Sunday, December 30, 2012


Tony and Jill, Jane, Karen and Alan, Beth and daughter, Brenda, and            Ernie, out on the town, at Sweet Tomatoes Restaurant, in Brandon, Fl.
That many Hoosier Cruisers in one spot and we had to do what we do best.  Go out to eat and enjoy the company.  A good time had by all.
December 30, 2012.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday, Dec. 10. 2012

It is raining!!!  and 9 pm       The rain will make my lettuce and onions that I  planted in the big pot, grow.  The lettuce has come up and the onion sets are starting to show green tops.       We shall see how my garden grows.
Met some Hoosier Cruisers at Lazy Days Sunday.  Went to Sweet Tomatoes for our evening meal.  They had Turkey dressing and some creamy turkey soup to go on top.  I just got the soup but Tony put the soup on the dressing and said it was very good.  Ernie and I held the line on getting all the desserts we have gotten before.  so good and do not help keep off weight lost.

Ernie is doing better, I think.  He does not feel that way.  He still coughs a lot and that makes his side hurt and then he doesn't feel good.  And if he talks to much, that will make him cough, and that is not good for Ernie.  but he did talk to his brother the other night for some time and did not have a coughing spell.  So he is improving.

I am hanging in there, do have some sinus drainage that is makeing me cough and so I do not feel that peppy either.  This morning Millie and Sharon were walking so I joined them for a half mile trip around the park.
That was good.   Friends can perk you up and help you get started on whatever you need to do.  I did clean off 4 of the 12 stepping stones on our lot.  The grass grows around and over the edges.  It is not grass like at home but has a root that gets thick and hard to pull out.  I bought a butcher knife at the flea market last year and I use that to cut along the edge of the stepping stones to clean away the grass and roots. I have a better tool in Indiana, but you just cannot take everything with you when you go away for the winter. 

Off to Subway with Linda and Austin today.  My card had two points on it.
And then the cashier told me that Subway did away with the point card, Nation wide.  Well, dog gone!  You have until Dec. 31 to redeem any points you may have on the card.  2 points is not enough for even a cookie.  But if you look at the back of your ticket and take their survey you can earn a free cookie.  And Linda had 4 tickets she gave me two, and I had one, so WOW
I can get 3 cookies if I wanted to do that.  Next time we go there.

Doesn't take much to entertain us, does it.

How is every body out there?  and what are you up to.  is our address.

Take care, the rain has stopped,


Friday, December 7, 2012

Pearl Harbor Day, Dec. 7, 2012

The Post Office was open but we did not see the mail lady at our box.  No deliveries today or we just did not get any mail?  It is slow getting our mail changed, but it is nice once it gets started to have our magazines and regular mail sent to Florida.

Busy week relaxing.  We did make it to the Plant City Flea Market.  I think I made the fastest trip ever thru that flea market.  I was going ahead of Ernie, calling him on the cell phone, popcorn friends are on row 3, tool man in East section, Mexican couple with vegetable stand are here.  There little daughter can now help?  About 3 years old now. 
I found a JJ pin and Ernie found two more as we were standing and going thru a pile of "jewels" the vendor had just dumped on her table.  I paid $2 for mine and Ernie paid 50 cents for his two.  But we helped the lady by straightening the mess of  "jewels" and separating them into flags here and stick pin backs there, etc.  We did make a stop at Parksdale for a strawberry parfait.  Only they had pineapple parfaits too, and Ernie got one of those.
Instead of stopping at Micky D's for a 99 cent burger we came on home.  There was one tired Ernie----we had a good time seeing our friends.
The popcorn couple are from Canada.  They have a beautiful red trailer that they have all there equipment in to make and sell their popcorn.  Only they did not bring it this year.  He has a new truck and they put the basics in it and came on down to Florida.  Did not want to take the hassle of the border patrol possible deciding they needed to check out the trailer.  They go to another flea market that is a 3 day market.  and this one one is only one.
The tool man and wife are from Indiana.  They have a park model in a park near us, leave there stuff here and travel in the summer in a class B RV.

Report on Ernie---- he is slowly improving.  And I feel he does not think so at times.  It is discouraging not to feel good for so long a time.  Mainly getting tired easily as at times it is hard to breathe after walking or exercising a little.  And then there is that cough that makes his side hurt, the side where they took out that half lung.  I am glad we are here in Florida and the weather has been warm.  He sits outside and does not have to worry about anything.  Well, almost.  Did we pay that bill?  What is for supper?

While doing the spell check I was thinking that an English teacher would have red pencil marks all over my paper.  Sorry, my grammar and correct speech are not what they used to be long ago.   poor excuse!   And with that it is one more game of spider and to bed.   Good night!    jkc

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hot Water

YES!  We have hot water again.  A new water heater for this old house (coach)
Ernie and Austin spent the better part of the day checking wires, pipes and fittings, but they got er done.  
With a few comments from passer by persons and short time out for lunch.  And I got some onion sets, lettuce and spinach planted in my planter. 
Also put in some daffodil bulbs, see if they come up, will we have a frost or freeze as some bulbs need.  Have to try----  decided not to try the tomato plant this year.
Only a few small tomatoes last year and we can buy Ruskin tomatoes just around the corner at a stand.  Ruskin are the ones to buy in this area.  Almost as good as Indiana tomatoes.
Charlie stopped by to say hello.  He needs a new knee. It makes us hurt to see him get around.  But he will not go to the Doctor. 
I am playing a spider solitaire game that has two decks of cards, different suits.
You can play either color on each other, but if you have a different suit on a line you cannot move the cards, only the bottom cards of the same suit.  I am not doing well
on this game.  but like trying.
So, on to Spider.

Have a good day.

Friday, November 30, 2012

We have arrived

We arrived Wednesday, November 28th, at 2:10 pm, or there about.
Austin came down and guided Ernie right into our spot, perfect the first move back.

Ernie got the water and electric connected and the slide out.   And that was it for the day.   Good hot showers and early bed time.   We did push and kept going, decided once we got there we could rest.   So what is that saying  "no rest for the wicked?"
I do not think we are wicked, but the water heater has sprung a leak.  One wet bin.
So no hot water, a new one on the living room floor, while we get all the parts and ideas put together to install a nice new water heater.   This one has electric, gas and bypass type heating.  Due to some problems we may just get the gas system going and do the electric when we get back to Indiana where all the necessary tools and gadgets are housed. And get Alan to help hook up the bypass system. 

Austin and Linda came down Thursday and we went out to lunch.  She told me the latest about the Plant City Flea Market.  Ready to go next week and stop by Parksdale for some strawberries.

Good to see the regular people here.  Have a couple of new persons.  Jack was here today to clean his rig, hope He and Nikki will be over soon.  It is always pleasant to greet and see friends we have made here in the park.  Will get busy with Christmas cards and decorations next week, after the water heater is in and things are properly put away. 

Tired   Ernie is in bed, won't be long before I am also.  Have a good day.


Dothan, Alabama

Tuesday evening and we are at the Flying J in Dothan. Alabama.   Interesting meals
Last night I ordered a skewer of shrimp over a bed of rice pilaf. I got two skewers of shrimp.   Good deal.  This was in KY.
Tonight I ordered the same thing and Ernie ordered the same also.  We only got one skewer of shrimp.  OK  that is what the menu said.   But we did not get any rice.

