes the night before, as we have to set the alarm to get going early to some of the flea markets.
The spare bedroom is now a disaster room.  3 mirrors, assorted puzzles, linens (towels, sheets, etc.) stuff       from Syracuse. 
  What shall we do with this?  Don't you want it?
No, but I took it and have all ready taken some things to Good Will.   Alan got some cast iron skillets and a nice roaster.  David got some more cast iron skillets and a few other things  Nancy has the triple mirror.  Hope to find a sturdy table for it rather than trying to bolt it to the wall.  It was once part of a dressing table.  My father had removed the drawers and used them as part of a base for book shelves.  And then bolted the triple mirror to the wall.  The two smaller outside mirrors may be moved so you can see on 3 sides.  My father had built at least 3 book cases and a cabinet that we kept our toys in.  Plus most of the cabinets in the kitchen.  Ahhh  memories.

We are just about finished with our round of Doctor, dentist, orthopedic visits.  All is well, I guess. 

We missed the first Hoosier Cruiser Rally.  A real bummer, but we were tired out from a trip to Syracuse.  Hope to get to the one in Ft. Wayne.  We have our reservation ready to mail  Now we have to finish getting the RV cleaned up and ready to go.  And we will miss the National Rally in Gillette, Wyoming.  I had hoped to go this year, mainly to see our Oregon friends.  But to much going on here, plus it is a long way out there.
This Saturday, I will go to Indpls to Methodist for the Homecoming.  55 years ago I graduated from the Indianapolis Methodist Hospital School of Nursing.  IMH
I will meet my former room mate and also another good friend there.  We try to get together once a year.  So I do look forward for next Saturday.

I have rambled on enough for now.  Hope everyone is having a good spring.  Summer will be here soon. 

good night    jkc

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Its May Day!

Happy May Day!    Did anyone leave flowers on your door step, ring the bell, then run and hide?  Did that a few times when I was much younger.

We have survived the first round of Doctor visits.  Next come the Dentist, hearing and skin Doctors.  The family, lung and heart Dr.'s all say Ernie is doing well.  Will have some shortness of breath and be tired.  Take a nap, a good idea for some one our age.  (Seems like they have been saying that a long time.]  Lung and heart Dr.'s changed dosage on some meds.  Helped with the cough, time will tell with the others.  so that is good   just need some pep to do the things on the to do list.  Ernie's is longer than mine.
Our lists in Florida are much shorter and usually contain items such as
go to flea market, or lunch or Busch Gardens. 

Ernie  has mowed twice now,  or 3 times.  I have done a little mowing with the push mower.  Have a few tulips left and just planted some pansies.
I do like pansies.  and most flowers.  Trees are tuning green.  Spring has sprung and rain has been gone for 3 days.  It will come back this week end.

I just lost this blog, took me 5 minutes to find it again.  It bugs me, I inadvertently his the wrong key, and presto, everything is gone.  Who know where the stuff hides.  I found it this time tho.  Time to stop while I am ahead.

Have a good day.  We will head to Syracuse Thurs. for more house cleaning.  Who know what I will want to bring  home.


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Time Flies

and my Mother once wrote that in a letter to me and drew some birds flying.

We are now home in Indiana.  Two weeks?   Seems like a longer time than that.  The daffodils are now about gone.  Forsythia bush is becoming green instead of yellow and the grass needs mowed.  But it is wet and raining this week.

We have been gone two days and are leaving again for 3 days. Help!

For the last two years my brother and I have been trying to convince my two sisters that the home in Syracuse needs to be sold.  We are getting older, I am the youngest, and the house will need repairs that we do not want to do.  Such as a new roof.  Plus general maintenance.
Finally, this year we had a friend and former real estate agent, now a consultant, come in, view the house and give us the information about the house.  She was good.  All 4 agreed this time to sell, and agreed on an agent.
Pat left, called us 10 minutes later and said the real estate man and daughter would be there in 15 minutes.  7 pm the for sale sign was in the front yard.
Talk about doing things NOW.  The next day we did some cleaning and furniture rearranging and came home.  Today we are going back  to Syracuse to go thru some things we put on the back porch, box them up and take them to the thrift shop or to the persons wanting some of those kitchen items stored in the basement.  Like big pots, cast iron skillets, vases, you name it, it was down there.  And we thought we had cleaned out the basement a few years ago.

Ernie and I are tired, mentally and physically.  And we have been eating out when we were in Syracuse.  Not good when we both have routine Dr. appointments next week.

