Thursday, December 31, 2009


To wally world to shop today. lazy afternoon. this evening we went to the club house to play

BINGO! whoopee!!! about 10 games played. 3 cards for $1. and and extra dime for the coverall. I started playing tiddly winks with the buttons. And about fell asleep. The caller was good. but slow, compared to other bingo callers I have heard. But it was good to meet some of the other people in the park. And I won the last coverall. $5.00 yeah!

and all I can think of is "and I have a dog and his name is B I N G O! and then you spelled it out.

Time for bed. Good night and HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERY ONE!!! jkc

Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Wed. Dec 30.

I have done laundry for three days now and I am done for the time being. We really did not have that much laundry, but I was using the machine in the RV and it holds a small load. and today I did our carpet covers. the carpet cover is a thin, foam like material that goes over that beautiful white carpet that is in this RV. I am constantly amazed at how much stuff we drop on the floor and the spots this stuff leaves. or an upturned coffee mug. ugh! The dryer takes forever. But, we are in sunny Florida, well, we have had some sun lately, And there are two umbrella type clothes lines just behind our coach. yeah! I hang out clothes at home from early spring to late fall. I am delighted. did use the dryer in the park laundry for the towels. but so nice to hang everything else out.

No special New Year Eve plans yet, so to everyone out there. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! JKC

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Hi! Time has passed. It rained here Christmas day, off and on. cool Saturday was cool, but we did some shopping and came home. Sunday evening we did go to the Native American Church Service. And I found out a few things.

Their leader, a Christian, lives in Plant City, belongs to the Thonotosassa Methodist Church and has given flute lessons, using the old church as his class room. There were several different Native Indians taking the classes and apparently they wanted to have a meeting place. The church lets (or rents, I do not know that) use the church Sunday evenings. There are several different tribes represented, that gather together for this service.

the leader said the service was at 6:30. so we got there about 6:15. Well, this is also a social time. And I talked with a lady and her mother. They had welcomed us back to their service.

They had lived in Anderson. and Pendleton. The mother said her father had worked at Remy. And she wanted to know if it was true that Remy and Guide had been torn down. YEP!

The Service----The leader had a small receptacle that had small animal horns as part of the dish. He put some sage in it, lit it, and then let it smolder. This smoking dish was taken around the room and stopped in front of each person. They wafted the smoke toward them with their hands and then touched their chest, face and forehead. He made a second trip around the room and then took it out. the leader then prayed to the four directions or seasons. E.S.W. and North.

The sermon was about baptism and belief in Jesus. He baptized four people. Then they were ready to do the "drumming" A man got up and said I want to sing a song for (his friend) The friend apparently is in the service and is to leave in two weeks for Afghanistan. So the friend, an older women, 2 other persons stood together. The singer had his small drum and sang. Mostly in Native tongue. And a prayer was said for the mans safety.

And then the drum songs. This time they put the words on the wall so many could sing along. And more got up and danced. The "dancing man" with a head band, necklace and moccasins, was more what I thought of as an Indian dancing. Not really physical, but with more movements and rhythm. I enjoyed this.

Then they had baskets of food that were given away and then a meal. We did not stay for the dinner. It looked good, a usual pot luck. But by then it was almost 9 pm. We old folks were ready to retire. I am sure I left out parts, but that was the general picture.

Saturday night we had a phone call from friends. They were parked at lazy days, about 5 miles from us. so we took off and went to see them. They had thought we were in Indiana. Monday, we met with them, went out to T.G.Fridays for lunch and to Parksdale for dessert. And Parksdale did not have parfaits. Oh, only in the summer. Well, last February was not summer.

The sundaes are just too big. We will have to split one when we go again.

Anyway, we had a good visit with our friends.

Sunday our son called. more news about his bees. he found when cutting down a tree. Will tell more about that another time.

Had calls from our daughter and daughter-in-law. nice. Oh yes, I almost forgot.

WE have new cell phones. And we are trying to get used to them. Basically the same, just a little different. And I have 200 text. Something I have to learn about also.

Talk to you later. jkc

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Service

Hi! Merry Christmas everyone!!

