Sunday, January 30, 2011

January 29 2011

Guess what? Yes, we are at Busch Gardens again. This time is is Tommy Dorsey's Band. Soooo good. We took the train ride. Went 1 and 1/2 times around. Wanted to get off nearest the exit of the park and we had started at the back corner. Saw these Rhino's. The train had to slow down to let the ostrich get across the tracks. It is interesting to see the different animals and to watch the children looking at the animals.
And we stopped at the ape exhibit. This guy is a silver back. eating breakfast.

And the alligators. sleeping in the noon day sun!
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Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Florida Aquarium

Hi! The Florida Aquarium was not on our list this past Tuesday. A trip around Tampa Bay was the schedule. Ernie did not go, due to a cough, congestion, my ears hurt feeling. We left him at home. Bruce, Beth, and I got to the NO. 2 Gate of the Tampa Port Authority all set to take a cruise. FREE. the rule is to have at least 20 or no go. there were 115 signed to go. One a bus of 100. the 15 of us were there. It was chilly and starting to be windy. The bus did not show up. So, since we could not go for the cruise, and the Coast Guard was telling them that the water was getting rough and expected to get worse, we were told we could have a FREE pass to the Aquarium. Who passes up free most anything, well when it comes to tours.

so of course, we did that.
That is Bruce and Beth outside the Aquarium. Past that fence is a water playground for the children and the path to the ship. It is also the Gate 2 for the BIG cruise ships.
We could touch the star fish, crustaceans, urchins, andmollusks at the S.C.U.M. tank, No Bone Zone. Two fingers only, for touching. Interesting. The water was cold, as that is the natural temperature for these Invertebrates, spineless creatures.
Nice big star fish.

Here is a good reason for stopping at Parksdale once a week. I mean, really, if it is such a good healthy thing to do, eating strawberries once a month, isn't every week even better? Especially when they top some ice cream? Besides, I have to stock up for when we are not in Florida near all those strawberries!

We are trying to get things cleaned up, groceries in, run the softener and fresh water on board. Monday, we leave for Brooksville for the SEA (South Eastern Area) rally of FMCA. Should be a good time. And it will probably be cold at least part of the time. That is a given for Brooksville. But we do get some sun shine also. a change of pace. Altho that means we are missing the Plant City Flea Market 2 weeks in a row. What treasures will we miss?

Between the dew in the morning and the rain we have had (4 inches of rain on Tuesday) there is a lot of stuff on the ground. (dried leaves or grass, what ever it is.) Ernie said something else, but I won't repeat that. Like coffee grounds, and it sticks to your shoes. Ernie is using the vacuum to try and get some of it. He is going over to see if Austin is awake from his nap in the sunshine. Only 65 today, but the sun is out and my sheets are dry and put away. I am using the washing machine in our coach now, and it is nice to do a load and then hang it out to dry. Saves 75 cents on the washer or dryer. I still take my towels over to the laundry mat here, to dry. And I better go get them.

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

More Busch

Terry Myers Band, it was a rainy day, but it let up and we decided to take a chance. Well, from one group to the next it was heavy sprinkles. And we were sorta damp. And the crowd for the band and the singing trio was very small. some were there just to get out or the rain and when it let up they left. (mostly very young) some young people do not know the old music. I have to say that our grandson drove to So. Bend to see

the great B.B. King. An enjoyable concert, and one that they sat down in nice seats. No standing all the time.
These girls were great. Sang like the Andrews Sisters.

Burn the Floor is a dance and singing routine. this is for the new schedule. Not a lot of new routines from last year. So it will be interesting to see how this continues to be popular.

The 5 girls that dance for Burn the Floor. Great costumes.

Saturday was a flea market day. Two we had been to before and one we had not. That was the Tampa Flea Market. Inside a big building. We call it new and banana box fleas. People use banana boxes to put their stuff in. Plastic dishes and containers, packages of multiple tooth brushes, combs, etc. Just stuff. The last one we went to was at the old movie theatre. And they still have movies there. The vendors must be out by a certain time. Nothing much of interest. the best one around central Florida that we have been to and like is at Webster. Out in the field are vendors with old stuff! dishes , toys, jewels, tools, stuff from the garage or Attic. Not much new junk. Last night 6 of us frsom Indiana got together at Bob Evans for an evening of talk. Came back to our RV and talked some more. I skipped church today and we met Bob & Cheryl for another meal at Bob Evans. They are former Hoosier Cruisers and are now fulll timers, spending time in Florida at their daughters. They were at Lazy Days RV getting some repairs to their RV. They had had a National Motor Home like ours. Ernie got up from his nap and has gone to see the wave runner over at Austin's. I am playing games on the computer.

