Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sat. Jan. 31, 2009

Hi! I looked at our blog and it says Thurs. But starting the 2nd paragraph it was about Friday. Did I say things were not going right.

Today is Saturday. Nothun' special. Washed the throw rugs. Went to the Big Top and found out that the real fleas only come the 2nd and 4th Saturdays. Did find 2 pieces of silver that are like the ones my mother had. Home, did some computer work and after supper visited with friends. Big day------? Hope everyone had a good day. JKC

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thursday, January 29,2009

My day has not been good. Well, parts of it have not been good.
I forgot to add to the blog yesterday that while we were in Lazy Days waiting, I saw a football helmet in this salesman's office and it had a horseshoe on it. so I ask him if it was a Colts helmet.
Yes, he was a Colts fan. I told him about the 10-11 inches of snow in Indy and he said he had just talked to his daughter in Indy. He was Jon Smith. Son of Jack Smith of the Jack Smith RV
dealership that used to be on I-69 at the Muncie, Frankton exit. Small world.

Today!! I lost our passport card, had a problem with the printer, almost lost my program while at the Glen Miller show at Busch Gardens, sat on a wet seat on the flume ride, just those irritating things that go wrong. But. We had a good time at Busch Gardens. Our 2nd trip.
Walked the park to get to the theatre that had Glen Miller at 11:30. Carol and Ed hollered at us and after talking to them after the program we got ticket to see the Glen Miller show at 1 pm. Different songs, same good sound. They were great. And between these shows Rachel and Joe
saw us. Fellow Hoosiers.
We watched the flume ride and decided why not? got in the "log" and took off. 2 down hills on this ride, not too wet. enjoyed. But we have been told we have to ride the big water ride.
We shall see. Won't be back until mid February. Our last stop while there was at the
Do Wop show. good music from the 60's. And while going to that show our neighbors here at the park came up behind us, so we sat with them..
We were rained on while at Busch Gardens. We were prepared, had taken our ponchos. They are $6.50 if you buy them for the water rides. Also pot a "Pail" of popcorn. You can take it back and get it refilled for less that half the original price.

Home, slightly damp. Have had supper and now it is computer time and silver polishing time.
Talk to you later.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wed. 1/28/09

It has been a looonnng day! Left early to go to Plant City Flea market. Found a few pieces of silver. Came home, down to Lazy Days to meet friends (Richard and Shirley)from Penn. and for lunch. To Parksdale for dessert. Stopped at a RV discount parts store. Shirley and I thought the fellows ought to stop at a dress shop for us., but none in the area. Back to Lazy days and time to wait for Richard's coach to be done. (repair) Then to the grocery and back home. a picnic supper with Richard and Shirley and now we are looking up patterns for the silver we bought. so what else is new. Our daughter tells us that there was 10 1/2 inches of snow at
Indianapolis airport this am. NO school, even for Indianapolis. glad we are in Florida.
I can't type and really no news. see you later.

Monday, January 26, 2009

sun. PM 1/25, and Mon. 1/26/09

Hi! How time flies when you are having a good time. Almost!

Sunday we took an afternoon drive. And as it happens----the drive just managed to go by Parksdale Farm Store and so what else to do but to stop in and get a strawberry parfait!
The line was as long as we have ever seen it. But, we are hardy and hungry so we waited.
And talked. Do we never talk when we are in line for something? The couple in front of us had to live in Sturgis, Michigan. Just across the Indiana border. His nephew happened to live in Anderson and worked for Delco. Does anyone remember the foreman by the name of Paul A? He was Ernie's foreman in Plant 11, and we knew his children. This gentleman, Paul's uncle, was going fishing with Paul this next week. The lady said they had celebrated their 60Th anniversary in Sept. We cannot go anywhere-------

Mon. we left about 7:45 for Webster and the 2 fleas. Ernie found the BIG sockets he had been looking for at the little flea market, and then we went on to the big flea market. Got some good buys on silver and headed home about 12:30. Tired. Lots of walking. At one booth a man said to the vendors, so you are from Indiana? Yes, Connersville and Marion. The man that asked was from New Castle, so I added that we were from Anderson/Middletown. Time for an Indiana party. Vendors were saying that people were just walking by and not buying. The vendors were not in the mood to bargain much.

