Tuesday, June 2, 2009


This week it was mow the lawns time. Ernie mowed the neighbors and I did ours. Our neighbor has had surgery and is not allowed on a mower for while.
anyway----- I did get ours done. Not like someone else does it, but the hay was cut and the yard looked better. While mowing I had to go by the strawberry patch. This time i picked two quarts of nice juicy red berries. so good and fresh!

We also got the poppies transplanted. They were taking over my little flower bed next to the garage. Even if only a few live, that will be great. It is time for them to die down anyway, so I will have to wait till fall to see if they will live.
And all the annuals have been planted. Looks much better. Does anyone need hens and chickens? I have two buckets and a flat full of them. Will take some to our rally this week end. Not much new, just enjoying the good weather so we can be outside. Oh, the nicest thing. We got out the swing. Several years ago our son made me a swing to fit the old iron swing set the children had. Nice long swing.
Great to sit on and eat watermelon and just spit the seeds out anywhere. One year
we did have a plant come up, we mowed it down. And relaxing to sit and watch the birds at the feeder and bird bath. They can splash water around very well.
Have a nice day. JKC