Saturday, November 21, 2009


Hi! It is November 20th. I just today put the peat mulch around my miniature roses. I wait as long as I can, until just before freezing temperatures. All day cold. It has been so pretty the last two days. I have washed sheets and bed spread and hung them outside. They are cold when I bring them in, but are dry when they warm up to house temp. I do miss my out door dryer when we travel. But now all the outside work is done. My roses are the last items to be taken care of. My Aunt gave me a small miniature rose bush several years ago. And then when we dug up the old oil barrel I divided the bush, hoping at least one would live. They all lived and now I have a row of roses. Pretty as they bloom all summer.

Hopefully we will take off in about 2 weeks. or less. Will go to Florida again, maybe go West this summer. Talk to you later. jkc