Mon. evening we went to Lazy Days/Camping World to visit some friends. They were parked in the Camping World lot as they are to have work done on their coach Tues. When we left, the gate was locked. Richard and Ernie looked to find security and then decided we could squeeze thru the gate. We did and went on down the road. And came to another gate at Cracker Barrel.
(This area is a big complex, with a Flying J truck stop, Cracker Barrel and then Lazy days a big RV complex, and then Camping World. RV stuff store.) So we managed to turn around, drove around trying to find a way out and then called our neighbor to come get us. He said drive thru Camping worlds repair area and on out thru the campground. so, we tried it and it worked.
This time there was a security guard at the gate. Oh, Yeah, they close that other gate about
8 pm. And this was another adventure for the blog. Have a laugh and it is now time for bed.
We are home safe and sound. J.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

sunday am 1/25/09

Hi! A lazy day. Saturday was busy? to the flea market where we found several silver wre boxes to buy. Now we have somewhere to store the silver.
We recieved several phone calls "Happy anniversary #50!"
and so we went out to eat last evening. Very busy at Red Lobster, but delicious!
see you later. J.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday, Jan. 23, 2009 Busch Gardens

We went to Busch Gardens!

We checked out Busch Gardens on "Google" and purchased our tickets there. We got a Senior
1 year Busch Garden Passport. and one Adult Fun Card. The Senior passport was $10. off if over 65. Lets you in free for a year, gives you free parking (parking is $11.), and 10% off purchases. The fun card just lets you in free for the rest of the year. We plan to go back several times. When we arrived we went to a kiosk and put in the paper ticket. It gave us a card ticket to use instead of the paper. It has a bar code and you either have to have photo ID or stick you finger in the machine to check your finger print. We have the Photo ID type card.

First we took the sky ride over the park. While standing in line to get on a gondola Ernie started talking to the couple behind us. She graduated from Highland High School and lived just up the road from us on 400 South. You never know!!!! You can see the various animals and other sites while on this ride. 3 or less in each gondola.

Time for the Band concert. Which was a band that played Benny Goodman Music. Excellent. They had a singer that sang twice and then a gentleman that played the marimba. Sorry, I do not remember their names. and then they played Sing, Sing, Sing. It was terrific. We had gotten in late and were seated at the side of the band. The drummer was terrific to watch and hear. Really good. then the marimba, drums again and of course the clarinet. A 45 minute program. I guess I show my age as our neighbor is not into those old time bands. I told her I learned to enjoy them because that is what my older brothers and sisters played on the
record player at home. Yeah--Al Jolson was a favorite of our father. How many know him?

Watched the straight down roller coaster for a few minutes and then got on the train. All around the park. A nice trip. The animals were out and some were fairly close so that we got a good look at them.

Split a waffle cone with hot fudge, soft ice cream, in a cup. Save money and calories that way.
Ha ha

Then to the Australian Ball Room Dancers. 25 minutes. Loud, fast and good.

Took the sky ride back to the entrance. Checked out the alligators near there. and then got on a tram to go back to the car and home. A good day.

tomorrow--- the Red Barn flea market. see you

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wed. 2/20/09 Plant City and Lazy Days

A big day. Off to Plant City with our neighbors for the flea market. Spanish flea market. Well, most of the vendors spoke Spanish. Quite a few fleas and fresh fruit and veggies. Found some spoons, a pineapple and some tomatoes. The pineapple was only a dollar. Does it cost less because the top was cut off?
It was cold. I saw many vendors getting out packages of gloves. I bought a knit pair, those little short things, for 50 cents. did not stay long.
On to, oh yes, Parksdale. We tried the strawberry parfait today. Very good with lots of strawberries. Um um mmm! On to Lazy Days for lunch. Don't you know you have desert first when you are retired. Lazy Days is a big RV dealership.
We looked at used RVs. Interesting, sat in rocking chairs, in the sun, waiting for the tram to take us back to the cars. Did not buy today. Home and looked up names for the spoons we bought.
then We took off to see the parents of some Indiana friends. They were expecting us sometime soon. We had a good visit. Hope you had a good day, we did.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Mon. 1/19/2009 Webster Flea!!!!

