Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy 4th of July!!!!

Time to celebrate!!  4th of July in good ole USA!!

The Kitchen is DONE---except for moving all that,  no, most of that stuff back.
Well, I have a lot back, just odds and ends of where does this stuff go.       
            Ernie is thru his surgeires!  We hope.   The knee healed well and the rehab people thought he was 4 to 6 weeks ahead of most people.  The problem was his varicose veins in that right leg.  They were bruised during the surgery.  Someone or something held tight on that right leg and oh, were the veins painful.  He said yesterday that they were better, but still need to be taken care of soon.

He has had two skin cancers removed.  One on his right temple and the other near the left collar bone.  so we have seen one doctor or another each week since we have gotten home from Florida.  Isn't getting older   ?

The kitchen looks super.  At least to me and Ernie has said so too.  Haven't really cooked anything in the micro-wave-convection oven, but tea and reheat something.
Have to do some reading on how to work the micro wave.   Have the wall oven about figured out and the dishwasher works fine. And a quiet garbage disposal. Everything so nice and new and clean.
I could go on and on how much I like all the work that has been done.  Ernie has been
tweaking a few things here and there.  Making things better for me. 
We have missed going out in the RV.  We have not touched it in since getting home.  Between the remodel and going to the Dr. the poor RV has been neglected.  Not sure when we will get the RV in a go mode.  It was great to have it parked at home during the mess in the kitchen. 
A few flowers blooming, tomatoes on the two plants.  Small, but they are there and the plants are growing BIG.  I planted some grapefruit seeds this spring.  Two came up and one is really thriving in my back plot.  Will dig it up this fall.  I had a citrus tree that was about 4 feet tall at one time.  No one could remember what type of citrus.  We planted it when Nancy and Alan were young.

we are Cat sitting.  Our son and family had lightening hit their light pole and do some electrical damage.  Nothing harmed inside the home.  But  they had to stay in a motel for 6 nights.  So we got TACO the CAT.  And then they got a chance for an all expense paid trip to Virginia Beach and we get to keep the cat until they get home.  Monday or Tuesday.  Taco hides in our closet most of the time and comes out of an evening.  And about 2:30 or 3 am he meows.  That is the time Alan usually gets home from work.  We have enjoyed having him, but glad we do not have to take a pet when we travel.  We used to have two cats that traveled with us, but not now, at least for the time being.

I am doing fine.  Just be glad when all is put back where it belongs and we get the house cleaned again.  I did make a fast trip to Syracuse for my High School Alumni Banquet.  one other person from my class there, but being a small school I knew many of those that were there.  A good time visiting with my two sisters also.

Hope all of you are doing ok.  Will try to write again this month.  jkc