Thursday, May 28, 2009


We arrived home and the flowers were blooming! I was so worried that I would miss the show!

The poppies by the house were almost gone, but out in the garden, well, it used to be a half acre vegetable garden, the poppies were just starting to bloom. And the peonies were so full and pretty. Bowed over because of the hard rain, but still blooming and smelling good. The irises were partly gone, the brown ones were in full bloom and I found a yellow bloom. The big suprise were my minature rose bushes. Full red bloom! I had not seen any buds when we left and so this was a special treat to see them all full of blossoms. These roses were a gift from my Aunt and when we had to dig up the little garden near the house to dig out the old oil barrel I was worried they would not transplant. I say they, because the one plant had roots going in all directions and I was able to divide them and they all lived. So I have a whole row of roses.

I sent praises to God for this show of nature.

Still do not have the lawn mowed, but have gotten the bills paid. Oops another one in the mail!

And a friend ask me how I kept my shirt so white. I had to confess that this particular shirt I had not worn much. I do use Clorox II when I wash. And I really think it helps when I can hang clothes out on the line. When we get home from our winter season I take all the white t-shirts out of the coach, wash them and hang them out in the bright sunshine.

I had two long lines this year, mostly Ernie's and some of them mine. I use solar power when ever I can at home, and once in awhile when we are out on the road. A few campgrounds have lines to use.

Time for lunch. jkc

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memories from the Glass Rally

Frustrated Maestros at the GLASS Rally,. They are playing before the Friday evening entertainment. Three of the Hoosier Cruisers are in the chorus. The group does a lot of practicing and they are great to listen to during the rally.
Illinois Joe, one of our long standing members of Hoosier Cruisers. He commented that he was having a great time at the rally, looking forward to next year!. Then things changed. Rode his bike to town, had a flat tire and walked the bike home. He was told not to take it to start with as the tires were quite old. But, the next day he rode his wife's bike to town. FLAT TIRE! Walked home again. We do not know the comments this time! Next day, in line for ice cream, Joe found a ticket on the ground. Oh, boy! Then, he felt guilty, someone would not get their ice cream. When he got to the door a gentleman was searching all of his pockets. No ticket. Kind hearted Joe, had an extra ticket and gave it to the man.

Rem and Judy are in serious conversation and did not acknowledge the lovely clown that was

talking to the child. Neither was the child looking at the clown.

The Traveling River Boat Show. This man and his wife stroll thru the grounds singing for all of us. He plays the trombone and sings a lot of the good old songs.

The first ice cream social, courtesy of one of the RV dealers. Isn't is interesting how senior citizens stand in a LOOONG line for an ice cream sandwich? That's Susan beside Jane and Doug a little farther to the other side.

And this longer line was for a free PINT of ice cream. Only vanilla, we used to have a choice!

But, we aren't complaining.
Look for Greg & Betty, and Rick & Sandy.

This one was not supposed to be added, but someone did!. Great car, it won Best of Show, a 57 Chevie.

This one was Ernie's choice. A 1955 Pontiac. It is a neat car.

This one is a 1936 DeSoto Air Flow. A very nice car. He thinks it is all original!

and this is the crowd at the car show. It was a four hour show and they also had entertainment that was enjoyable. A nice addition the our rally.

AND on the way home I wrote these notes.

We are almost to S.R. 30. Left Berien Springs, MI., earlier. Down 31 to 30. It is grey and much cooler today. We had great weather for the GLASS Rally. About 860 coaches there.

It rained one night, but the days were sunny and nice. Went to two seminars. One on fruits and vegetables. 7 fruits a day and 10 vegies. All in a capsule, that she just happened to have in her booth. It was an interesting class. And she didn't really try to sell her product. I did not realize bananas had a lot of sugar. so I did learn something.

The other class was about geneology. He had several good points. some places to look up on the Webb.

The rest of the 4-5 days were spent visiting with friends, new and old, doing some garage sales and an antique shop. Did get to our association meeting, Had a two hour time limit and we were done in less than one. Ross had his agenda and everyone was happy. We were, as we got to stay for the entire meeting instead of leaving early as we have had to in the past. This meeting is held the same day that the Hoosier Cruisers serve the evening meal.