While in Florida, Rita had brought the game Rummykub and 5 of us are playing the game.  So we have managed to find the game also.  Last Sunday I made a pie, called, Rita & Clayton, and Beth,  come over for pie and coffee.  Rita had just made a big pot of soup, she brought that and Beth brought some cheese and crackers.  A good time.

Have talked with a sister-in-law and a niece yesterday.  Good talking with them, not only about the house, but about their families. 

Wind and rain have been the weather this week and looks like next week also.
Managed a couple of time to have a mostly dry day to hang out some laundry.  I prefer to hang my sheets and T-shirts outside.  Nothing like Mother Natures drying system.  Do not have to use those smelly sheets in the dryer.  No, I do not like the smell of any of those softener sheets.  Good ole sunshine for me.   But I do use the dryer for my towels, jeans and a few other things.

We heard from a friend from Pennsylvania that is wife did not survived the
liver by pass surgery.  We met them in Arizona at Judge Roy Bean estate.  Shirley was wanting Ernie and her husband to stop talking so they could be on their way.  Then we saw them at Big Bend National Park in Texas, met them in the White Mountains and have seen them the last 6 or 7 years.  The next winter they looked us up, what to do in Florida.  She decided that she was glad the fellows kept talking.  And now Shirley is with her Lord.  They were Missionaries for the
Navajo Indians in Arizona and another tribe in Canada.  Interesting friends,
we will miss her.  

Time to hang this up and get on with the day.  jkc

Friday, April 5, 2013

Back Home In Indiana

There should be musical notes on that post heading, don't you think?

We are back home in Indiana.  Arrived at our place about 6:30 or so.
Unlocked the house, plugged in the refrig., turned on the heat, put car in the garage and then back the RV to its spot by the barn and called it a day.
As our daughter said "we are camping in the back yard".  
We left Fl. on Wednesday.  Stopped for fuel at Valdosta, GA.  and propane.
Then I started to drive and it started to rain, and it poured and it rained.
I drove about an hour and a half.  Ernie took over and we stopped at Jackson, at a Fly.J.  thinking we would eat and stay the night.
  And of course we started talking to a fellow RVer.  You aren't going to try and go thru Atlanta tomorrow are you?  Well, we were.   And he added
The final 4 BB tourney is there this week end.  The police said they would be out at 6 am Wed. to direct traffic."   So, we followed this "friend", who has been thru and around Atlanta countless times, as he is a heavy equipment hauler, around Atlanta.  He was headed for the Pilot at Resaca, but pulled into a rest area around 9.  It was very full of semi trucks and RVs.  parked for the night.  We found two spots at the far end and stayed.  Figured the truck stop would be full also.  We had rain all thru Georgia and Tenn.  Finally stopped somewhere in Ky.  and the sun shone in Indiana.
HOO Ray!!!!!
Stopped in Greenfield and picked up chicken pieces and came on home.
Long day and Ernie drove it all today.  Tired, showered and in bed!
1035 miles this trip.
I am typing with the computer on my lap and the lighting is not the best.
So this will be full of errors.,  more than usual

We had a good winter.  Ernie gained a lot of strength back, and says he feels better.   All those strawberries helped.  And I picked 8 Quart Tuesday.
Have given away about half.   Some flea market finds and some good shows at Busch Gardens.  Found a couple of new places to eat.  New to us and we enjoyed them.  Well, one or two we may not go back, and one or two are for special occasions.  Meaning they are more expensive.  Yes, that is what we do, check out the flea markets and eat out with friends.  And we have been playing Rummykub.  Like the card game, rummy, but with tiles that have numbers on them. 

We found a set at the Lighthouse Ministries (like Good Will)  and it has extra cubes.  So if 5 of us play, we could add some more cubes or should I write kubs  as they do on the box and instructions.

gotta stop.  can't type well.

Have a good day.


