Sunday, February 19, 2012

Saturday, a free day.

Ernie is doing just fine.  Friday we went to Busch Gardens.  Went early to go to the "special showing for Passport members" of the Iceploration show.  We had seen it last week.  But thought we would see  what the special deal was.   We got a new popcorn bucket with a ticket for a  free fill up of popcorn. (smaller than the one we have) the show was the same as we had seen the previous week at a regular show time.  But it is a pretty show and the skaters do a good job.  the costumes are really neat.  Many were fluorescent.  and then we hurried over to the Osmond Brothers show.  It is good, but the music is so loud and their mikes were on full power that at times you could not understand what they were singing.  The best part of the trip to Busch was that when we walked into the ice show this person said "HI, Ernie"  Joe and Rachel from Muncie and our RV Club.  They did not drive their RV down this year, but drove the car and are staying with Joe's sister.  Good to see them.  and then sat in front of them at the Osmond show.

It had been trying to rain all morning.  We went to TGFridays for their endless soup and salad lunch and when we came out it was raining.  a stop for groceries and we were home.,

Then 6 of us headed for Sweet Tomatoes for supper at 6 pm.  Met two more Hoosier Cruisers that had originally planned to  be with us, but had unexpected visitors.  So we were seated near that group.  A good time.

Today we just relaxed.  It was foggy this am and humid this pm.  Did get my sheets dry on the line, put the rest in the dryer.  Made a quick trip to the Bit Top Flea Market, Ernie found a tool he could use and a fork.  I did not buy anything this trip.

Home and Ernie played delete time on the computer.  We have had various problems lately and decided to delete stuff.  I deleted some also.  Did you just see the crash with Jeff Gordon's car sliding on the side and roof of the car, down the track?  amazing and he walked away, once they got him out.

time to do some more work putting my silver patterns on the computer. 
sleep well,   jkc

Friday, February 17, 2012


today is 5 days post op for Ernie.  Well, not surgery in the sense that he was in the hospital, but he did have a procedure done on the varicose veins in his right leg.
We found a clinic here, liked what we saw and heard, they did a doplar on both legs and then we went in to hear the results.  so on the 10th we were back to the clinic, he sat in a reclining chair, like a dentist chair, they gave him a valium and a demoral and started working on his leg.  He had taken one antibiotic before the surgery. 
Sent him home with the leg all wrapped up with ace bandage and then a second green ace bandage.  Keep  the leg up for 24 hours, except hourly walk for a few minutes.  Keep moving your  foot, to keep the blood moving.  He made it almost 24 hours. 
Beth & Bruce, Greg & Betty, stopped by and we all went to get strawberry sundaes.
Sunday the green wrap came off and it was a quiet day.  Monday, back to the clinic for another doplar on the right leg. To check for blood clotting. Off came the ace bandage, doplar done, hose put on right leg and we were on our way home.  Via Wall Mart and Steak and Shake.
He may walk as much as he likes, no jumping, running or skipping.  Just walk.
Tues. we went over info for taxes and Wed. we went to  the flea market and then for strawberry milkshakes.  first time we have had those and they are good.  Altho the berries were still frozen in the bottom.  But it was definitely a strawberry milk shake.

I found a JJ pin and then another vender that had a lot of stick pins.  small.  I picked out 7 JJ pins and ask how  much.  50 cents each.  So  I looked and got 8.
3 little chairs, an angel, and 4 lighthouse pins.  cute.  The bigger pin is a cat pin and not only had the JJ logo but 1988 on the back.    also found a sugar shell spoon.  Pretty with a design in the bowl of  the spoon.  It looked terrible, but for $1, I bought it.
I was right, it is called Floral, which is a pattern name for several floral patterns and is quite collectable.  And The excellent polish person in this coach had it gleaming in no time.  Ernie does a great job of polishing while I catalog what we buy.  And that is something I must do.  I have 7 small note books full and also have the pieces listed on a computer program.  In the note books I list the pattern name and manufacture of  the silver plate, how much it cost, where I bought it, page number from our info book and also a catalog number.  Most of that info is put on a tag and the tag is tied on the piece of silver.  The computer has the same info, except I  do not put in  where we bought or found the piece.  The catalog number help us to locate certain pieces.  On the computer the pieces are put in in alphabet order as  to the name of the pattern.  Makes a cross index of sorts.   Interesting to look and see when we find a piece we want how many more of that pattern we have stored.  Don't ask how many pieces or silver boxes we have,  I am not sure either, but we have fun and enjoy the search for certain patterns.  The same with the JJ Jonette jewelry.

