Friday, November 30, 2012

We have arrived

We arrived Wednesday, November 28th, at 2:10 pm, or there about.
Austin came down and guided Ernie right into our spot, perfect the first move back.

Ernie got the water and electric connected and the slide out.   And that was it for the day.   Good hot showers and early bed time.   We did push and kept going, decided once we got there we could rest.   So what is that saying  "no rest for the wicked?"
I do not think we are wicked, but the water heater has sprung a leak.  One wet bin.
So no hot water, a new one on the living room floor, while we get all the parts and ideas put together to install a nice new water heater.   This one has electric, gas and bypass type heating.  Due to some problems we may just get the gas system going and do the electric when we get back to Indiana where all the necessary tools and gadgets are housed. And get Alan to help hook up the bypass system. 

Austin and Linda came down Thursday and we went out to lunch.  She told me the latest about the Plant City Flea Market.  Ready to go next week and stop by Parksdale for some strawberries.

Good to see the regular people here.  Have a couple of new persons.  Jack was here today to clean his rig, hope He and Nikki will be over soon.  It is always pleasant to greet and see friends we have made here in the park.  Will get busy with Christmas cards and decorations next week, after the water heater is in and things are properly put away. 

Tired   Ernie is in bed, won't be long before I am also.  Have a good day.


Dothan, Alabama

Tuesday evening and we are at the Flying J in Dothan. Alabama.   Interesting meals
Last night I ordered a skewer of shrimp over a bed of rice pilaf. I got two skewers of shrimp.   Good deal.  This was in KY.
Tonight I ordered the same thing and Ernie ordered the same also.  We only got one skewer of shrimp.  OK  that is what the menu said.   But we did not get any rice.

Go figure.   It was good and we had a good salad and corn to go with the meal so it was ok.   We did tell the waitress and she was going to tell the cook.   So which one was wrong which night?

A long day today.  Ernie started driving (we got up Indiana time) and we were on the road by 7:30.  that is 6:30 CST which is what we are on now.  Except for our watches.
We were in the beginning of the Nashville rush hour traffic.  While bad, it looked worse coming North when we got thru Nashville.  Then I took over and drove to half way between Birmingham and Montgomery.  Nice, easy driving.  Felt pretty good
Then Ernie took over after lunch and drove to Dothan    mostly in the rain.  He had the not so great driving today.  And was worn out.  Just too long of a day.  for us   and after his surgery. 
Had a 10 minute stop in Troy, Al.  They were working on the stop light.  I thought the man was going to crawl into the yellow caution light.  He opened it up and really stuck his face into it.  Could not get it right and so they made him put down the "cherry picker" and let the long line of cars through.  2/3 miles of backed up traffic. 

Talked with a lady from near Fargo, North Dakota. at a rest stop.   I ask why they did not just go south.  She like flowers, Arizona is too brown and together we said, Texas is windy.
They had a looonng 5th wheel.  We like our motor home.  The people in the rest stop were having lunch.  Smelled of old cabbage.  So I ask what they were eating.  The door was open and the man was sitting there eating.  red beans in ice.  Doesn't that sound good.   No, it did not too me.  The aroma was strong.  Oh, he also had collard greens and carrots.   No thanks.  Friendly.

Tonight in the restaurant there was a gentleman with a shirt on that was more like a short kimono.  Figures on the back may have been Oriental.  And on one sleeve a black cuff with writing,  something and then America.  He sat very proper (not hunched over, etc,) and ate properly.  ok  ok   His manners were very good.  Almost out of place at Denny's.  Although good manners are proper anywhere.

And I am rattling on---- time to stop.   Have a good day.


Heading South

Monday, November 26, 2012

Doctor gave us the ok Nov. 15th.  And when Ernie told him of his "complaints, all 5"
he sad "I expect that and your are where I expected you to be.  The bypass surgery you had 20 years ago was serious, and you were able to bounce back.  Lung surgery is even more serious, YOU ARE 20 YEARS OLDER, so expect a longer recovery period.  Like 6 to 89 months."  Coughing, is better since seeing Dr., but the other 5, like tiredness and no desire to do the things he really wants to do are not there.  It will be a long haul for an active man such as Ernie.  The Dr. said "If Jane helps to drive, by all means head for Florida, relax, enjoy the warm weather, what ever you two do while there."
   So, Today, after feeding the RV some diesel at Meijer, at 8:08 am I started driving and we headed south.   It has been awhile since I have driven this rig, last spring, so I was slow on the go.  And then IND 9 is 55 mph and we took that to Seymour.  And at the rest area just south of Scottsburg, Ernie took over and drove to the rest area site in Munfordville,KY.  And I drove the rest of the way to Franklin, KY, Flying J./ Pilot truck stop.  This time on I 65 and the GPS said I was driving 70,  Just keeping up with all the truckers!  Traffic was not bad.  Not until we got to 65, and then wasn't as bad as other trips.  so Ernie is resting, the store is out of today's newspaper and I have resorted to the computer. 
We fed the RV again.  And it was easier this time, in a way.  We saved 11 cents off the regular RV diesel fuel price, with our Pilot /Flying J/ Good Sam card.  That was great.
Stying here we will not have to unhook the car, which is a plus right now.  Alan came over Sunday, got the air compressor and blew out the water lines in the house, checked the tires on the RV and car.  Then helped get the car hooked up to the RV.  So, all we had to do this am is put last minute things in the RV and take off.  So nice to have Alan help us get ready. 
    The Colts won Sunday.   Good for them.  I watched the last 5 minutes. 
We had an enjoyable Thanksgiving.  Nancy, David, Alan and Danielle were there.  My mashed potatoes just are not done like I used to and the white meat of the turkey was dry.  I enjoyed the dark meat.  A good visit, Alan and David started a line,  now if we had a truck, some hot coffee and sandwiches do you suppose we could make money selling to those people in line on Black Friday.  It kept getting bigger and more elaborate as the day progressed.  Good time.
   We are glad are neighbors are home from the service.  Brian has been stationed in Kansas the last year and gone 4 years.  We have missed them.  And he is happy today, he got a deer, a doe, on Saturday. 
We made a trip to Syracuse for our annual birthday dinner at Essenhouse.  We celebrate 2 birthdays.  My 2 sisters and 2 brothers and spouses  A good time  And that coconut cream pie was delicious.
   Have a good day, time for e to play some spider before Ernie is ready for supper.