Monday, February 17, 2014

Later in February

Still on the go   It is Sunday night.  
Thursday was a busy day, decided to go to Sweet Tomatoes for supper.  No one would go with us as they had had a late lunch.  We went alone.  Do enjoy the soups and salads.
Thursday night is bingo night.   for the past 5 or 6 weeks.  I thought I had the correct change in my pocket.  I did not!   So I borrowed 75 cents off Mike.  and left the evening in debt 75 cents.  I have yet to bingo this year.
Boo Hoo.   Hi Barb!
Barb said she like to read our blog   so   Hi!
We will see if she reads this one.   We were surprised when we got out of bingo.  A friend had left a flat of strawberries.  Good!!
Friday we went to Busch Gardens.  Saw all 4 shows.  Paul Revere and the Raiders were there.  Then a song and dance show, and ice show and the last one was not the greatest.  Two groups supposedly competing against each other and it was not well done. 

Saturday I went to a quilt show in Lakeland with Beth and her sister.  I know why I do not quilt.  Beautiful quilts that take time and patience.
And color co-ordinating and an eye for appeal.  I enjoyed listening to the two girls talk about the quilts.

Sunday, Beth and I walked to church.  Went to Big Top this afternoon and the Girl Scouts were there with COOKIES.   Came home with 3 boxes.
Trefoils, thin mints and dosi does.   Will not open them for awhile.  Will have to get more next week.  Try out a new kind.  The girl was hoping to sell 2500 boxes so she could get a lap top.  If they sold out today she will be at 1500 boxes.  3 or 4 more weeks to go.

Mike and Edna stopped by, Bob, Mabel, Ernie and Jane rode with them to Bob Evans for supper.   And while there a bus full of people from the Fort Wayne area stopped for supper.  They are on their way to Sarasota for 2 weeks by the beach.   sounds like they were going to have fun.

and that's all for now.  Time to play some spider solitaire before heading for bed.   Good night have a good day.   jkc

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Florida State Fair and other outings

Feb. 11, 2014

February has been a busy month.  We were in Brooksville, Fl., for the South Eastern Area Rally on the 1st.  We arrived on Jan. 29th.  A pretty day.  the next 3 days were wet and cold.  We did turn on the furnace a few times.  The second night when we had the generator running I turned on the electric blanket and shortly after the generator was turned off I was in my warm bed.  Saturday and Sunday were pretty days.  I drove the handi-cap golf cart Thursday and Saturday.  Thurs. I had a quilt (from knit fabrics, warm and heavy)   wrapped around my legs, 5 layers on the top half of me, long johns under my jeans and those heat pads on my feet.  Kept warm and many liked the quilt.  Saturday was warm and fun.  We had visitors from Alabama for a few hours.  So good to see Martha and Merrill.

The next week the Florida State Fair started.  We waited until Monday the 10th to go.  Pretty day, not really crowded and a good time.  bought some black pepper from the Watkins booth and some "gripstiks"  Those straw looking things you put on plastic bags to close them.  Very neat.  You can use them on cereal bags, frozen veggies when you use half a bag, cookie bags.  etc.    Oh, that reminds me,  We, Beth and I, took Bob and Mable over to the cookie factory.  Mable got 8 dozen cookies for $3.50    We all got some brownie crisps and I also bought coconut cookies.  They are sold whole sale.  they are rejects, broken and some excellent condition but had some left over after all orders were filled.  So the two, no three, places we like to go, all have something to do with food.  Parksdale for strawberry sundaes or shortcake, TOFAYON for cookies and Sweet Tomatoes for soup and salad.  Come to think of it so does the State Fair and RV show.

Today we traveled to Sarasota, to Sun and Fun Resort for the Hoosier Cruiser luncheon.  We have a room from 11 to 3 with a buffet at noon.  Rick makes the reservations at the park and is our host.  It is ideal as we have time to visit without having to leave right after we eat.  7 of us went from our park.  Edna and Mike are not Hoosiers, but they are friends of the 5 Hoosiers here at Charlies.  So we said come on down!! Good Time.

When the 7 of us are together we all get out our cell phones to show each other the snow pictures from home.  And Doug T. sent us a beautiful picture of his home and snow.  He is tired of persons that are south telling him the temps and shirt sleeve weather.  We also got a group of pictures from him showing us his plowed drive etc.  Yes, snow can be so pretty, we are glad we are south!!!!      Our son has a plow on his pick up truck.  His wife uses the truck, Alan the snow blower and shovel.  Danielle has 2 contracts to plow some parking lots and they both plow a low income housing complex in Alexrandia.  Danielle even went to Indpls that first week in Jan. and worked for 24 hours straight.  She was not going to go, but they said $100 per hour.   When Alan got off work at 2am, he rode with her.  3 pick ups would go down the street.  first one in the middle and the other two a little behind it to do the sides. 