Go figure.   It was good and we had a good salad and corn to go with the meal so it was ok.   We did tell the waitress and she was going to tell the cook.   So which one was wrong which night?

A long day today.  Ernie started driving (we got up Indiana time) and we were on the road by 7:30.  that is 6:30 CST which is what we are on now.  Except for our watches.
We were in the beginning of the Nashville rush hour traffic.  While bad, it looked worse coming North when we got thru Nashville.  Then I took over and drove to half way between Birmingham and Montgomery.  Nice, easy driving.  Felt pretty good
Then Ernie took over after lunch and drove to Dothan    mostly in the rain.  He had the not so great driving today.  And was worn out.  Just too long of a day.  for us   and after his surgery. 
Had a 10 minute stop in Troy, Al.  They were working on the stop light.  I thought the man was going to crawl into the yellow caution light.  He opened it up and really stuck his face into it.  Could not get it right and so they made him put down the "cherry picker" and let the long line of cars through.  2/3 miles of backed up traffic. 

Talked with a lady from near Fargo, North Dakota. at a rest stop.   I ask why they did not just go south.  She like flowers, Arizona is too brown and together we said, Texas is windy.
They had a looonng 5th wheel.  We like our motor home.  The people in the rest stop were having lunch.  Smelled of old cabbage.  So I ask what they were eating.  The door was open and the man was sitting there eating.  red beans in ice.  Doesn't that sound good.   No, it did not too me.  The aroma was strong.  Oh, he also had collard greens and carrots.   No thanks.  Friendly.

Tonight in the restaurant there was a gentleman with a shirt on that was more like a short kimono.  Figures on the back may have been Oriental.  And on one sleeve a black cuff with writing,  something and then America.  He sat very proper (not hunched over, etc,) and ate properly.  ok  ok   His manners were very good.  Almost out of place at Denny's.  Although good manners are proper anywhere.

And I am rattling on---- time to stop.   Have a good day.


Heading South

Monday, November 26, 2012

Doctor gave us the ok Nov. 15th.  And when Ernie told him of his "complaints, all 5"
he sad "I expect that and your are where I expected you to be.  The bypass surgery you had 20 years ago was serious, and you were able to bounce back.  Lung surgery is even more serious, YOU ARE 20 YEARS OLDER, so expect a longer recovery period.  Like 6 to 89 months."  Coughing, is better since seeing Dr., but the other 5, like tiredness and no desire to do the things he really wants to do are not there.  It will be a long haul for an active man such as Ernie.  The Dr. said "If Jane helps to drive, by all means head for Florida, relax, enjoy the warm weather, what ever you two do while there."
   So, Today, after feeding the RV some diesel at Meijer, at 8:08 am I started driving and we headed south.   It has been awhile since I have driven this rig, last spring, so I was slow on the go.  And then IND 9 is 55 mph and we took that to Seymour.  And at the rest area just south of Scottsburg, Ernie took over and drove to the rest area site in Munfordville,KY.  And I drove the rest of the way to Franklin, KY, Flying J./ Pilot truck stop.  This time on I 65 and the GPS said I was driving 70,  Just keeping up with all the truckers!  Traffic was not bad.  Not until we got to 65, and then wasn't as bad as other trips.  so Ernie is resting, the store is out of today's newspaper and I have resorted to the computer. 
We fed the RV again.  And it was easier this time, in a way.  We saved 11 cents off the regular RV diesel fuel price, with our Pilot /Flying J/ Good Sam card.  That was great.
Stying here we will not have to unhook the car, which is a plus right now.  Alan came over Sunday, got the air compressor and blew out the water lines in the house, checked the tires on the RV and car.  Then helped get the car hooked up to the RV.  So, all we had to do this am is put last minute things in the RV and take off.  So nice to have Alan help us get ready. 
    The Colts won Sunday.   Good for them.  I watched the last 5 minutes. 
We had an enjoyable Thanksgiving.  Nancy, David, Alan and Danielle were there.  My mashed potatoes just are not done like I used to and the white meat of the turkey was dry.  I enjoyed the dark meat.  A good visit, Alan and David started a line,  now if we had a truck, some hot coffee and sandwiches do you suppose we could make money selling to those people in line on Black Friday.  It kept getting bigger and more elaborate as the day progressed.  Good time.
   We are glad are neighbors are home from the service.  Brian has been stationed in Kansas the last year and gone 4 years.  We have missed them.  And he is happy today, he got a deer, a doe, on Saturday. 
We made a trip to Syracuse for our annual birthday dinner at Essenhouse.  We celebrate 2 birthdays.  My 2 sisters and 2 brothers and spouses  A good time  And that coconut cream pie was delicious.
   Have a good day, time for e to play some spider before Ernie is ready for supper.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

A busy Saturday

Our children were here today.  Alan came early to help his Dad.   We decided to do something we have talked about for several years.  Alan put up "grab" safety bars in the shower and half bath.
something to hold onto getting in and out of the shower. 
After some stew, we went out to drain water out of the RV.  Ernie came too, sat on a lawn chair and supervised.  Next it was to change the cold water filter under the house and then check on how the new TV antennae will be put up and into use.   Danielle came and help too and then Nancy came over and we had a nice visit together. 
Ernie is gaining strength each day, today was a busy day.  Yesterday we made it to Steak and Shake for breakfast.  He received a warm welcome from our two favorite waitresses and cook.  Then on to Wall Mart and Menard's.  He actually rode the scooters at each store.  We shall see what tomorrow brings.  So nice to have our family to help when we need them.  
Hope all of you have family or friends that come to your aid as you need it.
God Bless you All

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ernie is home Wed. 10/10/12

Ernie was moved out of ICU on Mon. the 1st.  Stayed in the hospital until Fri. the 5th.  They had him walking down the hall, OT, RT and PT all were in each day.  His biggest complaint was the fact that they came in about 3:30 to draw blood, take a chest x-ray, do vital signs, and respiratory therapy.
OT (occupational therapy) RT  respiratory and PT Physical Therapy.  Just get to sleep and one of them would come in.  General care was good tho
He is gaining strength slowly.  Pretty weak after 15 days in a hospital bed.  rubbery legs those first two days. 
All of the tests have come back negative for any further cancer in his body.  Thank goodness.
But we will see an oncologist to hear what he has to say about the cancer he did have.  Plus follow ups with family doctor, pulmonary Doc, surgeon and heart doc.  Then there is that dentist appt.
Won't the insurance companies love us.
Thanks for all the cards prayers and concerns you have sent us.  Our children, Nancy and Alan have been a great support.  After the first week end,  they decided that Nancy would take the mornings and Alan the afternoons.  Alan went back to work on the first Wed. but would come after work.  They wanted to see their Dad and make sure Mother ate lunch and supper.  Nancy even stopped at Panera Bread for a roll or bun, brought in a carafe of hot water from home and tea bags, so that we could have a  mid morning snack.  I do miss those good rolls.
so we are recuperating at home, plan on heading south a little later than usual.  Life goes on, the bump in the road turned out to be a big hill, but Ernie survived for another day. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

More on Ernie

Sept. 30   Started to get on blog and it is all new.  A new format the computer says.  Darn, It takes time to figure out what is what.   And my last blog is kinda brief and does not tell the whole story.
So will try to sort it out.

