Friday, December 30, 2011

Pictures and more pictures

This is a cast iron picture used in the 1840's to show the fire brigade that the house was insured.  If you did not have a fireman's mark on your home they may not stop to put  out the fire, as they would not get paid.  We found this at the Plant City Flea Market and bought it for a friend from Mobile, Alabama.  They are interesting pieces and usually command a price of $40 and upward.  The vendor did not know  this and had told us $15.  When we came back after calling our friend in Alabama the vendor said $45.  Wait a minute, you just told us $15.  So I did.  You  may have it for $15.  Someone told me after you left I should ask $45. A good buy for the day.
Linda and Larry from Yorktown, IN.  They were driving through and just had to have a strawberry sundae.  No problem for us to show them how to get there, even though we had already been there in the morning.  We split the sundae and so we did have a whole one on Wednesday.  Just 1/2 twice.  Parksdale has gone to their winter prices and so no more parfaits.  Just sundaes, shortcake, milkshakes, anything with strawberries and ice cream.   Goooood
The back of a 3 wheeled motorcycle.  Yes, it is a cycle.  We had to get out of the car to look at it.  And it has a steering wheel for driving it.  Two person, just like a regular cycle.  More pictures of it on the Pictures blog.
Some more of the stilt walkers from Jungala.  They are fascinating. 
We are now enjoying having Bruce and Beth here.  They are good friends from Indiana, we play cards with them and have good times together.  I had ham and beans for them the day after they  arrived.  Give them time to get settled and not worry about cooking.  Went out last night to  Sweet Tomatoes for supper. This is a restaurant that serves salads, pasta dishes, soups and breads.  With soft serve ice cream for dessert.  And they have a fruit section also.  Good food,, fresh from the garden.  Well, the delicious turkey soup might not have come from the garden.  Anyway, we had senior night tickets, $2. off the regular price.   We walked two miles today.  1 in am and 1 in pm.  Gotta keep walking.  I still do my arm exercises.  Must work on getting my arm in back of me, to scratch my back.                                                       More people are starting to talk with us, they have seen us  here now for 3 years, so I guess we pass muster.  Or we are not just fly by night campers.  Which we used to do.  We, maybe, miss the sight seeing we did when we stayed in an area only a week or so, but we also now enjoy staying in one spot.  It is nice to make new friends and be a part of the park community.  
Enough for tonight, hope you enjoy the pictures.  I am sure there will be more.    Good night.   jkc

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas night

And all the decorations are put away until next year.  They were using up the space where I keep the toaster and small blender.  SO, put away!
Christmas eve we attended the Methodist/Native American Christmas Eve Service.  I enjoy hearing the drums and the singing. 
Today, I went to church and came home to cook our own Christmas dinner.
The small rib roast turned out great.  So was the dressing.  The potatoes were stuck to the bottom of the pan and black.  The beans were almost the same way, but I got to them in time to save them.  Guess I haven't cooked a bigger meal for while that I forgot to watch the various pots.  We are eating less than what we used to, so I need to watch more what is actually cooking.  Plus, I forget that gas and electric are just different.  Another excuse for poor cooking.   anyway, we survived and had a quiet day here in the RV.   83 degrees outside today.

Our friends have shown us how to get on to various coupons for eating out.
I now have 3 different sub-way sandwich shops where I can get a free cookie and get points on my card.  I have enough points that I can get a free drink.  So, since you  can get a 6 inch sub for $2.00, we can have a sandwich, drink and dessert for $4. plus tax.   I usually share!

We have enough points at TGFridays for a free appetizer or drink, and yesterday Bob Evans had e-mail coupons for dinner, 2pm to 5 pm, buy one
entree, get the second one free.  Tomorrow it is the  same for breakfast.
Taco Bell gives seniors free small soft drinks and Steak & Shake is still having happy hour half price on all drinks.  They make good milk shakes.
And Ernie is losing weight.  Slow, but it is going down.

Talked to both of our children today.  They sounded well and we enjoyed their conversations.   Nancy said her 3rd grade students have improved since the first of the year.  That is good.  I-Step testing is just a month away.  I like to hear about her students and when a struggling student catches on to a certain principle it is a delight to know you are getting through to some of the children that are so slow.  They can learn, I think it takes plenty of patience and ingenuity to teach so that children want to learn.

Planning on defrosting the refrig and finding the ham stock I have frozen in bags.  Will make a pot of ham and beans, so that when our friends get here from Indiana they will not have to cook that evening.  or lunch.  The freezer is small and it is packed, probably too much for proper freezing.  So, it will be good to get the ham stock out and find what is hiding in the corner of the freezer.  Does any one else have that problem.  In the refrig or the freezer?

A few more days and it will be 2012.  It will be an interesting year I am sure.
Take care, everyone.  Happy New Year.   jkc

Monday, December 19, 2011

The week of Christmas

Hi Everyone!

Merry Christmas.   

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the RV not a creature was stirring not even a ----oh!no!  there goes an ant!!   We have used a bag of ant
granules and then some.  All under the RV and around the tires and various hoses.  Little white or black ant traps inside.  We haven't seen one for awhile.
Since I am  writing about them, they will be back.  I am very careful about anything sweet and liquids.  One year I found an ant in the water holder of the coffee maker.  That poor ant traveled thru tubes and what ever to get water  and then could not get out. 

Back to Christmas-------Sunday evening the pastor and his wife give a Christmas dinner/theatre evening.  Bob Evans catered the meal and then the fun began.   We sang the Partridge in a Pear Tree carol.  Each table had a part.
My table were the calling birds.  Our leader would stop and correct us or ask where are the French Hens.  It got to be funny and all that getting up and down wore off the pumpkin pie.  We had to stand up each time our part came up.  Just think, the Partridge had to get up 12 times. 
then we had a theatre treat of the Christmas story.  I think the small angel and small shepherd boy stole the show at times.  They were the grandchildren of the Pastor.  The costumes were quite unique and original.  A star, the angels, (they all had wings of different materials and some were very pretty)  and the animals.  The cow and sheep talking about the blessed event.  Just a pleasant take on the special event, the birth of Christ.

Ernie and I have been walking around the park.  One round trip around the park is a half mile. Twice in the am and once in the pm.  On most days.  We have also found a Subway shop not far from here.  We now have a subway card and get their coupons.  We did try a strawberry sundae instead of a parfait.
Can get the parfait only thru Friday.  Then the winter schedule takes over and
we will split the strawberry boat.  I know, we probably should be walking more to walk off the subs and strawberries.  they are good!!!!

It was cool here this am.  Down to 48 degrees.  We got out the little electric heater for a few hours.  by noon it was in the high seventies.  Now it is down to 65 at 8 pm. 

 Saturday we went to a different flea market.  We found a very special spoon.  An individual cup tea leaf strainer.  In one of the grape patterns we try to collect.  LaVigne.   it is so pretty and Ernie has it polished to a shine. 
The flea market was the old Lakeland Farmers market.  And it was an old place.  Plenty of fruits and vegetables.  Not too many flea shops.   But as we were about to leave, we saw this one, rather several booths in one, shop.
books stacked high and behind the book shelves, shelves of dishes and glass ware.  Been there so long it was all dusty, dirty.  My I help you find something the African American heavy set lady said.  And then she brought out a tub of silver plate silver ware.  WOW  We were both digging through it.  We came out with 7 great pieces.  One of them being the tea strainer spoon.  One of our books said it was not impossible to be found anymore, but there were not many out there.  And she knew what she had, so her price was not the low price we usually pay.  But still within reason.   Ernie checks on e-bay and Replacements LTD.  for prices.  We did all right.  But will not sell that one piece.

We are still learning about our 3g I-phones.  I am taking more pictures.  Would you like to see my tomato plant.?  I have 2 tomatoes and 3 blossoms on it.  And the onions are starting to stand up and get green!.  Yeah!

Time to take a shower.  Have a Happy Holiday.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dec 11, 11

This is the ice show at Busch Gardens.  It is held at the Moroccan Palace Theater.  comfortable seating.