Our daughter teaches in Indpls. and missed the first week of January because of the snow and extreme cold.  Her comments to us, you know it is bad when Indy closes its schools.  She also have 4 feline bed warmers.  Especially if she has her electric blanket turned on.  then they are on the bed before she is in it. 

Tomorrow is flea market day, kettle corn and Ernie usually finds some tomatoes.  more food.!

Have a good day.  Watching the Olympics!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

January 17, 2014

January is half over.   Time does fly when you are having a good time.
Bob and Mable arrived Sunday and we have not stopped since.  Monday it was a trip around the area and to Parksdale for strawberries.  Tuesday it was Wall Mart for a new battery.  Wednesday was the flea market, McDonalds and more strawberries.  Thursday and Friday it was the Tampa Super RV Show.  Mable, Edna and I did not argue when the men said lets go to Bob Evans.  In fact we were about to say,  We are not cooking tonight!  And Saturday Mable wants to check out the Big Top Flea Market.  Sun it will be time for church.
A good time all week.  Today at the RV show there were 18 Hoosier Cruisers for lunch.  We know one couple bought a new coach, and the rest of us just bought stuff for our RV's.  We looked at many of the Class B RV's and left them all there.  We did talk with one of the salesmen from the Coach House Class B Factory.  It is located in Florida and we are thinking of going to Nokomis, Fl. and taking a tour of the factory.  You know that none of us have ever been thru a RV factory.   Besides this one is in the South.  We might learn something new.

Ernies brother David had open heart surgery this past Tuesday.  He came home today.  Their sister Aileen has been the person to be with David during this time and will stay with him for two weeks.  Ernie and I are so grateful that Aileen and John are there to care for David.  He is doing well and glad to be back home. 

We have had cool weather and the weather man said it will be cooler for the next month.  A day or two when it will be in the 70's but mostly cooler than that.  OK   The sun is shining and the lettuce is still growing.

The Brookville rally will be in another week.  We had a call from friends from Alabama that wanted to know if we would be there.  Be good to see them.

We are doing fine.  55 years together on the 24th.  Really,  always thought that over 50 years of marriage people were ancient.  And now there are days when I do feel ancient.  But life has been good, so won't complain.  Even tho "Arthur ritis" does visit most every day. 

Hey!  Have a good day or night.   jkc

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


It is cold every where, but Hawaii!!!!    Even here in Florida, it is down to 38 degrees at 9:40 pm.    there is a group of 4 couples. (well, one couple is
Beth and her Dad.) and we all pull out our cell phones to report what our families have to tell us about the cold and snow in Indiana and Ohio.  Mike and Edna live near Greenville, Ohio.   We are all glad we are in Florida, even if I did have to bring in my plants for two nights.

The holidays were quite warm.  The weather man kept saying, unseasonly warm.  School is back in session here.  Nancy said the Supt. for Indy must be from the South.  If he were from Green Bay, they would be back in school.  No school Wednesday either.  Alan reports about the snow plowing he and Daniel have been doing.  Tired of the work, but will be happier when that pay check comes.

We have had a few radishes and lettuce from my "container" garden.  The onions were just planted and so are not big enough yet.   May get a tomato plant yet this month.  Charlie gets a kick out of my little garden.  An interesting man, that all of us living here, do not always understand why he does what he does, sometimes.  Charlie is the owner of our park.

The Bob Evans we have gone to the past few years closed this summer.
A sink hole developed under it.  And the building started to crack.  They closed and a week later the kitchen was down 4 feet.  The building is still standing and they have put lots of cement under it.  They will tear down the building.  May build a new Bob Evans later.  Even with the cement I am not sure I want to go there. 

Go Colts!   I think they ought to practice outside this week to be prepared for this week ends game.  COLD.  

enough,  write more later.
Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Friday, December 20, 2013

9 days until Christmas

Hi!   Winter wonder land in the North.  51 degrees where we are.  To be in the low 40's tonight.  We are glad we are South.

