Wednesday, January 23, 2013

JJ pins and fleas

We bought the 8th JJ pin this season today.  A mouse. holding his tail up and he has google eyes.  We have been going to the Big Top flea market near us.  It is in a building   like a big top or wheel.  the spokes being where different shops are located.  At one time it was really quite the place to go.  Now there are only two wings with stalls for "garage sale or flea market items.  A few produce stalls and then there is Gene.  A fixture for many years.  In his 80's, nothing else to do and so he stays on.  He really does not have much new stuff to add to his shop.  A grandson, helped him clean it and put out things that had been in boxes below his tables.  He just does not have the business he once had years ago.
Then we go to the Plant City flea market.  It is out on the grounds.  People have tables or put a tarp or blanket down for their stuff.  And Stuff it is.  A lot of Latinos trying to sell all kinds of stuff.  I use the word stuff-----because that is what it is----stuff.  They have gotten a few more vendors that are more like garage sales.  We have only found 5 pieces of silver.  Small pieces and not really highly collectible. 
In two weeks we hope to get to the Webster flea market,  this is a big one, and there is another market just north of it.  Maybe we will find some of the silver plate we like to collect.

How about those pictures of the Hoosier Cruisers at the Tampa Super RV show!  It was a good show.  Many, many rv's of all types.  NO we did not buy one.  Looked--- and came home to one that is paid for and comfortable.
There are several members of the Club that are in Florida and we try to go to the RV show the same day, just to say "Hello"  and visit.  Next month we will go to Sarasota for a 4 hour gathering of Hoosiers.  While at the Rv show, the picture of Connie and Randy are good friends from New Jersey, now Florida.  Randy started walking beside me and I was about to give this guy a dirty look, instead I gave him a big hug.  They are only about 20 miles from us, so we will see them again. 

Busch Gardens have started their music series.  This week was the Terry Myers band with the Swing Sisters.  the music is Benny Goodman music and the Swing Sisters sing Andrew Sisters songs.  Next week it will be Glen Miller music.  this week I saw a man with a Purdue Boilermaker Jacket on.
Yeah!   The ice show was the same as last year.  The costumes are pretty and colorful, music good and a nice story line to go with the program.  We will probably see it again this year.

I planted some leaf lettuce and green onions in a big planter when we got here.  The onions are finally getting big enough to eat, even if I have been pulling them early.  The lettuce is tender and delicious.

It is a little cooler the past few days.  In the 60's and low 70's.  Better than too hot.  I am not complaining, just telling you what the weather has been.

And now it is time to ????  Take care

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Two Fun days 17th and 18 of Jan.

Tampa RV Super Show   friends from New Jersey and Florida, Connie and Randy.
Hoosier Cruisers at Tampa RV Show  John, Jane, Rick, Tony and Greg.      Marta, and Sandra.     Jill, Betty and Beth.  We had lunch together.
The Busch Garden Hard Hat Band.  Playing on coolers, tool boxes, trash cans and upside down traffic cones.  Not bad, and they got someone from the audiance to try out the drums.
The Finalae of the Ice Capades Ice Show at Busch Gardens.  Fun show, going to different regions of the world.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A busy day

Or a busy week would be more like it.    Last Thursday we took the RV to  the shop and got 6 new Michelin tires put it.  How do you spell Michelin?
anyway, we have 6 new tires of that brand.   Today, Tues. we went to Lakeland,Fl. to talk to someone at Creative Coach about our windshields.
Creative Coach is a business that puts in new windshields, after aligning the front end of the coach., paints, does interiors, and what ever else that needs repaired.  I guess.  We decided to have them check out our problem.  Interesting.  The man, Lester, needed to see the coach.  We drove back to Thonotosassa, prepared the RV for a trip and took off for Lakeland.
Lester was not happy with the way our windshield had been put in last summer.
They will take out the windshields, align the front end, replace the cracked passenger side, and also the driver side if it has any problems.  We will get an estimate in a day or so.   Two chunks of money for our beloved 1998 motor home.   We think it is well worth it, safety wise, for sure.

Tomorrow starts the Tampa Super RV show.  We will go and look.  We are not planning on a new coach.  And how many people have said that and the next thing you know they are driving a new RV?  Keep you posted on that one.  The problem with these shows are all the "goodies" that are for sale just for the RVing family.  And we usually find something to buy.  or put our name in to win.  Ha, ha.

Ernie is starting to feel better, so he told his sister.  And she thinks that is a good sign, when he says it.  And part of it is getting the new tires and windshields fixed.  Just in time for a busy time here in Fl.  The music series starts at Busch Gardens this week., RV show, Flea markets, and in 3 weeks the South Eastern Area FMCA rally at Brooksville, Fl.  We have our credentials for that rally.  Coming up,also, in February is a Hoosier Cruiser Luncheon and a National Great Lakers date at Parksdale.  We get our strawberry sundaes and then go to a local park for visiting time.

This past Friday I was fixing supper and who walked in, but our friends from Alabama.  So good to see them.  And then we saw them the next day at the local flea market.   Part of the enjoyment of RVing.  

In spite of the aches and pains and Dr, visits, retirement for us has been great.  A life style change with the motor home.  One that we have embraced and enjoyed.  Talking with the secretary today at the Creative Coach business, she stated that she had met only one couple that the wife just hated the RV.  Would be glad when her husband got it out of his system and she could go back to a brick and mortar home on land. 

And with that I will close for today.  If you are in the snow==our thermometer said 88 today.  Supposed to get into the 60's next week and maybe low enough to frost.  Have to bring in my plants.

Have a good day.  jkc

Friday, January 4, 2013

A day in January, 2013

AAAUGH   I forgot to pull out the handle that lets out the grey water and I did a full load of laundry.  I was saved by the fact that our shower is with in a tub.  The tub was full and the mesh laundry bag with a few things in it was almost floating.  I only wanted to do one load this pm.  But I did two and sanatized the tub, clothes pins, ( I do have a place to hang things out here in Fl. )&  whatever else was floating in the tub full of water.

And if there is another blog message that starts out with aaugh   it is because I hit the wrong button and it disappeared into computer neverland.
I do that every now and then and cannot find where the computer hides it. Sometimes Ernie can find it.  and once in a blue moon I find it.  but do not know how I did it.   

Beth's daugter left yesterday, we miss her, going by with Beth to someplace or other.  Often on their bikes.  We saw Beth today off on her bike.  We had a very foggy morning yesterday.   But we decided to go to the Patriot Flea Market anyway.  Near Zepherhills.  And it was busy.  did not really have any good buys.  We have not found any silver plate yet.  I guess we will have to go to Webster Flea Market.  Only problem with that place, we spend more money there.  It is a very big market.  Some covered areas, but a field full of vendors.  Some are regulars and some not.  An interesting place.  And two good restaurants near by.  

Ernie is imrpoving.  Beginning to feel more like the usual Ernie.  I have been knitting, dishcloths.    And reading.  Santa brought me a Kindle paperwhite, and I have been getting free books thru

We did go to lunch with Linda and Austin.  With school being out we had not been to lunch with them for the last two weeks.  Good to catch up with what they have been doing with their family.

before I lose this much I will close.  Hope you all have a Happy New Year.