Two years ago a spot was found on Ernies right lung.  All sorts of test, and the biopsy could not be done as the little tumor kept hiding behind a rib, just at the Doctor was ready to go for it.
Long story short, Ernie got a c-scan every 3 months to watch that little buger.
In May this year it had changed, and changed more on the next scan.  So down the throat for a biopsy.  This revealed some cancer cells.  More testing to see if there was cancer anywhere else.
None in body or head.  On Sept. 30 he had half of his right lung removed.  surgery was a success.
Lymph nodes looked clean and good.  (and lab reports showed no cancer cells there either) all
contained in the lung.
Friday was a good day.  Then the spinal wore off and he actually started having some pain.
He was restless and the blood pressure and breathing became erratic.    So a breathing tube was insserted down his throat and he was kept sedated until Tues. am.  slowly woke up and by now
is pretty much back to good ole Ernie.  Should get out of ICU sun. or Mon.  Will write more later.  

Saturday, September 22, 2012


Hi.   Friday night.   Ernie had a restless day on Friday.  getting used to all the tubes, face mask and hospitalization.  Yes, it is still something else after all the many times he has been in the hospital.
Today, Saturday, was a quiet day.   One of the two tubes was removed and the Docs are pleased with his vital signs.  Concerned about lungs and so he gets inhalation therapy to help heal the lungs.
Still in ICU  and not sure when he will get out.  Has to be at least sitting on the side of the bed and he cannot do that yet.  Sunday should be a better day.

Have a good day. Jane.....................................................................................................................................................................

Friday, September 21, 2012

September already!!!!

What happened to August??  A busy month. 
Nancy got the truck and moved her teacher stuff to school.  The building is not quite ready, but they are working on it.  She started with 36 students and no teacher aide.  Now she only has 34.  One boy is physcotic, (spelling) another very a.d.h.d, and throws tantrums.  Yes, in third grade!  she has two white, 2 Hispanic and the rest African American.  Her fellow 3rd grade teacher with 35 students, has the students who have records of  ? well, trouble with the authorities,  and not just school personnel.  And He does not have an aide either.  I think they must console each other.  It is sad, and worse yet they are not getting the help they need.  The Teachers I mean.  Some of the parents do not care. A parent came in last spring and wanted to know why his child would not pass 3rd grade.  Nancy showed him 19 pages of where she had text him thru the year and he had responded positively to the messages.  OOPS  No other comment needed.  almost.  The cell phone has become a valuable tool for teachers.  They can text parents and get an answer sometime during the day.  It can be used also as a discipline tool.  Take a picture of the student being "naughty" and send it to Mother.  They do not want that, most of them anyway.

Alan came one Saturday and helped dear ole Dad work on the RV.  They re-wired the front lights and now we have bright lights at night that do not blink off and on.  Not good when it is raining and dark to have blinking lights.  And a good visit for them.

The 24th we drove the RV 35 miles to the Indianapolis State Fair Grounds, in Indianapolis, IN. for the
FMCA International Convention.  2100 coaches attending.  And this year it was ALL volunteer.  No paid people to set up parking, etc.   There were over 1000 volunteer jobs to be filled and our good chairman had more than that to sign up to volunteer wherever needed.  The "soothsayers" said it could not be done, no one would come, it would fall apart.  A good convention, good time.  I helped hand out the welcome bags on Saturday for 4 hours, and Mon. and Wed. was a seminar volunteer.  We have classes
4 days.  From fixing your Cat engine, genealogy, micro-wave-convection cooking, tire pressure and lots more.  The Hoosier Cruisers had 36 coaches there.  Yeah!  And our club's volunteer chairman had plenty so my actual volunteering was done under the National Great Lakers Club.  Our motor home is a National Brand.  No longer made, but the club still meets and has a good time.
Also checked out new RV's  Pretty,   from $68,900 to $1.3 million,   A Newell coach.  Beautiful coach .  Not my style.  Too much of everything.  We like our Tradewinds,  do not really want a new one,  maybe trade down to a smaller style.  This was our 17 FMCA convention.  We do enjoy them.

And then earlier in the month we made a trip to Syracuse.  Planning on selling the family home in 2013.  Stuff to clean out, books, pictures and then all the other household stuff.  HELP!!!

September brings a rally at Timberline Campground in Chesterfield.  About 10 miles from home.
It sounds like a fun rally.  Will keep you posted.   Have a good day.   jkc

Personal news

Hi Everyone,   It is 6:45 am and I want to get this blog on and be on my way to the hospital.
   Yep, Ernie is spending some time there. 

I will go back two years ago when he had a routine chest x-ray when he was in ER for chest pains.
The chest pains were indigestion.  On the way home the ER Doc called and  and told us to see our family Doc  as there was a spot on his right lung.  Several tests later and an attempted
biopsy they (3 doctors) sent us on to Florida. and get a cat scan while there.  When the biopsy was attempted the spot hid behind a rib.  So for the last two years every 3  months Ernie has gotten a cat scan and it stayed the same.
This spring there was change. A second cat scan 3 month later revealed more change.  A biopsy was done going down the esophagus and it came back that there were cancer cells in the lower lobe of his right lung.   Then came more tests, a Pet scan, and a brain scan  (yeah, we heard plenty of comments, even our children.  Our son Alan said, I knew there were rocks up there and our daughter Nancy asked, Does that mean his brain is empty?)  this after I sent a text that the brain scan was clean.  The heart Doctor had ordered the annual stress test and echo cardiogram and gave the ok for surgery.  

Thursday the 20th, Ernie had the right lower lobe of his lung removed.  The surgeon was pleased?
the  cancer was in place as they had thought from the films and the lymph nodes looked clean and clear.  Biopsy was done on several lymph nodes.  We were told that when these nodes look clean they
usually are. 

Ernie will be in ICU until Saturday, unless he perks up a lot today,  and then be in the hospital until Tues or Wednesday.   We were talking about placing bets as to when he would be moved and when he would come home.  He bounces back so quickly from all the surgeries he has had, so why should this one be any different.  The anesthesiologist stated Ernie kept saying he did not need anything for pain.  But the monitors told him differently and he put on a patch for pain medication.  Plus he may have either oral or IV pain medication.  The procedure was done from the side.  The Doctors nurse told us last week to get some sharks teeth while we were in Florida (I have some old ones) and make a necklace.  Then tell people that he got bit by a shark.  good story.

He is in St. Vincent, St. John's Hospital in Anderson, Indiana.  A local hospital.  All the hospital staff tell us we have the best surgeon, lung specialaist,  and the anesthesiologist we have had before and think he is one of the best also.  So----There we are.It is after 7 and I need to get busy.
Have a good day.  Will write a progress report in the next few days.  Sorry aboaut some spelling.


Monday, July 30, 2012

Back Home

The Circus parade and show were fantastic.  It is just amazing the talent the young people have for circus venues.  they start at age 7 to 21 years.  Scholarships are given each year, not big ones, but every bit helps when you face those college bills. 
We had lunch again at Harvey Hinklemeyer's.  I had a good thick toasted cheese sandwich.  Interesting how many other Hoosier Cruisers were at the same restaurant.  We all know where to find good food.
A quiet evening and Sunday morning devotions were just right. 

Tuesday the 19th, I got my hearing aid.  Tra -la.  And the Tek that goes with it.  Ernie is about upset because I am not responding to the technology of the hearing aid as he did.  And I do not thnk my hearing was as profound as his.  So I think I hear better.   We shall see.  We go again tomorrow to see the specialist and I want to know the difference between our hearing abilities.