We went to the Thonotosassa Methodist Church Christmas Eve Service this evening. The bulletin stated. We are so blessed to fellowship together, with our Native American family this Christmas Eve, to celebrate the Birth of Jesus.

an so we were. a usual Protestant beginning to the service, with a few words from the pastor. and then he turned it over to the Native American group. The leader talked about their faith and that they knew Jesus as a grown man. Not as the Christ Child that we were taught. He talked of their faith in the Creator and learning about Jesus. He told of some of their customs.
How one man said he couldn't see the use of the drums. So----did they have pianos or organs many years ago? He played a tune on his beautiful wooden flute, an old tune, lovely.
then there was a duet, a man and woman sang a song. But what interested me was the drum.
Very large in the center of the room, with chairs around it. It was covered with a blanket until time to play it. And they did and sang. some of the women danced----not fancy, just around the drum, with a rhythmic step. How soft and how loud the drum and singing could get.
I asked their leader after the program about the shawls the women carried.
they are special. the men give their wives these shawls and there is special meaning to them.
He asked me if I had a prayer shawl. Well, they meet at this church the 2nd and 4th Sunday evenings at 6:30. if I come he would loan me a prayer shawl.

I do not know the story as to how this group and this church are working together. But I will let you know as I find out more. Interesting. Have a very blessed Christmas. I believe I have had a special evening tonight.

P.S. We were waiting in the car, as we got there Early. When this car came up beside us and I thought Ernie was going to come unglued. it was a 1959 Ambassador, 4 door sedan, with continental kit on the back, looked great. the gentleman got it when he was 14, from his Grandmother. (His Granddad had bought it new.) It was probably worn out then, But it looks great now. He is a mechanic. Another lady and I thought we might not get our husbands to come into the church as they were really looking the car over carefully. He had the original sticker on the window. $3388.70. Good deal!
Good night. jkc

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Mostly Busch Gardens

My man figured out what we had done wrong and now you have some pictures. So I may repeat myself on a few of them.

This is the one at Allatoona Lake, Georgia. Such a nice place to camp.

and while I am writing. We have made our first trip to the Plant City Flea Market and of course that requires a stop at Parksdale Farms for a strawberry parfait. so good.

Yes, they are picking strawberries here. And I found one spoon. A baby spoon in a pattern we like and are trying to add to our collection.

And here we are at Charlie's RV Park. Thonotosassa, Fl.
We did get a schedule of activities for
the month. so more goes on here than I thought.

The Christmas On Ice Show. a very nice program with one small child to help out. All good skaters.

this peacock was just standing there. We wanted him to fan his tail, but he wasn't interested in us.

the ice rink just before the program.

the white tiger. so magnificent. And they do have a nice habitat here, but it would be so much nicer if they had more room. the other white tiger was pacing in front of the observation window. Two yellow tigers in this habitat also.

The pink? -- orange? flamingos.

And the Christmas tree at the entrance of the park. the two men on stilts posed and made nice faces for the people with cameras.

so these are the pictures we had hoped to be on the first blog.
Not quite in the order we first put them, but you can see the colors and the flowers. My laundry needs to go in the dryer and so I will write later.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Busch Gardens plus

At the Entrance of Busch Gardens. These guys on stilts were quiet an attraction. Children looked in awe. Very busy day, you could tell many were on vacation. We enjoy going here to see the sights. The floral arrangements are so pretty. The poinsettes are such a dark bright red. Beautiful.
Pink? flamigo's!! They were really orange looking. The pictue really does not do justice to their color.
This is where we parked at Allatoona Lake Dam, Corp of Army Engineers Park, near Acworth, Alabama. We like this park. A few miles off I-75, but so pretty and quiet. Electric and water. We like the town also.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Getting settled in Thonotosassa

The weather people say it will be cold this week end. It did not get below 60. Next week at night it might get down to 38. Now that will be cold.

Yesterday, Friday, we made a trip to Wall Mart. When we came off the interstate to come to the RV park here, a homeless man on the corner told us that our front tire on the car was low.

So we checked it when we got parked and by golly, it had a nail in it. So, Ernie put air in it and it held till we got there. A stop in the store to get milk and we started home.

I have the Christmas decorations all out. Put the small tree on the dash. I used the cushioned board I use when I play cards to put the tree on, with a manager scene and some lego angels.

I have several lego Christmas pieces. Santa, reindeer, snowmen and Christmas trees. than I pin some ornaments I got in New Mexico on the padded piece above the slide out. A few things stuck on the windows and Walla! I am done. The tree is one I made at a rally. Made of pins and crystal beads, with a string of lights in the middle. Doesn't look too bad from the street.

Today we made a trip to Ace Hardware to find some very small springs. One broke in the door lock system. So nice that Ernie can fix these things. ON our way to the store we went over the interstate. at the north and the south exits there were two men with cardboard signs, homeless, will work for food. We wondered if they knew each other and were plying folks for what ever they could get.

