Saturday, September 22, 2012


Hi.   Friday night.   Ernie had a restless day on Friday.  getting used to all the tubes, face mask and hospitalization.  Yes, it is still something else after all the many times he has been in the hospital.
Today, Saturday, was a quiet day.   One of the two tubes was removed and the Docs are pleased with his vital signs.  Concerned about lungs and so he gets inhalation therapy to help heal the lungs.
Still in ICU  and not sure when he will get out.  Has to be at least sitting on the side of the bed and he cannot do that yet.  Sunday should be a better day.

Have a good day. Jane.....................................................................................................................................................................

Friday, September 21, 2012

September already!!!!

What happened to August??  A busy month. 
Nancy got the truck and moved her teacher stuff to school.  The building is not quite ready, but they are working on it.  She started with 36 students and no teacher aide.  Now she only has 34.  One boy is physcotic, (spelling) another very a.d.h.d, and throws tantrums.  Yes, in third grade!  she has two white, 2 Hispanic and the rest African American.  Her fellow 3rd grade teacher with 35 students, has the students who have records of  ? well, trouble with the authorities,  and not just school personnel.  And He does not have an aide either.  I think they must console each other.  It is sad, and worse yet they are not getting the help they need.  The Teachers I mean.  Some of the parents do not care. A parent came in last spring and wanted to know why his child would not pass 3rd grade.  Nancy showed him 19 pages of where she had text him thru the year and he had responded positively to the messages.  OOPS  No other comment needed.  almost.  The cell phone has become a valuable tool for teachers.  They can text parents and get an answer sometime during the day.  It can be used also as a discipline tool.  Take a picture of the student being "naughty" and send it to Mother.  They do not want that, most of them anyway.

Alan came one Saturday and helped dear ole Dad work on the RV.  They re-wired the front lights and now we have bright lights at night that do not blink off and on.  Not good when it is raining and dark to have blinking lights.  And a good visit for them.

The 24th we drove the RV 35 miles to the Indianapolis State Fair Grounds, in Indianapolis, IN. for the
FMCA International Convention.  2100 coaches attending.  And this year it was ALL volunteer.  No paid people to set up parking, etc.   There were over 1000 volunteer jobs to be filled and our good chairman had more than that to sign up to volunteer wherever needed.  The "soothsayers" said it could not be done, no one would come, it would fall apart.  A good convention, good time.  I helped hand out the welcome bags on Saturday for 4 hours, and Mon. and Wed. was a seminar volunteer.  We have classes
4 days.  From fixing your Cat engine, genealogy, micro-wave-convection cooking, tire pressure and lots more.  The Hoosier Cruisers had 36 coaches there.  Yeah!  And our club's volunteer chairman had plenty so my actual volunteering was done under the National Great Lakers Club.  Our motor home is a National Brand.  No longer made, but the club still meets and has a good time.
Also checked out new RV's  Pretty,   from $68,900 to $1.3 million,   A Newell coach.  Beautiful coach .  Not my style.  Too much of everything.  We like our Tradewinds,  do not really want a new one,  maybe trade down to a smaller style.  This was our 17 FMCA convention.  We do enjoy them.

And then earlier in the month we made a trip to Syracuse.  Planning on selling the family home in 2013.  Stuff to clean out, books, pictures and then all the other household stuff.  HELP!!!

September brings a rally at Timberline Campground in Chesterfield.  About 10 miles from home.
It sounds like a fun rally.  Will keep you posted.   Have a good day.   jkc

Personal news

Hi Everyone,   It is 6:45 am and I want to get this blog on and be on my way to the hospital.
   Yep, Ernie is spending some time there. 

I will go back two years ago when he had a routine chest x-ray when he was in ER for chest pains.
The chest pains were indigestion.  On the way home the ER Doc called and  and told us to see our family Doc  as there was a spot on his right lung.  Several tests later and an attempted
biopsy they (3 doctors) sent us on to Florida. and get a cat scan while there.  When the biopsy was attempted the spot hid behind a rib.  So for the last two years every 3  months Ernie has gotten a cat scan and it stayed the same.
This spring there was change. A second cat scan 3 month later revealed more change.  A biopsy was done going down the esophagus and it came back that there were cancer cells in the lower lobe of his right lung.   Then came more tests, a Pet scan, and a brain scan  (yeah, we heard plenty of comments, even our children.  Our son Alan said, I knew there were rocks up there and our daughter Nancy asked, Does that mean his brain is empty?)  this after I sent a text that the brain scan was clean.  The heart Doctor had ordered the annual stress test and echo cardiogram and gave the ok for surgery.  

Thursday the 20th, Ernie had the right lower lobe of his lung removed.  The surgeon was pleased?
the  cancer was in place as they had thought from the films and the lymph nodes looked clean and clear.  Biopsy was done on several lymph nodes.  We were told that when these nodes look clean they
usually are. 

Ernie will be in ICU until Saturday, unless he perks up a lot today,  and then be in the hospital until Tues or Wednesday.   We were talking about placing bets as to when he would be moved and when he would come home.  He bounces back so quickly from all the surgeries he has had, so why should this one be any different.  The anesthesiologist stated Ernie kept saying he did not need anything for pain.  But the monitors told him differently and he put on a patch for pain medication.  Plus he may have either oral or IV pain medication.  The procedure was done from the side.  The Doctors nurse told us last week to get some sharks teeth while we were in Florida (I have some old ones) and make a necklace.  Then tell people that he got bit by a shark.  good story.

He is in St. Vincent, St. John's Hospital in Anderson, Indiana.  A local hospital.  All the hospital staff tell us we have the best surgeon, lung specialaist,  and the anesthesiologist we have had before and think he is one of the best also.  So----There we are.It is after 7 and I need to get busy.
Have a good day.  Will write a progress report in the next few days.  Sorry aboaut some spelling.