Below is our place at Charlies Park.  It is mostly trailers, with a few park models and a few motor homes or 5th wheel RVs.  We are the transients and live in the ghetto of the park.  so we were told the first year we were here.  Now that person talks with us and we have become known to several of the people living here year around or come every year for the last 20 years or so.
So we are the newbies on the block.  Michigan, Indiana and New York are the states that are represented here.  Right at the back of the car, on the corner of our patio is my garden. (that white ring area) I have a poinsettia, two grapefruit trees about 6 inches tall, small aloe plant, two pansy plant and a tomato plant that now has two small tomatoes.  And I also have a flat of green onions planted.  They said it was to be a mild winter here, so we shall see if I get a ripe tomato or not.

Two of the animal keepers with Kasi the cheetah and Mtani, a mixed breed dog
acquired at an animal shelter as a companion for Kasi.  Cheetah's will bond with their siblings, but Kasi was brought to Busch Gardens as an orphaned baby Cheetah.  They thought at first the Mtani was mostly a lab mix dog.  But now that he has grown more they are not so sure there is much lab in him.  But the two have formed a great companionship.  they run and play and live together.  they have not put either of them with the other cheetahs.  We figure the dog would not last.  so for the time being the dog and the cheetah are kept separate from the rest of the pack.  The keepers were petting the dog and the cheetah as if they were both dogs.  How long will they be able to do that?

These two elves wore their legs off working for Santa and so are in the boxes.
They greet you as you come into the Gardens.   These pictures were taken with our new cell phones.  We are learning how to use them and finally found the correct web site for info on how to  use them.
A few persons living in the park have flown home for the holidays.
Most of us stay here, no one wants to go home to cold weather.  We bought some Ruskin tomatoes the other day.  almost as good as Indiana tomatoes.
or is that blasphemy!    We stopped Sunday and had a strawberry parfait.  they will be available only until Dec. 24.  the 26 you have to get the strawberry boat.   We split that, it is big.  but the parfaits are so good.  Parksdale now has Duncan grapefruit.  It is a sweet grapefruit.  Its fault is that there are many seeds in it.  5 grapefruit for $1.00  so we can scoop the seeds out for that price.

It is getting late.  Have a good day.  jkc

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Busch Gardens

Different and the same.  Busch Gardens. Ernie has some good pictures of the dog and cheetah.  Will write more about those when he gets some pictures on the blog.

The ice show has been moved to a different building.  Nice, seats are more comfortable.  the show is pretty, very similar to the past two years.  It is a small skating surface for an ice show.  The costumes are pretty and they have a new skater.  She cannot be more than 4 or 5.  She does very well.

We did not go far at the Gardens.  need to take the sky ride to see how the new Cheetah ride looks from the air.  No, I well not ride it, It is a roller coaster.

We got the neighbors moved.  They did most of it, but we added a little help.
So nice to be able to have family over and have room to enjoy them.  They may stay longer than the first of April.

Tonight Thonotosassa had a "Christmas in the Park" night.  Santa arrived in the local ambulance.  There were free hot dogs and dessert, with canned pop for all.  Free will donation or some canned food.  Popcorn also.
The grade school choral group sang.  Well done.  A few games for the children and oranges in bags of 6 to the bag.  All of this free.   I enjoyed.  I think our RV park was well represented.

Just had a little rain.  We hear the rain on our roof.  When it just starts to
sprinkle I can hear it.  I wait to see how hard and fast it is hitting on the roof to find out if it is just a light sprinkle or a real rain.

Enough for now.  Will  continue this tomorrow.   jkc
Ernie now has the pictures on a page and so this will be read after you see them.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Moving Day

Moving day for our neighbors, that is.  Sunday morning our neighbors informed us that they were going to look for bigger living quarters.  That night they thought they had found the right one.  Monnday, after looking at the trailer in daylight, they decided no.  By 10 am they had two more possibilities.  One, they really liked, but it was not ready until spring.  Nix on that one.
By Monday noon they had a buy, or rather a trade.  So we helped move a few things and Tuesday will be the big moving day.  We cannot believe they moved so fast.  Those of you who know us, know it takes us t i m e. to find what we want when it comes to spending the big bucks.  We will get to see the inside tomorrow.  But all indications it is a nice trailer and they made a good deal.  This will be so nice for them as their 3 children live in Florida now, instead of Indiana.  They will be able to have them at their home for together time.  Their Avion trailer was just a shade small for very many people.

No, we are not selling our  RV.  We like living in it during the winter.  With the living room slide we are fine.  could use more closet space, but that goes for a lot of regular homes, also.

The weather is still in the 70 and 80's.  I do have Christmas decoration up,  and I am getting used to not having snow for Christmas.  Bah-- hum-bug!!

We did miss out on our Great Niece's wedding Dec. 3rd.  We heard it was a fine wedding.  The  "cousins" were invited, 9 of the 15 were there and a picture was taken.  I am enjoying that and will be nice to see pictures of the bride and groom also.  My parents have 15 grandchildren,  and the grandchildren are the cousins.
Their parents, my brothers and sisters are the adults.  Well, we have to separate ourselves somehow.  I think all the cousins are now over 45 years of age.
And now the cousins children are getting married and having babies and my---
goodness, I guess the adults are getting older.  Considering the fact that I am the youngest of the 6.  and our son is the youngest of the cousins.

One of the things we older people talk about is being old.  Most of the time most of us do not feel our age.  and then I looked at my arm when I was exercising the other day and they were wrinkled like an old womans.  So in many peoples eyes I am an old women, just do not feel like it, most days.

I am still doing my arm exercises (that new ball and joint are stubborn in getting full movement, meaning I want to scratch by back with my left hand).
I go outside after dark to exercise.  The Rv is not quiet tall enough for full extension of my arm.  A neighbor across the way was outside while I was doing my exercises and I wondered what he thought this women was doing standing outside her Rv waving her arms around in all directions.  so today I told him what I was doing and why.  He didn't miss a beat,  Well, didn't you see me waving back to you?
we do have a good time here at Charlies.

we complain about Charlie sometimes and I am sure he may complain about his tenants.  But we cannot complain about the cost of living in this RV park.
so we just enjoy ourselves and each other.

We still have not made it to Busch Gardens.  We need to go soon, do not want to get into the vacation crowds later. 
Ernie spent two hours polishing the 1 and 1/2 wheels today.   And walked items down to the new home of our neighbors.  Ernie went to bed early and I am writing this and playing my games on the computer.

Have a good day.  or  night.   jkc

Tuesday.   the neighbors are all moved.   That is the stuff from one trailer has been moved to the other and vice versa.  We helped and this afternoon I helped put a few things away.  Mainly handing things to Linda to put away.  We ate out for lunch and supper.  too tired to cook.

the trailer is very nice.  2 bedrooms and bath and a half.  nice kitchen and living area.  and the patio room is enclosed with windows and screens.  Can also be heated or cooled if desired.  They made a great deal.

Hope this gets posted.  Ernie tried to post it earlier and it didn't go. 

Friday, December 2, 2011

Its December already

Yes, it is Christmas in the air! and I have decorations up in the RV.

In a previous blog I wrote about going to the Marietta Fish Market for our evening meal. And then someone ???? wanted to know how we got there as they would like to go there when they are in the area. Address is: 3185 Canaton Road, Marietta, Ga.
Oh, Boy, do I have directions. 3 different ways to get there, that I know of today. The easiest one is this. I-75 exit 278. go to Camp McKenny Campground. Talk to the campground hosts when you sign in, and if it is the gentleman and lady with nice southern accents, they will tell you how to get to the Fish Market. that makes 4 ways.
anyway,back to the easy one. Once you have found your campsite and are all set for the evening and are ready to go eat.
Go back to I-75. Turn south and go to exit 271, turn left onto Chastain Road. this turns in to New Chastain road. Take this to Canton road. Turn right onto Canton Road. Go past the CVS on the left and just past the Walgreen Store is the
MARIETTA FISH MARKET!!! Yeah! We turned in the first turn, but I think you can go past the Market and turn into a bigger parking lot. Delorme says that this is 14.96 miles from Camp McKenny. Now you may want to take the scenic route, two different ways, one 19 miles, the other 17 miles.
If you want directions for the scenic route send me an e-mail and I will send you the route via e-mail. OK Bob? The campground hosts know the scenic way.

this past week we have been to the flea markets again. Found our kettle corn people. They are from Canada and have a home here also. Enjoy talking with them. Christmas music is in the air at the markets. Have found a few more pieces of silver and a tea setting of Spode China, Christmas pattern. (cup, saucer and small plate) I had to have it, I have a few pieces from my Mother and Aunt. also found 2 more pieces of JJ jewelry. For 50 cents each. Fun!
Did get to church this past Sunday. Recognize a few of the people from last year. This year in the park we are being greeted by the regular winter (and year round)people, they recognize us.
We are learning their names also. Michigan, New York, Ohio, Indiana and Pennsylvania are the states people hail from.

