Sunday, June 16, 2013


June 15th----   We worked outside today.  Started by cutting off some low limbs from our maple trees.  Low enough to hit your head when mowing.  Then Ernie cut them smaller to go in our burn barrel.  Yes, we can still burn things in a barrel.  We are out in the country and it is ok.   Then it was out to our big old pine tree.  Such a pretty tree, if you looked at it from the house.  But from the road the lower limbs were bare of needles and it did not look very nice.  So we have started cutting off the smaller parts of the limbs to get a path into the middle.  Then we will get the saw and saw those off.
Making a clean trunk about head high.
We had 5 wheel barrel loads full. Really full!  More to cut off also. I am reminded now and then, that when Ernie wanted to buy the wheel barrel at a garage sale I thought it was not necessary.
Well, I really like the darn thing and use it frequently.  It is a great tool when loading the RV.  I bring it up to the house, fill it with stuff from the fridge or closets and take it out to the RV.  Handy and not so many trips. Do the reverse when we get home.

Have you ever mowed a gravel drive?  We did today.  Due to not being home unless it rained or we had appointments, some weeds came up in the driveway.  Our drive is over 200 ft long and some of it does not get much traffic.  Ernie sprayed the weeds and grass with weed killer and then we had a brown and gravel drive.  So today he got out the old push mower with grass (weed) catcher and tried to see if we could mow the weeds down.  So together we mowed  and the drive looks much better.

The house in Syracuse is scheduled to close on the 20th of June.  Hope it all goes ok.
The bedroom( where I have put things from Syracuse) was a little neater and then I decided to change the shelf above the bed.
It was full of brass candle sticks that we collected when we first started traveling.
Need a brass candle holder?  I have plenty, inexpensive too!  Will put some pictures
on the shelf, with a few remaining brass pieces that I still like and want to keep.

We are going to a rally---next week-- in Ft. Wayne Indiana.  Yeah!

There were 10 from my class at the Methodist Homecoming last Saturday.  Enjoyed the day and had a good lunch.  The School of Nursing has a homecoming every 3 years.   Works out great and they still have good attendance.  The last nursing class was in 1967.

 Our son and daughter gave me a Mothers day gift of a free piano tuning.
Now I need to start playing again.  I took piano lessons for several years.  I now realize my piano teacher was very patient with me, I do not have the best sense of timing and rhythm.  But she always complimented me on how well I played the scales.
Still like doing them.  Limbers up the fingers.  Does any one else have the Readers Digest music books?  I got them when Nancy and Alan were still home. 

Our tomato plants have blossoms!!!!!  Yesterday I decided to get the clippers and cut the weeds away from the asparagus.  Our asparagus bed is rather sparse, it is only about 45 years old, the best asparagus is growing out in the grass, too root bound in the original bed.  Anyway, I even sat down to pull or cut those weeds close to the grown asparagus.  The weed eater cuts  aspargus faster than you can say  "oh no, not that one!"  You know what I am going to write next.    It is called CHIGGERS.  They had a family picnic on my body.   At first I thought I had gotten into poison ivy as I saw a little sprig of it under the pine tree.  No, Oh, No.  I do know the difference.  They are both bad things to have and get rid of.

and enough stuff, it is getting late.  Hope you all have a good day and Happy Fathers day to any Fathers reading this.


Sunday, June 2, 2013

June 1

A new month.  time goes fast, but yet so slow. 
the house in Syracuse has an offer and we close on or before June 15.  good offer,
Just trying to sell a house owned by 3 sisters and a brother, is not the easiest thing to do.   
 Ernie got out the old roto tiller Thursday and tilled a narrow spot to plant 10 tomato plants and 4 pepper plants.  I had already planted two tomato plants up by the house in my little mixed up garden.  It has miniature rose bushes,  that are now about 3 and 1/2 feet tall and full of pretty little red roses.  Ernie said I should divide them again and make the whole area a rose area.  But I also have some chives, sage and marigolds planted in that spot also.  And the big pretty pot of flowers Nancy gave me for Mothers Day.
The aloe plant is sitting there also.  Did not put it in the ground this year.  It is getting big and I have a smaller one I took to Florida last year
We have decided that the Florida way of life is the best.  No grass to cut, no 3 bedroom house to take care of, nothing to do each day, but what ever we decide to do
that morning.  Sometimes the night before, as we have to set the alarm to get going early to some of the flea markets.
The spare bedroom is now a disaster room.  3 mirrors, assorted puzzles, linens (towels, sheets, etc.) stuff       from Syracuse. 
  What shall we do with this?  Don't you want it?
No, but I took it and have all ready taken some things to Good Will.   Alan got some cast iron skillets and a nice roaster.  David got some more cast iron skillets and a few other things  Nancy has the triple mirror.  Hope to find a sturdy table for it rather than trying to bolt it to the wall.  It was once part of a dressing table.  My father had removed the drawers and used them as part of a base for book shelves.  And then bolted the triple mirror to the wall.  The two smaller outside mirrors may be moved so you can see on 3 sides.  My father had built at least 3 book cases and a cabinet that we kept our toys in.  Plus most of the cabinets in the kitchen.  Ahhh  memories.

We are just about finished with our round of Doctor, dentist, orthopedic visits.  All is well, I guess. 

We missed the first Hoosier Cruiser Rally.  A real bummer, but we were tired out from a trip to Syracuse.  Hope to get to the one in Ft. Wayne.  We have our reservation ready to mail  Now we have to finish getting the RV cleaned up and ready to go.  And we will miss the National Rally in Gillette, Wyoming.  I had hoped to go this year, mainly to see our Oregon friends.  But to much going on here, plus it is a long way out there.
This Saturday, I will go to Indpls to Methodist for the Homecoming.  55 years ago I graduated from the Indianapolis Methodist Hospital School of Nursing.  IMH
I will meet my former room mate and also another good friend there.  We try to get together once a year.  So I do look forward for next Saturday.

I have rambled on enough for now.  Hope everyone is having a good spring.  Summer will be here soon. 

good night    jkc