We have accomplished a few things for the RV.  One was to put in a new circuit board for the refrigerator. when we took the old one out the back side showed that it had gotten rather hot some time or other.  We also installed a new slim TV.  Looks pretty good.  Now to do the bedroom TV.
Today was change the oil day and do a lube job.   Done,   yeah!
Nancy came over this afternoon to borrow Dad's truck.  She had to move stuff out of her classroom last spring and now needs to move it back to the newly airconditioned old building.  School starts this coming Thursday for her.  Students come in next Monday. 
She helped Dad with the computer and He was showing her the pictures and info he had put on the
Family Tree  She suggested we add some more pictures.  Of family doing a sport or whatever that they
played, enjoyed or worked at during their lives.  Good thought.  David in his wrestling clothes,
Ernie and I at Eastern Star, Alan, when he played ball, Nancy in her Twirling outfit.  The list could get
long and we could run out of space.  And with that thought I will close.  Have a good night.  jkc

Friday, July 20, 2012

Peru--day 2

We arrived Thursday in the rain, today it was misting out this morning.  No one complained.  Nice to have the wet weather. 
After a pitch in breakfast Ernie and I took off for town.  Investigated two antique shops, a craft barn and the farm store for some thistle seed to take home for our finch friends.  We have found that the farm stores have bulk thistle seed for 99 cents per lb. compared to the $1.10 or more for the packaged kind.
Also got some suet for the two woodpeckers that like our old pine tree.

We asked the pretty clerk at the farm store where was a good place to eat.  We like Harvey Hinklemeyers.  Yes, that is the name of the restaurant.  They had pizza, Mexican, and good sandwiches.
Like subs, roast beef, reubens, etc.   It was good food and a reasonable price.  We were about done eating when in came 6 more Hoosier Cruisers.  A good time, even if they would not pay our bill. 

Came back to the RV and took naps, talked with the neighbors and had a lazy afternoon.
Evening meal was another pitch in with the meat and drinks provided.  The most tender brisket we have had in a long time.   Good food, good friends, a good time.
After supper the young people in the group met at a good grassy spot and played games.  The Grandparents watched.  Altho a few were out there playing games with the grandchildren.  The
young left to go watch a movie, complete with popcorn and some mores.  What a way to end the day

Tomorrow is the circus parade and show.  Write later about that.  Have a good nights sleep.  jkc


My Mother sent me a letter one time when I was in Nursing School, in Indianapolis, that said "Time flies"  and then she had drawn several birds flying.

Well, I won't draw birds, but time sure has flown by the last 10 days or so.

Last week, July 11 and 12, we hit  a few antique shops and found some fresh peaches.  The vendor said that they only had a 20% crop this year.  The peaches were good.  After sitting a day or two.
Friday, the 13th the fun began.  12 of the Clashman Clan came in.  Only one missing, and she could not get away from her job in California. 
Friday night was Col. Sanders night, plus a few sides.  Saturday was the big day with 4 more cousins coming in for the noon meal.  We ate well, Spiral Ham and all kinds of side dishes.  Then ten of us headed out to the Farm, Big Creek and Green Hole.   It started to rain.   Who cared?  We stopped at the Clashman Cemetery for a history lesson for the younger generation.   While there we found a metal box behind a tree for Geo Cache people.  We opened it looked at the contents and added our names to it.   On to the creek!!!   We parked the cars at the farm house David rents and started thru the bean fields and woods  We missed our sighting for Green Hole and managed to get further down the creek.
Before hitting the woods for the final trek to the creek we managed 3 bean fields, a short trek thru some woods to see if we could see the creek and finally found our way down a steep bank to the water.
It was raining most of the time.  Really a drizzle.  Which was great.   It made cooler walking, less bugs, and just slightly damp.  Except when we got to the creek and Green Hole.  Green Hole is a deep place in the creek where various family members fished.  With the exception of the 3 "Parents" the other seven were in and out of the water, sometimes with shoes on and sometimes not.  Laugh, talk, and expressions of isnt this great were heard that afternoon.  A great time for the cousins to be together and enjoy some of their heritage.  Our grandson had never been there and he is ready to go back and camp. Wee all left, rather damp, but on a happy note.   Another stop to walk thru some of the woods and finally on the way back to the house for leftovers. 
Sunday the 15th we headed back out to the farm  minus two cousins, but adding Ernie.  We checked out another cemetery, where a sister is buried and other relatives.  Then on to view the pond David had had dug out a year ago.  Pretty and serene.  An interesting thing, the bean field we traveled thru there had a spot that had been burned.  Did not look like a campfire had started it, just this big spot and a smaller one that had burned corn cobs and grass.  
We all worry how David keeps fields mowed and the work he does in the woods.
After leaving the pond it was on to the barn.  The barn has a basket ball rim in the top loft.   Another stop and a different section of woods and then back to the house.  More leftovers and the family from Detroit started their long trek home.And so did our 3 off spring.
That evening the 2 brothers and sister, sat and went thru a box of pictures belonging to a deceased Aunt.  John and Aileen left Monday morning.  We stayed as we were going to a luncheon on Tuesday with some High School friends of Ernie's.  Each group brought food and were encouraged to take some home.  Since Ernie and I were the last to leave, we got a lot of food to take home.  And I know David still had a lot in his refrig.  But a good time was had by all, the cousins I  hope learned about their ancestors and each other    We would all like to do that again.

And today I am sitting in the RV at the Miami 4-H Park in Peru, IN.  We will attend a circus parade and circus on Saturday.  I will tell more later.   Have a good day and enjoy your family.   jkc

Reunion--East Elem.

One of the reasons I was ready to come home last week was that the East Elementary School where I worked for 15 years was having a reunion of all personal.  And what a good time.  This afternoon,(Thursday) we met for over 2 hours.  East was a new school in 1979.  I started working in 1980.  We had some good years.  Had a good group of personnel, had fun, worked hard and thought we did a good job with the students.  Catching up on what everyone was doing now was an interesting time.  A few are still working.  enjoyed the reunion.

we have been busy, just doing the things homeowners have to do to keep the homestead going.
Cleaned a little around the mini rose bushes and looked for some asparagus.  Found one or two.  Hopefully we will have more later.  Did buy some weed and feed to put on those beds, they need the weed stuff the most.

Not much new.  Have a good night.   jkc

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ohio River

July 10, 2912,
  We are now camped at the Madison, Indiana, Campground, for the next week.  Monday was a busy day,  Ernie got the new thin TV put up in the RV.  Needs some tweaking and checking out the TV, but it is in and the Base ball all star game is on.  Ernie has gone to bed.  10 pm   I have the front drapes open so I can see the river at night and watch the cars go over the bridge.  Great viewing.
Saw one hugh long barge go thru shortly after arriving this afternoon.  A short detour on the way down.
On 9.  No signs for the detour, just you could not go thru.  Bridge being fixed.  so narrow country roads we traveled.  We usually take a short cut and miss that section.  Not today.

We are planning on being lazy for a day or two.  and then this Saturday will be a Clashman reunion.
Most will be arriving Friday.  Do not think anyone will be staying with us.  Several will go out to the farm and big creek.  Will let you know how much we do.  time for me to head for bed too.  7th inning.  Not sure I will watch it all.
Have a good night.   JKC

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

They changed the format and I do not know how it works.  so we shall see how this comes out.