This job gives our club a per capita benefit for our club. We have made over $300. the past few years. That night we had pasta, potato or cole slaw salads, rolls, baked beans and 1/2 grilled chicken. With a variety of cheese cakes for desserts. Plus drinks. We save one half of the chicken to have for lunch the next day. We are to clean the tables and sweep the floor before leaving for the evening entertainment.

Sunday evening we did another meal with the National Great Lakers. On Sunday evening not only must we sweep the floor, but we have to take everything off the tables, fold and stack the tables and chairs to have them ready for the rental company to pick up the next day. We are tired after two day of this work.

The GLASS rally is the only area rally that provides meals. You get two breakfasts and a Friday evening snack. (sandwich, salad, roll and dessert) then you may buy the optional three meals . A breakfast and two evening meals. The caterer is from Holland, MI., and provides good food. The chickens are cooked on a long outdoor grill.

a good time----see you later. jkc

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Time passes

Hi! We are now at G.L A.S.S.we had a good time at Elkhart with the National Great Lakers.
a good group. Tues. was a busy day for moving around. Checked out Goodwill, no silver, also went to two different antique shoppes. Nice things, no buys for us. I guess the little butter knife and plate I got for 37 cents at Salvation Army will have to do for this trip. They polished very well. Did do a load of laundry. Tues evening Beth and Bruce asked if we wanted to go with the Maestros to Essenhaus. who turns down that? the odd couple that did not have a ride turned out to be Bob and Marilyn from Hoosier Cruisers. So we all had a good visit. And good food.
the Great Lakers had a circle talking and we joined them until someone said the Dancing results were on. the 17 teen year old gymnast won. Hoo ray for her. By 1%. Very good show.

Wed. Left Elkhart for Berien Springs by 9. Good road, took old 31 out of Niles, Michigan and it was great. No traffic. Parked near the grand stand in Handi Cap. Nice to be close to all the activity. Have seen several Indiana people and friends from Ohio and Michigan.
Beth and I are going out tomorrow morning for awhile.
Talk to you later. jkc

Monday, May 18, 2009

A good rally

Monday morning and we are deciding what to do this am.
Saturday was another rainy day. good donuts and coffee hour in the morning.
that afternoon we went to the RV/MH Museum. It is a new facility here in Elkhart that is
quite interesting. One problem the chip for the camera was in the computer and of course the computer was not with us. We all decided we preferred the our modern versions of motor homes. but all were improvements from tent camping. Well, most were improvements.
Then over to Essenhaus for an early evening meal. soooo good!
Home to rest and I went to the club house to play games. I came out high in the Mexican Train game. It happens the low is the winner!!!! A good time.
Sunday am more donuts and coffee. A good time talking and making new friends.
A lazy day did try to check out some garage sales. Most were closed, did find a small flea market. Stopped in to see Beth and Bruce.
We had to laugh. Wanted to get a few groceries and instead of just going a mile or two we looked up Meijer and Wall Mart. The GPS took us the back road and down south of the Concord Mall to Meijer. Not so bad, as we did look at some lawn chairs they had on sale. Did not buy any. Those who know the area----- we were not that far from Syracuse, we could have gone on home (to Syracuse) and visited my sister again.

Meijer had spiral hams on sale so we got a small one and had Beth and Bruce come down for sandwiches. Beth added a delicious blueberry pie. And the girls won two games of Eucher.
Hoo Ray for us!!!

I watched the final Survivor episode. JT WON! the person I wanted to win.! Tonight is the final of Dancing with the Stars.

So, after bit we may check out an Antique Mall.
But, we came back to the RV

Write later. jkc

Friday, May 15, 2009


Hey! Everyone!

We are now on the road again and it is not soon enough!

We are now parked at the Elkhart Campground with the National Great Lakers Club.
Pictured above are our Rally Masters. We caravaned to Cracker Barrel, 36 of us, for our evening
meal. then to the club house to catch up on what was doing what over the winter months.

We left home yesterday and stayed all night with friends. enjoyed seeing Doug's barn and all his toys. Betty was gone to a basket show and to give lessons. So we will have to stop there again so I can get her side of the story!

It has been raining since noon. RAIN, I mean RAIN! Makes the grass grow. See you tomorrow. jkc