I've lost my blog spell check, hope I am not mis-spelling to many words.

We did get new cell phones. Yes, an I-phone 3G. I know it is a 2 year old phone, but we have to learn how to use this one before we go to a more complicated one. By the time we learn all about this phone, the newer ones will be old and less expensive also. We trust our young sales lady. She has been at the AT&T store for a few years and sold us our last cell phones. Patient,friendly, and knowledgeable about the phones. Nice. She is studying to be a nurse, so we had more to talk about. We wish her the best.

We have had rain and some cold weather. Well, cold for Florida. Put on the long pants and jackets. To be in the high 70's, maybe 80 by Monday.

That's all for tonight. My fingers are not spelling correctly. I get my letters turned around. So good night. jkc

Friday, November 25, 2011


to continue from the last blog. Fred's Buffet was a good meal. And enjoyed catching up with our neighbors. the week has gone by. Interesting to have more of the people in the park to speak to us and say "glad to see you back" or When did you get here? It has been a busy week. and it is only Thursday. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!
We have much to be Thankful for. At the moment our health is good, we are walking some each day. Hope to increase the amount of walking. And thankful that we can come South to avoid the cold and have friends here we were excited to see again.

The RV is mostly settled. I need to wash the windows and get the bugs off also. We, mostly Ernie, used Austin's power washer and cleansed the cement patio. It gets black from mildew and just plain dirt. Looks so much better. Sunday we went to the Big Top flea market. I found another cat pin. With JJ initial on the back. The JJ is the brand name of some whimsical jewelry made some years ago. I will be looking for more of this JJ jewelry. Tuesday we washed the car and part of the RV. OK, the lower part that was painted a few years ago can be washed and rinsed and it then looks great. I got the dirt off from our trip down and also the diesal fuel off from the area where you put it in. Not much diesel, but it looks uhky
Also went to the AT&T store to look at new phones. No we have not bought one. Just looking.
found out that teachers and college students can get a discount on their bill. so called our daughter to have her check that out. Maybe save a few cents.

Wednesday, we got up early and headed out to the Plant City Flea Market. CHANGES have been made, parking can be a problem, altho we were early enough Parking wasn't a problem. Ernie did find 6 small pieces of silver. I bought some carrots, green peppers and a head of lettuce. From the Mexican family that we remember from last year. The little girl is now 18 months and still a little butter ball of a girl. Big brother and sister were there also, since school was out for the holiday. And then it was on to Parksdale and a strawberry parfait!!. Soooo good. And Parksdale has blacktopped their parking lot and shored up the beams on the inside. You just have to see this place to believe it. Hardly anyone there when we were there, it was barely 10 am. But I did get some more vegetables and some tangerines.
Nice size and sweet.

today is turkey day. after getting the patio cleaned this am we took it easy until time to go to Mimi's Cafe, in Brandon, Fla. Not too far from here. Turkey, mashed sweet and white potatoes, dressing and mixed vegetables. I had French onion soup (a cup) and the rest had salads. Had a lot of onions in it! Bread pudding and pumpkin pie were the choices for dessert. I brought some of my meal home and the pie. Good food.

Called some friends and family today also. All is well, hope all of you have much to be thankful to also. jkc

Thursday, November 24, 2011


We mde it throught Atlanta, well, Ernie drove and we did take the by-pass. All went well and we survived the route no one likes to take. We have two or three places in Georgia that we like to stop to shop or stay for the night. we kept on driving and found a new (to us) Pass Port Park, Lee's Country Campground, White Springs, Fl. Just across the border from Georgia, 30 miles or so. .8 of a mile off I-75. Nice, clean campground with pull thru's for overnight travelers. 50 amp electric. We will remember this campground. Up early Sat. and we were on the road by 8;15. Arrived at Charlie's at 11 am.
Good drive, we both drove, and made good time.

We have the water, electric and sewer all connected and the slide will come out tomorrow. Neighbors ask us to go to Fred's Buffet in Plant City for supper. Of course! I guess we should decide to do as they say they are going to do. Only one buffet a month. We eat too much at buffets.

Good to have arrived, Charlie stopped by, all is well. and the temp is in the 80's. So off came the jeans and sweatshirt and on came the shorts and t-shirts.
Talk to you all later. jkc

ps pass port campgrounds charge half price to pass port members. You pay your year fee easily by staying at these campgrounds and they have a fuller campground.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

On The Road Again

It is November 17th, someone special has a 75th birthday today. And we are on the way to Florida
Left Wednesday, the 16th, amid the most awful noise in the RV. Bad exhast pipe or muffler, but it bugged us all the way to Berea, KY. We did not leave home until a little after 2 pm. We were late in getting to Berea, our usual first stop when we travel I-75. A little windy, but once we turned south it was better. Sun shine all the way, almost.
We called Walnut Grove Campground as we were passing Lexington. and in another 15 min. it started to sprinkle. And then rain. When we were parked at the campground, the man told us it had really rained hard there in the am. Then we heard that KY. had a bad storm. We missed it all, thank goodness. Today, after we got started it was my turn to drive thru the mountains of Ky and Tenn.
Still had that awful noise, until Ernie got up trying to listen for a wind noise from the windows.
And then he looked at the rear view camera box and turned off the intercom on it. Ahhhh peace and quiet. The camera box has a voice monitor on it so a person helping to park can talk to the driver. It had been turned on sometime and never turned off. Like a new RV inside, no noise. I drove to the south side of Knoxville and then Ernie drove on to Altoona Lakes McKenny campground.

You know, that you should ask the locals or in this case the campground host,where is a good place to eat.
Bingo!!!!! Merietta Fish Market. We got the Sr. meal. Combo. I had large shrimp and scollops, grilled and Ernie had large shrimp and clam strips. He had a cup of clam chowder and I had a seafood bisque. Both delicious and full of clams/and seafood.
Reasonable price, good food, fast service. Great ending to a good day.

It is November, and I just cleaned out my two tomato vines 2 weeks ago. And still have tomatoes in the window. My small rose bush did get mulched properly, the larger spread of minature roses just have leaves for mulch. I know that is a no no. so hope the bugs or what ever do not do them in.

Ernie has gotten all of his Dr. appts. done with,
you are older and you need to get out and exercise. Lose some weight and you will feel better.
I have mine done also. Cholesterol was better. My arm is also better. The therapist told Ernie I am doing fantastic and the Dr. said I am doing more than most at 12 weeks. If I can scratch my right shoulder blade with my left hand when I see him next August, he will make me a poster person. ha ha.
It does bother me at times, if I lie on that side, or lift something heavy. Or just ache at times, but they keep telling me that will go away. it takes 6 months to a year. Ho Hum. But I am glad it is done and it is now much better than it was before surgery. And today I realized, I need to keep up the exercises, or it will stiffen. ouch.
Got to do those exercises.

Our friends at Charlies RV Park, where we winter, have made reservations at Mimi's for Thanksgiving. A turkey buffet. Oh my, watch the pounds come on. And our goal is to exercise and lose weight this winter.

We were in Syracuse, IN. last week end. a visit with my family. Ernie figured the median age of those at the Essen House, 7 of us, was 80 years of age. And we are all in good health. yeah!