It has been over a month since I have written.  I thought I had written at least once since we have come home to Indiana, but I guess not. 

We have returned early from what was supposed to be a 16 day fun time.  It is only day 13.

We were to go to Elkhart, Indiana, to Elkhart campground for a National Great Lakers Rally.
We decided to go out for breakfast and get to Elkhart around noon,  we did.
  And had a good time, visiting and eating with friends from Ohio, Michigan and Indiana.  We had a couple of extra days there and it was a good time to relax.  Ernie did a lot of cleaning out on the old computer and I just read, visited, laundry, etc.  Tuesday the 22nd we headed for Brian Springs, Michigan, for the Great Lakes Area Rally, commonly know as GLASS.
we were parked in the handi-cap section and Bruce and Beth were parked in the Frustrated Maestros
section, or white section of the campground. Various sections of the campground are color coded. They are good friends, card playing buddies and have stayed in the same park in Florida the last two years.  Bruce stopped by to visit Tuesday afternoon.
Ernie thought his hat looked dirty so he gave him a new one.  We always have a supply of hats
Bruce finally said, "Well, I better go see what my sweetie is doing" and he left.  We found out later that
he realized the singing group of the Maestros were practicing so he got his music and went to practice.

Beth called later and said "come on down and let's play some cards" (euchre)  So we did, leaving around 8:30.   Wednesday morning I got a call from Beth.  "I need you"  Be there as soon as I get dressed.   silence and then she said  "Bruce died this morning"   We were there, zipping up on the way to their coach.  I won't go into details, he died around 2 am, from a massive heart attack.  Had been in good health.  Bruce did have Diabetes, but had seen the Dr. recently. 
Ernie called the other two couples of our card group.  We are devastated.    We know Beth, two daughters and a son are also feeling the same way, only more so.  Beth commented, "Well, Bruce was doing what he enjoyed,  the RV, singing and winning at cards"  And he was, it didn't matter is he had only a 9 of suit in his hand he would make it and win the round.  What better way to go.  And then the Hoosier Cruiser group that had come in that morning, came over to offer condolences  I think Beth's family was pleased that there were friends to help her out.  The Maestro group was attentive at 2 am
and checked on her until her son-in-law got behind the wheel of the RV and they left for Daleville, Indiana, where Bruce and Beth lived.

Saturday, we drove home for the visitation, came back to Michigan Sunday.  Funeral Services were Sunday at 4 and Burial today, Tuesday, private, at Frankfort, IN.
We have the family in our thoughts and prayers.  And Beth, we will keep on playing cards.

Sunday afternoon Ernie went to a meeting of the Great Lakes area  and I worked the FMCA merchandise booth.  At 2:30, started putting things in boxes to be transported back to FMCA headquarters in Cincinnati.  Ernie came back with news that the meeting was quite interesting
The Great Lakes Area rally will not be on Memorial Day Week end next year due to a timing problem, and all sorts of false accusations are now making the rounds.  This rally has been hosted by the same group for 35 years.  When problems occur in a large group it is disappointing to hear rumors that just are not true.  I feel it will all work out, but it is depressing.   We do have a great organization.

So, Monday, we were taking our time getting ready to leave.  We were to go to the Indiana Dunes State Park for 4 nights and then on to Wheaton, Illinois, for the wedding of a great niece.  We were not looking forward to going thru Chicago with the RV and tow car, but everyone said, "Oh, it can be done, its not so bad."

In getting ready to go I opened the curtains that go over the windshields.  And as I sat down, I said to Ernie, "is that a crack on that (passenger) windshield?"   Yep! a BIG one, in fact the windshield an separated slightly from the center post and the drivers windshield was out at the top.  HELP  the windshield company had left, the rally was over.  We think it was a heat related problem, it was in the 90"s  Saturday and Sunday.
We got out the gorilla tape, used a lot of it to cover where the windshields were out of their track and
high tailed it for home.  We had had the windshields replaced 5 years or so ago, and wanted to come back to the same business.  so two campground reservations cancelled and two nights reserved at the hotel where family will be staying for this wedding.  Bummer.  And the campground near Wheaton, Illinois, that were were going to stay in gives one free night a year to anyone over 65.  Being 10 years past 65, we both qualified. 

The refrig is emptied, most of the clothes out, and both computers and phones are in the house. 
will let you know if we get to Wheaton, and back safely.

Have a good day.  jkc

Thursday, April 19, 2012


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Up Early and Out of Here! Jane & Ernie Clashman Wave as They Go.
By Barbara Jean Denning
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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Back Home in Indiana 2012

Hi!  yes, we are back home in Indiana.  Left Florida last Tuesday morning.  Drove I-75 to Chattanooga,TN., stopping in Perry, Ga for the night.  We stopped at Lake Park, Georgia, at the Flying J for Diesel.  and Propane.  We had not gotten diesel since going to Florida in November.  And we had gotten it at Lake Park.  that included a trip to Brooksville, Fl from Thonotosassa and back.  Stayed at a nice RV park, pull thu, and so we did not have to unhook the car.  Wednesday, we traveled on up 75 to Chattanooga, and took I-24 into Tennessee.  got into an hour delay before we got to Nashville.  Traffic was very slow, stopped at times.  A very serious accident involving at least 3 trucks.  2 were definitely semi's.  The other was so demolished that we do not know what it was.  One of them had been hauling onions.  by the time we got to the point of the accident, the onions were mostly along the side of the road.  Looked like nice big onions, too!   Ambulances were gone, just tying to get vehicles onto wreckers, etc.  But is sure slowed traffic.  We were in a long line of semis!

But we kept on going and stopped at Franklin, Ky.  At at Flying J.  More diesel.  And when we stopped at the prettiest rest area along the Tennessee River, we discovered that our connection for the lights on the car had come loose and the plug was quite worn from being drug on the pavement.  So, after getting more diesel and getting parked, we unhooked the car and started looking for a 6 wire plug.  Found one at the second stop, a Tractor Supply store.  Then on to a favorite stop, an Antique store.  Found a rare pattern serving fork that we decided to buy and then Ernie pointed out some Fiesta ware that was marked half price.  Could not resist those 3 pieces.  One is a stove side pepper shaker.  It is a large piece, not too many out there, at least I have not seen them before and so it is now on my counter at home.

Ernie fixed the plug, splicing it onto the wire and we were all set to go for the next day.  We were both tired and realized the next morning that we had not been bothered by the semi noise you usually hear at Flying J truck stops. 

Our next stop was in Seymour, IN. To visit with good friends Phyllis and Gene.  They were members of Hoosier Cruiser and we enjoy visiting with them.  They both were in good spirits and good health and I think we could visit most of a day.  But they had commitments and we were ready to get on the road to home.  

A stop at Meijer for some groceries and we were in our drive by 3:00.  

We came into the house, turned up the heat, turned on the water pump, turned on the faucets, to fill the water heater, then turned the water heater on.  That did not work immediately, but Ernie got it going soon.  And then     we parked the RV in its parking place, went in, ate supper, took showers and were in bed in the RV early.   We had not taken much in the house from the RV and so decided to sleep out there and unload the next day.

