Thursday, April 19, 2012


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Up Early and Out of Here! Jane & Ernie Clashman Wave as They Go.
By Barbara Jean Denning
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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Back Home in Indiana 2012

Hi!  yes, we are back home in Indiana.  Left Florida last Tuesday morning.  Drove I-75 to Chattanooga,TN., stopping in Perry, Ga for the night.  We stopped at Lake Park, Georgia, at the Flying J for Diesel.  and Propane.  We had not gotten diesel since going to Florida in November.  And we had gotten it at Lake Park.  that included a trip to Brooksville, Fl from Thonotosassa and back.  Stayed at a nice RV park, pull thu, and so we did not have to unhook the car.  Wednesday, we traveled on up 75 to Chattanooga, and took I-24 into Tennessee.  got into an hour delay before we got to Nashville.  Traffic was very slow, stopped at times.  A very serious accident involving at least 3 trucks.  2 were definitely semi's.  The other was so demolished that we do not know what it was.  One of them had been hauling onions.  by the time we got to the point of the accident, the onions were mostly along the side of the road.  Looked like nice big onions, too!   Ambulances were gone, just tying to get vehicles onto wreckers, etc.  But is sure slowed traffic.  We were in a long line of semis!

But we kept on going and stopped at Franklin, Ky.  At at Flying J.  More diesel.  And when we stopped at the prettiest rest area along the Tennessee River, we discovered that our connection for the lights on the car had come loose and the plug was quite worn from being drug on the pavement.  So, after getting more diesel and getting parked, we unhooked the car and started looking for a 6 wire plug.  Found one at the second stop, a Tractor Supply store.  Then on to a favorite stop, an Antique store.  Found a rare pattern serving fork that we decided to buy and then Ernie pointed out some Fiesta ware that was marked half price.  Could not resist those 3 pieces.  One is a stove side pepper shaker.  It is a large piece, not too many out there, at least I have not seen them before and so it is now on my counter at home.

Ernie fixed the plug, splicing it onto the wire and we were all set to go for the next day.  We were both tired and realized the next morning that we had not been bothered by the semi noise you usually hear at Flying J truck stops. 

Our next stop was in Seymour, IN. To visit with good friends Phyllis and Gene.  They were members of Hoosier Cruiser and we enjoy visiting with them.  They both were in good spirits and good health and I think we could visit most of a day.  But they had commitments and we were ready to get on the road to home.  

A stop at Meijer for some groceries and we were in our drive by 3:00.  

We came into the house, turned up the heat, turned on the water pump, turned on the faucets, to fill the water heater, then turned the water heater on.  That did not work immediately, but Ernie got it going soon.  And then     we parked the RV in its parking place, went in, ate supper, took showers and were in bed in the RV early.   We had not taken much in the house from the RV and so decided to sleep out there and unload the next day.

Have you ever thought how much stuff  you have in an RV?   Emptying the refrig is no small task.  Why did I have all that stuff anyway,  Not to mention the 8 strawberry milkshakes in the freezer.  We thought our children should have a  Taste of what we eat a lot of.  STRAWBERRIES!   Plus I had picked 5 quart on Monday.  50 cents a quart.  We ate the last of them today.  so good, ripe and sweet.
We will miss the weekly trips to Parksdale and strawberry sundaes, but more than that we will miss the inexpensive fruits and vegetables that we buy while we are in Florida.  I also brought grapefruit home.  The market had some more Duncan grapefruits.  6 for $1.  It is a sweet white grapefruit.  The only thing is, it has a lot of seeds.  We got out the good old wheel borrow that I didn't want Ernie to buy at a garage sale in Pendleton a few years ago, and put bags and stuff in it to make a few less trips to the house.   Ernie could not believe how many trips he made.  And we have not gotten into the bins yet.   Friday afternoon we mowed down the dry asparagus beds and found enough that was not frozen or grown to tall, to have some for supper.  Called the newspaper to have it restarted, and the Post Office too.

