Sunday, March 25, 2012

Good Times

Dan and Donna from Canada and their kettle corn wagon.  We enjoy talking with them each week.  They were at the Webster, Florida, flea Market.  when this picture was taken.  Then we see them at Plant City Flea market also.   Yes, we do go to several different flea markets.  Fun.  And I now have my birthday presents.  I have many more JJ pins for my collection.  a cow and a lamb that have dangley legs.  A set of 3 clowns, cats, a moose and a catus plant.   Ernie likes finding them almost more than I do.  I will pass on the more expensive ones. The last  picture is of of their daughter, Crystal.   She works selling the kettle corn also.  They also go to the
Auburndale Market on the week end.  This market requires that the y

 leave their kettle there in a small building.  They leave it there all the time.  They are not sure they will bring the trailer down next year.  We shall see.   The third picture is at Busch Gardens at the elephants compound.  The elephant behind the door is the matriarch of the 5 elephants.  she did not want one of the elephants there, so she trumpeted and moved her out of the area.  They waited awhile before giving them treats.  Did not want her to think she could make noise and push out one and still get a treat.  It is interesting how the animals  act.  They pat the elephants on their tongue and rub their ears.  The feed them  about a dozen apples at a time.  Just pop them in their mouths.  And a whole coconut.  You heard a crunch and the elephant spit out a broken coconut.  The keeper cut it in smaller pieces .
But we have seen one of the elephants step on the coconut and then eat it all.  They were also pouring some Gatorade in their trunk.                                                                                                          The third picture is of Clayton and Rita at Parksdale.  We had been to Webster flea market and stopped by Parksdale for our strawberry sundaes.    A good time, and Rita found a few buys at the flea market also.                                                                                      

They are staying at Palmetto, Fl. for a month. We got together with Bruce and Beth and played cards.  Tuesday they came over and we took the Boat tour around the commercial side of Tampa Bay.  The boys are ahead in bid euchre 3 to 1
Wednesday was Plant City flea market and when we stopped at Parksdale we were joined with Austin and Linda.  Ernie and I had strawberry milkshakes that day.  Then Ernie and Austin went to a motor home junk yard to look for a part.  Linda and I took the long way home, going by their daughters former home and checking out another place where we are trying to decide what they are going to build.

Thursday was Busch Gardens Day.  The last week for concerts.  Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr. were the stars for this week.  We were walking to the theatre and saw some of the band walk by and go into the back of the theatre.  Said something to a couple sitting on a bench right there.  They said, they sit there each week and watch the stars walk by to the theatre.  So after 40 minutes or so the four of us walked into the theatre and kept on talking.  About the Golden Age pass senior citizens can get.  This pass lets you into National parks and attractions free.  Ernie was showing Jim and Laine the pass, when the man behind us said, "mine is newer and different than that"  And then the couple in front of us wanted to know what a Golden Age pass was and how it is used. So we were all talking about where we went camping. We had a great time.  And the show was good also.
Friday we were shopping, at a real store, Old Time Pottery, and Jim saw me and then heard Ernie talking to Alan on the phone.  Came over, It is you, we saw you at Busch!  They were there with his sister and brother in law.  They said that Jim and Laine had been talking a lot about this couple they met at Busch.  What a coincidence to meet again the next day.                                    Saturday, oops, Ernie woke up not feeling so great.  He either has a good head cold or severe allergies.  And a cough that starts with his toes.  Sounds awful.  He is now in bed  and it has been quiet.  Hope he can sleep better than he did last night.   I am fine.  Did make two turns around the park with Beth after supper.
Have a good night.   jkc                      P.S.   While at Busch Gardens we did a couple of rides???  The first one was the river rapids.  Having watched the two weeks before, we came with our ponchos.  It is a 12 passenger round raft with seats.  And as you go around the first curve there are water guns on land.  Your friends can pay a quarter and squirt you.  And until you watch and see where they squirt you may miss.  But the last gun, is automatic and it hits the raft very well.  And then going on down the rapids water comes into the raft.  and you go by  two more water spouts.   So Altho our bodies were dry, our legs and feet were wet.   I had on my canvas Kedsjkc

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Stewarts Kettle Corn, the man inside and lady outside.  Great people from Canada.  Make delicious kettle corn.  They go to various flea markets and when we see them we always stop and talk with them.
There trailer is often our meeting place, as Ernie and I go thru flea markets at different paces.