Have you ever thought how much stuff  you have in an RV?   Emptying the refrig is no small task.  Why did I have all that stuff anyway,  Not to mention the 8 strawberry milkshakes in the freezer.  We thought our children should have a  Taste of what we eat a lot of.  STRAWBERRIES!   Plus I had picked 5 quart on Monday.  50 cents a quart.  We ate the last of them today.  so good, ripe and sweet.
We will miss the weekly trips to Parksdale and strawberry sundaes, but more than that we will miss the inexpensive fruits and vegetables that we buy while we are in Florida.  I also brought grapefruit home.  The market had some more Duncan grapefruits.  6 for $1.  It is a sweet white grapefruit.  The only thing is, it has a lot of seeds.  We got out the good old wheel borrow that I didn't want Ernie to buy at a garage sale in Pendleton a few years ago, and put bags and stuff in it to make a few less trips to the house.   Ernie could not believe how many trips he made.  And we have not gotten into the bins yet.   Friday afternoon we mowed down the dry asparagus beds and found enough that was not frozen or grown to tall, to have some for supper.  Called the newspaper to have it restarted, and the Post Office too.

Saturday was a rainy day, so we did some shopping and put things away in the house. 
Sunday, I was lazy and did not go to church.  We mowed, and mowed and picked up a lot of grass. with a grass catcher.  So glad I did not have to rake it up as in the past.  We are tired again tonight.
No rest for the wicked, is that the saying? 

We both think being gone in the winter is a pleasure.  No worries, no grass to mow, or snow to shovel,
just do what ever comes to mind.  Like flea markets, Busch Gardens, eating out and enjoying the good weather we had this year 
Oh, and yesterday we did some sorting of the silver and silver ware boxes we had bought. 
I do not know what time it is, Ernie had gone to bed.  And so will I soon.   Have a good night.  jkc


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sweet Tomatoes--Soup Plantation

Restaurants!!!!!  We were first introduced to the Sweet Tomato Restaurant by our nephew Jeff, in Tuscon, AZ.  Ernie and I were not that impressed at that time.  Then this year we decided try the Sweet Tomato Restaurant in Brandon.  About 19 miles down the road.  And we are now hooked.

This restaurant is a salad and soup buffet.  at least 4 mixed salads,  greens, some with Asian flavor, one with roasted pecans, Ceaser and just plain lettuce, or spinach.  Then all the topping you would desire.  From shoestring radishes, squash, carrots you name it.  Then some other salads, maybe a pasta type or two, slaw(one with crushed pineapple and coconut, (delicious),  pickles,  and more toppings, such as seeds, croutons etc.    soups.  6 to 8 different soups each night.  Clam chowder that everyone says is tops.
different kinds of chili, vegetable, noodle ( a turkey noodle that is so good) And one I had called Asian
Ginger Broth. It had mushroom, green onions, carrots spinach,& tofu, all blended and then top it with won ton strips.  It would be delicious on a cold day and you just wanted to stay in with a hot bowl of soup.  Then there are the muffins and breads.  Forcacia (spelling?) type breads.  I like a Seeded bread that is a little crunchy, goes well with the soups.  Tonight they had a lemon muffin.  Tart but sweet.  And I also had to have the chocolate muffin.  Soft serve yogurt with toppings is available. They have a 2 different types of hot pasta dishes.  I leave those alone.  Enjoy the other items more. We do not go there often. Twice a month, maybe.  If we would not eat the muffins and bread, it might be really healthy.  Altho, they had an ad on TV showing how they make their delicious tomato soup.   A lot of real cream in it.

If you go between 2 and 5, M,,T,W.or Thur.   It is only $6.99.  We have taken several friends there and they like the food also.  Only in the South and West.  We told the manager they need to get one in Indiana.  Anderson, to be exact.

We are checking out our places to eat before we leave Florida.  Tomorrow it is TGFridays.  There is not one in Anderson and we have earned several stripes so we should get something free.  We like to go for lunch and get their endless soup and salad.  with Bread sticks.

And then there is Subway, but we have one in Anderson, so we can use our points there. 

Hope I have not made you hungry.  See you soon.    jkc


Thursday, April 5, 2012

early Thursday morning.

CLICK ON PICTURE      I clicked on the blog and read some of the past entries.  Even tho I use spell check and reread what I have written I found some errors. Sorry, 

Last nght we talked about going back to Indiana.  To Home.  What route should we take?  On 75 at Jellico Mountain in Tennessee part of the road is gone and instead of a double lane divided highway it is one lane each way.  So we may try going 65 this time.   Thinking we will leave Tuesday.  Give the spring break people and snow birds that leave right after Easter Sunday a days start.  We shall find out.

Did make that last trip to the Plant City Flea Market.  Bought some vegetable's and Ernie found one ice tea spoon in a grape pattern we collect.  It is so dry here and the market is so dusty.  Ernie's allergy problem turned into a cold and we went to the local clinic for a check.  Given prescriptions and he is feeling much better.  Still has some cough, and will have until we get out of all the pollen, mold, and dust that is around us.  My allergies finally started also. 
 Made our usual stop at Parksdale for one more strawberry sundae  We did not split it this time, but each had a whole sundae.  Soo good.   I want to get several strawberry milkshakes and put in the freezer.  Hope to get them home so family can taste what we enjoy.   The strawberry fields are being changed.  It is interesting to watch.  The u-pick farm person said they water each night, under the plastic and fertilize.  Spray once a week for gnats and hope to keep the strawberry picking going until April 22.  As long as the nights are cool, and they have been, they will make it.  50 cents a quart for u-pick.  I will go again just before we leave.  I said to Ernie "What will we do when we get home and do not have our daily dish of strawberries?"  And when I looked for grapefruit they were out.  For the season.  They still had oranges and tangerines.  Lemons and vegetables. 
The berries are planted in long plastic covered hills.  When the strawberries are done, depending on the next crop, they pull off the plastic.  We do not know if they let the plants die naturally, no water or fertilizer, or spray them to help them die.  Now some of the fields have plastic covered hills with melons or cucumbers planted.  They have a cover crop during the summer, and then in October plant new strawberry plants and start picking in November.  Would like to see the machines that make the hills.  And a lot of Latino help with the crops.  Local  people will not do that work.  Too hard, they say.

Several people in our park have started home.  Someone pulled out yesterday.  And even those that have permanent trailers have gone home.  A few have family come and drive them home.  One lady will leave her car here and fly home.  She has a car at her home in Michigan.  Millie is a neat person to know.  Going strong in her 80'/s        

This year I have a little tan.  A farmers tan, on my arms and legs.  I do not sun bathe,  I call it my flea market tan.
Tried eating crab legs again last night.  Did have a little tummy ache, but we thought maybe that was just thinking I would have a reaction.  No problems, so far.  Still wary of eating too many crab legs yet.
The last time we went to the Webster flea market, with Clayton and Rita we found two fireman mark
plaques.  These plaques are made of cast iron and were used by Insurance companies in 1884.  You were to hang it outside of the house so if your house caught fire the fireman would know you had insurance and they would get paid for putting out the fire.  Legend goes that if there were two fires they would go to the house that had the mark. and let the other house burn.  They were used only a few years and are now collectible.  A friend of Merrill and Martha from Alabama, collects them.   He was a fireman for Mobile, Alabama.  What different people collect.  Ernie did find an unusual socket at Plant City.  It is a rare socket that can be lit.  has a circle of red on it where the light shows thru.  He has looked  and looked for information about this socket.  It is a Craftsman (Sears) socket. 

