Thursday, May 5, 2011


Hi!  It stopped raining long enough to mow the lawn again.  Looks much better this time.  When you mow the first time each spring, you never know how it will look.  And Ernie sharpened the blades on the rider and the push mower, and that helps a lot.

Help!  Help!  We are going to have our kitchen cabinets refinished and a dishwasher built in.  Where did I get all this stuff?  Canning equipment, some of the glasses and bowls the kids had when they were little.  Different size pans for baking, spring form, quiche pan, tart pans, a big glass loaf pan, and others, all stuck in the corner cupboard.  The one that you cannot get into very well.  Where I stuff stuff, that I use once in a while.  And then the good stuff.  Do my children remember that I actually have some Lennox China?  or some pretty tea cups?  And then the crystal etched pitcher, glasses, sherbets, creamer and sugar that came from Mother.   Where are the plates?   Maybe my sisters have them or rather they are gone, or she did not have them.
It will be so nice when it is all done.  I have waited too long for this, so I am not really complaining.  Just amazed at all the stuff.  Well, I knew it was all there, just, oh my.  Rummage sale and Good Will, here I come.  Ernie's sister has moved twice in their plans of building a new house.  She said she could not believe how much stuff she gave away, sold or???

Anyway, life is good.  Have a great day.  jkc

Sunday, May 1, 2011

April in Indiana

April in Indiana means rain!   We have been home 3 weeks today.  It started raining when we crossed the Ohio river at the Indiana border.  And it has rained a lot since then.  Today we finally got to mow the lawn.  1 acre plus of green hay.  Well, there is a lot of cut grass on the yard.  And tomorrow we will use the neighbors old lawn sweeper to pick it up.  Hope it works.  We haven't worked like  that for some time and tonight we are tired.  but the yard is much better.  The first spring flowers are gone.  I noticed that the lilacs are starting to blossom.  The red bud trees are losing their pretty pink blossoms and many trees are starting to show more green.  AND I found 3   yes   3 sponge mushrooms in our side yard, while picking up sticks.  We have had the white, round mushrooms in our yard before, but never the sponge type.  We had them for supper.  Just a taste and they were good.  Also fresh asparagus from the garden.  I must get out there to do something to the dandy lions that are trying to take over the asparagus.  I do not like those lions in my asparagus beds.

The other day our daughter in law made the comment "It's a small world, isn't it."  And those of us that travel know that this is true.  You frequently meet people that know someone you know or you know about them.   Well, the other day we went to this
country church (Christian Congregation Church) for the visitation of a friends mother that had passed away.  Ernie had worked with her son, Marty.  Marty had grown up in the area and his children had gone to the Alexandria schools.  Well, in talking with him, we asked if he knew the Wilson's.  Our daughter-in-laws maiden name.  Oh, yes,  His mother had been a Wilson.  We figured the two girls were probably 3rd or 4th cousins.
And we got to meet Danielles Uncle.  Her grandmother had two sons.  Jim and John.  We met John and introduced ourselves.  Oh, yes, Danielle married that fellow that can cook.  Yes, Alan was his name.  And what was also interesting, another elderly lady had heard us talking and she knew Danielles Grandmother.  The Grandmother died at age 103.  Well known in the community and church.   This lady pointed out "Uncle John" and others that might know Danielle or her Grandmother. 
We will talk more to Marty when we see him in May, as the fellows from Delco get together for breakfast once a month.

We are missing the first Hoosier Cruiser Rally this year.  Just too much going on and a few DR. appointments to get done.  The c-scan on Ernies lung came our the same.  The Dr. want another one in 3 months and if there is no change, then he will make it 6 months.  Possible just some little infection that will take time to heal.  But careful watching is the word for now.

Ernie has gone to bed and its time I went too.  I did get up  in time---actually just in time to see KATE get out of the car and walk up the red carpet to be married to Prince Phillip.  Beautiful gown and lovely wedding. 

As I was picking up sticks today, in preparation for mowing, I was complaining to myself,, grumble -- grumble.  And then thought how fortunate we are to be able to pick up sticks and not what is left of our home.  I thought of all the tornado's and the damage done.  Thank you Lord, were my next thoughts.  and the sun was shinning.  so life is good, even when you have to do some chores you would rather not do.

Take care, everyone.  jkc