All is well at home, I will miss out on a few things and not see my own family at Holiday time, but we were both ready to be gone and away. Sorry about that, you loved ones.

diesel fuel at New Castle was $4.31; at Resaca, Georgia it was only $3.85 and we put in 54.027 gallons. We will fill up again before we get to Charlies. But then, for 3 months or more we won't move. so the cost averages out not so awful sounding. so I will close while you think about those figures. Have a good day. JKC

Thursday, October 13, 2011

October, all ready?

the leaves are becoming so pretty. and lots on the ground. Ernie is going to put the mulching blades on the mower. We had our last rally last week end and it was a beautiful week end. Campfires that were nice, not huddled close to the fire to keep warm, just a sweater for comfort.

We were with t the National RV, Great Laker Club. Ohio, Michigan and Indiana travelers. National Motor homes are no longer made but we still meet and have good times. This time the rally was in Indianapolis, near Southport. The big item to do was to go to the Allison Transmission plant where we got a tour. then they took us out to the "test" track. Semi's of all sorts are lined up with Allison employees in the passenger seat. We were told to drive any one or more around the track. And did I go! A big one with the trailer that you see carring a large load of rocks, etc. You climb into the cab and there are all these dials and buttons. Do not pay any attention to those. Gauges and buttons are for over the road and to work the trailer. Look at this! the panel with N; R; and D. So, I put it in D and away we went. So neat. Ernie and I had done this with the Freightliner Club about 3 years ago. But it was still fun. I also drove the tri-axel dump truck, (stop on this hill, where all you can see are the flags on each side, no road) and then start again. Did not slide back far. And then they had a fire truck. Drove that too. Two of the ladies did that. And one lady, afraid to even sit in the drivers seat of the RV drove one of the semi's with the lady employee that was our contact for the tour. she said I had convinced her to try. No other traffic, a lady with you to give advice, easy route with turns and curves each directionm, no hill for the semi's. Even if you do not drive the RV, it is an experience that will help you get over the fear and give you faith (hopefully) that you can drive the RV if it were an emergency. That was my highlight to hear her say that the drive took away her fear of driving a big rig.

Saturday Ernie and I went uptown to the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Wester ARt. The paintings and other art work were beautiful.
We enjoyed the artifacts on the second floor.
Stew for supper on Friday night and Sunday morning we had eggs in a bag for breakfast. Have a pot of boiling water, take a zip lock bag and put two or 3 eggs in it, then green pepper, onion, ham, sausage, what ever you want that is available at the table. Close the bag, squeeze it to mix it up and put it in the boiling water for 13 minutes. You have your omelot!!!! no mess, fun for a camp out. We have tried it at home also.

I wore my sling for a little over 5 weeks. I now have unlimited use and exercise of my left arm. Well, that is what the Dr's orders are for the rehab people. I can now tuck in my blouses, hang up the clothes, (by stretching up a bit) and drive the car (and semi's) Ernie no longer has to do my chores and we are now eating at home more than going out for meals. Rehab is a challenge that I want to master--I prefer using my left arm fully.

Ernie has also been visiting the Drs. Saw his heart Dr. and the stress test showed a shadow on his heart. Down to Indy we went for a catherization. All clear. So to family Dr. for check. A-ok, now it is to the lung Dr. to see why he gets out of breath and tires easily. He has a regular appointment with the lung Dr. at least twice a year. He hasd been to our daughters the last two days helping her get some things done that she needed dear ole dad's help.

My last orthoppedic Dr. appt. is the 15th of Nov. We hope to head south by the 17th. We shall see. The last three years we have set a date to leave and then something happens and we leave 2 or 3 weeks later. Friends want us there to go out for Thanksgiving dinner.
yes, I would like to stay home for a least one of the holidays. But this year with both of us having surgery, we are ready to go south and be in
our lazy, flea market, Busch Gardens mode of life. and no snow or ice!

My tomato plants are still thriving, all over the sidewalk, Somewhere under them are my aloe plants, hope at least one of the two has survived. I also planted some Duncan grapefruit seed last spring, just for fun, and they have been growning well. I have them in pots now and must bring them in if it frosts. We planted citrus seeds when the children were small. We had a tree for years. Lugged it out each spring and brought it in in the fall. Became a problem to keep it watered when we were gone all winter. so one year I did not bring it in. No more tree.
And I was down to one plant to take in the coach. Now I have 3 to cart back and forth with us.

Oh, yes, in Sept the Hoosier Cruiser RV club traveled to Fort Wayne, IN.
We visited the Zoo. To hear the Vet for the Zoo tell us about the hospital, and how the animals are cared for. Each animal gets a physical twice a year. Interesting time, and then we went to the giraffe pens and got to feed them Romaine lettuce. 6 females and one male, separated. Beautiful animals when you see them up close. We also toured the Sweetwater Sound business. They sell musical instruments, mostlyl guitars and pianos, sound equipment and have rooms and a full stage for recording. They have had top name artests come to record there.
They have a great employee program. Cafe with a Chef, ping pong, pool table, arcade, racquet ball court and a gym. Nice place to work. They have a small gift shop with musical items, etc. Saturday we went to the Johnny Apple Seed festival. A very nice festival, I would like to go again another year to see and do what we missed this year.

We are getting our fall chores done. Peonies cut down, RV drained and water blown out of the pipes. few other things. Ernie is now up, time to get busy for another good day. Hope you have a good day also. jkc

P.S. OUr former neighbor and good friend will be home from Iraq in November. God speed. jkc

Friday, August 26, 2011


 It is late August and I am trying to type with an emoblizer on my left arm.  More about that later.
We went to a rally.   Worked and got the coach cleaned, roof  top and sides, inside and out.  And took off.
almost.---- Ernie came in and said "we are almost out of propane!  What happened, do we have a leak?"
After we got the propane we remembered.  We did have the furnace set at 50 those first few nights we were home from Florida, and they kicked in when the electric heaters could not keep up.  Plus we used the stove and hot water heater while the kitchen remodel was done.  Simple, when you think of it.

We traveled far for the rally.  To Hoosier Park Race Park and Casino, in Anderson, IN.\  22 motor homes.  The park is about 6 miles from our home.  It was a dry camping time, new experience for some of the members.  We had a good time.
Tours---thru the old Paramount Theater with its old organ, all refurbished, Goods Chocolate and Ice Cream shop.  A dairy farm, where they milk 1500 cows 3 times a day, the horse barns at the track, 900 horses right now. Lunch at the Race Park and that evening box lunches, tables and chairs, front row seating at Conner Prairie to listen to the Glen Miller Orchestra.  Conner Prairie is an old time settlement that has a band shell for summer music.  And the people got up and danced.  Ernie commented that it was nice to see young people dancing.  We get used to seeing gray haired people at Busch Gardens during the winter. Saturday we went to a funeral home to hear about pet cremation.  sounds gross, but it was very interesting.  We had a pot- luck supper at one of our members home and had a good time visiting and good food. 
I did go over to the casino.  I lost 3 dollars and after I got to 3.76 I quit.  76 cents profit.  The casino gave us coupons of $5.00 for first timers.  Yes, the casino has been there several years and we have never gone to gamble or watch the horses.  So I lost the $5 too. not my money.
And then we came home.  Tomatoes on our 2 vines are ripening so we have at least one every day.  But the peppers are not doing so well.  The tomatoes are taking over, the small garden and the sidewalk.  thats ok, nothing like a fresh Indiana tomato.
Mon. the 22 of August I took my turn at going to the hospital for surgery. I have had an arthritic left shoulder for some time.  About 20 years ago I fell off Nancy's bike,(never have mastered handle brakes) and broke my arm right at the ball.  Now we find out thru x-rays that it did not heal in perfect alignment and that there were bone spurs, plus no cartilage between the ball and socket joint.  So now I have a new ball and socket
for my left arm.  The surgeon said the rotatory cuff muscle was in good shape and he was able to do the complete change, and straighten the alignment.  Now it is passive exercise at home until I get the staples out on the 6th.  Ernie gets to have the job of helping me do these exercises.  Plus, cook, clean, help me get dressed and bathed.  What ever.  Hardest thing today was putting on my pierced ear rings.  Gotta wear them or those little holes might close.  So at least 4 weeks with this thing on my arm.  It sticks out about a foot from my waist.  Elbow at my side hand at a 45 degree angle from my waist.  I sleep in the Lazy-Boy.
Came home the next day.  Pain has been tolerable, and now I am just taking regular strength Tylenol.