It is now spring.  Seems so here in Florida.  But everyone in Indiana says to stay down south, it is still cold up here!
Possible plan, we will leave the 3rd or 4th of April.  I am slowly getting address changes made for the mail man.  And I have decided that there is a wicked gremlin in our computer.  2 magazines did not recognize my password or user name.  Neither did Kohl's or my bank.  Will call the bank in the morning.
 We made it to the Webster flea market Monday.  Clayton and Rita were with us.  We did not buy much, but did find one treasure.  Ernie found it, the man said it was sterling.  We doubted him.  But when we got home and Ernie started polishing it, it did have sterling written on the handle.  It was a food pusher.  A food pusher is a little piece that looks like a miniature hoe.  Children used it to push food onto their fork or spoon.  We did not have one in our collection. I do have one from my Grandmother. This one is more ornate.
   We have bought only a few JJ pins since January.  Seems as tho all the vendors have learned that the JJ company has gone out of business and that these whimsical pins are now quite the collectible item.  Prices have gone up and they are harder to find.  I have 65 or so.  Fun pins to collect.  No I do not try to wear them all at once.  Thinking how I could display them if I wanted to do so.
     I have been doing some knitting and crocheting.  My crocheting consists of hot pads, and scribes.  I knit dish cloths.  And I worked on the afghan
I started some years ago.  The partial finished product is in Indiana, along with the other yarns I intend to use.  I am making a knitted quilt.  Using a different color and pattern for each block.  I had a lot of odds and ends of yarn and so am trying to use up these partial skeins.
  Ernie is doing well.   Not as long a nap during the day, if he takes one, and not going to bed so early.  In fact, we are having a time getting up at the same time as usual.  It is still dark out.  I do not like DST.
   OH, to add to our list of repairs to the coach.  Some we knew we were going to do, but a couple snuck in there and needed to be replaced.  The latest is a nice new thermostat.  Well, rebuilt.  And it works much better than the old one ever did work.  Ernie ordered it on a Monday, it arrived on Wed.
he connected it to the RV and on Thursday he sent the old one to the man he bought it from.  And he has gotten an e-mail that it arrived where it was supposed to arrive.
 Excitement in the park.  A trailer has been sold!  And a water pipe broke!  our water was shut off for about an hour or so.  All fixed up.  the Couple that bought the trailer have just about gutted the insides.  They intend to put in new flooring and re decorate.  Will be a more permanent place to live when they are in Florida.  We are sticking with our RV.
All most 10 pm, time for my cup of tea.
see you down the road

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dining Out

Dining out!  Doesn't everyone like to eat out now and then.  We seem to do a lot of it in Florida.  We see someone we haven't seen for sometime, and its "Lets eat out" 
We have been to two very nice restaurants this past week.  We were at the Lakeland RV Dealer  (just looking, rather Beth was and Clayton, Rita, Jane and Ernie were along for ???  a good time.)  It was getting noon time and Beth had found a good Chinese place when she was quilt shopping with friends.  We went to Lings Buffet.  Stuffed ourselves with good Chinese food.  and peel and eat shrimp.  Medium price, but worth it    enjoyed the day.  Took the long way home.  Nice way of saying we were not sure where we were going.  We just knew we were going South, but Clayton's GPS said North.  But when we turned to our right the GPS said West.  and this time she was right.  go figure----even a GPS can be wrong sometimes.
We had a laughing good time.  One of those times when you had to be there to see the humor in what was going on.  To tell the story of what when on, it is a dull time. 

And today we went to a special place.  Our daughter had sent us two gift certificates to The Colonnade Restaurant,  on the Tampa Bay.  Family dining, an old restaurant that serves fresh seafood.  It was on the other side of the bay, and meant a trip down the interstate 4 and thru parts of Tampa to get there.  But it was delicious.  I had grilled shrimp and broiled scallops.  Ernie had the same thing only fried.  Rita had salmon and Clayton had a fish sandwich.  All very good.  I also had a salad and cooked cabbage.  An unusual side dish.  It was good.  Tender, had ham and bacon, with a few slices of carrot for color.  And then came the Bourbon pecan pie, with a chocolate base and chocolate drizzled on top.  We split that.  The filling part of the pie was almost like cake and had plenty of pecans on top.  The pie was not as rich as it sounds.  Rita and Clayton split a coconut cream pie dessert.  More expensive than Steak and Shake, of course, but a good place to eat for special occasions. 
They are having rain, sleet, snow and ice in Indiana today.  We are glad we are in Florida.  The weather has been cooler here this past week.  Especially at night.  The space heater does run part of the time at night.  It is 61 degrees now at 9:15 pm.  this am it was 51 degrees.  We have had temps in the 40's a few nights.                                                                                    Did you see on TV about the sink hole in Seffner, Fl.?  About 10 - 15 miles from us.  It made National news! 
Time to close for today.  Have a great day.  jkc

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Pictures taken in February 2013