Today we went with Bruce and Beth to Sarasota to the Sun and Fun RV park for a Hoosier Cruiser Dinner.  12 couples made it.  Rick gets the parks private room and we have a small buffet and use of the room from 11 to 3.  An enjoyable day to see our Indiana friends during the winter months.

Good times, Good health, good friends.  We are blessed. 

Have a good day.  jkc

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I put in the wrong city.  Our yacht took us to see the St. Petersburg skyline.  Not Sarasota.  Original post had Sarasota.  jkc

Weather and days gone by

What a beautiful week we had last week.
We left Charlie's Park Sunday the 29th of Jan. to go to Brooksville, Fl., for a SEA rally.   South Eastern Area rally, a part of FMCA.  there were 1000 motor homes there.
Sunday was arrival time, checking to see who had arrived and enjoying the move.  We met up with Jerry and Carol, Bruce and Beth.  Went to Texas Roadhouse with Jerry and Carol for supper.  Monday, the 30th we headed for Webster, Florida.  the big outdoor flea market.  Met our  friends from Alabama.  Merrill & Martha, Cubby and Anita.  _
We found some good silver plate buys, plus 3 silver chests.  I found a pin and Ernie got a few small things.  Had lunch at the Speckled Bean, a buffet.  Good food, although the wait time is about one half hour.  (tonight, Beth said they found a place just past the flea Market with good food and no wait time.  Will have  to check that out if we go again._ Back to the rally------  The entertainment was good, sort of.  The sound system was lousy and so made the experience not so good. Thursday night we went to  the Harmony House for supper with Merrill and Martha.  Good small town diner.  Ernie had liver and onions and I had shrimp.  Just a light batter on the shrimp.  good.   Friday night the entertainment was the  the CIGAR CITY BAND.   They worked on the sound system and the band was great.  all the old tunes we motorhome people like.  You know, the oldies but good ones.  The band caught on that we were enjoying it and they decided to enjoy themselves also.  They took a 15 minute break and played for another 50 minutes.  Everyone wants them to come back next year.  Did not seem to be as many vendors this year.  We did renew our Pass Port Membership for 3 years.  This is an organization for campgrounds to give you one half price per night.  A $30 a night campground will only charge $15. if you are a PassPort member.  They can fill their park and we get the benefit.  some will state during heavy tourist seasons the it is available only if there are openings.  Some parks are full during the  winter in Florida.
At full price.  We also bought 2 led lights for the RV.  Two above the table, to replace 4 bulbs and one for our bullet reading lights.  It is bright and better than the old bullet lights.   Expensive light bulbs, but supposed to  last and last.   Longer than what we will own this RV??????    Melanie and Ross, if you are reading this, Sharon and Don Eversman were at the rally.  We talked with them Friday and introduced them to Beth.
Then Don and I talked while Beth and Sharon discussed quilting.