Planning on going to a rally in Sept.  And home to  Syracuse for a day over the holiday. 

some R & R for a while.

Maybe I can write some more later.  Hope all of you out there are haveing a great summer.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy 4th of July!!!!

Time to celebrate!!  4th of July in good ole USA!!

The Kitchen is DONE---except for moving all that,  no, most of that stuff back.
Well, I have a lot back, just odds and ends of where does this stuff go.       
            Ernie is thru his surgeires!  We hope.   The knee healed well and the rehab people thought he was 4 to 6 weeks ahead of most people.  The problem was his varicose veins in that right leg.  They were bruised during the surgery.  Someone or something held tight on that right leg and oh, were the veins painful.  He said yesterday that they were better, but still need to be taken care of soon.

He has had two skin cancers removed.  One on his right temple and the other near the left collar bone.  so we have seen one doctor or another each week since we have gotten home from Florida.  Isn't getting older   ?

The kitchen looks super.  At least to me and Ernie has said so too.  Haven't really cooked anything in the micro-wave-convection oven, but tea and reheat something.
Have to do some reading on how to work the micro wave.   Have the wall oven about figured out and the dishwasher works fine. And a quiet garbage disposal. Everything so nice and new and clean.
I could go on and on how much I like all the work that has been done.  Ernie has been
tweaking a few things here and there.  Making things better for me. 
We have missed going out in the RV.  We have not touched it in since getting home.  Between the remodel and going to the Dr. the poor RV has been neglected.  Not sure when we will get the RV in a go mode.  It was great to have it parked at home during the mess in the kitchen. 
A few flowers blooming, tomatoes on the two plants.  Small, but they are there and the plants are growing BIG.  I planted some grapefruit seeds this spring.  Two came up and one is really thriving in my back plot.  Will dig it up this fall.  I had a citrus tree that was about 4 feet tall at one time.  No one could remember what type of citrus.  We planted it when Nancy and Alan were young.

we are Cat sitting.  Our son and family had lightening hit their light pole and do some electrical damage.  Nothing harmed inside the home.  But  they had to stay in a motel for 6 nights.  So we got TACO the CAT.  And then they got a chance for an all expense paid trip to Virginia Beach and we get to keep the cat until they get home.  Monday or Tuesday.  Taco hides in our closet most of the time and comes out of an evening.  And about 2:30 or 3 am he meows.  That is the time Alan usually gets home from work.  We have enjoyed having him, but glad we do not have to take a pet when we travel.  We used to have two cats that traveled with us, but not now, at least for the time being.

I am doing fine.  Just be glad when all is put back where it belongs and we get the house cleaned again.  I did make a fast trip to Syracuse for my High School Alumni Banquet.  one other person from my class there, but being a small school I knew many of those that were there.  A good time visiting with my two sisters also.

Hope all of you are doing ok.  Will try to write again this month.  jkc

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Kitchen remodel

It is May 26th.  The kitchen is,  well,  a mess.  The counter top is gone and all the appliances, except the refrig., are also gone.  Including the sink.    A new section is almost finished and the drawer slide for the waste basket is in place.  We had about 10 inches of space between the dishwasher and the cabinet we moved to make room for the dish washer.  So,  another week the cabinets will be white and the man will come to lay down new flooring.  Then the appliances go in and I may be able to cook again in the house kitchen.  We have eaten out 3 meals, I have something in the crock pot, in the RV, for supper. 

POPPIES are blooming and the peonies are starting to bloom.  I snitched some iris flowers from the neighbors yard.  Now I have one dark red peony in the house.

the front step has been raised and now slopes to the yard instead of the house. 
A-1 Concrete Leveling did a great job.  They were on their way to raise a corner of a
slab house that had settled.  Interesting set up.

Questions for me about the tile in the kitchen from Ernie and the man.  Must go----- 

Have a good day.  jkc

Later, like June 1st.

Ernie is in the hospital.  To make a long story short.  His right knee prosthesis came loose.  The bottom one decidedly so.  His leg was bowed out.  so Tuesday the 31st
he had a new complete knee put in to replace the old artificial knee.  He is doing fine, the Dr. said the surgery went well and Ernie just needs to do some good ole exercising of his legs.

The kitchen remodel is progressing.  I now have white cabinets.  The drawers and doors are at the contractors home to be painted.  The floor man comes next week and We hope the new counter top comes in next week also.  Then tile will be put on the back splash and new appliances put in place.  I will have to start cooking again.
we have been going out to the back yard diner.  At least that is what our contractor said when we said we were going out to the RV for lunch.  Nice to have the "diner" out there. 

The flowers between the house and sidewalk are blooming and looking pretty.  I did put two tomato plants, two pepper plants and a parsley plant in among the flowers in the back plot.  We shall see what happens.

We hear the GLASS Rally in Michigan was wet, cold and muddy.  We usually go, but did not this year.  Ernie was not moving that fast.  Hope to get to some of our Hoosier Cruiser rallies and the the FMCA convention in Wisconsin in August.

Time to relax a bit before it is bedtime.   Adios.   jkc

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Hi!  It stopped raining long enough to mow the lawn again.  Looks much better this time.  When you mow the first time each spring, you never know how it will look.  And Ernie sharpened the blades on the rider and the push mower, and that helps a lot.

Help!  Help!  We are going to have our kitchen cabinets refinished and a dishwasher built in.  Where did I get all this stuff?  Canning equipment, some of the glasses and bowls the kids had when they were little.  Different size pans for baking, spring form, quiche pan, tart pans, a big glass loaf pan, and others, all stuck in the corner cupboard.  The one that you cannot get into very well.  Where I stuff stuff, that I use once in a while.  And then the good stuff.  Do my children remember that I actually have some Lennox China?  or some pretty tea cups?  And then the crystal etched pitcher, glasses, sherbets, creamer and sugar that came from Mother.   Where are the plates?   Maybe my sisters have them or rather they are gone, or she did not have them.
It will be so nice when it is all done.  I have waited too long for this, so I am not really complaining.  Just amazed at all the stuff.  Well, I knew it was all there, just, oh my.  Rummage sale and Good Will, here I come.  Ernie's sister has moved twice in their plans of building a new house.  She said she could not believe how much stuff she gave away, sold or???

Anyway, life is good.  Have a great day.  jkc

Sunday, May 1, 2011

April in Indiana

April in Indiana means rain!   We have been home 3 weeks today.  It started raining when we crossed the Ohio river at the Indiana border.  And it has rained a lot since then.  Today we finally got to mow the lawn.  1 acre plus of green hay.  Well, there is a lot of cut grass on the yard.  And tomorrow we will use the neighbors old lawn sweeper to pick it up.  Hope it works.  We haven't worked like  that for some time and tonight we are tired.  but the yard is much better.  The first spring flowers are gone.  I noticed that the lilacs are starting to blossom.  The red bud trees are losing their pretty pink blossoms and many trees are starting to show more green.  AND I found 3   yes   3 sponge mushrooms in our side yard, while picking up sticks.  We have had the white, round mushrooms in our yard before, but never the sponge type.  We had them for supper.  Just a taste and they were good.  Also fresh asparagus from the garden.  I must get out there to do something to the dandy lions that are trying to take over the asparagus.  I do not like those lions in my asparagus beds.

The other day our daughter in law made the comment "It's a small world, isn't it."  And those of us that travel know that this is true.  You frequently meet people that know someone you know or you know about them.   Well, the other day we went to this
country church (Christian Congregation Church) for the visitation of a friends mother that had passed away.  Ernie had worked with her son, Marty.  Marty had grown up in the area and his children had gone to the Alexandria schools.  Well, in talking with him, we asked if he knew the Wilson's.  Our daughter-in-laws maiden name.  Oh, yes,  His mother had been a Wilson.  We figured the two girls were probably 3rd or 4th cousins.
And we got to meet Danielles Uncle.  Her grandmother had two sons.  Jim and John.  We met John and introduced ourselves.  Oh, yes, Danielle married that fellow that can cook.  Yes, Alan was his name.  And what was also interesting, another elderly lady had heard us talking and she knew Danielles Grandmother.  The Grandmother died at age 103.  Well known in the community and church.   This lady pointed out "Uncle John" and others that might know Danielle or her Grandmother. 
We will talk more to Marty when we see him in May, as the fellows from Delco get together for breakfast once a month.

