Monday, July 30, 2012

Back Home

The Circus parade and show were fantastic.  It is just amazing the talent the young people have for circus venues.  they start at age 7 to 21 years.  Scholarships are given each year, not big ones, but every bit helps when you face those college bills. 
We had lunch again at Harvey Hinklemeyer's.  I had a good thick toasted cheese sandwich.  Interesting how many other Hoosier Cruisers were at the same restaurant.  We all know where to find good food.
A quiet evening and Sunday morning devotions were just right. 

Tuesday the 19th, I got my hearing aid.  Tra -la.  And the Tek that goes with it.  Ernie is about upset because I am not responding to the technology of the hearing aid as he did.  And I do not thnk my hearing was as profound as his.  So I think I hear better.   We shall see.  We go again tomorrow to see the specialist and I want to know the difference between our hearing abilities.

We have accomplished a few things for the RV.  One was to put in a new circuit board for the refrigerator. when we took the old one out the back side showed that it had gotten rather hot some time or other.  We also installed a new slim TV.  Looks pretty good.  Now to do the bedroom TV.
Today was change the oil day and do a lube job.   Done,   yeah!
Nancy came over this afternoon to borrow Dad's truck.  She had to move stuff out of her classroom last spring and now needs to move it back to the newly airconditioned old building.  School starts this coming Thursday for her.  Students come in next Monday. 
She helped Dad with the computer and He was showing her the pictures and info he had put on the
Family Tree  She suggested we add some more pictures.  Of family doing a sport or whatever that they
played, enjoyed or worked at during their lives.  Good thought.  David in his wrestling clothes,
Ernie and I at Eastern Star, Alan, when he played ball, Nancy in her Twirling outfit.  The list could get
long and we could run out of space.  And with that thought I will close.  Have a good night.  jkc

Friday, July 20, 2012

Peru--day 2

We arrived Thursday in the rain, today it was misting out this morning.  No one complained.  Nice to have the wet weather. 
After a pitch in breakfast Ernie and I took off for town.  Investigated two antique shops, a craft barn and the farm store for some thistle seed to take home for our finch friends.  We have found that the farm stores have bulk thistle seed for 99 cents per lb. compared to the $1.10 or more for the packaged kind.
Also got some suet for the two woodpeckers that like our old pine tree.

We asked the pretty clerk at the farm store where was a good place to eat.  We like Harvey Hinklemeyers.  Yes, that is the name of the restaurant.  They had pizza, Mexican, and good sandwiches.
Like subs, roast beef, reubens, etc.   It was good food and a reasonable price.  We were about done eating when in came 6 more Hoosier Cruisers.  A good time, even if they would not pay our bill. 

Came back to the RV and took naps, talked with the neighbors and had a lazy afternoon.
Evening meal was another pitch in with the meat and drinks provided.  The most tender brisket we have had in a long time.   Good food, good friends, a good time.
After supper the young people in the group met at a good grassy spot and played games.  The Grandparents watched.  Altho a few were out there playing games with the grandchildren.  The
young left to go watch a movie, complete with popcorn and some mores.  What a way to end the day

Tomorrow is the circus parade and show.  Write later about that.  Have a good nights sleep.  jkc


My Mother sent me a letter one time when I was in Nursing School, in Indianapolis, that said "Time flies"  and then she had drawn several birds flying.

Well, I won't draw birds, but time sure has flown by the last 10 days or so.