Tomorrow we will celebrate 52 years together. My, My. have a good day. jkc

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Monday, January 17, 2011

The Hawk 1/17/2011

there are 3 pictures of this hawk. rear, on the ground and a front view. Fairly big. Read on to get the whole story.
First of all, click on the picture, once and then again on any of our pictures to make a bigger photo. then hit the back button to go back to regular size. today it is raining. A lot of rain. So we have been indoors. All of a sudden Ernie said "There's a hawk, get me my camera"" the hawk was sitting on the fence across the road from our motor home. He was there or on the ground for about 20 minutes. So neat to watch him/her. A rainy day interesting time. jkc
Have a good day.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Jan 16, 2011

what a busy week we have had. Today after church and lunch we headed for Busch Gardens. We had not seen the latest shows. Different since Christmas, and the new shows will start this Wednesday. That is Linda & Austin with daughter and grand daughter. At Busch Gardens.
this group has different music different times during the year. Right now it is Sweet Music, The Sounds of the Motor City. Can't beat that. From there we walked around the park to the Desert Grill Theater to see Shea Laurel. A family act. And they are from South Bend, Indiana.
This is Chris singing and playing the Zendrum. The first time I had seen this instrument. It is a Midi (musical instrument digital interface) controller designed by drummers. Plays drums and other sounds, like a key board in a way, just simpler. Neat.

there are two sisters that play the fiddle (very well) sing and dance. Dad is on the key board and Mother on the guitar. Fast, fun and entertaining.
The last show we saw was, Cirque Dreams, Jungle Fantasy at the Moroccan Palace Theater, Morocco. Various acts with characters dressed as various animals moving about and then various acts. This man did balancing. that is a real man on top of those pieces. Scary.

there was also a juggler, an aerial act, and two women ?contortionists. You know, the ones that turn themselves in all sorts of poses that I would not even try. as if I would. Like ending up like a pretzel. How do they do that? Wasn't that bendable when I was younger either.

This evening the neighbors had a camp fire going. As we were enjoying the fire it was decided we needed some marshmallows. OH, I got some GIANT marshmallows. They could not believe how big they actually were. so we all ate one and I still have 4 left. No one wanted seconds.

While there we got a phone call. A sad one. a good friend passed away unexpectedly this afternoon. We will miss Frank. Judy and I were never sure whether Ernie or Frank were telling tall stories or maybe not. We like to visit each other while in Florida, go to flea markets together and to a special restaurant. Calls back and forth were always more than just a few minutes. A special person called home to the Lord.

Our prayers for Judy and family. jkc

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sec SUNDAY p.m. January

Isn't he cute. Sorry we could not get a closer look. Ernie took the picture with his phone. His parents are vegetable and fruit vendors at the Plant City flea market. this little guy was perfectly content to sit in his box (he does have a regular seat) and play with another little box. the week before he was fussing and big brother (about 7 or 8) could not please him. Mother grabbed him, tucked him under her shirt and he was happy. Breakfast time!.. We look for them each time we go there. Dad speaks fairly good English, Mother tries.

I have told you about the Thonotosassa Methodist Church working with the Native Indians in this area. The Indians meet in the church the 2nd and 4th Sunday evenings. This past Sunday was special as they had 'Bob Soto" a renowned Indian Dancer. He has performed around the world and also teaches and preaches the gospel. These three photos were taken with Ernie's phone. You see the drum to one side and in the background a man standing, arms akimbo, and his hat has a feather in it. Before Bob did his dance they had a Short? service. They sing with the big drum. the words were shown on the wall so we could sing also. About 8 or 10 men drumming the drum. And the ladies dance around the drum that is in the center of the room. some of the men also dance. One man had a feather stuck in his hair and I still haven't figured out how he had it stuck in there so it would not fall out. And he did some good hopping around.

Bob Soto did 3 dances. talking in between each one. Interesting to watch, as was his costume. As I said before, many of the Indians will wear their native shirts, dresses, skirts and tops during the service and then take them off afterwards. The ladies carry a prayer shawl as they dance. Most have genes and slacks on under their costumes. they usually have something to eat afterwards, but after a 2 hour service we were ready to go home. An interesting time and all friendly everyday people. Someone said that they do not look like Indians. No moccasins, or the brown skin he thought they should have.

Bob was whirling around making his costume fly about. A man in front of us was using his phone to take pictures also.