The birds have started their morning song.  I got up early.  It was to storm last night so we turned off the computers early.  I woke at 5 and finally got up.  Both computers are working fine now.  We still have a lot to learn about the new computer.  And we saw our favorite sales lady at the AT&T store.
She is now a graduate nurse, doing some clinicals until she takes her state board exams.  Just the nicest person, knowledgeable, patient and friendly.  Helps us with our phones.
If I do not write again.  See you all in Indiana.  And if you have a Motor Home come to Indianapolis in August for the National FMCA convention.  jkc

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hospital at Busch & Cheeta Hunt

I  have just written about the surgery being performed here and somehow it is now all gone.
Help!  Ernie, can you find it for me.  But he is in bed, it is going on 11 pm.  Will wait until tomorrow.
this is a state of the art veterinary hospital at Busch Gardens.  They have the windows and then monitors on the walls so you can see the surgery or procedure being done.  When they got through with the red shouldered hawk, they were checking on 6 screech owls that had fallen out of the nest.
A wild life shelter had sent them over to Bush for a check up  One of the chicks had a broken leg.  We could watch them doing x-rays and checking the birds.  They will be sent back to the shelter and hopefully be released to the wild when big enough to fend for themselves.  A most interesting morning.  The other pictures are of the latest roller coaster.  Cheetah Hunt.  It is long, scary, and in the several pictures Ernie took you can see the cars at different positions at the top of the tallest part of the ride.  Just before the drop down.   We walked over to the smoke house for the bar b que platter.
Chicken, ribs and beef strips.  More than enough for one person, so we split one entree.  Rode the train all around and just enjoyed a final visit for this season.  more later  jkc

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Good Times

Dan and Donna from Canada and their kettle corn wagon.  We enjoy talking with them each week.  They were at the Webster, Florida, flea Market.  when this picture was taken.  Then we see them at Plant City Flea market also.   Yes, we do go to several different flea markets.  Fun.  And I now have my birthday presents.  I have many more JJ pins for my collection.  a cow and a lamb that have dangley legs.  A set of 3 clowns, cats, a moose and a catus plant.   Ernie likes finding them almost more than I do.  I will pass on the more expensive ones. The last  picture is of of their daughter, Crystal.   She works selling the kettle corn also.  They also go to the
Auburndale Market on the week end.  This market requires that the y

 leave their kettle there in a small building.  They leave it there all the time.  They are not sure they will bring the trailer down next year.  We shall see.   The third picture is at Busch Gardens at the elephants compound.  The elephant behind the door is the matriarch of the 5 elephants.  she did not want one of the elephants there, so she trumpeted and moved her out of the area.  They waited awhile before giving them treats.  Did not want her to think she could make noise and push out one and still get a treat.  It is interesting how the animals  act.  They pat the elephants on their tongue and rub their ears.  The feed them  about a dozen apples at a time.  Just pop them in their mouths.  And a whole coconut.  You heard a crunch and the elephant spit out a broken coconut.  The keeper cut it in smaller pieces .
But we have seen one of the elephants step on the coconut and then eat it all.  They were also pouring some Gatorade in their trunk.                                                                                                          The third picture is of Clayton and Rita at Parksdale.  We had been to Webster flea market and stopped by Parksdale for our strawberry sundaes.    A good time, and Rita found a few buys at the flea market also.                                                                                      

They are staying at Palmetto, Fl. for a month. We got together with Bruce and Beth and played cards.  Tuesday they came over and we took the Boat tour around the commercial side of Tampa Bay.  The boys are ahead in bid euchre 3 to 1
Wednesday was Plant City flea market and when we stopped at Parksdale we were joined with Austin and Linda.  Ernie and I had strawberry milkshakes that day.  Then Ernie and Austin went to a motor home junk yard to look for a part.  Linda and I took the long way home, going by their daughters former home and checking out another place where we are trying to decide what they are going to build.

Thursday was Busch Gardens Day.  The last week for concerts.  Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr. were the stars for this week.  We were walking to the theatre and saw some of the band walk by and go into the back of the theatre.  Said something to a couple sitting on a bench right there.  They said, they sit there each week and watch the stars walk by to the theatre.  So after 40 minutes or so the four of us walked into the theatre and kept on talking.  About the Golden Age pass senior citizens can get.  This pass lets you into National parks and attractions free.  Ernie was showing Jim and Laine the pass, when the man behind us said, "mine is newer and different than that"  And then the couple in front of us wanted to know what a Golden Age pass was and how it is used. So we were all talking about where we went camping. We had a great time.  And the show was good also.
Friday we were shopping, at a real store, Old Time Pottery, and Jim saw me and then heard Ernie talking to Alan on the phone.  Came over, It is you, we saw you at Busch!  They were there with his sister and brother in law.  They said that Jim and Laine had been talking a lot about this couple they met at Busch.  What a coincidence to meet again the next day.                                    Saturday, oops, Ernie woke up not feeling so great.  He either has a good head cold or severe allergies.  And a cough that starts with his toes.  Sounds awful.  He is now in bed  and it has been quiet.  Hope he can sleep better than he did last night.   I am fine.  Did make two turns around the park with Beth after supper.
Have a good night.   jkc                      P.S.   While at Busch Gardens we did a couple of rides???  The first one was the river rapids.  Having watched the two weeks before, we came with our ponchos.  It is a 12 passenger round raft with seats.  And as you go around the first curve there are water guns on land.  Your friends can pay a quarter and squirt you.  And until you watch and see where they squirt you may miss.  But the last gun, is automatic and it hits the raft very well.  And then going on down the rapids water comes into the raft.  and you go by  two more water spouts.   So Altho our bodies were dry, our legs and feet were wet.   I had on my canvas Kedsjkc

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Stewarts Kettle Corn, the man inside and lady outside.  Great people from Canada.  Make delicious kettle corn.  They go to various flea markets and when we see them we always stop and talk with them.
There trailer is often our meeting place, as Ernie and I go thru flea markets at different paces.

Still trying to figure out the new computer and our blog.  The second picture is of a banner at Busch Gardens, listing the various musical groups that play at the Stanlyville Theatre.

The third picture is of Mr. and Mrs. Johnson.  They are from Muncie, Hoosier Cruisers and have come to Florida for several years.  This year they did not bring their RV and were here for just a few weeks.
We miss seeing them.

The fourth picture is of Mrs. Stewart holding a bag of that delicious kettle corn.  I must ask their first names again and write them down so I do not forget them.

And the last picture is a picture that Ernie says they use here in Florida when the snow get deep.
We saw this on our way to the Plant City Wall Mart and decided we had to take a picture of this bus.
An advertisement for Mikes tire and wheel shop.  Advertising Michelin tire, the kind we have on our RV
See you in April.  jkc

Last Week end

We went to Busch.   We usually go on Thursday or Friday.  But I had a reaction to some crab legs on Thursday.  Made many trips to the bathroom.   Friday I was not doing much.  So we went to Busch on Saturday.  Lots of spring break  or brake?  people there.  Rita Coolidge was performing at the Stanlyville Theatre.   so so.   some one said she was not any better than she was 30 years ago, and that was not saying much.  She did write some good songs, but someone else made them hits.  Anyway, we listened.
Sunday was Church and a quiet day.We did make a Wall Mart run for supplies?

