Friday, December 20, 2013

9 days until Christmas

Hi!   Winter wonder land in the North.  51 degrees where we are.  To be in the low 40's tonight.  We are glad we are South.

I want to go out at night soon to see Christmas decorations.  Usually find some pretty ones.  One home that has always had too much in their yard does not have anything this year.  So what happened?  did they move? an illness ?????  when you see things each year you miss it when it is gone.
I relate this also to driving any one place several times during the year.  Usually Ernie is driving so I notice the scenery.  This farm needs sprucing around the home, have the crops been planted, are they growing, and then harvested.  What has happened in the towns and cities that we pass through.
Always looking for changes and/or what stays the same.  Kinda like visiting your siblings and other relatives.  What have they been up to or how are they feeling these days. 

We have been blessed with 80 degree weather the past few weeks.  Hard to get in the spirit of getting my Christmas cards done.  I did send a few e-cards, and then did finish over the week end.  The little Methodist Church I attend here in Thonotosassa had their Christmas cantata last week.  Enjoyed by all.  The director/pianist wasn't sure what to arrange.  She had one member with a good speaking voice give a history of favorite carols.  Then the congregation was invited to sing along with the choir as they sang these carols.  There were only 10 in the choir and half of them are snow birds.
After Christmas there will be closer to 20.  If Easter is not too late, they have a good choir for that cantata.

more later.

8 days and counting.    About 3 am this morning I heard a bump, clunk and bump.   Thought, what was Ernie doing out in the living room.  Nope, it was not him, he was in bed with me.   So I got up, could not see a problem and then I heard the heavy patter of feet on top of the RV.   I think it was only one raccoon.  After going to the front of the RV he ran to the back and bump, clunk and bump went down the ladder.  His dirty paw prints were on the ladder.  We are across from the area of the dumpster.  The coons climb the shrubbery and get into the dumpster.  When they get in when it is empty they cannot get back out until the trash builds up again.  We had not seen them for the last week or so and were hoping that they were gone.  HA!
On our RV  that is where one was last night.

One of our first trips to Florida we were at Myakka State Park.  We were warned not to leave any food out, even in coolers as the coons knew how to get into them.  Around 2 am I awoke and saw a coon looking at me thru the roof vent.  He left in a hurry, along with a friend or two, off the back of the old Georgie Boy. RV.   Not my favorite animal.

It was cool last night.  Actually wore my jeans all day.  To be warmer  this week end and then cool off  for Christmas.  We shall  see.
Not much else going on.  To Plant City Wednesday for the flea market and a stop at Parksdale for strawberries.

Friday Dec 20
It was 86 today.  Just not right.  I am not complaining, but I do like cooler weather for Christmas. 
Have my Christmas cards done and 5 boxes of sweets sent to Indiana and Illinois.  If I eat any more chocolate I may start breaking out in zits like a teen ager.  Oh well, it tastes good.

Have a Merry Christmas,


Sunday, December 1, 2013

17 days

Only 17days that we have been in Florida.  Linda called today to ask how long we had been here.  We left early, to get away from the "things" that have to be done at home.  Lawn, etc. 
So did we get away from it all?  Of course not.  There are always things to be done.  Got the bugs cleaned off the windshield and then when the sun shone thru it was quite streaked.  So today, I cleaned the inside and it looks better.  No, there were not bug marks inside.  Just did a sloppy job cleaning the inside the first time.

Then today as we were sitting down resting, from walking home from the Church yard sale.  Austin came over,  "Want to pressure wash your patio?
I will bring down my pressure machine.  So we did and then had to take showers.  When the dirt between stones gets hit with pressured water, it spays all over.   Spotted like a dog. 

But the patio looks great.  No more black mold, dirt or what ever on the cement.  Also did the slab where someone had a shed or covered patio.
Near supper time we put more dirt in my two big round planters and planted
lettuce and radishes.  Also some marigolds.  Ernie said they were not a vegetable.

We have been over to Busch Gardens.  Changes have been made in different areas.  The Stanley Ville Theatre is now enclosed.  Not sure whether we like that or not.  The way they have the sound so loud, the acoustics are not good.  Hurts your ears.  The gardens are so pretty,  Lots of topiary
Christmas decorations. A pretty angel and just round balls of greenery lighted.  And so many poinsettias.   all colors, white, red, red and white, yellow and white. 

We saw three shows.  We like to watch the Castaway critters and see if they have taught the animals any new tricks.  then on to a "Vacation musical" at Stanleyville.  We stopped last at the ice show.  different this year, there were
6 children as part of the show.  All good skating, pretty costumes. and music.   

We are also walking.  Checked the mileage with the car.  After several trips around the park, we averaged .6 of a mile for one trip.  so we have been walking 1.2 miles each day.  a few times 1.8,  slow, but we are walking.

Will add more later, getting sleepy.   jkc

Wed. the 27th.   Day before Thanksgiving.   Bob and Judy stopped by.
Want to come to a Thanksgiving dinner?   Southern Aire is having a turkey
dinner at 4  There are two open spots.  so, yes, we will go and I will take some  apple salad.  So tonight we had turkey for supper.   I had bought turkey thighs for us.  Had some dressing, green beans and cranberries with cottage cheese.  We bought a sweet potato pie Tues. and had another piece of that after supper.  I only roasted one of the thighs, put the other in the freezer.  Will eat it some other day.  Have a Cornish hen in the freezer for possibly Christmas.  I had the freezer so stuffed when we first got here,  and so the ice cream bars were on the soft side.  It is a little empty now, at least the packages are not crammed and wedged in as it was when we left home.

We stopped at TG Fridays last week.  thinking we would get our special of endless soup and salad, with bread sticks and a drink.  Sometimes we even got cheese and nachos.  Prices have gone up.  Now it is just endless soup and salad.  No bread sticks, drink or nachos, unless you buy them.  Shucks.
Ernie has liked their clam chowder, it just wasn't as good as last year.
Thought we might try and different Fridays and see how their soup tastes.

this week end will be the time to get out our few Christmas decorations and
check out the card list.  Haven't decided if I will write a letter or just send cards.  Need to get more cards if I do just cards.

Not much else for now.   We hear and see on TV that Indiana is COLD.
It is supposed to get cold here tonight also.  Down in the 30's.  But warms
up on Friday, back to the lo 70's.   But we have the little heater out just in case we want it.  And the electric blanket is hooked up and ready to turn on.

Have a good night.  Sleep tight!


and later still.  Sat. Nov. 30  it did get cold and we had the heater on in the bedroom and the electric blanket.  The front of the coach was cold when we got up.  Today it is 75 with a cool breeze.  Got out the tote with the Christmas decorations to be put up this week end.  Depends on my mood whether I get everything out or just some of them.  The only free space I might use (on my credenza, the top of some cupboards, is full of tomatoes and fruit.  Will have to use the front dash for more than the little tree. 
The Big Top flea market has lots of Christmas decorations.  Did buy a little
castle JJ pin.  that's is 4 pins, so far this year.
We also got new I phones this week.  So our phones are now are hot spot for the computer and we save money by not having the little hot spot box.
Have to get used to using the phone to get on line.
We have sprouted radish and lettuce seeds.  Marigolds  no.

the water is hot so time to do some dishes.   Have a good day.   jkc

We have had rain.  Almost 6 tenths in the rain gauge.  That is a good rain for this part of Florida.