Did laundry today. It is nice that the machine in the coach works easier since Ernie fixed it last fall. I use it most of the time. Taking my towels and genes to dry in the laundry mat driers and hanging other things out on a line back of the coach. Time to put those things away. Take care. jkc

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1/14/11 R.V. Tampa Show

To those of you that have motor homes

you know that this is a "high end" rv. The most expensive one at the show was 2.2 million dollars. Definitely out of our league. The next picture is of the outside of one of these beauties.

This one has 4 slides. They used to have just two or three.

Surprise!!!!! The RV you have been looking at was just the shell of a Prevost. Cost only $643,000. is what we heard. fix it up any way you like. The ones that are finished are something else. I really do not need all that is in one of them and would be afraid to take it out of the drive for fear that I might damage something.

The Tampa Super RV show is a five day show. You pay one fee of $10 and get in for two days. We went both days. It was cold. I had on my long jons and corduroy slacks, plus sweat shirt and jacket. All kinds of RV and many vendors. We managed to win 4 decks of cards and a coupon for a free camping week. Another coupon for only $89 a week. You have to read the fine print. After March 15th or 30th and first time visitors only. We would like to go back to the one in Fort Myer that we stayed at last year, the first week of April. the one coupon also has restrictions for Mass., two other states and Ontario during the hot summer months. I also won a base ball hat. Whoop ee!!!! The campgrounds have various games that you play and win prizes. pens, key chains, hats, cards and of course time at their parks. I also got a ring! Fabulous. You turn it on and it sparkles. Large soft rubbery ring. Fun.

The second day we were talking to a friend and I said I like the small RoadTrek RV's. A dealer of airstream heard me and said, Well, come look at our small rv's. So we did, for about a half hour. Interesting. Only thing about them is storage space. Of course the smaller the rig the less space for "stuff", so maybe that is a good thing. Just looking, not buying. Interesting to see the different layouts of any RV.

We stopped at a garage sale on our way to the grocery and bought some silver.

Stopped at Big Top Flea Market and found a silver chest. So a busy Saturday. Yes, we did get to the grocery. Time to get busy. Have a good day. jkc

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Hi! It is Wednesday, the day we go to the Plant City flea market and stop by Parksdale to get our strawberry treat. We left early and got to the flea market before some vendors were completely set up. Bought 3 pieces of silver plate. Good buys, hard to find patterns. We were happy. Went on to Wall Mart, needed to get window washer fluid for the car. The light and buzzer came on to tell us it was low. For some strange? reason, we could only buy the fluid that said 32 degrees plus. What? We use below freezing fluid in our car!!

then on to Publix for a few items.

We got near Parksdale, well, do we splurge and get the sundae and a sandwich? or drive by and just get the sandwich.

We were going to a picnic tonight and decided to skip the ice cream.

Good picnic, rained on us at the last.

Jack and Nikki had 5 of us over for hot dogs. Linda and I added baked beans and potato salad, deviled eggs and Jack had made a great pasta salad.

Good food, good friends! Nice way to end a day.

Ernie has the 3 pieces of silver polished. The one, a punch ladle, or an oyster stew ladle---? a large ladle, has the grape pattern in the bowl of the spoon. So pretty. the vendor that sold it said he could call us or e-mail us when he found something we might like. We said, thanks, put part of the fun is the hunt for what we hope to find.

My tea is ready, more later. jkc

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday evening

Sunday evening. The Colts won by just 3 points, in the last seconds of the game. But they won and Jacksonville lost to Houston, so the Colts are the winner of the AFC South. and now it is on to the playoff games. GO COLTS!

Quiet week end. We now have 4 nice motor homes in our park. 3 this past week. Two are people that work for Camping World. The 3rd one that came in was Bruce and Beth from Indiana and good friends. They had spent this past week with family near Kissee. they are ready for some R & R after a busy week.

I went to church this morning. I like the minister of the little Methodist

Church here at Thonotosassa. He has a sense of humor and can laugh at himself when he makes an error. Today it was "No, I did not mean the congregation was a can of worms." I do not think anyone had thought anything about what he was illustrating until he made that comment. And then we all had to laugh. Maybe 65 people there today. And being a small building everyone sings and the good ones drown out the bad singers. Like me.

Nikki and Jack came in. Said they would be here a few days. They are in the

5th wheel next to us. Linda and Austin's daughter goes back to teaching tomorrow and now they will be back around here again, too.

We may go to a flea market tomorrow. so life goes on here in Florida. No hurry to do anything, just relax and enjoy. We are getting to know more of the people in the park and so more people to talk to as we walk around each day.

Have a good day. jkc