Busch Gardens   Marilyn McCoo and Bill Davis Show
Feb. 21, 2013    Good show as always
It was a rough day on the 20th of February.  We went to the Plant City Flea Market, Toufayon Cookie Factory, McDonald's for $1.00 burger and then to the best place of all.  PARKSDALE  for strawberry shortcake or sundae.
Actually at McDonald's we were joined by Austin and Linda.  The lovely people in the below pictures are:  Ernie, Beth, Jane, Rita and Clayton.  We are sitting in the Strawberry throne. None of us put on the crown or robe. Oops, Beth does have a crown on in the second picture.  The cookie factory raised their price on the chocolate crisp brownies.  Bag not as full and 50 cents more.  Well, the first bag we got were trial cookies.  They are popular and so they are selling more.  Expensive in the stores.  $3 at the cookie factory    $4. at the store for 4 full squares.  We will take the broken ones in the bag.  
A good group.  Rita and Clayton are staying in the "guest trailer/house"
Of course the best picture is of the 3 girls.
Beth, Jane and Rita.  Click on the pictures for better views.
Sunday, Rita fixed a new recipe for meat loaf with cheese in the middle.  The recipe came from my cook book that came with the new micro wave.
So the 5 of us were her tasting crew, she had some sweet potato fries, slaw and peanut butter pie.  Good meal.  A very light evening supper tonight.  We are having a quiet day.  Church was different also.  It was a singing day.
No sermon.  The pastor said, We Methodist's have our methods, some are just different, but it is a great praise to our Lord to have a Hymn day.
Have a good day.  jkc

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Another Day

Wednesday. Feb. 19th, 2013

The day started out great.  Rita, Clayton, Beth, Ernie and I headed for Plant City Flea Market.  We all bought something.  No, I do not think Clayton did.   We did find an old glass measuring cup,  pretty little teapot, 4 drinking glasses, smaller than what was at the "guest house" and a small snow man pin.  And a casserole dish for the "guest house"   The guest house is a trailer here in the park that Beth rented for 3 months.  Her friends from Iowa were here for two weeks, her Dad and sister were here for 2 weeks and now Clayton and Rita are here for 6 weeks.  They will go on a cruise for one week and at that time two of Beth's grown children will be here.  We have had a good time having these people here.  We also went to the Toufayon Cookie factory and bought more of those crisp Brownies, then McDonalds for a burger, and next, Parksdale for our strawberry fix for the week.  Second one for us.  We really watch our diets in Florida.

But then this after noon, Clayton, Mike and Ernie took out the micro wave that is/was in the RV.  Sun.. evening it would not work.  You could program it, but it would not run.  So it is out on the street, almost.  Monday we went shopping, Tuesday we ordered a new GE microwave, convection oven from Home Depot.  (it is just like the new one we have at home)  When we told the salesman that it was 16 years old, he said that is about 4 lives of a regular microwave.  So I guess we got all the use out of it we could.   Thursday they will deliver the new one sometime between 8:30 and 12:30.
Any bets on what the real time will be?  

Jack, our neighbor in the 5th wheel RV talked with Charlie about the empty storage shed behind his rig and lo and behold Charlie said we could use it. So Jack has a key and so do we.  That means we can leave the old lawn chairs here, my big garden pots and ?????  There will be room for the things Beth bought for the guest house to be stored there.  She would like to have the same trailer next year.  But Charlie would not guarantee that that particular trailer would be available.  He might sell it or rent it to a year around person.  He owns six trailers here in his park.  This one is nice, it has a bedroom and full bath at each end of the trailer, with the living space and kitchen between.  It also has a washer and dryer.  Time will tell.