I want to go out at night soon to see Christmas decorations.  Usually find some pretty ones.  One home that has always had too much in their yard does not have anything this year.  So what happened?  did they move? an illness ?????  when you see things each year you miss it when it is gone.
I relate this also to driving any one place several times during the year.  Usually Ernie is driving so I notice the scenery.  This farm needs sprucing around the home, have the crops been planted, are they growing, and then harvested.  What has happened in the towns and cities that we pass through.
Always looking for changes and/or what stays the same.  Kinda like visiting your siblings and other relatives.  What have they been up to or how are they feeling these days. 

We have been blessed with 80 degree weather the past few weeks.  Hard to get in the spirit of getting my Christmas cards done.  I did send a few e-cards, and then did finish over the week end.  The little Methodist Church I attend here in Thonotosassa had their Christmas cantata last week.  Enjoyed by all.  The director/pianist wasn't sure what to arrange.  She had one member with a good speaking voice give a history of favorite carols.  Then the congregation was invited to sing along with the choir as they sang these carols.  There were only 10 in the choir and half of them are snow birds.
After Christmas there will be closer to 20.  If Easter is not too late, they have a good choir for that cantata.

more later.

8 days and counting.    About 3 am this morning I heard a bump, clunk and bump.   Thought, what was Ernie doing out in the living room.  Nope, it was not him, he was in bed with me.   So I got up, could not see a problem and then I heard the heavy patter of feet on top of the RV.   I think it was only one raccoon.  After going to the front of the RV he ran to the back and bump, clunk and bump went down the ladder.  His dirty paw prints were on the ladder.  We are across from the area of the dumpster.  The coons climb the shrubbery and get into the dumpster.  When they get in when it is empty they cannot get back out until the trash builds up again.  We had not seen them for the last week or so and were hoping that they were gone.  HA!
On our RV  that is where one was last night.

One of our first trips to Florida we were at Myakka State Park.  We were warned not to leave any food out, even in coolers as the coons knew how to get into them.  Around 2 am I awoke and saw a coon looking at me thru the roof vent.  He left in a hurry, along with a friend or two, off the back of the old Georgie Boy. RV.   Not my favorite animal.

It was cool last night.  Actually wore my jeans all day.  To be warmer  this week end and then cool off  for Christmas.  We shall  see.
Not much else going on.  To Plant City Wednesday for the flea market and a stop at Parksdale for strawberries.

Friday Dec 20
It was 86 today.  Just not right.  I am not complaining, but I do like cooler weather for Christmas. 
Have my Christmas cards done and 5 boxes of sweets sent to Indiana and Illinois.  If I eat any more chocolate I may start breaking out in zits like a teen ager.  Oh well, it tastes good.

Have a Merry Christmas,


Sunday, December 1, 2013

17 days

Only 17days that we have been in Florida.  Linda called today to ask how long we had been here.  We left early, to get away from the "things" that have to be done at home.  Lawn, etc. 
So did we get away from it all?  Of course not.  There are always things to be done.  Got the bugs cleaned off the windshield and then when the sun shone thru it was quite streaked.  So today, I cleaned the inside and it looks better.  No, there were not bug marks inside.  Just did a sloppy job cleaning the inside the first time.

Then today as we were sitting down resting, from walking home from the Church yard sale.  Austin came over,  "Want to pressure wash your patio?
I will bring down my pressure machine.  So we did and then had to take showers.  When the dirt between stones gets hit with pressured water, it spays all over.   Spotted like a dog. 

But the patio looks great.  No more black mold, dirt or what ever on the cement.  Also did the slab where someone had a shed or covered patio.
Near supper time we put more dirt in my two big round planters and planted
lettuce and radishes.  Also some marigolds.  Ernie said they were not a vegetable.

We have been over to Busch Gardens.  Changes have been made in different areas.  The Stanley Ville Theatre is now enclosed.  Not sure whether we like that or not.  The way they have the sound so loud, the acoustics are not good.  Hurts your ears.  The gardens are so pretty,  Lots of topiary
Christmas decorations. A pretty angel and just round balls of greenery lighted.  And so many poinsettias.   all colors, white, red, red and white, yellow and white. 

We saw three shows.  We like to watch the Castaway critters and see if they have taught the animals any new tricks.  then on to a "Vacation musical" at Stanleyville.  We stopped last at the ice show.  different this year, there were
6 children as part of the show.  All good skating, pretty costumes. and music.   

We are also walking.  Checked the mileage with the car.  After several trips around the park, we averaged .6 of a mile for one trip.  so we have been walking 1.2 miles each day.  a few times 1.8,  slow, but we are walking.