We are missing the first Hoosier Cruiser Rally this year.  Just too much going on and a few DR. appointments to get done.  The c-scan on Ernies lung came our the same.  The Dr. want another one in 3 months and if there is no change, then he will make it 6 months.  Possible just some little infection that will take time to heal.  But careful watching is the word for now.

Ernie has gone to bed and its time I went too.  I did get up  in time---actually just in time to see KATE get out of the car and walk up the red carpet to be married to Prince Phillip.  Beautiful gown and lovely wedding. 

As I was picking up sticks today, in preparation for mowing, I was complaining to myself,, grumble -- grumble.  And then thought how fortunate we are to be able to pick up sticks and not what is left of our home.  I thought of all the tornado's and the damage done.  Thank you Lord, were my next thoughts.  and the sun was shinning.  so life is good, even when you have to do some chores you would rather not do.

Take care, everyone.  jkc

Sunday, April 10, 2011

HOME spring 2011

Phyllis and Gene from Seymour, IN.
We try to stop and call  them to meet us for a cup of coffee when ever we go up or down I. 65.  always a good visit with good friends.  Phyllis and I just about got our family talk in, but did not take time for crafts.  I know they both are busy doing something.
a pleasant stop and makes the rest of the trip go faster.

We are HOME in Indiana. About 2:30 Friday.  A neighbor told me a week ago that the daffodils were about gone.  I was sad as I wanted to see them.  And we when pulled in the drive, walla!  there were my daffy down dillys just smiling away, looking so bright and pretty.  Didn't you know that your flowers smile for you?  all along under the grape arbor, a row where the apple trees were long ago and then I planted some two years ago in a corner of the fence.  They were all bright.  some of the tulips were blooming, more to bloom, the forsythia was still in bloom, my poor bush blooms here and there, now and then.  Peony buds were perking out of the ground, have not checked the asparagus beds yet.  And today I have some sheets hanging on the line.  Mother Nature does a great job at drying and ironing my sheets.
So it is good to be home,  Tonight we will meet with our friends to play cards.
Our son came over Sat. to help Dad change some water filters and I took Nancy some cookies and strawberries.  More family to see, a daughter-in-law, and two grandsons,but it was good to see Nancy and Alan.
Life is good, Thank you dear Lord for a safe trip home and all is well.  jkc
P.S.  The finch food sock is up, suet, and other song bird seed out, and the humming bird feeder is up.  With wasps at the moment.  The birds have already eaten one container full of the seed.  And the block of suet has several holes.  will need to get some more for our feathered friends.  jkcH

Friday, April 8, 2011

On the Road

Hi!  We are driving up I 65 in Kentucky.   We left the Flying J at Franklin, Ky., this morning at 7:30 am. There is bridge construction in KY.  In Alabama it was road construction, Please go to one lane.   We traveled over 10 miles, one lane, trucks and all of us., and then "end construction"   We never saw any construction. or actual one lane. This happened 3 different times.  One time it was so slow, Ernie and I switched driving.  Stopped and switched and did not cause any problems. 
We have been disappointed with the Flying J restaurants.  Since Pilot has bought out Flying J Truck stops they have switched to Denny's restaurants.  The food is good, when you finally get it, but not as good as it was.  And they no longer have a buffet.  We like the buffet in the mornings, But maybe that is just as well, not so full to be driving all day.

The first night after leaving Charlies we stopped at Dothan, Alabama.  Met two couples, parked on either side of us.  One from Thorntown, IN.  They have  a booth at various RV events.  Sell jewelry and a few other small items.  the other couple are from Wisconsin.  They came into the restaurant after we did Wed. night and we still had not been seated.  So we sat together.  Sue and Stuart. 
Thursday just as we were going to go eat, Lucky and Betsy, from Thorntown, pulled in to park for the night also.  so we ate with them.  They know a member from the Hoosier Cruisers.  And of course we talked about Stooky's Restaurant in Thorntown.  The place that serves all you can eat cat fish and the best onion rings you have ever eaten. 

the sun is trying to come out between the clouds.  Once it is out it is difficult to see the computer screen.  so will st\op for now.  jkc

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Our Winter Home

Something went haywire.  These pictures got lost.  Read the blog before , please.  ALSO CLICK ON THE PICTURE and it will enlarge.  EEC

Our Place in Florida

Southern Magnolia. These trees in Florida stay green all year. They do loose some of their leaves, but they always have a lot of green. A pretty tree. And as one of the ladies said in the park they are messy. Like the Northern Magnolia the flower petals do get brown and fall off. Then there are these seed pods that are around all winter. Look like pine cones. They are softer and have a small red seed inside. CLICK ON THE PICTURE AND IT WILL GET BIGGER. THEN CLICK BACK TO MAKE IT SMALL AGAIN
 A close up of more of the magnolia tree.
 And another picture of the tree. I remember the magnolias at home as having limbs starting closer to the ground. These trees have had some limbs cut off, but still have a single trunk bigger than the ones at home. We have one beside the RV which gives us a little shade, but I think it is also a path for some tiny ants to travel up the tree and into the RV. Ding dong ants.

 Our Florida home stead. We have a big side yard. Actually it is a path to the dumpster and quick trip to the club house and laundry. But it is nice not to have anyone else parked outside our door. And we have a good view of what goes on in the park. We think we are fortunate to have found Charlies. We are close to Tampa, Busch Gardens, Parksdale Farms where we get our strawberry sundaes, flea markets, Lazy Days RV Dealer and Park, where friends make quick stops. Weather is usually good here. It is raining hard right now, but will be over after lunch. We have put the slide in and have Checked tires, water, and went to Tofaylon Cookie factory to get cookies to take home. Our souvenirs, instead of cutesy stuff. Also, I went to the u-pick farm and picked 8 quart of strawberries. The man in charge said the berries were not as good as last year and that last weeks hard rain had taken a toll on the berries. And it had. I walked the whole long row and back to get my berries. Not as big as last year, but still sweet and good. And I heard him tell someone the name of the sweet onions. And the lady ask why they plant the onions along side of the field of strawberries. He said to keep the elephants out. I said. "Now wait a minute, you told me last year it was to keep the buffalo out?" Yes, that is right and I showed you a picture of buffalo too, didn't I. He did. He also did not think I had as many berries as I said I did. And I got one of those good, big sweet onions. He gave me $6. change from my $10. About $1 less of what I thought I should pay. Wait until Alan sees the onion I got for him. BIG. Unplugged the computer as it is lightning and really raining hard. Glad for batteries. There is a third reason why they plant onions at the edges of strawberries. That is so the workers will know when they get to the end of the row and then know they have to turn around and start back another row. Have a good day. See you soon. jkc

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lost Pictures

Well, go back to the one about Stanleville.  for some reason the pictures did not stay put.  So here they are.  You can match them easily.  Or maybe you did get them and we didn't.  Let us know.  jkc
And then someone said.  Write about these pictures on this blog.   soooo
I will.  More about them on the previous blog.

this guy -- lizard-- is  located at Busch.  they have a small pavalion for critters like these that the children (and adults) may look at, learn about and touch and feel.  Interesting.

Charo playing her guitar.  She takes her guitar playing seriously and plays very well.

and here is Charo singing, dancing----cootchi-cootchi.  She is another entertainer that can keep the crowd happy.

These two cute girls were not too sure about this flamngo.  He would stick his head over to them and they did not like that.
The flamingos were out for for their daily walk and interaction with the people.

Last days.

