Sunday, January 19, 2014

January 17, 2014

January is half over.   Time does fly when you are having a good time.
Bob and Mable arrived Sunday and we have not stopped since.  Monday it was a trip around the area and to Parksdale for strawberries.  Tuesday it was Wall Mart for a new battery.  Wednesday was the flea market, McDonalds and more strawberries.  Thursday and Friday it was the Tampa Super RV Show.  Mable, Edna and I did not argue when the men said lets go to Bob Evans.  In fact we were about to say,  We are not cooking tonight!  And Saturday Mable wants to check out the Big Top Flea Market.  Sun it will be time for church.
A good time all week.  Today at the RV show there were 18 Hoosier Cruisers for lunch.  We know one couple bought a new coach, and the rest of us just bought stuff for our RV's.  We looked at many of the Class B RV's and left them all there.  We did talk with one of the salesmen from the Coach House Class B Factory.  It is located in Florida and we are thinking of going to Nokomis, Fl. and taking a tour of the factory.  You know that none of us have ever been thru a RV factory.   Besides this one is in the South.  We might learn something new.

Ernies brother David had open heart surgery this past Tuesday.  He came home today.  Their sister Aileen has been the person to be with David during this time and will stay with him for two weeks.  Ernie and I are so grateful that Aileen and John are there to care for David.  He is doing well and glad to be back home. 

We have had cool weather and the weather man said it will be cooler for the next month.  A day or two when it will be in the 70's but mostly cooler than that.  OK   The sun is shining and the lettuce is still growing.

The Brookville rally will be in another week.  We had a call from friends from Alabama that wanted to know if we would be there.  Be good to see them.

We are doing fine.  55 years together on the 24th.  Really,  always thought that over 50 years of marriage people were ancient.  And now there are days when I do feel ancient.  But life has been good, so won't complain.  Even tho "Arthur ritis" does visit most every day. 

Hey!  Have a good day or night.   jkc

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


It is cold every where, but Hawaii!!!!    Even here in Florida, it is down to 38 degrees at 9:40 pm.    there is a group of 4 couples. (well, one couple is
Beth and her Dad.) and we all pull out our cell phones to report what our families have to tell us about the cold and snow in Indiana and Ohio.  Mike and Edna live near Greenville, Ohio.   We are all glad we are in Florida, even if I did have to bring in my plants for two nights.

The holidays were quite warm.  The weather man kept saying, unseasonly warm.  School is back in session here.  Nancy said the Supt. for Indy must be from the South.  If he were from Green Bay, they would be back in school.  No school Wednesday either.  Alan reports about the snow plowing he and Daniel have been doing.  Tired of the work, but will be happier when that pay check comes.

We have had a few radishes and lettuce from my "container" garden.  The onions were just planted and so are not big enough yet.   May get a tomato plant yet this month.  Charlie gets a kick out of my little garden.  An interesting man, that all of us living here, do not always understand why he does what he does, sometimes.  Charlie is the owner of our park.

The Bob Evans we have gone to the past few years closed this summer.
A sink hole developed under it.  And the building started to crack.  They closed and a week later the kitchen was down 4 feet.  The building is still standing and they have put lots of cement under it.  They will tear down the building.  May build a new Bob Evans later.  Even with the cement I am not sure I want to go there. 

Go Colts!   I think they ought to practice outside this week to be prepared for this week ends game.  COLD.  

enough,  write more later.
Tuesday, January 7, 2014