Friday, November 25, 2011


to continue from the last blog. Fred's Buffet was a good meal. And enjoyed catching up with our neighbors. the week has gone by. Interesting to have more of the people in the park to speak to us and say "glad to see you back" or When did you get here? It has been a busy week. and it is only Thursday. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!
We have much to be Thankful for. At the moment our health is good, we are walking some each day. Hope to increase the amount of walking. And thankful that we can come South to avoid the cold and have friends here we were excited to see again.

The RV is mostly settled. I need to wash the windows and get the bugs off also. We, mostly Ernie, used Austin's power washer and cleansed the cement patio. It gets black from mildew and just plain dirt. Looks so much better. Sunday we went to the Big Top flea market. I found another cat pin. With JJ initial on the back. The JJ is the brand name of some whimsical jewelry made some years ago. I will be looking for more of this JJ jewelry. Tuesday we washed the car and part of the RV. OK, the lower part that was painted a few years ago can be washed and rinsed and it then looks great. I got the dirt off from our trip down and also the diesal fuel off from the area where you put it in. Not much diesel, but it looks uhky
Also went to the AT&T store to look at new phones. No we have not bought one. Just looking.
found out that teachers and college students can get a discount on their bill. so called our daughter to have her check that out. Maybe save a few cents.

Wednesday, we got up early and headed out to the Plant City Flea Market. CHANGES have been made, parking can be a problem, altho we were early enough Parking wasn't a problem. Ernie did find 6 small pieces of silver. I bought some carrots, green peppers and a head of lettuce. From the Mexican family that we remember from last year. The little girl is now 18 months and still a little butter ball of a girl. Big brother and sister were there also, since school was out for the holiday. And then it was on to Parksdale and a strawberry parfait!!. Soooo good. And Parksdale has blacktopped their parking lot and shored up the beams on the inside. You just have to see this place to believe it. Hardly anyone there when we were there, it was barely 10 am. But I did get some more vegetables and some tangerines.
Nice size and sweet.

today is turkey day. after getting the patio cleaned this am we took it easy until time to go to Mimi's Cafe, in Brandon, Fla. Not too far from here. Turkey, mashed sweet and white potatoes, dressing and mixed vegetables. I had French onion soup (a cup) and the rest had salads. Had a lot of onions in it! Bread pudding and pumpkin pie were the choices for dessert. I brought some of my meal home and the pie. Good food.

Called some friends and family today also. All is well, hope all of you have much to be thankful to also. jkc

Thursday, November 24, 2011


We mde it throught Atlanta, well, Ernie drove and we did take the by-pass. All went well and we survived the route no one likes to take. We have two or three places in Georgia that we like to stop to shop or stay for the night. we kept on driving and found a new (to us) Pass Port Park, Lee's Country Campground, White Springs, Fl. Just across the border from Georgia, 30 miles or so. .8 of a mile off I-75. Nice, clean campground with pull thru's for overnight travelers. 50 amp electric. We will remember this campground. Up early Sat. and we were on the road by 8;15. Arrived at Charlie's at 11 am.
Good drive, we both drove, and made good time.

We have the water, electric and sewer all connected and the slide will come out tomorrow. Neighbors ask us to go to Fred's Buffet in Plant City for supper. Of course! I guess we should decide to do as they say they are going to do. Only one buffet a month. We eat too much at buffets.

Good to have arrived, Charlie stopped by, all is well. and the temp is in the 80's. So off came the jeans and sweatshirt and on came the shorts and t-shirts.
Talk to you all later. jkc

ps pass port campgrounds charge half price to pass port members. You pay your year fee easily by staying at these campgrounds and they have a fuller campground.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

On The Road Again

It is November 17th, someone special has a 75th birthday today. And we are on the way to Florida
Left Wednesday, the 16th, amid the most awful noise in the RV. Bad exhast pipe or muffler, but it bugged us all the way to Berea, KY. We did not leave home until a little after 2 pm. We were late in getting to Berea, our usual first stop when we travel I-75. A little windy, but once we turned south it was better. Sun shine all the way, almost.
We called Walnut Grove Campground as we were passing Lexington. and in another 15 min. it started to sprinkle. And then rain. When we were parked at the campground, the man told us it had really rained hard there in the am. Then we heard that KY. had a bad storm. We missed it all, thank goodness. Today, after we got started it was my turn to drive thru the mountains of Ky and Tenn.
Still had that awful noise, until Ernie got up trying to listen for a wind noise from the windows.
And then he looked at the rear view camera box and turned off the intercom on it. Ahhhh peace and quiet. The camera box has a voice monitor on it so a person helping to park can talk to the driver. It had been turned on sometime and never turned off. Like a new RV inside, no noise. I drove to the south side of Knoxville and then Ernie drove on to Altoona Lakes McKenny campground.

You know, that you should ask the locals or in this case the campground host,where is a good place to eat.
Bingo!!!!! Merietta Fish Market. We got the Sr. meal. Combo. I had large shrimp and scollops, grilled and Ernie had large shrimp and clam strips. He had a cup of clam chowder and I had a seafood bisque. Both delicious and full of clams/and seafood.
Reasonable price, good food, fast service. Great ending to a good day.

It is November, and I just cleaned out my two tomato vines 2 weeks ago. And still have tomatoes in the window. My small rose bush did get mulched properly, the larger spread of minature roses just have leaves for mulch. I know that is a no no. so hope the bugs or what ever do not do them in.

Ernie has gotten all of his Dr. appts. done with,
you are older and you need to get out and exercise. Lose some weight and you will feel better.
I have mine done also. Cholesterol was better. My arm is also better. The therapist told Ernie I am doing fantastic and the Dr. said I am doing more than most at 12 weeks. If I can scratch my right shoulder blade with my left hand when I see him next August, he will make me a poster person. ha ha.
It does bother me at times, if I lie on that side, or lift something heavy. Or just ache at times, but they keep telling me that will go away. it takes 6 months to a year. Ho Hum. But I am glad it is done and it is now much better than it was before surgery. And today I realized, I need to keep up the exercises, or it will stiffen. ouch.
Got to do those exercises.

Our friends at Charlies RV Park, where we winter, have made reservations at Mimi's for Thanksgiving. A turkey buffet. Oh my, watch the pounds come on. And our goal is to exercise and lose weight this winter.

We were in Syracuse, IN. last week end. a visit with my family. Ernie figured the median age of those at the Essen House, 7 of us, was 80 years of age. And we are all in good health. yeah!

All is well at home, I will miss out on a few things and not see my own family at Holiday time, but we were both ready to be gone and away. Sorry about that, you loved ones.

diesel fuel at New Castle was $4.31; at Resaca, Georgia it was only $3.85 and we put in 54.027 gallons. We will fill up again before we get to Charlies. But then, for 3 months or more we won't move. so the cost averages out not so awful sounding. so I will close while you think about those figures. Have a good day. JKC