Hi! so how many of you know what it is when I write Webster Flea? Yep! a flea market.. We went first to the smaller one about 2 miles north of the "Webster Flea
Market". Where it is all fleas, fresh fruit and vegetables. Found some nice silver there, the fog lifted and the day started getting warmer.
Then, on to the big FLEA market. All kinds of fleas. Under roof items from across the ocean (clothes, gadgets & housewares) to fresh fruits and vegetables. And then several fields of the really "flea"
stuff. I said to someone that I didn't remembers seeing so many vender's in the field before. The answer was that today (MLK Day) was the second largest day of the year. The largest being President's day. NO school and so the kids are helping Mom and Dad sell stuff. Over the loud speaker were several announcements to not drive in the area of selling as there were over 60,000. (yes, thousand) people there.
It was something. My legs are so tired from all that walking. But, just one more aisle
to go down. Actually, several more, but I did not cover it all.
The kettle corn was good and not $9 a bag like at the Super RV show. I did not buy any there. And while I was trying to find Ernie I bought a dozen mini donuts. I actually saved six for him. All tho I think he only got 5. And sweet tea. Sweet tea is so sweet, I usually do not get it. That is all they had.
And we found some more silver. two lovely ;pieces---berry spoons. This one vendor had only silver in his booth. Some sterling, mostly silver plate. He caught on to Ernie that he knew what he was asking about the different pieces.
Finally started home, they are supposed to close at 2, we had left home at 7:30.
Stopped in Dade City for a late lunch. Called some Hoosier Cruiser we know and ask about a place to eat. They came out to visit while we were there. Got home shortly after 5. Another late supper of soup and salad.
No, Frank, only a few forks, we did not buy. You would not believe the crowds and
venders were not coming down on their prices much either.
A good day. Tues we are going to rest, do laundry, etc. Get ready for a flea market
at Plant City on Wednesday. Which is near Parksdale, and that means STRAWBERRIES.
Talk to you later.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday, 1/18/09

Hi1 Back to the Tampa RV Super show today. Took our time. Stopped at the Encore RV park booths and signed up for their special.

Ramblers Rest, near Venice, FL. $77.00. Yep! ONE week at that price! We will go there after the Brookville Rally.

I saw a Hoosier Cruiser and a H.C. Past Pres. today. And a few other Hoosiers that were venders. Stopped at the FMCA booth and the gentleman there had been in northern Ind. That city where they make artificial knees, etc., Yeah, Warsaw. We have been thru one of those "factories." I remember way back when, Syracuse High School and Warsaw were rivals in sports. Maybe still are, but it would be Wawasee High School now.

If it is now raining tomorrow we go to a flea market! talk to you later.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Florida Super RV Show, Tampa, 1/17/09

You should see the BIG RV'S we saw today! One big one, with a Freightliner Chassis, had a toy hauler as long as some RV's. They had a 57 Chevie waiting to go inside the hauler. Did not look in the rv, but it was something else. Maybe we can find out the cost when we go back tomorrow'
Lots of venders, a big sand sculpture display. Had a monkey at a laptop, many other items carved in the sand. A big double decker RV. A long line to look inside of it, so we did not go inside. A bag of Kettle Korn was $7.00. I passed it by. And I like to munch on it too!.
Stopped at the Frieghtliner booth and talked to some people we knew from the Freightliner club. Ernie saw a man that used to teach a class at Delco.
And then another guy came and said
"I know a guy that has a CAT and lives in Indiana" Oh My, Friends from Penn. and also have a cabin in Vermont. Fun. Called them on our way to Parksdale Farm Market and stopped at their place after we had our strawberry sundae. A favorite stop. We want to try the strawberry parfait next time we go there. We usually make several stops at this place as they ALSO have fresh citrus and vegetables.