Still trying to figure out the new computer and our blog.  The second picture is of a banner at Busch Gardens, listing the various musical groups that play at the Stanlyville Theatre.

The third picture is of Mr. and Mrs. Johnson.  They are from Muncie, Hoosier Cruisers and have come to Florida for several years.  This year they did not bring their RV and were here for just a few weeks.
We miss seeing them.

The fourth picture is of Mrs. Stewart holding a bag of that delicious kettle corn.  I must ask their first names again and write them down so I do not forget them.

And the last picture is a picture that Ernie says they use here in Florida when the snow get deep.
We saw this on our way to the Plant City Wall Mart and decided we had to take a picture of this bus.
An advertisement for Mikes tire and wheel shop.  Advertising Michelin tire, the kind we have on our RV
See you in April.  jkc

Last Week end

We went to Busch.   We usually go on Thursday or Friday.  But I had a reaction to some crab legs on Thursday.  Made many trips to the bathroom.   Friday I was not doing much.  So we went to Busch on Saturday.  Lots of spring break  or brake?  people there.  Rita Coolidge was performing at the Stanlyville Theatre.   so so.   some one said she was not any better than she was 30 years ago, and that was not saying much.  She did write some good songs, but someone else made them hits.  Anyway, we listened.
Sunday was Church and a quiet day.We did make a Wall Mart run for supplies?

 Monday, we went to Bellview flea market, just north of Webster. Ernie bought some electrical terminals he was wanting and we left there to go back to the Webster flea market. Ernie bought me some piggy JJ pins, I bought one of a frog playing a trombone.  And then I found a special spoon.  A style we did not have, it was an olive spoon with an open bowl.  Better yet it was in a highly collectible pattern.  We bought some other pieces, but that one is special.  Stopped by Lazy Days to drop off some strawberries for Jerry and Carol.  they have bad colds and so would not go out. We went on to Bob Evans and just as we ordered, Merrill and Martha walked in.  We invited them to eat with us and we heard all about the new motor home.  More later.
 Tuesday, we took the old computer back to Best Buy to the Geek Squad.  It will lock up and we cannot use it.   they fixed it in a minute or two. 
On to Wall Mart and there was Linda and Austin.  Had lunch at Subway with them.  That evening Merrill and Martha called and we went  to Sweet tomatoes with them.  Good friends from Alabama, they are here to pick up their new 2012 Allegro Bus.   Roughing It Smoothly is the Allegro slogan.
Beautiful 40 foot coach.  We enjoy visiting with them.
    I guess you could say we eat out a lot while in Florida.  Then I forget how to cook when we get back to Indiana.  Lunch is the hardest for me to fix something we both like.  Ernie is not a peanut butter sandwich eater. 
Today, was another Busch Gardens day.  And if it was busy last Saturday, it was a mob today.   someone, our age, walked by and said, " Today, I think we are out numbered."  It was the Grass Roots
Band at Stanleville Theatre.  I did recognize some of their songs.  Enjoyed them.  Next week is the last week and it will be Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis Jr. 
While we were waiting for the music to start we talked with the two ladies next to us.  Just so happened they were from Indiana.  Bourbon, to be exact.  And they knew where Syracuse was located.
In fact a lady from her church grew up in Syracuse.  Her name is Willodene and she makes
Beautiful quilts.  So I said her maiden name,  yes, that is her.  Willodene was in my sisters class and her cousin, Marlene was in mine.  Small world.  She also knew about Thornburg Drug Stores.

stopped at the grocery store on the way home,  Ernie picked out some pork short ribs and asparagus.
I also had some slaw and then strawberries for dessert.  I tried to make the slaw like I had at Sweet Tomatoes.   with crushed pineapple and a touch of coconut cream.  Good. 

Ernie had a check on his right leg.  The Doctor thought his leg looked good, better   ahead of schedule.
To check in with him when we come back next year  Also said if Ernie had any problems he knew a vein clinic in Indianapolis he could recommend.