Will add more later, getting sleepy.   jkc

Wed. the 27th.   Day before Thanksgiving.   Bob and Judy stopped by.
Want to come to a Thanksgiving dinner?   Southern Aire is having a turkey
dinner at 4  There are two open spots.  so, yes, we will go and I will take some  apple salad.  So tonight we had turkey for supper.   I had bought turkey thighs for us.  Had some dressing, green beans and cranberries with cottage cheese.  We bought a sweet potato pie Tues. and had another piece of that after supper.  I only roasted one of the thighs, put the other in the freezer.  Will eat it some other day.  Have a Cornish hen in the freezer for possibly Christmas.  I had the freezer so stuffed when we first got here,  and so the ice cream bars were on the soft side.  It is a little empty now, at least the packages are not crammed and wedged in as it was when we left home.

We stopped at TG Fridays last week.  thinking we would get our special of endless soup and salad, with bread sticks and a drink.  Sometimes we even got cheese and nachos.  Prices have gone up.  Now it is just endless soup and salad.  No bread sticks, drink or nachos, unless you buy them.  Shucks.
Ernie has liked their clam chowder, it just wasn't as good as last year.
Thought we might try and different Fridays and see how their soup tastes.

this week end will be the time to get out our few Christmas decorations and
check out the card list.  Haven't decided if I will write a letter or just send cards.  Need to get more cards if I do just cards.

Not much else for now.   We hear and see on TV that Indiana is COLD.
It is supposed to get cold here tonight also.  Down in the 30's.  But warms
up on Friday, back to the lo 70's.   But we have the little heater out just in case we want it.  And the electric blanket is hooked up and ready to turn on.

Have a good night.  Sleep tight!


and later still.  Sat. Nov. 30  it did get cold and we had the heater on in the bedroom and the electric blanket.  The front of the coach was cold when we got up.  Today it is 75 with a cool breeze.  Got out the tote with the Christmas decorations to be put up this week end.  Depends on my mood whether I get everything out or just some of them.  The only free space I might use (on my credenza, the top of some cupboards, is full of tomatoes and fruit.  Will have to use the front dash for more than the little tree. 
The Big Top flea market has lots of Christmas decorations.  Did buy a little
castle JJ pin.  that's is 4 pins, so far this year.
We also got new I phones this week.  So our phones are now are hot spot for the computer and we save money by not having the little hot spot box.
Have to get used to using the phone to get on line.
We have sprouted radish and lettuce seeds.  Marigolds  no.

the water is hot so time to do some dishes.   Have a good day.   jkc

We have had rain.  Almost 6 tenths in the rain gauge.  That is a good rain for this part of Florida. 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

checking out the stores and neighborhood

Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2013

We will be here one week tomorrow.    We have checked out one of the Wall Marts, 3 Publix Grocery stores, 1 Winn Dixie grocery store, Home Depot, Lowes, The near by Sub Sandwich shop, McDonalds and the most
important one,  PARKSDALE, for a strawberry parfait!    And that is just getting settled in to Charlies.  Have not been to Sweet Tomatoes restaurant or Sweet Bay Grocery.  Oh, yes, We did check out the Big Top Flea Market on Sunday afternoon.  Perkins, this am, Ernie had a free breakfast coming as November is his month. 

With all those food places,  yes, we are walking.  Have gone from 1 round, divided for a rest, to 2 full rounds around our park.  2 rounds are about 1&1/2 miles. so we are progressing on our exercise. 

We heard from our son, and 2 pictures of our home, with the grass mowed and the leafs picked up.  He also checked out the eaves troughs.  Nice to have him do that chore for us.  He did say he would like to change a few things in our yard.  Could it be the 3 old rhubarb plants, or 2 old gooseberry shrubs, or even a few trees that have problems?  Then there are 2 asparagus beds, plus the poppy plants that are in the middle of where the garden used to be.   The peonies were already cut down and the forsythia has not had a chance to grow and be a problem.    We wonder what changes a new owner would make.  We have been there 50 years and we are sure they would change the landscape.

Both Nancy and Alan told us about the snow last night.  We had 83 degree weather on Monday.  It is down to 67 now at 10 pm.

We expect Linda and Austin any day now.  They said they would leave Saturday, but the snow may hurry them along. 

We are going to try the Plant City flea market tomorrow, so I better head for bed to get a good nights sleep.

Have a good day or night.