Saturday was a rainy day, so we did some shopping and put things away in the house. 
Sunday, I was lazy and did not go to church.  We mowed, and mowed and picked up a lot of grass. with a grass catcher.  So glad I did not have to rake it up as in the past.  We are tired again tonight.
No rest for the wicked, is that the saying? 

We both think being gone in the winter is a pleasure.  No worries, no grass to mow, or snow to shovel,
just do what ever comes to mind.  Like flea markets, Busch Gardens, eating out and enjoying the good weather we had this year 
Oh, and yesterday we did some sorting of the silver and silver ware boxes we had bought. 
I do not know what time it is, Ernie had gone to bed.  And so will I soon.   Have a good night.  jkc


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sweet Tomatoes--Soup Plantation

Restaurants!!!!!  We were first introduced to the Sweet Tomato Restaurant by our nephew Jeff, in Tuscon, AZ.  Ernie and I were not that impressed at that time.  Then this year we decided try the Sweet Tomato Restaurant in Brandon.  About 19 miles down the road.  And we are now hooked.

This restaurant is a salad and soup buffet.  at least 4 mixed salads,  greens, some with Asian flavor, one with roasted pecans, Ceaser and just plain lettuce, or spinach.  Then all the topping you would desire.  From shoestring radishes, squash, carrots you name it.  Then some other salads, maybe a pasta type or two, slaw(one with crushed pineapple and coconut, (delicious),  pickles,  and more toppings, such as seeds, croutons etc.    soups.  6 to 8 different soups each night.  Clam chowder that everyone says is tops.
different kinds of chili, vegetable, noodle ( a turkey noodle that is so good) And one I had called Asian
Ginger Broth. It had mushroom, green onions, carrots spinach,& tofu, all blended and then top it with won ton strips.  It would be delicious on a cold day and you just wanted to stay in with a hot bowl of soup.  Then there are the muffins and breads.  Forcacia (spelling?) type breads.  I like a Seeded bread that is a little crunchy, goes well with the soups.  Tonight they had a lemon muffin.  Tart but sweet.  And I also had to have the chocolate muffin.  Soft serve yogurt with toppings is available. They have a 2 different types of hot pasta dishes.  I leave those alone.  Enjoy the other items more. We do not go there often. Twice a month, maybe.  If we would not eat the muffins and bread, it might be really healthy.  Altho, they had an ad on TV showing how they make their delicious tomato soup.   A lot of real cream in it.

If you go between 2 and 5, M,,T,W.or Thur.   It is only $6.99.  We have taken several friends there and they like the food also.  Only in the South and West.  We told the manager they need to get one in Indiana.  Anderson, to be exact.

We are checking out our places to eat before we leave Florida.  Tomorrow it is TGFridays.  There is not one in Anderson and we have earned several stripes so we should get something free.  We like to go for lunch and get their endless soup and salad.  with Bread sticks.

And then there is Subway, but we have one in Anderson, so we can use our points there. 

Hope I have not made you hungry.  See you soon.    jkc


Thursday, April 5, 2012

early Thursday morning.

CLICK ON PICTURE      I clicked on the blog and read some of the past entries.  Even tho I use spell check and reread what I have written I found some errors. Sorry, 

Last nght we talked about going back to Indiana.  To Home.  What route should we take?  On 75 at Jellico Mountain in Tennessee part of the road is gone and instead of a double lane divided highway it is one lane each way.  So we may try going 65 this time.   Thinking we will leave Tuesday.  Give the spring break people and snow birds that leave right after Easter Sunday a days start.  We shall find out.

