Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Seasame Street Movie

Last week we went to Busch Gardens.  Happened to meet up with 3 others from our park.  After watching one show we decided to go to the 3D theatre and watch the Seasame Street film.  We did not think about this one carefully.  We came out wet, all shook up and wind blown.  Laugh like crazy and had a good time.  More adults there than children.  That was ok.  You never know what we will do where ever we may be.

Have missed going to the flea markets, cold and rain have kept us away.  Will go to one tomorrow.  Wednesday is Plant City Flea Market is what we call it.  I have heard it called the Mexican Flea Market and Sam Allen market.  Named after the street or road it is on.  But we find it interesting to see what goes on and see some of the vendors we talk with each time we go.

It was 84 today.  After the past week of cool weather  this was welcome.

Last week was also the Tampa RV Super Show.  We went two different days.  No, we did not buy a new coach.  Saw some neat ideas in the vendor buildings, checked the Pilot/Flying J, Booth.  They are offering a card, like a credit card, but it is just for Flying J and Pilot service centers.  For those of you that do not know Flying J and Pilot are truck stops.  Flying J also catered to the many RVers out there.  They had a dump station, fresh water, propane, gas and diesel.  They also went bankrupt.  And Pilot bought them out.  Pilot decided rather than they pay the 3 cents they must pay the credit card company's that many of the rv people use that Pilot would have their own card.  Give us cents off on the gas and diesel.  And not shut off the diesel when it reaches $75.  (then you start all over.)  And a ninety gallon tank takes more than $75.
Which is why we fill the top half, not let that get below 1/2 full.   It is not a credit card.  We will get a notice each month what we owe and pay Pilot.  It was interesting, two or three of the personnel at the Pilot/flyingJ booth commented that Pilot just did not realize how big the RV business was for Flying J.  We did not stop at Pilot stations, they did not cater to us.  And did not have overnight parking for us.  so why stop there.  The new stations will have these amenities.

Friends from Pennsylvania called us and we spent some time with them.  they are looking for a smaller motor home and were staying 3 nights at Lazy Days Campground.
So we met them there for lunch, which is free.  It was pretty good. Better than last year.
Meat loaf, green beans, rice and your drink. 

Most of the people here in the park that were either gone for the holiday or do not come until after the holidays are all here.  Our row is full now.  The back row has 3 spots open.  Charlie prefers persons that will stay at least a month or the season.

My tomato plant survived the cold weather and is back in the sunshine.  Must take the aloe plants back outside also.  The onions are growing, won't be long before we have some fresh green onions.  Fun, something to watch and take care of. 

Enough for now.  Talk with you later.   jkc

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy New Year

It is 10 pm.  Ernie is in bed and I will be before long.  the trailer park just
West of us is having a firework New Years Eve.  Have seen some of them from our window.  Hear them all the time.  Plus Latino music.  We hear the music several nights a week, if our windows are open.  Our RV is not up close like some of the trailers in our park.  Makes life interesting.  And this year, each evening, after dark the ice cream man comes along.  In the park West of us and the one South of us.  And that jingle goes thru my mind half the evening.   The truck does not come down our lane, wonder if he only goes where he know there are children. 

Went to the Big Top Flea Market today.  Talked with Gene, the gentleman that has one whole end of a building for all his stuff.  He has gone to auctions for years and brings in new stuff all the time.  but the last two years he has slowed down and trying to clean stuff out.  I found a small spoon with holes, it is an olive spoon, or a salted nut spoon, or a relish spoon.  Most pictures said olive spoon.  Dainty and a pattern I like.  While talking with Gene I told him about the lady we bought the tea leaf strainer from.  He ask some questions about her and said they used to go to the same auctions.  Her name is Dottie and if we go to that market again tell her he said hello. 

Now the fireworks are going off to the East.   Wonder what it is like here on the 4th of July.      Have a Happy New Year.   jkc

PS   maybe quieter as the migrant workers next door leave.
it is the 6th and I have not finished this blog.  A lot has happened.  we have had cold weather.  I mean, frigid for Florida.  28 Tues and Wed mornings.  I brought the tomato plant in, plus the all the plants but the onions and pansys.
I have some green onions planted in two shallow plastic saucers that I got for a quarter at a garage sale.  They are looking good.  The tomato plant has about 8 or 9 tomatoes on it.  Most are quiet small yet, but one is really a nice size.

We have also had some sadness within the Hoosier Cruiser Club.  A long time member died this week.  And another member has had cancer and is undergoing various treatments .  Plus we learned another friend in the club had a brother die suddenly.  I guess it is like my grandfather said when he turned 90.  I read the paper to see if my name is in the obits. 

Went to Parksdale on Thursday.  For our Strawberry sundae and grapefruit. also got 4 yellow peppers for $1.  3 cucumbers for $1. some fresh picked green beans and a bag of tangerines.   Have to watch, some of their veggies are expensive.  Sometimes we can get good vegetable buys at the flea markets.  We missed two markets this week.  did not feel like getting up and going in the cold.  We go early and hope to find a good buy on something.???? 
Have a good week end.  jkc