Later we went over to visit parents of one of our card playing buddies. We enjoy visiting with them and I like to attend their church. A Methodist Church, small, but bigger in the winter. Like ours used to have more people in the summer. Hope they have a Christmas Eve service, as that is something to go to different church's when we are out on the road at Christmas.

We found some snow crab legs for only $4.99 a pound. Very good.

Have a magazine and a book from the laundry building waiting. Later----jkc

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thonotosassa, Florida

We are now at Charlie's Campground in Thonotosassa. Pulled in about noon. Friends from Muncie were about ready to go to lunch. They got here last Friday. Come go with us. So we parked the RV and car. Went out to Taco Bell. Good visit. Got back to the RV and hooked up the Electric, water and dumped the tanks. Put the boards under the jacks and then put out the slide. Hey!! now we are set for a while. I did do a little laundry. Amazing how socks collect!.

But before we got here------Wednesday, after we left Ashburn, GA., we came on down the road. Stopped at a rest park and before leaving we did a walk around the coach. Hmmmm
the seemed to be a lot of oily--diesel stuff on the tow bar and shield of the car. So after a call to our son and Ring Power (a Cat. diesel dealer) in River view, Fla. we decided to stop at the Flying J out side of Dade City for the night. I did not hear the usual music and no.23 your shower is ready, like I usually do, and that was good. Up at 5:30 to be on the road and at Ring power at 7.
we have a fuel supply line on our dear Cat engine. Ernie says that we have put so much diesel thru it that it wore a hole. Anyway, after 3 hours and some money we were on our way again. We came back up the road to I- 4, turned at Lazy Days and on up to Charlies. Never a dull moment.

We have not seen Charlie yet, he said to park in the same spot we had last year and he would talk to us later. Not sure what the fees are this year, but I know we are not moving for awhile.
The neighbors said that Parksdale had strawberries and that the flea market at Plant City was really full of vendors. So we know what we will be doing next Wednesday.

It is getting late, almost 10. hardy har. good night. jkc

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

On the Road

Well, Monday was a good restful day. McKinney Campground is in Georgia, near Acworth. the town is just off the interstate 75 and the campground is only about 5 miles in, but it is a winding road, going around Allatoona Lake Dam to this campground. There are several campgrounds at this particular Corp Park.

Talked with a neighbor who was from England. 9 years ago they sold everything and bought a boat. Sailed across the ocean blue to various ports. They came to the States this fall and bought a class C -RV. Moored the boat in Fl. they have a year's visa here and will be doing this country. Interesting people.

To town for some groceries. We like this store, Ingles, it is only about 11 years old, but neat and clean with a nice variety of produce, meat and frozen foods. Drove thru town and then back to RV of some more R & R.

Took off this am with Ernie driving. We were going to take the by-pass around Atlanta.
We got on 285 just fine, but then I insisted that he take the right curve instead of the left, which the GPS said to take. Guess what? We were going the wrong way. so we finally got to a turn off that we could turn around and since we were both not too happy, (traffic is terrible) we got back to the I 75 exit, we took it. Forget the by-pass.
Finally got to a rest stop south of Atlanta and went in the building. Had a nice chat with the gentleman manning the booth. He and the lady are hired by the city of Macon. Not Georgia
transportation. I confessed to my error and we all had a laugh. He commented that we could laugh about it, which is good. We told him we were going south and that I wanted to take a short detour to this little grocery, filling station store across from the Georgia Veterans State Park. Oh, yes, he said. Stricklers. Have the best steaks around. And sausage and May Haw Jelly.
We did make it there, I am driving now, pulled up in front taking several parking places. (Ernie said to) and went in and got our meat and jelly. The butcher and owner laughed, oh, yes we get people from all over the country that like to stop here. He had just made the sausage that morning.
So, on down the road. We were going to stop at a particular RV park and Ernie decided to get on the internet and look up the Passport campgrounds to see if they had any new ones since the book was published last January. Yep! and it is nice. Passport campgrounds charge half price to members of Passport. They get more customers from that book than the other big books of campgrounds that charge full price all the time. Or only a 10% discount. Wanee Lake Country Club and RV Park. A 9 hole golf course, swimming pool, bar and then the usual RV needs. Full hook up, WiFi, etc. So we gave them info about FMCA. Don't we always?
Stayed in tonight, Possible get to Tampa Wednesday. We shall see. It is 64 Degrees at 8:15 pm

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Alatoona Lake

Sunday evening the 13th. Colts won!