Did make that last trip to the Plant City Flea Market.  Bought some vegetable's and Ernie found one ice tea spoon in a grape pattern we collect.  It is so dry here and the market is so dusty.  Ernie's allergy problem turned into a cold and we went to the local clinic for a check.  Given prescriptions and he is feeling much better.  Still has some cough, and will have until we get out of all the pollen, mold, and dust that is around us.  My allergies finally started also. 
 Made our usual stop at Parksdale for one more strawberry sundae  We did not split it this time, but each had a whole sundae.  Soo good.   I want to get several strawberry milkshakes and put in the freezer.  Hope to get them home so family can taste what we enjoy.   The strawberry fields are being changed.  It is interesting to watch.  The u-pick farm person said they water each night, under the plastic and fertilize.  Spray once a week for gnats and hope to keep the strawberry picking going until April 22.  As long as the nights are cool, and they have been, they will make it.  50 cents a quart for u-pick.  I will go again just before we leave.  I said to Ernie "What will we do when we get home and do not have our daily dish of strawberries?"  And when I looked for grapefruit they were out.  For the season.  They still had oranges and tangerines.  Lemons and vegetables. 
The berries are planted in long plastic covered hills.  When the strawberries are done, depending on the next crop, they pull off the plastic.  We do not know if they let the plants die naturally, no water or fertilizer, or spray them to help them die.  Now some of the fields have plastic covered hills with melons or cucumbers planted.  They have a cover crop during the summer, and then in October plant new strawberry plants and start picking in November.  Would like to see the machines that make the hills.  And a lot of Latino help with the crops.  Local  people will not do that work.  Too hard, they say.

Several people in our park have started home.  Someone pulled out yesterday.  And even those that have permanent trailers have gone home.  A few have family come and drive them home.  One lady will leave her car here and fly home.  She has a car at her home in Michigan.  Millie is a neat person to know.  Going strong in her 80'/s        

This year I have a little tan.  A farmers tan, on my arms and legs.  I do not sun bathe,  I call it my flea market tan.
Tried eating crab legs again last night.  Did have a little tummy ache, but we thought maybe that was just thinking I would have a reaction.  No problems, so far.  Still wary of eating too many crab legs yet.
The last time we went to the Webster flea market, with Clayton and Rita we found two fireman mark
plaques.  These plaques are made of cast iron and were used by Insurance companies in 1884.  You were to hang it outside of the house so if your house caught fire the fireman would know you had insurance and they would get paid for putting out the fire.  Legend goes that if there were two fires they would go to the house that had the mark. and let the other house burn.  They were used only a few years and are now collectible.  A friend of Merrill and Martha from Alabama, collects them.   He was a fireman for Mobile, Alabama.  What different people collect.  Ernie did find an unusual socket at Plant City.  It is a rare socket that can be lit.  has a circle of red on it where the light shows thru.  He has looked  and looked for information about this socket.  It is a Craftsman (Sears) socket. 

The birds have started their morning song.  I got up early.  It was to storm last night so we turned off the computers early.  I woke at 5 and finally got up.  Both computers are working fine now.  We still have a lot to learn about the new computer.  And we saw our favorite sales lady at the AT&T store.
She is now a graduate nurse, doing some clinicals until she takes her state board exams.  Just the nicest person, knowledgeable, patient and friendly.  Helps us with our phones.
If I do not write again.  See you all in Indiana.  And if you have a Motor Home come to Indianapolis in August for the National FMCA convention.  jkc

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hospital at Busch & Cheeta Hunt

I  have just written about the surgery being performed here and somehow it is now all gone.
Help!  Ernie, can you find it for me.  But he is in bed, it is going on 11 pm.  Will wait until tomorrow.
this is a state of the art veterinary hospital at Busch Gardens.  They have the windows and then monitors on the walls so you can see the surgery or procedure being done.  When they got through with the red shouldered hawk, they were checking on 6 screech owls that had fallen out of the nest.
A wild life shelter had sent them over to Bush for a check up  One of the chicks had a broken leg.  We could watch them doing x-rays and checking the birds.  They will be sent back to the shelter and hopefully be released to the wild when big enough to fend for themselves.  A most interesting morning.  The other pictures are of the latest roller coaster.  Cheetah Hunt.  It is long, scary, and in the several pictures Ernie took you can see the cars at different positions at the top of the tallest part of the ride.  Just before the drop down.   We walked over to the smoke house for the bar b que platter.
Chicken, ribs and beef strips.  More than enough for one person, so we split one entree.  Rode the train all around and just enjoyed a final visit for this season.  more later  jkc