Came home to Charlies on Saturday.  that after noon we headed down to the Tampa Bay Marriot----walked through the lobby to the marina.  Where the yachts park along the bay.  Our friends, Austin and Linda, ( we met in Florida, they have a home in Muncie)  were having a 50 year anniversary party.  Their son is a Captain, of the Knot Again Yacht.  King Marine of Tampa Bay.  Luxury Yacht Charters.  We had a bay side buffet and then Mikel took us on a cruise around the Tampa Bay and out further to view the St. Petersburg sky line.  Loved it. Knot Again is a 50 foot luxury yacht featuring a gracious salon, full kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 2 full baths, extended aft deck with dinette which converts to a sun-bed and an extensive bow area.  Coast Guard inspected etc.
We ask Linda how she liked her party.  Well, I had said I wanted to go on a cruise for my 50 wedding anniversary.  This will do, have my family and Friends also.

Sunday was a lazy and busy day.  Catching up on things that needed to be done, a trip to Wall Mart and Winn-Dixie.  Winn-Dixie had a special on crab legs and we got some for supper.  We enjoy getting them when they are on sale.  Also got some shrimp.

Today, Monday, it was make telephone calls to find out where a package was, check with Medco about not sending automatic mailings, and 2 more calls.  Did three loads of was.  One in the dryer and the rest out on the clothes line.  Dried quickly, even with the humidity.  There were black clouds to the North, but we did not get any rain.  the weather man said you could drive and be almost flooded out and the next mile there was no rain. 

Our park has been busy.  A trailer sold and another bought,  new people up  the block, here in the park.  And an older lady had a stroke last week.  UPS left us a note, had we moved? and where were we?   Called them and they will deliver Tuesday.   And I picked the first tomato off of my plant.   A small one, but it was red, ripe and ready to eat.  One more is ready, and then it will be awhile before the others are ripe.  They  are small tomatoes.  Not cherry, just small.  the onions are doing well, small but tasty.
Beth said her lettuce was just right for cutting and they had some for supper.  I almost snitched some Saturday, it look so  fresh and pretty.  
The weather had been warm the last few weeks.  The weather man said tonight that a cold front was coming this week end or the first of next week.  Be down in the 60's.
yep, that is cold, down here.  Might have to get out a sweat shirt for a day or so.

Better stop for  now, that is the latest with us.  How are all of you doing.
sleep well,   jkc

Tues. afternoon.  another motor home moved in and Charlie brought a small trailer from Zepherhills for someone.  Park is full, but for one spot.  And a couple empty trailers.   enough   jkc

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Brookville, on Wednesday

just a brief note.  We are dry camping at the SEA (South Eastern Area) rally of FMCA.
Sunny and nice.  Doors and windows open with 1000 motor homes.

Two Indiana RV's in front of us.  They mostly use there RV's when they go to old car meetings.  Only two other couples from Indiana are here.  OOPS, time to fix lunch.
write later.  jkc

P.S. from the Seasame Street blog

At the flea market
A good day.  I bought some peppers and strawberries.  Ernie bought a socket and an angel pin for me.  A JJ pin.  pretty. 

Beth came down with some sweet corn for us, so I said stay for supper.  We had sausage with peppers, onions and tomatoes.  I usually use Ro - Tel tomatoes, but I am out, so I used some taco sauce, V-8 juice and diced tomatoes. Beth walked back home and came back with a delicious salad and strawberries.  Good food and good friends.  When Bruce left for choir practice Beth taught us a card game.  a type of rummy.  fun.
Its 11 pm, time for bed.  Good night all.   jkc

that was written last week.   Today we did not make it to the flea market.  But did get to Parksdale for strawberry sundaes.  And the National Great Laker Club had a gathering at Parksdale and then on to a local park for some time with everyone.

Yesterday, Jan. 24, we celebrated 53 years of marriage. Went out for supper in Plant City.
Johnson Barbeque   smokin' since 1954.  the sign outside also says Fred's. 
Which ever, it was good.  The dinner was 4 ribs with 2 sides.  But if you ordered 2 sides you could get 6 ribs.  So we got the 6 and took 6 home.  large ribs, good meal.  I had a sweet potato casserole and it was delicious.  The manager said some people top it with a scoop of ice cream.  I passed on that idea.  We had left overs tonight.

Will try to write more often.  Have a good day tomorrow.   jkc