My tea is ready,  Have a good day    jc

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

These first two pictures are of the cheeta and dog that were put two together when babies.  Cheeta was abandoned by its mother and it needed a companion.  Busch Gardens started hunting for a blond lab.  Found this dog at an animal shelter and it seemed to be just what they needed.  No other cheetas that could take the cub at that time.  They are now about 2 years old.  The dog is a mixed breed, not all lab., but is the dominate one.  They are very much like brother and sister.  You can see the dog among the trees in the second picture. 
The band Sha Na No was playing at the Stanleville Theatre.  The leader is dressed in a "Yello Polka Dotted Bikini"  He lost his sarong as he exited the stage.  I did not remember the band, but did remember the songs they played.  They sang the "hokey pokey" and of course got the audience to do the moves.  Got a man up on the stage to show us how and he had good rhythm.  Kept up with the band.  Then they sang the "shimmy"  or what ever the name of the song.  This lady (with white hair)  not me, could really shake and shimmy.  They had her on stage too, and had her take a bow when she went back to her seat.  fun.   The other thing I remember about that concert.  After the band left the stage and we were filing out, over the loud speaker came a recording of Al Jolson singing "Toot-toot-tootsie-good-by"  My Dad loved Al Jolson, saw him in person in Chicago.   so I grew up listening to Al Jolson on the old Victrola.  
These three pictures are of the National Great Lakers RV Club  gathering for their "winter meeting"  We go to Parksdale Farms for strawberry shortcake or sundaes and then to a near by park to sit, talk and enjoy visiting with each other.  28 of us there this year.  Good time.
Not the best pictures to know who was there.  Ernie said it seemed as they turned around each time he took a picture.  But we still know who was there.
Have a good day.  jkc

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Chubby Checkers

This RV is a GMC motor home.  It was cut in two in the middle and 4 feet added to the motor home.    ThI did it again.  This winter I am fighting with a naughty gremlin in this computer.  some of the wierdest things happen and I do not know what key I hit to make strange things happen.   The 4 feet added if in the middle.  And Ernie said 1 foot behind the rear wheels and 3 feet in front of the rear wheels.  Did I get that right?   any way it is one cool GMC.       jkc                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A busy week

We are back at Charlies.   Parked until we head North, I hope.  All those years we stopped for 7 to 10 days and then took off for another 100 miles or so to visit sights and friends. Seeing the USA.  Now we enjoy staying in one spot.

We got home Sunday, Monday was wash day and fix, clean and nap.
Tuesday we traveled by car, to Sarasota for a Hoosier Cruiser luncheon.
Only 28 there this year.  Two new prospective members.  A good time visiting and checking on what was going on this winter.

Wednesday is Plant City Flea Market day  It was supposed to rain after noon.  So we went early.  And some of the vender's did not come, due to the possibility of rain.  so we zipped thru, did not buy anything.  I did too    a BIG strawberry onion.  So sweet    So good.  And tomatoes.  it wasn't 10 am yet.  so instead of Mickey dees  we went to Publix grocery, then for our strawberry sundae and then home. 
Depending on the weather which day, Friday or Saturday, we will make a trip to the Florida State Fair and Busch Gardens    We can be inside more at Busch.

No rain yet, but very windy.  I did go cut some more of the vine off of the fence in front of us, and across the road.  It chokes the hibiscus and other flowery bushes.  Charlie gave me permission.  so I have trimmed twice now.  another week or so I may trim some more.

Last Saturday we went to a different flea market in Brooksville.  It had been a thriving market at one time.  It was closed down for awhile and then re-opened this past October.  And of course we found some more silver plate and JJ pins.  The rally was not as great as past years.  For one thing there were only 3 Hoosier  Cruisers there.  No big happy hour.  The parade was small and it was, well  ??  We had a good time, just different.

Next week will be busy also.  Tuesday we will go to Parksdale and strawberries with the National Great Lakers Club.  Not many National motor homes left in the club, but we are keeping the club intact as we all enjoy each other.

Our thermometer reads 78.7   The air is on.  It can get quiet warm in our RV.     Have a good day.   jkc

Monday, February 4, 2013

Brooksville, 2013

The SEA rally of FMCA

This is the South Eastern Area rally, 2013 of the Family Motor Coach Association.  It is held in February at the Brooksville airport.  Most of the motor homes are parked on the run ways.  We are parked on the grass in front of the vendor tents.  In the Handi cap area.  There are also places for the volunteers, the Frustrated Maestros group and the Road Trek RV group.   This part of the Brooksville Airport is rarely used and so the SEA is able to use it for a 10 or two week period.  They do own a building here, that is used for classes during the rally, storage the rest of the time.  There are different ideas as to how much the area really owns, but it is a nice venue.   We have noticed that the vendor tent is smaller this year.  Are we enjoying our rallies, but not buying the "extra" toys and items that are often at rallies and RV shows?

We came in Sunday, yesterday, the 3rd.  and have a good parking spot.  Today we made a trip to Webster to go to the big flea market held each Monday.  And as usual we spent too much.  Send some cash---- I think we spent more on JJ pins than we did on silver.  We did get a few good pieces of silver.   Home early,  time for a nap before supper.

