Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Winchester Speedway

Saturday October 3rd, was a windy day. We started the day by going to an Ethanol plant in Union City. A very interesting tour. the amount of corn they used daily is amazing. and they run 24/7. Not that many people to run the facility. We had "Mike" lead our tour. He is their maintenance chief. When ask if this was state of the art and could they build more just like it, He answered, "Remember, I am the person in charge of maintenance, yes, I would make some improvements first."

The Hoosier Cruiser had a great "pitch In" lunch. Good cooks in our group.
A lazy hour or two and then off to the Winchester Speedway. it was old timers week end.
They had on display several old race cars. From the 30's on up thru the 60's. They took laps around the track in between the main races. Fun to see those old cars go. No roll bars, cigar shaped cars.
The sprints with the winged top, ran qualifying 10 lap races. 2.06 minutes. 1/2 mile track five miles in 2.06 minutes. Fast! We missed the last two races. And that was ok. It was windy and
cold. so we stopped at McDonald's for a hot drink and burger.

Sunday, coffee and donuts, a short hymn sing and devotions. A good way to go on our way back
home. Via Flying J. to load up on propane, diesel fuel and dump the tanks. Getting ready for

We have drained the water tank and Wednesday when the sun is supposed to be out we will
get out the air compressor and blow out the lines. Drain the hot water heater and do other
maintenance to prepare for heavy frosts. We hope to be gone before snow. We shall see what
November brings. Have a good day. jkc

Friday, October 2, 2009

Randolph Co. Fairgrounds, Hoosier Cruisers

Friday night, October 2nd.

We arrived early on Thursday, here to help greet each coach as it arrived. When we weren't talking to those that had arrived. Happy hour was great if you did not mind standing under an umbrella every so often. New recipes to taste and want the recipe. maybe we should have a Hoosier Cruiser Cookbook.

To the chicken Shack for dinner. Ernie and I had chicken gizzards. We know, they are not good for you cholesterol. But they were delicious. Home and to bed by 9.

I am wearing a short boot on my left foot because of a torn muscle on the bottom of my foot.
Not bad, but tiring. Even get to wear it to bed for 3 to 6 weeks.

Friday, after hearing it rain most of the night and at breakfast the clouds cleared and the day was dry. Windy, but dry. Half of us went to Workhorse Custom Chassis factory in Union City, Indiana to go thru the plant. No workers, which in a way is a bummer, not seeing the actual work being done, but nice as we could hear our guide and really look at the various stages of putting together a chassis.

And when you are located near Winchester, Indiana, a stop is required at Mrs. Wicks Pies and restaurant. We had the special for the day of a toasted cheese sandwich, a cup of vegetable soup and drink. And then a piece of pie. I had black raspberry, slightly warmed and Ernie had butterscotch. Both delicious. And then we went back to the store and found two "damaged" pecan pies. (crust broken) and a good sugar cream pie. Mrs. Wick's sugar cream pie is supposed to be Indiana's State Pie.

After lunch and a pit stop at the RV it was on to the Ghyslain Chocolatier Company in Union City. Oh, My, you should see the chocolate sculptures that were displayed in this company. We had a taste test between Hershey's chocolate and Ghyslain's. I like them both, but I guess Gjyslains was smoother and more chocolaty. any way------- then we were shown how they make some of their chocolates, some of their molds and a video about the history of the company. they also have two restaurants and you can have a lunch during your tour if you like.
They do all of the food prep at the Union City facility. croissants, breads, meats, desserts, etc.
they ship all over, have trucks that go a 450 mile radius. they had seconds for sale. Flavored
chocolates and turtles. Mama turtle was full price. she had almonds in her hollow tummy that were her eggs!. The small turtles, 12 in a box, 6 different nuts in their tummy's, and each type a nut a different color on the back of the turtle. Pretty and neat. We were told we could take the boxes home, wrap them in saran and freeze them for 3 months. defrost for 12 hours in refrig and then enjoy. We will!
Back to the RV and I said I needed to do a Wall Mart Run. Ooops, we were ready for some R & R, but realized that when we got home from there it was time to line up for supper. We had an early time to avoid the crowds. This time we went to the Randolph Grill in Winchester. Had a choice of steak, chicken breast or tilapia. I had the tilapia and Ernie had the steak. We had a salad and a baked potato. and then came a mini dessert. Just a small amount of chocolate with a dab of whipped cream and raspberry flavor in the bottom of a tiny cup. Some were oreos and some were apple. Just a nice touch to a good meal.

And then when we got home I decided to write on the blog. I could not get the pass word right.
Ernie finally bailed me out and had to create a new password. This happens to me every now and then. They do not always ask for you to sign in or to give the password and I forget the password. Woe, is me.
Have a good day Saturday. We will! jkc