On the way home a garage sale was spotted and someone bought a desk chair. Just what he was wanting. Also a friend from New Jersey called and we will see them later in the week.
things are starting to get busy for us. Florida is the place we see many RV friends and we go out
West to see friends and sight see.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday, January 16, 2009

Hi! A restful day. We were about to eat lunch and the neighbors came over and said, "Want to go to Taco Bell with us? Put everything back in the fridge and off we went. This couple comes down every year and they took us around the area. Stopped at a RV parts recycle place.
Came home and after a trip to the grocery, the laundry was done. Yawn. Maybe something more exciting tomorrow. JKC

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thonotosassa, FL. 1/15/09

Later----How about that plane that landed in the Hudson River?
Diesel was $2.39 today and propane $2.79 per gal. The Flyling J
was busy filling propane today. Maybe the colder weather in Florida
had something to do with it. I know, its not as cold as it is at home!
Tomorrow is a day of rest. and laundry and ??? see you

Monday, January 12, 2009

Orange Park, FL Mon. Jan. 12. 2009

Monday, we got here this past Thursday. We have been doing our "chores". My sister-in-law will be moving back to Indiana and there are many things to be done before the house is sold and she moves north. We are glad to help. She has two dogs. One a cocker spaniel that is black. Josie has blond eyebrows and a little white on her chest and rear end. some gold on her feet. She is deaf now, but is a good. dog. Sir William is an English spaniel., I think. Any way a lot like cocker spaniels. Smaller face, blond, reddish color and he is quite a dog. Shy, at first, and now welcomes us when we come in the house. I enjoy them both. We had a blond cocker growing up and I miss having a cocker. No, I do not want one. I still miss our cat, Taylor. As long as we travel so much we will do without any pet.

It rained today and is in the low 50's. Cool.

have a good day;.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thurs. 1/08/09 Orange Park, FL

A different sort of day. Went back to the antique shop and could not find the other Walt Disney spoon. So I just have a Mary Poppins spoon. Came back to park and talked with our new friends some more and then took off. About a 60 mile drive.
It is good to see my sister-in-law again. And Josie and Sir William. a cocker spaniel and an English spaniel. The one dog is very timid and takes a while to make up to you. He was starting to look at me more before the day was over. And actually let me touch him.
Tomorrow--we shall see what we do. and I may not write. take care jkc

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Lake City, Florida 1/7/09 Wednesday

Hey! We are in Florida! some rain this am, but more wind. We are staying at Oaks /N Pines RV Resort. Just off I 10 onto 441. Nice park. Rates have gone up since two years ago, but still under $20.00. Barely!

and who should pull in and park in front of us, but the couple we talked with last night.
We talked with them again and then took off for the antique shops we visited two years ago.
some had closed, the smaller shops told us they did not carry silver plate because of robberies.
We did find a few small teaspoons and one berry spoon.

Not much going on, but wind. Tomorrow we go to Orange Park, Fl. We will be there maybe a week. My sister-in-law lives there and we will visit with her. so I may miss a few days.
Have a good week end. Jane

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2/6/09 later yet

change of plans. Only going as far as Lakeland, Fl.

1-6-09 more

Well, I saved my draft and moved the cursor to get Monday's blog. when I went back to today's draft the computer would not let me add to it. so I sent it and now here is the rest of the story. Which isn't much. What was I going to write?

Say, Hello, to our breakfast friends on Wednesday.

we might make Florida tomorrow. Only 191 miles to go----to Orange Park, FL.

see you

Ashburn, GA., Tuesday, 1-6-2009

It rained last night----all night. It finally quit about 8 am. We got the water tank filled and things but away in the bins. Nice hot showers and finally left the campgound around 10. We have a tight schedule. Our new friends left at 8.

We took the by-pass around Atlanta, not too bad. just a lot of trucks on the road all day. Made a Wally World stop for some groceries, somewhere. After Macon, I was asked if I would drive for a while. OK. Ten miles down the road----CONSTRUCTION ON THE ROAD. It never fails, when I take the driving there is bound to be construction.

OH--- corp parks. Are parks the Corp of Army Engineers have developed around lakes or rivers that they have had a part in creating or putting a dam in, etc. They are usually quite nice and if you have your Golden Age Pass they are half price.

We stopped in Ashburn, for the night. Ashburn Inn and RV park. I pulled in and stopped. My man went out to hook up the electric and wouldn't you know he started talking to the man next door. Jim and Pat are from Piqua, Ohio. Some of you know that name (Piqua) quite well. We have been there and back a few times. An hour later, we came in to fix supper, etc.