It is cool, about 60 miles north of where we stay and it makes a difference.
There was frost on the windshield this am.  Wonder if we had frost at Charlies.  My aloe plant will not like that.  Should not hurt the lettuce and onions I planted.  Parsley or chives either.  
We did invest in two new lawn chairs.  Two that we had put new webbing on finally broke.  The metal parts, not the webbing.  So, instead of borrowing our neighbors for this week we got some nice strong chairs,  not too heavy. to keep with the RV.

And   YES  We have a NEW windshield on the passenger side.  No more crack.  The windshields were taken out, the front window area aligned and the new one and driver side windshield put back in.  Yeah.  They even seemed more clear and especially clean.  Clean is something you have to do to most windows. 

Time to close.  We are dry camping, the generator has been running and it is time to close up.  Have a good day.   jkc

Busch Gardens January 2013

Beth, Betty and Greg at Parksdale Farms with our strawberry shortcake or sundae.  While sitting there a man came up and commented on Ernie's Hoosier Cruiser jacket.,  Where in Indiana do you live?  He was from Rochester. a long time friend of Pat and George. Pat was my room mate in nursing school.  He also knew another Hoosier Cruiser that we know.  Small world.  A good day, and Betty loaned Beth her sewing machine, as Beth had had a problem with hers.  She was sewing some chair covers for the church.   And now they are done and the machine returned to Betty.    
The band is playing Tommy Dorsey style music.  It is interesting to see that a few of the band members are fairly young.  Nice to see that some like the good old band music. 
each week and see a different band or singer.  Next week will be Chubby Checkers. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

JJ pins and fleas

We bought the 8th JJ pin this season today.  A mouse. holding his tail up and he has google eyes.  We have been going to the Big Top flea market near us.  It is in a building   like a big top or wheel.  the spokes being where different shops are located.  At one time it was really quite the place to go.  Now there are only two wings with stalls for "garage sale or flea market items.  A few produce stalls and then there is Gene.  A fixture for many years.  In his 80's, nothing else to do and so he stays on.  He really does not have much new stuff to add to his shop.  A grandson, helped him clean it and put out things that had been in boxes below his tables.  He just does not have the business he once had years ago.
Then we go to the Plant City flea market.  It is out on the grounds.  People have tables or put a tarp or blanket down for their stuff.  And Stuff it is.  A lot of Latinos trying to sell all kinds of stuff.  I use the word stuff-----because that is what it is----stuff.  They have gotten a few more vendors that are more like garage sales.  We have only found 5 pieces of silver.  Small pieces and not really highly collectible. 
In two weeks we hope to get to the Webster flea market,  this is a big one, and there is another market just north of it.  Maybe we will find some of the silver plate we like to collect.

How about those pictures of the Hoosier Cruisers at the Tampa Super RV show!  It was a good show.  Many, many rv's of all types.  NO we did not buy one.  Looked--- and came home to one that is paid for and comfortable.
There are several members of the Club that are in Florida and we try to go to the RV show the same day, just to say "Hello"  and visit.  Next month we will go to Sarasota for a 4 hour gathering of Hoosiers.  While at the Rv show, the picture of Connie and Randy are good friends from New Jersey, now Florida.  Randy started walking beside me and I was about to give this guy a dirty look, instead I gave him a big hug.  They are only about 20 miles from us, so we will see them again. 

Busch Gardens have started their music series.  This week was the Terry Myers band with the Swing Sisters.  the music is Benny Goodman music and the Swing Sisters sing Andrew Sisters songs.  Next week it will be Glen Miller music.  this week I saw a man with a Purdue Boilermaker Jacket on.
Yeah!   The ice show was the same as last year.  The costumes are pretty and colorful, music good and a nice story line to go with the program.  We will probably see it again this year.

I planted some leaf lettuce and green onions in a big planter when we got here.  The onions are finally getting big enough to eat, even if I have been pulling them early.  The lettuce is tender and delicious.

It is a little cooler the past few days.  In the 60's and low 70's.  Better than too hot.  I am not complaining, just telling you what the weather has been.

And now it is time to ????  Take care

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Two Fun days 17th and 18 of Jan.