P.S.   We did get to Plant City flea market and we did most of the grounds.
      In our travels around this area it has been interesting to note the strawberry fields.   Some, the plants are very small.  A few are growing quite well, and every size in between.    Will not be long until we have fresh
berries.  Yeah!
We stopped by friends and made plans to go to Sweet Tomato restaurant tonight.  We did and it was good.  Not the choice of soups I really like, but the chicken pot pie soup was not bad.
it was windy today and much cooler.  We did wear our jackets and this evening I put on my long jeans.  But supposed to be back into the 70's Thursday. 


Look at a 1949 FORD 4 door sedan  like dad had . only wanted $12,000 for it,  Left it there

Sunday, November 10, 2013


And we are in Florida!!!!!!

Why are you leaving so early, ask Nancy, Danielle and Alan.  Because we can.    That is if on the 4th on the 5 week check on my hip, the Doctor says I may travel.  We will.  He did and here we are!   Sat. evening we took the family out to eat.  Good visit.  Sunday, Alan came down and helped us winterize the house.  And hook up the car to the RV.  More just to show him how it is done, as Ernie and I have our routing for that job.  He will come back later this month to mow one more time and check the eave troughs for leaves.

Ernie had one last visit with the hearing aid specialist, Kathy changed the compression and he was told, by the Dr.  to take some antibiotic for his stuffy ears that hurt at night.  He is feeling much better.  In fact he drove most of the way.

I drove an hour or two each day, just enough to give him time to move about and relax? a bit.  We were tired when we arrived about 4 pm and the 6th.  We got the electric hooked up and then the fittings had corroded for the water and we were not sure of the sewer connection.  so we added enough water for showers and did not connect anything but the electric.

Now all is fixed, new connections and fittings for the sewer hose.  Slide is
finally out and we relaxed.  Nice to be here in our spot.  Charlie, (the owner) has stopped by twice.  Once to say hello and the Ernie wanted to show him something so he stopped again to day.  And they talk awhile--
no surprise there.

Will write more later,

good night


Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Hi!    Time goes fast.  the month of October is here. Pumpkins, falling leaves,
cooler? temps., and fresh cider!  

I am going back to September.   We made it to the GLAMA RAMA, in Goshen, IN.  And it was a success.  GLAMA stands for Great Lakers Area
Motorhome Association.  And the rama for our area rally.  The Michigan Knights club had operated the GLASS rally each May for many years.
It was time for the rally to be produced by all of the chapters instead of just the one.   And the committees worked their tails off, having all the clubs that were participating volunteer for various jobs.   And the National President, Charlie Adcock, Sr. Vice Pres.  Jon Walker and Exec. Director
Jerry Yates were there for the full time.  You saw them every where, and if you did not get a hug from Charlie or Jon, it was your own fault.  Their smiles and presence gave the rally that extra, needed for a first time rally.
We will meet again in June, 2014.  And I feel it will be another success.
They thought to break even at 400 coaches.  We had 465 give or take one or two.  Good time, Good entertainment and good ice cream.  Your choice,
A & W root beer float or make your own sundae.

Then it was back home.  And the knee hurt and the Doctor said, yes, there is a little arthritis on one side of your left knee.  But it is your hip that needs to be replaced.  It is bone on Bone,  no cartilage.  This I knew, but was putting it off.  No more.  Oct. 1, in Anderson, I got a new left hip.   I have a good home nurse, named Ernie.  some days we were not sure who was the most tired.  But, he has changed the bandage and made a great device to put on those pesky support hose.  And taken me out to eat most every day.  Monday, the 14, the 29 staples come out and I should feel better.  The staples are pinching and the tape is itching. 

We are missing the last Hoosier Cruiser rally.  It is at Rockville and the covered bridge festival.  I had wanted to go, no way, this time

Ernie just came in, he has been doing some maintenance on the RV.
Wants to mow the lawn.  He sprayed for weeds last Tuesday and the dandylions are looking sick.

We hope to head for Florida about the second week of November.  Shall see what the Dr. says.

I had other thoughts I was going to write, but they are gone for the moment.
Hope to be on the road again soon.  If you travel have a safe trip, enjoy the fall and take care.


P.S. Sunday the 13,

I am wide awake, so thought I might add to the  blog.
The grass is mowed, may have to bale it in some places.  Fertilizer will do that, plus some rain along the way.  The grass is looking good under the pine tree.  We cut off many lower branches this summer and planted grass seed.  A few bare spots, does anyone get a perfect seeding the first time?
This time of year, you expect to see dry or yellow lawns.  With the rain we had last week, everyone is mowing lush green grass.  Looks great. 
Afraid to say this, but no frost yet.  Hope not for awhile.  We really had not planned to winterize the RV.  Hoping to be gone before a freeze.   We shall see.