Last week, July 11 and 12, we hit  a few antique shops and found some fresh peaches.  The vendor said that they only had a 20% crop this year.  The peaches were good.  After sitting a day or two.
Friday, the 13th the fun began.  12 of the Clashman Clan came in.  Only one missing, and she could not get away from her job in California. 
Friday night was Col. Sanders night, plus a few sides.  Saturday was the big day with 4 more cousins coming in for the noon meal.  We ate well, Spiral Ham and all kinds of side dishes.  Then ten of us headed out to the Farm, Big Creek and Green Hole.   It started to rain.   Who cared?  We stopped at the Clashman Cemetery for a history lesson for the younger generation.   While there we found a metal box behind a tree for Geo Cache people.  We opened it looked at the contents and added our names to it.   On to the creek!!!   We parked the cars at the farm house David rents and started thru the bean fields and woods  We missed our sighting for Green Hole and managed to get further down the creek.
Before hitting the woods for the final trek to the creek we managed 3 bean fields, a short trek thru some woods to see if we could see the creek and finally found our way down a steep bank to the water.
It was raining most of the time.  Really a drizzle.  Which was great.   It made cooler walking, less bugs, and just slightly damp.  Except when we got to the creek and Green Hole.  Green Hole is a deep place in the creek where various family members fished.  With the exception of the 3 "Parents" the other seven were in and out of the water, sometimes with shoes on and sometimes not.  Laugh, talk, and expressions of isnt this great were heard that afternoon.  A great time for the cousins to be together and enjoy some of their heritage.  Our grandson had never been there and he is ready to go back and camp. Wee all left, rather damp, but on a happy note.   Another stop to walk thru some of the woods and finally on the way back to the house for leftovers. 
Sunday the 15th we headed back out to the farm  minus two cousins, but adding Ernie.  We checked out another cemetery, where a sister is buried and other relatives.  Then on to view the pond David had had dug out a year ago.  Pretty and serene.  An interesting thing, the bean field we traveled thru there had a spot that had been burned.  Did not look like a campfire had started it, just this big spot and a smaller one that had burned corn cobs and grass.  
We all worry how David keeps fields mowed and the work he does in the woods.
After leaving the pond it was on to the barn.  The barn has a basket ball rim in the top loft.   Another stop and a different section of woods and then back to the house.  More leftovers and the family from Detroit started their long trek home.And so did our 3 off spring.
That evening the 2 brothers and sister, sat and went thru a box of pictures belonging to a deceased Aunt.  John and Aileen left Monday morning.  We stayed as we were going to a luncheon on Tuesday with some High School friends of Ernie's.  Each group brought food and were encouraged to take some home.  Since Ernie and I were the last to leave, we got a lot of food to take home.  And I know David still had a lot in his refrig.  But a good time was had by all, the cousins I  hope learned about their ancestors and each other    We would all like to do that again.

And today I am sitting in the RV at the Miami 4-H Park in Peru, IN.  We will attend a circus parade and circus on Saturday.  I will tell more later.   Have a good day and enjoy your family.   jkc

Reunion--East Elem.

One of the reasons I was ready to come home last week was that the East Elementary School where I worked for 15 years was having a reunion of all personal.  And what a good time.  This afternoon,(Thursday) we met for over 2 hours.  East was a new school in 1979.  I started working in 1980.  We had some good years.  Had a good group of personnel, had fun, worked hard and thought we did a good job with the students.  Catching up on what everyone was doing now was an interesting time.  A few are still working.  enjoyed the reunion.

we have been busy, just doing the things homeowners have to do to keep the homestead going.
Cleaned a little around the mini rose bushes and looked for some asparagus.  Found one or two.  Hopefully we will have more later.  Did buy some weed and feed to put on those beds, they need the weed stuff the most.

Not much new.  Have a good night.   jkc

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ohio River

July 10, 2912,
  We are now camped at the Madison, Indiana, Campground, for the next week.  Monday was a busy day,  Ernie got the new thin TV put up in the RV.  Needs some tweaking and checking out the TV, but it is in and the Base ball all star game is on.  Ernie has gone to bed.  10 pm   I have the front drapes open so I can see the river at night and watch the cars go over the bridge.  Great viewing.
Saw one hugh long barge go thru shortly after arriving this afternoon.  A short detour on the way down.
On 9.  No signs for the detour, just you could not go thru.  Bridge being fixed.  so narrow country roads we traveled.  We usually take a short cut and miss that section.  Not today.

We are planning on being lazy for a day or two.  and then this Saturday will be a Clashman reunion.
Most will be arriving Friday.  Do not think anyone will be staying with us.  Several will go out to the farm and big creek.  Will let you know how much we do.  time for me to head for bed too.  7th inning.  Not sure I will watch it all.
Have a good night.   JKC