We are parked for 2 nights at the McKinney Corp of Army Engineer Campground. This is the third time we have stayed here this year. and the host and hostess remembered us!

It rained during the night and so we slept in this am. Slowly got up and got ready to move on.

the rained stopped long enough for us to hook up the car and we were off about 9:45.

Ernie driving. Stopped in Knoxville at the Flying J for Diesel. Only 2.60 per gal. 10 cents less that what we payed in October in Indiana.

We stopped about 2 for lunch and I complained that I had not driven yet. me and my big mouth! Would you believe that near and around Chattanooga there was a construction zone?
It used to happen about every other time I drove the Georgie Boy RV. but rarely with this one.
I did ok, but pulled into the first rest stop in Georgia and let Ernie take over again. Good experience, I guess, but those truckers are bigger than we are, and we are big enough!

360 miles and we are tired. Ernie was in bed by 7:30. I said lets have soup for supper and not go out to eat. (I do not do much cooking the first 2-3 days on the road in the winter.) I am glad we stayed in as I was tired also. We will stay 2 nights here, there is a neat grocery store in the town of Acworth, so we will get something for meals. We put in water tonight, which makes me
a happier camper. We always take 2,3 or 4 gallons of drinking water when we start out. Too cold to put water in the RV tanks. And we get by just fine. But it is so nice to turn on the faucet and have fresh water. We have a small water softener that filters any water and then I have one of those filter water pitchers for drinking water. We have not had many problems with bad water.

so I have been playing free cell and writing here. If I went to bed at 8 I would wake up at 1 and then toss and turn till time to get up. So I enjoy quiet time for me. Have a good night rest everyone. jkc

Mon. morning. Remember I said that it was wet and rainy last night? And that we filled the water tank so we could shower and wash dishes? And we have not been in the coach since we had all water openings open so we could use the air compressor and blow out the water!
We do not want anything to freeze and cause a leak.
This morning when we got up we did not have any water coming out of the faucet to wash. Just air! We have an indoor gauge that tells us water level. It said EMPTY TANK. Ernie said which bin do we go to, to find the leak. Everything was dry. Finally I said "did we close the valve that lets the water out?" NO So we are now filling the tank again. Live and learn! First week in a RV is rough!. Have a good day, we hope ours is better. jkc

Saturday, December 12, 2009



We were to leave Wednesday or Thursday at the latest. Huh! Mother Nature changed our plans. Wed. and Thur. were very windy days. And cold. Neither one of us wanted to drive the RV in the strong wind, let alone get it packed and ready to go. Sooooo
Friday, we loaded and this morning we drained the water out of the pipes, put antifreeze down the drains, in the house, and then put the final stuff in and left at 11:30.

First stop was Greenfield, for lunch. We were to go south to I 74. Ernie drove to Greenfield and then I took over after lunch. When I took off, neither one of us thought it strange when I turned north instead of south. Just as I turned on to I 70, oh no! Hey, Ernie, this isn't 74, is it? Yes, oh no it isn't. So on to S.R.3. No where to turn aroundon I 70! So I drove to Greensburg to I 74, on down the interstate and to the first rest stop. Ernie took over the driving and we came on down the road without further problems. The wrong turn was not really a problem, just added a few extra miles.

When we come down I 75, we like to stop at this RV park for the night. They are passport, so it is half price. $12. for full hook up. We do not have water in the holding tanks yet, and they usually park us right next to the shower house. They have worked on them in the last year and they seem cleaner. But still cold. And still no paper towels! Next time we come thru I will ask the person in charge to come with me to check and see if there are paper towels in the rest rooms! enough already!!

Our one restaurant that we liked, closed last year. So we went to the other place. Called the
Dinner Bell. A popular, good cooking place, not expensive, clean. We had roast turkey breast, dressing and 2 sides. plus hot rolls or cornbread, and small cranberry sauce. I brought home a
"doggy bag" Just too much. (there are the usual places, like Bob Evans, etc., but we like to try the local fare.)

Alan called. Found a bee hive in a tree today. Will check with a friend that has hives to see if they can save the bees. Lots of honey, too.

Long day, will turn on the electric blanket, use the electric heaters and hope to sleep well. It is quiet here so should get a good nights sleep. We will save using our furnace for when we are not hooked up to electric.

Have a good night. jkc