Our daughter had to make a 10 minute presentation (along with 2 other teachers) to another group of teachers, about school, then and now.
She had a picture of her great grandmother (my grandmother) and her teaching certificate.  The back had her grades, all over 95%   And the subjects?  guess?, not like they have now.   Also a little desk bell I have of my Grandma Freeman's.   Then she skipped to Ernie's Aunt Jennie.  Aunt Jennie taught in a one room school for several years.  Nancy had pictures of the inside of the school and told how students took care of the building.
Ernie helped on that as he attended a one room school.
And then she came to the present and her own class room.    29 students.
And I add she has told me that at least 2 of them should be in mentally handicapped classes.  2 or 3 more have other problems.  she gets her class down to 22 or 23 and they have a decent class room.  I like the idea that she tries to talk with her students about some of the issues the problem students have and how to treat them and behave around them.  So many of her students do not have parents to help them learn.    anything!

Well, I am still not sleepy, but I have rattled on long enough.
Good night.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Friday the 13th

I cut off the forsythia!  Finally!    Then we burned all the cuttings.  Smoke
is still in my hair.  did get some in my eyes also!

I am achy from my waist to my knees.  Yesterday it was back on the roof of the RV to put some gel coat on the top of the front and back.  Cannot reach it with the ladder.  Well, I can the back, but in front you also have to lean over the windshield a bit and on a higher rung on the ladder than I like to be.  So I lay down and reach over the edge and polish.  Can't tell a whole lot of difference, but it will help make it easier to get the bugs off. 

Ernie did a bunch of small maintenance jobs that needed to be done.
plus helping me move the cut off forsythia.  Maybe it will grow back, The humming bird has been buzzing me.  I do not know if he thinks I should make his "juice" stronger or he is telling me it is about time to head south.
We think so too.  Will probably not leave until November.

The neighbor has had some of his corn cut for silage.  The last few weeks have been so dry the corn dried earlier than it should for full kernels. 

I am getting sleepy.  Talk to you another day.

Monday, September 9, 2013


Sept. 9, 2013

I finally did it and got it done!!!!!!!  Yeah!!!!

The rubber roof is clean, both sides, front and back, Washed.  Now who wants to come help me put the gel coat polish on.  I started on the front.
Where all the bugs hit.  Figured that would help when I clean off the bugs.

That's all.  I a tired, I did the the roof and one side last Thursday and today did the rest.  Oh, yes, I cleaned the windows also!

good night

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Baby birds are gone

Sept. 5, 2013

Our Grandsons birthday.  26 years ago we sat in the St. Vincent Hosp. while Nancy labored to have this little boy.  Not so little now.  Always enjoy him when we do see him.

The baby birds hatched,  two of the.  One was big, and mother bird did not like my peeking in on them.  They hopped out of the nest soon and stayed in the bush for some time.  then they were gone.??

Have yet to cut down the bush.  Need to trim the shrubs at the side of the house also.  Was going to do that today, but instead I moved up the
RV ladder and scrubbed the roof.  and awning covers. Best way to do that with out falling off the roof is to lie down and lean over the edge. Got rather wet, Ernie said my behind was wet.  so I tried to spay him with the hose.  He would like to get up on the roof also, to check out the stuff up there, but the knees
are not the greatest this summer.  Got that done, and since I was wet all over anyway, ( I would wash myself off with the hose as my capri's were dirty wet.  Then I would clean some more.)  I came in and took a shower.  After lunch I washed the passenger side of the coach and than called it quits.  Those muscles that I do not use every day are telling me they ache!!!

We had the front end of the RV aligned a few weeks ago.  Drives better.

and we have tomatoes!!!! I even canned some juice this year.  Our grape arbor had just enough grapes to make 1 large and 1 small grape pie.  They
are in the freezer.   Have green and red peppers also.
The neighbors kept us supplied with corn and green beans.

Have you ever made peach pie by just putting fresh sliced peaches in a baked pie shell, use a glaze on the peaches and whipped cream on top of a slice.  Oh, it is good!!!  Fruit has been good and plentiful this year.

We miss having a big garden,  only for the veggies we get, but not the work a nice garden entails.    So we mooch off the neighbors.  and they do not mind.

It is getting late, wish you all a beautiful fall season.