Something else I should write about, but that will have to wait until I remember what it was.  It is
time for bed.!!!!!!     Good Night   jkc

Monday, March 5, 2012

fun trip

Beth drove Bruce, Ernie and I to Palmetto, FL. for a visit with Clayton and Rita.   After a delicious lunch, chicken breast with a cranberry sauce, we played bid eucher.  This time the fellows won 2 games.
Darn!  But we had a good time and a good visit.  Next week Clayton and Rita will come North to visit with us. It is 50 minute drive.    write more later.    That was Monday.  today is Friday.   Yesterday was not a good day. I had the "back door trots"
I am ready for a colonoscopy.  Well, not really.  Lost 2 pounds.  Not the way I prefer to do it.  Today I am weak.  Had some dry toast and weak tea this am.  Will have some chicken soup for lunch.  I do not want any more of yesterday. 
Wednesday was flea market day.  We bought another soup ladle and some stuff.  Ernie found a Pampered Chef pair of kitchen shears for 50 Cents.  Good buy.  So I went back and got a lemon Zest and some measuring spoons.  any two for one dollar.
but I did pay
$4. for a good knife.  I have 3 long knives, all serrated knives.  there are times when a straight edge is better.  The lady I bought from has a nice collection of pots and pan, and a few other kitchen utensils. 
She keeps them neat and clean.  Her husband has all kinds of tools.  They are from Indiana.   I also buy something from this Mexican couple and their fruit and veggie stand.  I can buy more at a better price, but we have enjoyed talking with them.  Last season we put a picture of their baby on the blog.  A fat little cutie.  The little girl is now walking.  A good little girl.  She knows the routine and eats fresh fruit and veggies.
We stopped at Parksdale for our strawberry sundae and more grapefruit.  Last week they had our favorite Duncan Grapefruit.  This week they were out of them.  While we were there a tour bus pulled up and a lot of people got out.  The driver had never been there, so Ernie took him over to the area where people order their strawberry treat.
it is quite an operation.  It is also day time.  I usually write this after Ernie has gone to bed.  Last night I was in bed by 9 pm.  Unusual for me. 
Have a good day.  jkc

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The first two pictures are from Parksdale Farms.  The place where we get our strawberry parfaits and friends get strawberry shortcake.        The second picture is of Linda and Larry, from Indiana.  They have the shortcake                                                   

 These flowers are at Busch Gardens.   They have beautiful flower gardens all over the area.  some in a design, some just in pots scattered around the grounds.       the next picture, taken in February is our group of National Great Lakers.  We all at one time owned National motor homes.  We still have ours.  We meet each winter at Parksdale for strawberries and then go to a near  by park to sit and talk and catch up on who is doing what.  Some of the club meet in Texas.  Where ever we winter we find our club members and get together.
Hoosier Cruisers met in Sarasota.  I wrote about that earlier.      I                                                      

Hey!  Maybe I am learning how to arrange photos and my writing.  New computer, have to learn how this one does things I am used to doing on the old computer.   The next picture is another at Parksdale.  Greg and Betty, Bruce and Beth, Ernie and I enjoying strawberries.   We splurged and got the strawberry sundae boat and we did not share one, as we usually do. The next two pictures are of Rachel and Joe.  H. C. members visiting in Florida.  They have an RV, but did not feel they should drive it so far this year.  Hope to see them at some of our Indiana Rallies this summer.

And that is the end of the first group of pictures Ernie has put on the blog on the new computer.  It is like the phone.  We learn something almost every day about how to use our new HP.              We traveled to Aubondale Saturday, to a flea market.  I was so sure that is had a section on tables of stuff out in the open like some markets do.  Nope, all under cover and stuff from out of the U.S  and just unbelievable what is there.  We did not buy much.  A small magnifying glass, 4 little LED lights and batteries.  We did find the Stewarts.  They are from Canada and have a kettle corn operation.  We see them at the Plant City flea market and I usually buy a bag.  They have found a small place where they just have kettle corn and their daughter manages it.  Friendly people and we always enjoy visiting with them.      We left there and on the way home stopped at the Lakeland City flea market held at old outdoor theatre  We did find some silver there.  It was quite windy and hot.  Only 10 am and some of the vendors were packing up due to the wind blowing their stuff around.                             Clayton and Rita area in Florida now, we will drive to see them Monday.   They are one of the couples in our card club.  If we could get Jim and Berniece to come to Florida we could have card club down here.     Will check this for spelling errors.  Hope to learn how to type and move the pictures where I want them.   Have a good day.
Oh, we have heard all about the tornadoes in Indiana, and all over.  Did any of you have relatives or friends that were involved in any of the destruction?     Keep all of these people in your thoughts.
The pastor at the church I attend always states."Keep our Nation in our prayers.  I won't get into politics, just pray for change."    And most of us understand what he means.  See you.   jkc