 Monday, we went to Bellview flea market, just north of Webster. Ernie bought some electrical terminals he was wanting and we left there to go back to the Webster flea market. Ernie bought me some piggy JJ pins, I bought one of a frog playing a trombone.  And then I found a special spoon.  A style we did not have, it was an olive spoon with an open bowl.  Better yet it was in a highly collectible pattern.  We bought some other pieces, but that one is special.  Stopped by Lazy Days to drop off some strawberries for Jerry and Carol.  they have bad colds and so would not go out. We went on to Bob Evans and just as we ordered, Merrill and Martha walked in.  We invited them to eat with us and we heard all about the new motor home.  More later.
 Tuesday, we took the old computer back to Best Buy to the Geek Squad.  It will lock up and we cannot use it.   they fixed it in a minute or two. 
On to Wall Mart and there was Linda and Austin.  Had lunch at Subway with them.  That evening Merrill and Martha called and we went  to Sweet tomatoes with them.  Good friends from Alabama, they are here to pick up their new 2012 Allegro Bus.   Roughing It Smoothly is the Allegro slogan.
Beautiful 40 foot coach.  We enjoy visiting with them.
    I guess you could say we eat out a lot while in Florida.  Then I forget how to cook when we get back to Indiana.  Lunch is the hardest for me to fix something we both like.  Ernie is not a peanut butter sandwich eater. 
Today, was another Busch Gardens day.  And if it was busy last Saturday, it was a mob today.   someone, our age, walked by and said, " Today, I think we are out numbered."  It was the Grass Roots
Band at Stanleville Theatre.  I did recognize some of their songs.  Enjoyed them.  Next week is the last week and it will be Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis Jr. 
While we were waiting for the music to start we talked with the two ladies next to us.  Just so happened they were from Indiana.  Bourbon, to be exact.  And they knew where Syracuse was located.
In fact a lady from her church grew up in Syracuse.  Her name is Willodene and she makes
Beautiful quilts.  So I said her maiden name,  yes, that is her.  Willodene was in my sisters class and her cousin, Marlene was in mine.  Small world.  She also knew about Thornburg Drug Stores.

stopped at the grocery store on the way home,  Ernie picked out some pork short ribs and asparagus.
I also had some slaw and then strawberries for dessert.  I tried to make the slaw like I had at Sweet Tomatoes.   with crushed pineapple and a touch of coconut cream.  Good. 

Ernie had a check on his right leg.  The Doctor thought his leg looked good, better   ahead of schedule.
To check in with him when we come back next year  Also said if Ernie had any problems he knew a vein clinic in Indianapolis he could recommend.

Something else I should write about, but that will have to wait until I remember what it was.  It is
time for bed.!!!!!!     Good Night   jkc

Monday, March 5, 2012

fun trip

Beth drove Bruce, Ernie and I to Palmetto, FL. for a visit with Clayton and Rita.   After a delicious lunch, chicken breast with a cranberry sauce, we played bid eucher.  This time the fellows won 2 games.
Darn!  But we had a good time and a good visit.  Next week Clayton and Rita will come North to visit with us. It is 50 minute drive.    write more later.    That was Monday.  today is Friday.   Yesterday was not a good day. I had the "back door trots"
I am ready for a colonoscopy.  Well, not really.  Lost 2 pounds.  Not the way I prefer to do it.  Today I am weak.  Had some dry toast and weak tea this am.  Will have some chicken soup for lunch.  I do not want any more of yesterday. 
Wednesday was flea market day.  We bought another soup ladle and some stuff.  Ernie found a Pampered Chef pair of kitchen shears for 50 Cents.  Good buy.  So I went back and got a lemon Zest and some measuring spoons.  any two for one dollar.
but I did pay
$4. for a good knife.  I have 3 long knives, all serrated knives.  there are times when a straight edge is better.  The lady I bought from has a nice collection of pots and pan, and a few other kitchen utensils. 
She keeps them neat and clean.  Her husband has all kinds of tools.  They are from Indiana.   I also buy something from this Mexican couple and their fruit and veggie stand.  I can buy more at a better price, but we have enjoyed talking with them.  Last season we put a picture of their baby on the blog.  A fat little cutie.  The little girl is now walking.  A good little girl.  She knows the routine and eats fresh fruit and veggies.
We stopped at Parksdale for our strawberry sundae and more grapefruit.  Last week they had our favorite Duncan Grapefruit.  This week they were out of them.  While we were there a tour bus pulled up and a lot of people got out.  The driver had never been there, so Ernie took him over to the area where people order their strawberry treat.
it is quite an operation.  It is also day time.  I usually write this after Ernie has gone to bed.  Last night I was in bed by 9 pm.  Unusual for me. 
Have a good day.  jkc

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The first two pictures are from Parksdale Farms.  The place where we get our strawberry parfaits and friends get strawberry shortcake.        The second picture is of Linda and Larry, from Indiana.  They have the shortcake                                                   

 These flowers are at Busch Gardens.   They have beautiful flower gardens all over the area.  some in a design, some just in pots scattered around the grounds.       the next picture, taken in February is our group of National Great Lakers.  We all at one time owned National motor homes.  We still have ours.  We meet each winter at Parksdale for strawberries and then go to a near  by park to sit and talk and catch up on who is doing what.  Some of the club meet in Texas.  Where ever we winter we find our club members and get together.
Hoosier Cruisers met in Sarasota.  I wrote about that earlier.      I                                                      

Hey!  Maybe I am learning how to arrange photos and my writing.  New computer, have to learn how this one does things I am used to doing on the old computer.   The next picture is another at Parksdale.  Greg and Betty, Bruce and Beth, Ernie and I enjoying strawberries.   We splurged and got the strawberry sundae boat and we did not share one, as we usually do. The next two pictures are of Rachel and Joe.  H. C. members visiting in Florida.  They have an RV, but did not feel they should drive it so far this year.  Hope to see them at some of our Indiana Rallies this summer.

And that is the end of the first group of pictures Ernie has put on the blog on the new computer.  It is like the phone.  We learn something almost every day about how to use our new HP.              We traveled to Aubondale Saturday, to a flea market.  I was so sure that is had a section on tables of stuff out in the open like some markets do.  Nope, all under cover and stuff from out of the U.S  and just unbelievable what is there.  We did not buy much.  A small magnifying glass, 4 little LED lights and batteries.  We did find the Stewarts.  They are from Canada and have a kettle corn operation.  We see them at the Plant City flea market and I usually buy a bag.  They have found a small place where they just have kettle corn and their daughter manages it.  Friendly people and we always enjoy visiting with them.      We left there and on the way home stopped at the Lakeland City flea market held at old outdoor theatre  We did find some silver there.  It was quite windy and hot.  Only 10 am and some of the vendors were packing up due to the wind blowing their stuff around.                             Clayton and Rita area in Florida now, we will drive to see them Monday.   They are one of the couples in our card club.  If we could get Jim and Berniece to come to Florida we could have card club down here.     Will check this for spelling errors.  Hope to learn how to type and move the pictures where I want them.   Have a good day.
Oh, we have heard all about the tornadoes in Indiana, and all over.  Did any of you have relatives or friends that were involved in any of the destruction?     Keep all of these people in your thoughts.
The pastor at the church I attend always states."Keep our Nation in our prayers.  I won't get into politics, just pray for change."    And most of us understand what he means.  See you.   jkc