Thursday, May 2, 2013

Its May Day!

Happy May Day!    Did anyone leave flowers on your door step, ring the bell, then run and hide?  Did that a few times when I was much younger.

We have survived the first round of Doctor visits.  Next come the Dentist, hearing and skin Doctors.  The family, lung and heart Dr.'s all say Ernie is doing well.  Will have some shortness of breath and be tired.  Take a nap, a good idea for some one our age.  (Seems like they have been saying that a long time.]  Lung and heart Dr.'s changed dosage on some meds.  Helped with the cough, time will tell with the others.  so that is good   just need some pep to do the things on the to do list.  Ernie's is longer than mine.
Our lists in Florida are much shorter and usually contain items such as
go to flea market, or lunch or Busch Gardens. 

Ernie  has mowed twice now,  or 3 times.  I have done a little mowing with the push mower.  Have a few tulips left and just planted some pansies.
I do like pansies.  and most flowers.  Trees are tuning green.  Spring has sprung and rain has been gone for 3 days.  It will come back this week end.

I just lost this blog, took me 5 minutes to find it again.  It bugs me, I inadvertently his the wrong key, and presto, everything is gone.  Who know where the stuff hides.  I found it this time tho.  Time to stop while I am ahead.

Have a good day.  We will head to Syracuse Thurs. for more house cleaning.  Who know what I will want to bring  home.


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Time Flies

and my Mother once wrote that in a letter to me and drew some birds flying.

We are now home in Indiana.  Two weeks?   Seems like a longer time than that.  The daffodils are now about gone.  Forsythia bush is becoming green instead of yellow and the grass needs mowed.  But it is wet and raining this week.

We have been gone two days and are leaving again for 3 days. Help!

For the last two years my brother and I have been trying to convince my two sisters that the home in Syracuse needs to be sold.  We are getting older, I am the youngest, and the house will need repairs that we do not want to do.  Such as a new roof.  Plus general maintenance.
Finally, this year we had a friend and former real estate agent, now a consultant, come in, view the house and give us the information about the house.  She was good.  All 4 agreed this time to sell, and agreed on an agent.
Pat left, called us 10 minutes later and said the real estate man and daughter would be there in 15 minutes.  7 pm the for sale sign was in the front yard.
Talk about doing things NOW.  The next day we did some cleaning and furniture rearranging and came home.  Today we are going back  to Syracuse to go thru some things we put on the back porch, box them up and take them to the thrift shop or to the persons wanting some of those kitchen items stored in the basement.  Like big pots, cast iron skillets, vases, you name it, it was down there.  And we thought we had cleaned out the basement a few years ago.

Ernie and I are tired, mentally and physically.  And we have been eating out when we were in Syracuse.  Not good when we both have routine Dr. appointments next week.

While in Florida, Rita had brought the game Rummykub and 5 of us are playing the game.  So we have managed to find the game also.  Last Sunday I made a pie, called, Rita & Clayton, and Beth,  come over for pie and coffee.  Rita had just made a big pot of soup, she brought that and Beth brought some cheese and crackers.  A good time.

Have talked with a sister-in-law and a niece yesterday.  Good talking with them, not only about the house, but about their families. 

Wind and rain have been the weather this week and looks like next week also.
Managed a couple of time to have a mostly dry day to hang out some laundry.  I prefer to hang my sheets and T-shirts outside.  Nothing like Mother Natures drying system.  Do not have to use those smelly sheets in the dryer.  No, I do not like the smell of any of those softener sheets.  Good ole sunshine for me.   But I do use the dryer for my towels, jeans and a few other things.

We heard from a friend from Pennsylvania that is wife did not survived the
liver by pass surgery.  We met them in Arizona at Judge Roy Bean estate.  Shirley was wanting Ernie and her husband to stop talking so they could be on their way.  Then we saw them at Big Bend National Park in Texas, met them in the White Mountains and have seen them the last 6 or 7 years.  The next winter they looked us up, what to do in Florida.  She decided that she was glad the fellows kept talking.  And now Shirley is with her Lord.  They were Missionaries for the
Navajo Indians in Arizona and another tribe in Canada.  Interesting friends,
we will miss her.  

Time to hang this up and get on with the day.  jkc