New Computer

A busy week, last week.  Spent a lot of time at Best Buy Store.  Finally decided to buy a new computer.
It is about the same size as the old one, except this one has a number pad at the side.  that makes the keyboard smaller, and places the right hand in toward the center more.  I keep wanting my right hand to the right and have trouble hitting the right keys. 
We are still learning how to use our phones and now we have to learn Windows 7 too. Lots of fun.  We took the old computer in to the Geeks to check out.  Cleaned out a lot of dust and a few other things.  It was working great.  It was raining today and when we left to go out with friends to eat we unplugged the computers.  When we came back the old computer would not work as it should.  So, back to the Geeks tomorrow.

We went to Lazy Days, picked up Bob and Carolyn and took them to Sweet Tomatoes for supper.
They have delicious soups.  We enjoyed going out and visiting with them.  They had been to the Webster flea market today. 

We have had 5 tomatoes off of my one plant.   They are small, but good.  Earlier I had several things I was going to write about, but at one am I am not doing well.  I had been to bed, became awake, tossed and turned and here I am now.  Time to hang it up and write more Tuesday.  Good Night.   jkc

Tuesday.   we are learning how to use the printer connected to the new pc.  need some used  paper anyone?  We did take the old pc to the Geeks at Best Buy.  And of course you know what happened.  It worked just fine.   Maybe a system update that did not get completely installed that caused the problem.  Maybe something else.  Keep using your old pc and enjoy.  So we are.  Working just fine.

Picked 3 tomatoes today.  One could have stayed on the vine a while longer, but it had a little hole in it.  I do not know if it was caused by some bug or if I injured it when I was checking and watering the plant. 

Out to eat for lunch.  2 chicken sandwiches for the price of 1.  Plus Senior drinks.  $5.35.  and Beth said come on down for some burgers this evening.  No cooking today.  Need to fix something and have them here one evening soon.  We usually play some euchre and have a good evening.

Did you watch the Oscars?  or the revealing of who will be on Dancing With The Stars?
Or do you watch Survivor?  I am hooked on the dancing and survivor.  sometimes I think the person voted off the tribe talks too much during tribal council and therefore seals their own fate.  I keep trying to keep my mouth shut, but my trick knee still keeps my foot in my mouth at times. 

We have the air on today.  Was so hot and humid Monday.  And not a whole lot better today. 

Gene, I was told I should put this on the blog, that you would enjoy it.
Our daughter, (teaches in inner city Indy, 3rd grade)  has a new boy in her class.  I will call him J.  J is something of a bully, hitting someone is his thing.  Only one day while in the restroom (a row of urinals along one wall)  J. was behind a strong boy named D.
All of a sudden Nancy heard some crying from that restroom and out came one of her students.  Mrs. B.  J. is on the floor crying and hurt.  Nancy goes to the door,  "Are you dressed in there, may I come in?"  Yeah, come on in.  And she surveys the scene, tells boys J and D to go to the principals office.  And then talks to another teacher.
They know that boy D, a strong healthy boy, does not lie.   They heard from the principal that when the two boys arrived She ask boy D. what happened.  Well, J. was punchr ing me in the back while I was trying to pee, soo I turned around and decked him one."   Don't mess with D.   But J had not learned his lesson and just happened to pick on D's little brother.   And got decked again.  Nancy told her class that maybe J's problem might get straightened out by students in other classes.  She had already told her students not to return J's punches, stay out of trouble.  He did not punch hard, just annoying jabs.   And that is only one of the stories she tells.  I do not know how she keeps going, but she loves teaching and it seems that her students like her and try to learn.  She said she did not think they thought of her as black, white or whatever.  She is their teacher and sometimes she does fun stuff too.

time to get ready for our evening out.   Later,    Ernie said there they are,  and yes, there was Beth and Rita.  Trying to sneak past our coach.&nbs; Not really, Rita and Clayton had just arrived.   So there were 6 for burgers.  So nice to have Clayton and Rita also.  They drove on to Palmetto ???? and then the fellows (Ernie and Bruce) won 2 out of 3 games of Euchre.  Home and soon to bedl  Good night.   jkc