We woke up this morning and Ernie said, "4 more days to wake up in Florida."  Yes, we have finally set a date to head back to  Indiana.  When Jack ask if we were ready, we answered yes and no.   Have good ole Dr. and Dentist appointments to be done so we should be on our way.   Ernie is checking out the RV and car to prepare for the trip.  I am checking items I want before we leave.  Like cranberry, walnut bread from Publix.  So good.   And the u-pick strawberry farm is open.  so I want to go there.  It better not rain Tuesday morning.  Warm weather and cool nights are hard to leave, but I would like to see my family.

It rained so hard Thursday.  And the wind blew.  We pulled in the slide.  Seems narrow with the slide in, but it is back out now.  Seems to have more room as we have not turned the captains chair back around for friends to sit on it.

I raked some of our space this afternooon while Ernie was checking the water and oil in the vehicles and he needed to fill the window washer bottles.  We have a very narrow rake, I finally went over to Franks and borrowed his regular size lawn rake.  Much easier.  May have to put a rake and clippers in the bin if we come back here.  And we quite possible will again.

Austing and Linda are back in Indiana.  Nikki and Jack came back this pm.  Will leave again Mon.  So it is quiet around here.  Interesting to me is that some of the people that live here all year have become more friendly and talkative.  That is good.  Maybe they have decided that we are not so bad after all.  Living in the 'Ghetto" as they say.  here the ghetto is a section of the park that Charlie parks motor homes and other transients like us. 

Not much else going on.  Did talk to Bruce and Beth last week.  They have enjoyed one of the parks that we like to stop and take time to enjoy.  Altoona Lakes Core of Army Engineer park, North of Atlanta.  Close enough to go into Atlanta for sight seeing, but quiet and peaceful at the park.  We may not go that way home.

Must close.   Enjoy the day.  jkc

Friday, April 1, 2011

Friends and rain

Bob and Carolyn from Indiana.  Hoosier Cruisers.  I think I wrote about them earlier. Took sometime to get their pictures on the blog.  So Ernie finally just put them on a new blog.                                                       

Have you seen the news about Florida and RAIN and tornado's?   since Monday we have had over 12 inches of rain.  Over 8 today.  Rain all day.  Ernie said we may not have to scrub the roof as much rain as we have had today.  the Tornados were a narrow band that were mostly West and South of us.  High winds did major damage.
we did not have any damage here at Thonotosassa.  We watched a dark cloud to the north of us.  It kept moving East, not south toward us.  The retention pond at our park is as full as I have ever seen it.  We joked.  Maybe we will get a "gator" now.  It does dry in a hurry.  and when it is wet, we get mosquitoes.

We stayed in all day due to the rain.  It quit around 3 so we left and went to Freds Southern Cooking restaurant.   Very good buffet.  And if you eat between 2 and 4 you get a Senior discount.  and free drink.  OK, we can do that.   And it started to rain during our meal.   Got home without getting wet.  Have had the computer unplugged several times today due to the lightning.
Tomorrow it is supposed to be better and Sun. and Mon. back to 80 degree weather.
Ernie wanted to know if I really wanted to go home.  I am ready.  have a good day. jkc

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Stanlyvilles last day

The flamingos at Busch Gardens were out for their daily walk.  The handlers stopped them to let people see them up close.  These two children were timid with them, but cute to watch.  the one bird held his head up as to say, 'Take my Picture!'
Charo!  Remember Her?  Used to be with Xavier Cougat?  that is not how you spell his name.  Sorry.  Charo was the last act for the winter season.  She was good.  funny and plays an excellent guitar.  Classical music.
One of her ruffles got caught on her heel.  She did not miss a beat when it brought her to her knees.  she took the ruffle off her shoe, got up and finished her song.  Talked a few minutes and then left to change costumes for the second part of the show. Her guitar act. She had a pair of dancers that knew how to Tango and dance very well.

Here is Charo and her guitar.  She would  like to do a tour just playing her guitar.  Her manager said without the "koootchi, kootchi," she would not make any money.  She says she will just go  back to school and become a teacher.  And teach English.   With her accent, wouldn't that be fun?

A type of lizard at the booth Busch Gardens has for children to learn about the small animals. 

All the retirees are going back north so Busch Gardens closes Stanley Ville for the season.  They have about 12 weeks of "oldies, but goodies" for all the retirees that are in Florida for the winter.  And we fill the theater each week.  4 days, 3 shows a day.

Austin and Linda left this morning for Indiana.  Nikkie and Jack left last night for Clearwater.  They have Dr. appointments over there and stay in Nikki's condo.  So it is lonely here at Charlies.  We went to the Plant City Flea Market  today.  You can tell vendors know the snow birds are leaving.  Not as many vendors, bare spaces here and there.  3 vendors we talk with will be there another week or two.  One of them, a Mexican couple, live here year round and will keep working.  The other two, one from Indiana and the other from Canada.  We have enjoyed talking with them each week.  The kettle corn people, from Canada, have purchased a trailer.  He is thrilled, no wrestling that big kettle out of the truck and under the shelter.  She is not so sure.  He says she wanted it and now that she has it, she doesn't like it.  But with some adjustments it may work out just fine.  I am with him.  Much easier with the trailer, but I can see her advantages of the shelter.    the other couple just set out tables and put there wares out.  we hope to visit them this summer in Indiana.
I bought another flat of strawberries.  For $7.00.  the season for berries is coming to a close so the price is going back up.  Parksdale will have strawberry shortcake and sundaes until mid-April.  Then on the way home we saw that the u-pick near us is now open.  so next week or  before we leave I will get some from there.  We had over 3 inches of rain Monday and you could tell it in the berries.  Will have to make some jam or something.  Have a good day.  jkc

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Saturday, a busy day

Bob & Carolyn, Hoosier Cruiser
Took off after breakfast for the Big Top Flea Market.  Not much new there.  while visiting with Gene, one of the vendors.  Gene is 86, wants to sell his booth and retire.  But told Ernie he bought 9 tables of stuff at the auction.  Took two days to haul it home.  Go figure!     Anyway,  while there Ernie saw friends from Indiana.  Bob and Carolyn.   We talked awhile and then went our separate ways.  We had to go get a birthday cake for Frank.  The neighborhood, (3 couples), are having a pizza party for Frank.  He will be 72 on the 27th.  And he will ride 72 miles on his bike.  He also works 16 hours a week at a casino, driving the tram for the employees.  Yuck! a bug just went down the front of my shirt.   We have tiny ants.  At least I think they are ants.  I have ant traps out, but I think they are breeding places for these tiny ants.  Or did I tell you that.     Back to the cake.  They did not have a small one so I got an angel food cake.  that will be better with ice cream and strawberries, anyway.   Strawberries------what are they?

Saturday afternoon we went down to Lazy Days and found where Bob and Carolyn were parked and visited with them.  Out to Bob Evans for supper.  A good time.  We enjoy seeing our Friends and catching up on other friends we each know.  Gene, if you are reading this, you and Phyllis were mentioned. 

Back home we stopped at our neighbors to see what they had been up to today.  And then the middle neighbor came home with his new truck.  To pull his new 5th wheel.
Will get a better look tomorrow when it is day light. 

Back up to Friday.  Out for lunch with Linda and Austin, stopped at Tom's Rv parts for Austin and then rode thru Lazy Days RV Park.  Went down the wrong lane or we would have seen Bob and Carolyn's rig.  Came home and I defrosted the refrigerator.
The freezer needed it.  Took out the dill bread I had brought from home.  Past time to eat it.  But now I have room for the ice cream for the party. 

Must close it is 10:30 and I am just rattling on.  See you.  jkc

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Time flies when your are having a good time

This is the top of the 200 foot drop on theSheiKra roller coaster.  Some woman told Ernie that she had gone 12 times on it in an hour.  About our age.  Not only did we think she was ????? also it had to be before spring break time.  The park is really crowded the month of March.  The weather has been great the last two weeks.  70 to mostly 80 degree weather during the day.  Cool at night.  No hurry to head north before April.  
We saw Tony Orlando last week.  I knew it had been years since I had seen him on TV.   Amazing, he has put on weight and aged just like the rest of us?  50 years in show business.  And he had the crowd on their feet a lot.  Fun, sing a long, good band.  A great show. 