Tampa RV Super Show   friends from New Jersey and Florida, Connie and Randy.
Hoosier Cruisers at Tampa RV Show  John, Jane, Rick, Tony and Greg.      Marta, and Sandra.     Jill, Betty and Beth.  We had lunch together.
The Busch Garden Hard Hat Band.  Playing on coolers, tool boxes, trash cans and upside down traffic cones.  Not bad, and they got someone from the audiance to try out the drums.
The Finalae of the Ice Capades Ice Show at Busch Gardens.  Fun show, going to different regions of the world.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A busy day

Or a busy week would be more like it.    Last Thursday we took the RV to  the shop and got 6 new Michelin tires put it.  How do you spell Michelin?
anyway, we have 6 new tires of that brand.   Today, Tues. we went to Lakeland,Fl. to talk to someone at Creative Coach about our windshields.
Creative Coach is a business that puts in new windshields, after aligning the front end of the coach., paints, does interiors, and what ever else that needs repaired.  I guess.  We decided to have them check out our problem.  Interesting.  The man, Lester, needed to see the coach.  We drove back to Thonotosassa, prepared the RV for a trip and took off for Lakeland.
Lester was not happy with the way our windshield had been put in last summer.
They will take out the windshields, align the front end, replace the cracked passenger side, and also the driver side if it has any problems.  We will get an estimate in a day or so.   Two chunks of money for our beloved 1998 motor home.   We think it is well worth it, safety wise, for sure.

Tomorrow starts the Tampa Super RV show.  We will go and look.  We are not planning on a new coach.  And how many people have said that and the next thing you know they are driving a new RV?  Keep you posted on that one.  The problem with these shows are all the "goodies" that are for sale just for the RVing family.  And we usually find something to buy.  or put our name in to win.  Ha, ha.

Ernie is starting to feel better, so he told his sister.  And she thinks that is a good sign, when he says it.  And part of it is getting the new tires and windshields fixed.  Just in time for a busy time here in Fl.  The music series starts at Busch Gardens this week., RV show, Flea markets, and in 3 weeks the South Eastern Area FMCA rally at Brooksville, Fl.  We have our credentials for that rally.  Coming up,also, in February is a Hoosier Cruiser Luncheon and a National Great Lakers date at Parksdale.  We get our strawberry sundaes and then go to a local park for visiting time.

This past Friday I was fixing supper and who walked in, but our friends from Alabama.  So good to see them.  And then we saw them the next day at the local flea market.   Part of the enjoyment of RVing.  

In spite of the aches and pains and Dr, visits, retirement for us has been great.  A life style change with the motor home.  One that we have embraced and enjoyed.  Talking with the secretary today at the Creative Coach business, she stated that she had met only one couple that the wife just hated the RV.  Would be glad when her husband got it out of his system and she could go back to a brick and mortar home on land. 

And with that I will close for today.  If you are in the snow==our thermometer said 88 today.  Supposed to get into the 60's next week and maybe low enough to frost.  Have to bring in my plants.

Have a good day.  jkc

Friday, January 4, 2013

A day in January, 2013

AAAUGH   I forgot to pull out the handle that lets out the grey water and I did a full load of laundry.  I was saved by the fact that our shower is with in a tub.  The tub was full and the mesh laundry bag with a few things in it was almost floating.  I only wanted to do one load this pm.  But I did two and sanatized the tub, clothes pins, ( I do have a place to hang things out here in Fl. )&  whatever else was floating in the tub full of water.

And if there is another blog message that starts out with aaugh   it is because I hit the wrong button and it disappeared into computer neverland.
I do that every now and then and cannot find where the computer hides it. Sometimes Ernie can find it.  and once in a blue moon I find it.  but do not know how I did it.   

Beth's daugter left yesterday, we miss her, going by with Beth to someplace or other.  Often on their bikes.  We saw Beth today off on her bike.  We had a very foggy morning yesterday.   But we decided to go to the Patriot Flea Market anyway.  Near Zepherhills.  And it was busy.  did not really have any good buys.  We have not found any silver plate yet.  I guess we will have to go to Webster Flea Market.  Only problem with that place, we spend more money there.  It is a very big market.  Some covered areas, but a field full of vendors.  Some are regulars and some not.  An interesting place.  And two good restaurants near by.  

Ernie is imrpoving.  Beginning to feel more like the usual Ernie.  I have been knitting, dishcloths.    And reading.  Santa brought me a Kindle paperwhite, and I have been getting free books thru

We did go to lunch with Linda and Austin.  With school being out we had not been to lunch with them for the last two weeks.  Good to catch up with what they have been doing with their family.

before I lose this much I will close.  Hope you all have a Happy New Year.