Thursday, August 20, 2009


For those of you still checking out our blog. I was cleaning out one of my cook books today. You know the kind that you are supposed to put those recipes in that you cut out of magazines and newspapers. Or friends give you. And some how they never get put in properly in that cook book. I found this and had to pass it on to other chocoholics.


Chocolate is a VEGETABLE!

Chocolate is derived from the cocoa bean
Beans equal vegetable.

Sugar is derived from either sugar cane or sugar beets. Both of them are plants, in the vegetable category. thus, chocolate is a vegetable.

To go one step further, chocolate candy bars also contain milk, which is dairy. So candy bars are a health food.

Chocolate-covered raisins, cherries, orange slices and strawberries all count as fruit, so eat as many as you want.

Remember STRESSED spelled backwards is DESSERTS

Send to 4 women and you will lose 2 pounds.
Send to all women and you will lose 10 pounds.

Now the last two statements I am not sure about. The other just makes sense, doesn't it?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pictures from Warsaw

Our rally masters for the Warsaw rally are seated there in front. Standing at the other table is the lady, Carol Knarr, Storyteller.
She spoke after our dinner about Kosciusko County.

And what do the men do at rally's? Check out problems with members RVs. Do you know who these guys are in the picture?

Happy Hour! We had a good time visiting and trying out new recipes for snacks. Good ones. It was nice to get the group together for the hour or so each evening at 4.

this is the inside of a boat.
You have to see the next picture to see the finished product. We visited the home of the original catamaran boat. Splendor Boats. And we watched the fiberglass process. The owner stated that their product was one of the few that put the foam insulation in the hull of the boats. He stated he developed the catamaran style The boats are customed made for each individual. He does not use a dealer. You come to him to plan your boat. Now his grandchildren run the plant.

The owner of the Splendor Boats talking to us, standing on one of his boats. 28 feet is the longest they make. We were able to get in the boats on the showroom floor and see the fine craftsmanship.

The young man with his back to you is one of the grandson's of the owner. He asked if we had any questions. Yes, where does that piece you are working on fit in a boat. He smiled and said. "We diversify, so that we keep busy year around. This piece is the housing for a fan that will go into a large chicken coop. We were at Silver Lake, near Mentone, which is the egg capital. Interesting.

A bell helicopter. We visited the Lawrence D. Bell Aircraft Museum, in Mentone, IN. This is a helicopter that had been used in one of the "wars" Mr. Bell was born in Mentone and altho his family moved to California he did not forget his home town. There is a library that he funded and then he had his memorabilia
sent to Mentone for the town to have a museum.

Looking at the helicopter.

This power cement wheel barrow. Mr Bell developed this to make it more efficient to pour the runways when building airports. Very Useful. This one was found in California and brought to Mentone and restored. Two weeks later, they found one in North Webster, not far away. Now they have two!

The famous egg in Mentone. The largest egg, what about the hen? Just a few of the pictures of an interesting rally.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Hoosier Cruiser Rally

We took off on Thursday, July 6th. I drove from just north of Anderson to the Kroger Store in Columbia City. We have found that in Columbia City do NOT try to park you RV in the Wall Mart parking lot. There is much more room at Kroger.

We enjoyed seeing friends. Seemed like a lot of new members, a least to us. We have not been to every rally the last year and so do not know some of these newer members. Happy hour Thursday at 4. Lots of good snacks, but we still had room to go out to eat at the Golden Corral.

We traveled to the Wagon Wheel Theatre to see the show Chorus Line. It was enjoyable.

Friday, was a pitch in breakfast. Several egg, sausage, or potato casseroles.
And Zucchini bread!

And then off to Silver Lake to the Splendor Boats facility. Home of the original catamaran boat. We watched how the fiberglass was applied and a boat put together. Actually when the young man asked if we had any questions we ask how the piece he was working on fit into a boat. Well, it doesn't! he said. This is the housing for a fan for a large chicken house. The area is one of the largest egg producing areas in the U.S. We do not build boats all of the time, we diversify.

We need to keep working all the time so we do take other jobs.

They build custom boats. What size do you want, up to 28 ft. long. What will you be using your boat for. fishing, skiing, cruising around a lake.? What equipment do you want on it. The owner had worked for Rinker boats. He developed the catamaran concept. Great looking boats on display. Does not use dealers. You come to him for your style of boat.

Then on into town in Silver Lake to Whetstone Woodenware. The make kitchen utensils. Many different spoons and bread boards., forks, Beautiful items. We were taken to the work shop.

Tom Sitler a retired school teacher, Math, and basketball coach is now working there, rough cutting many of the articles sold in the shop. He was interesting. I ask him his name, and when he said Tom Sitler, I ask if he played basket ball in the early 50's. Hey, don't date me! No, I said, did you every play basketball and know a my brother John from Syracuse?

He smiled the biggest smile, Yes, Silver Lake H. S. made Syracuse Basket ball team very unhappy one year, at the 1951, County tourney,

Syracuse had a top team with tall players. John was 6'4, and there were a couple more tall players. Silver Lake beat them in the tourney, and we were all short. Then he went on to tell me that John had become a pharmacist and was still around. I had to tell him no. John, my brother died last Sept. But interesting to meet Mr. Sitler.

Another couple and Ernie and I ate at the Homestead Restaurant for lunch.

Ernie and I went to Syracuse to take some dishes to my sisters. Ernie went to garage sales, while I helped my sisters go thru some closets in our parents home. We had a good visit while cleaning.

Back at the Warsaw Fair grounds we had hamburgers and hot dogs, with all the fixings. We had missed happy hour. Business meeting for the Hoosier Cruisers followed. Home to fix my Heart Healthy egg-sausage casserole. (Sat. morning I decided as I was serving it, that I had too much French bread for the crust.)

Saturday, after breakfast we traveled to Mentone, IN. to the Lawrence Bell Museum.. Lawrence Bell, was born in Mentone and his memorabilia was sent to Mentone with the instructions that a building be built that could house a aircraft on loan from other museums. So the town worked to find funds and now have an interesting museum. They have a Bell helicopter, and many interesting articles about Mr. Bell. They also have an area that is more of a museum for Mentone.

Back to the RV for lunch. I took part in a Trash or Treasure Hunt in Pierceton, In. Pierceton is an antique shop town. Our task-----we were given a sheet of paper. Listed were 8 items to find in 8 different antique shops. The items were not listed as to where they were located. Fun,

don't tell where we found this or that. around 40 of us looking for these items. Then we had to decide if they were true antiques, or not. Reproductions did not count. Fun day.

After a catered evening meat, by Ruby Tuesday, we had a story teller. Carol Knarr, originally from South Whitley. Another Kosciusko town. She gave some history about Kosciusko. How it got its name. and connections to the early wars. And then one of our members gave her some interesting stories he has learned as a history buff.

Ernie has some picture, so I will write more with those. good night. jkc