The full band.  I always enjoy the drummers.  Ernie had a video of the band and there is a good picture of the drummer.  Some drummers sit and play the drums.  Others do not sit still, their whole body moves and facial expressions are something else.  The band members all sing solos and take an active part, not just back up. 

We pass this hot dog stand each time we go to Busch.  so one day we decided to stop and try out one of these hot dogs.  They were good, Chicago style if you like, or any way you want one fixed.  But you pay more than what we want to pay for a hot dog.  The car sits in front of the diner.
Last week we bought a flat of strawberries.  $5.00.   Come home and decided to make some jam.  Since our freezer is small I made the cooked variety.  I must not have used the required amount of sugar as it still has not jammed!!!!  Guess it will taste good on ice cream.  Bought another flat this week and I knew better.   When the box dripped juice onto my shorts and socks, I should have taken it back and demanded my money.  NO, I just got a different flat.  Well, lesson learned, do not buy from that vendor.  I had to throw out at least 1/3 of the flat.
  And last week the coffee pot quit.  Ernie says it only had 129,000 miles on it.  So we went looking for another coffee pot that would fit under the cabinet.  Counter space is a premium in a RV.  No luck, came home in the afternoon and looked on the internet.  Well, would you believe that Sears had them, and that is just down the road about 10 miles from us.  New coffee pot in place and soon I will get the paper towel holder back up in a different place.
  Yesterday when we were leaving the flea market a lady wanted our parking place.  OK
Oh, you are from Indiana,  I am from So. Bend.  she said.   Well, I grew up in Syracuse.  She lives in New Paris. and her daughter lives in Syracuse.  Then we stopped at Parksdale for weekly strawberry sundae and the people sitting near us were also from Indiana.  The South Bend area.  They have lived in Florida the last 16 years.
Small world.   something else happened that I was going to write,  who knows????
add that next time.   Have a good day.   jkc

Sunday, March 6, 2011

A long week

I wrote some and then Ernie put on pictures, so things may be a little out of order.  A longer posting than usual.             Jack and Nikki's new 5th wheel.  
BIG,  we have not gotten the tour yet, but I am sure it is very nice.  Will let you know.
Edna and Tom, Hoosier Cruisers and strawberry shortcake.

an archway a1t Busch.  So pretty.

The 5th Dimension.  They sang
Aquarius.  Remember?  Oldies.  but good!

And little kangaroos at Busch.  Very friendly.  You can buy some food for $5.  and feed them.  We did not.  We learned that they train the young ones to go into a carrying cage.  Let them get used to it.  And if they seem to adapt then they take them everywhere for show and tell.  Even to California.  And they get a paid seat on the plane, staying in their carrying case. 

Before I forget, the name of the CEO of Lazy Days is John Horton.  Nice fellow!   and
help me,  what is the name of the Dr. Suess book that talks about Horton    Who?
I can not think of the book, other than something about Horton.

We did go to the flea market Thursday.  The Patriot at Zepherhills.  About 30 minutes away.  Bought some tangerines and we got a buy on some silver plate.  No berry spoons, but some patterns that we look for that are highly collectible, according to our book.  Have them labeled in the book and on the computer.  Came to the last page in my latest little catalog book.  I looked at all my little books, and figured there are about
1555 entries.  Many of those entries have more than one piece of silver.   No, do not ask me what we will do with all of it,  I  do not know.  We are just having fun collecting.  the hunt is on for the hard to find patterns and pieces.  Like a sardine fork.

We also made a stop at the cookie factory.  The sales lady said on Wednesday she sold out in less than 30 minutes.  Come some other day than Wednesday.  Shirley found some sugar less cookies.  (uses sorbital, which is a sugar also.)  Then to Parksdale for a strawberry sundae and some grapefruit and an avocado.   On to Lazy Days for lunch.
While there we spotted a couple from Indiana.  Hope to see them Saturday.

Friday, we took off for Busch Gardens.  Saw and heard the 5th Dimension sing,   always a good show.  Decided to go to Fridays for lunch.  Got our favorite waitress and enjoyed a leisure salad and soup luncheon.  As we were leaving a different couple from Indiana called.  They were at Lazy Days also.   so we went over, took them past our place and then over to Parksdale.   And of course by now you know what that means.  Ernie and I have been splitting the sundaes.  I keep paper bowls in a plastic bag in the trunk just for that purpose.  took Them home, checked to see if Alan and Karen were home,,  nope.  and then realized that Edna's purse was still in our trunk.  Back to their place.  The salesman was there and showed us a sprinter RV.  Not quite what we are looking for.  No, we will keep our good ole National RV.  finally got home about 7:15.  I took down the laundry, we rested and had a small BLT for supper.  A long day.
This picture is of Richard and Shirley, friends from Pennsylvania, that we met in Texas.
Karen and Allen from Indiana.  Hoosier Cruisers.  We got together on Saturday.  Beth and Bruce stopped by, then we called Tom and Edna and met for lunch at Ho Ho Chinese Rest.  All Hoosiers.  Good time in Florida.

Tomorrow will not be any easier.  Beth and Bruce leave Sunday, so we will spend some time with them.  and some time with Karen and Allen, we hope.  See you later.  jkc

Thursday, March 3, 2011

This and That

Hi!  NO Pictures this time.  Just a few notes.  A couple from Pennsylvania called the other day.  Yesterday, Tues., we met them at Lazy Days.  Went out and thought we would see if we could see the RV with a Sprint Body .  A person with a Lazy Days tag on his shirt, came up and got on one of the carts.  We asked him where the sprint rv's were.  Hop on and he would take us.  He did and we looked, he even took us to the used RV lot.  And then said you have to see something I like.  Took us over to the Lazy Days Park to the Rally Building.  They have a new "diner"  made like a RV.  Very neat and classy.  It had just opened that day.   WOW.  Then he took us back to the "start", we thanked him and ask his name.  He is the CEO ---- Manager of Lazy Days.  Will get his name later.   My memory is not good about names.   Anyway, a nice surprise.
  Flea Market today.  a half flat of strawberries was only $4. today,   So we bought some more.  there was a recipe for Strawberry salsa in the paper today.  Beth tried it and brought us some.  Has some Rice vinegar in the recipe.  To use on grilled fish, if you like.  We have had strawberries for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  And in between.

To take Richard and Shirley to a different flea market Thurs.  Will stop by Parkdsdale for a strawberry sundae.  Did not get one today. 
We were with them this pm for dinner at Bob Evans.  I had a spinach salad with cranberries, pecans and chicken.  Rasberry Vingerett.  Delicious.
Thursday also brings a new 5th wheel RV into this park.  Our neighbors are getting a new rig and it arrives tomorrow.  We asked if we could get free tickets or at least half price when they have open house.  He knows we tease, but we have not recieved a ticket yet.  Austin and Linda are waiting for their tickets also.  Tune in tomorrow for results!!jkc

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Herman Hermits

Peter Noone is always a crowd pleaser.  He knows we are all "oldies"  as he is 63.  But still very energetic.  There are severall fan clubs in attendance.  We always wonder as we talk with someone who comes just for his shows.  And follow him when he is in the States.  they hand out stringers to wave, small megaphones and also have big balloons to toss around the crowd.  22 No. 1 hits.
Just do not ask me to name them.

We walk around Busch Gardens a lot and now and then,  "Oh, look at the flowers.  I do not remember seeing these."  I am sure they have always been there, I just had not really looked at them.  These orchids are so pretty and of a variety of colors.
Linda and Larry just returned from a cruise to the Panama Canal.  They stopped at their niece's home and took her and this cute little one to Parksdale for a strawberry sundae.  so we drove over to visit a minute.  NO, we did not get any strawberries to eat that day.
but on Wednesday, I bought a half flat at the flea market for $5.00   soooo good.
Today is Saturday.  We spent half a day going to garage sales.   Maybe have of that trying to find them.  These cities that name a street and then at some intersection, name the other end of the street a different name.  GPS can get confused sometimes.  Take you the long way around.   Came home and took a nap.  Ernie worked on some pictures and then went over to talk with Austin.  so I am on the computer. 
Have a good day.   jkc
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