Monday, January 5, 2009

more rain Mon. Jan. 5, 2009

9 pm, raining and 60 degrees outside. We are at a corp park. Allatoona Lake, McKinney Campground. We had stopped at the welcome center just inside the Georgia border. We ask the lady in the center about going thru Atlanta. Wait 2 hours and then go on thru. OOPs 6 wheels and you could get a $500 fine if you go straight thru Atlanta. Hmmmm we have done so several times and not gotten caught. E. started talking to a trucker and he said he just got out a tupperware bowl, put his brain in it and drove right on thru, by-pass usually, once in a while right thur the city. Then he spotted an RV couple and ask them if they were going thru
Atlanta. Yes, but not tonight. We have a favorite place to stay. Soooooo
We are at their favorite spot also. Would love to have this same spot in the spriing or early fall. We have a view of the lake, thru the trees. Seems like a neat campground.
After supper we went over to visit a few minutes. 1 and 1/2 hours later we came home. Great couple, they do church work camping.

Back to last night. The trucks come into Freightliner Oasis/Dealer/repair shops almost as much as they do at a Flying J. Except last night one parked right next to the bedroom for about 45 minutes, motor running. 3 am.

We were in line by 7, after hunting all over the front underside of the coach our freindly
service man found the leak in our air pressure system. A cracked 1/2 inch brass tee. put on a new one
and we were on our way. late. This Freightliner service center was a great facility. Friendly,
the bays were extra clean, and Jerry's tool box was in ship shape. Pictures of his grand kids and
of his "racing lawn mowers" Decided he was a.o.k. He explained all to us and we recommend
this center if you ever have trouble in the Knoxville, TN., area.

The Atlanta TV station was saying, 'Yes, it is a lot of rain, but our lakes are down and these rains should help us out. Especially after the dry seasons we have had recently."

Talk to you later.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Knoxville, TN 1/4/09

A lazy day. Finally left Berea, KY. It had rained hard off and on all night. We got the car hooked up between rains. It stopped raining about the Ky/Tn border. I had gotten my knitting out since I couldn't see any animals. They were all hiding in dry spots.

My needle work consists of knitting dish cloths, hot pads, and crocheting scrubbies. Have to keep the family supplied. Except our son and grandson informed me the dish cloths make great doilies ?or pads for hot dishes. Oh, well,, if they are used, who cares?

We stopped in Knoxville, TN to see the Freightliner shop,. Seems as tho our air pressure is not
staying where it should be. So thought we should check it out. The lady was very nice and was concerned about our time. She was told that we do not know where we are going, when we get there, and we do not really care. What? Well, that is our motto most of the time. Just so we have our own RV bed to sleep in at night. So, 7 am we will be in line to have the air pressure problem checked out. She will see that we get in right away.

The temp was in the 60's today. We stopped at flying J for fuel and some water. Yah, about the water!!! Diesel was $2.10 a gal. Whoopee!!!! Then on to look for a place to eat. Just happened to spot an antique shop and so we had to check that out. Asked about a place to eat, not the usual chain places. We ate at
Aubry's in Farragut, TN.. Delicious. rack of ribs, baked potato and a fresh salad. we split one
meal. No, I do not cook the first few days out. No water and usually no electric. We do have
coffee in the am. cereal too, and I made ham salad before we left. (with ham, like Mother made). Enough for today. The deck of cards are out, time for a game or two someone taught us when we were in Alabama two years ago. See you

Saturday, January 3, 2009

January 3, 2009

2009!! And we finally are on our way. South---Florida here we come!
Tonight we are at the Walnut Meadow RV Park, Berea, KY. We have stopped here before
and it is off the interstate, quiet and PassPort. Which means 1/2 price. Yeah!
Ate supper at the Dinner Bell Restaurant. Good, home cooking. Real turkey with the
turkey dinner special. Made the usual Wally World stop and bought a new smoke and fire
alarm. The one we had, only about a year or so old, would not stop bleeping! Even with
trying several new batteries. Any one had that problem?
Will write more tomorrow.