Friday, February 26, 2010

Chubby Checker

We enjoy the topiary animals at Busch Gardens. Looking back at past blogs, by the time we leave this area you should know all about Busch Gardens and will know what to look for around the park.

this week it was Chubby Checker.
We were sitting center and we heard the band more than him for most of the concert. found out we should sit a little to the side and the vocal sound comes out much better. the "Wildcats" were good, and as usual loud.

Linda and I decided that he had on a wig. Just too precise to be real hair. And he is 69. So maybe he prefers a wig over dyeing his hair. If he has any. Meow!
and his jeans were so tight that all he could do was wiggle his rear. Altho someone said he also had trouble walking. So maybe he has arthritis like most of us at the concert.

He did get a line of ladies up to do some dancing. and then as he was singing "Let's do the Twist" he got the men up on the stage. Now these old guys could twist!!!!
I know, I am old also. But remember, Florida has lots of snow birds and we are all over 60, or 70. Don't even ask my age. I'll tell, but not on line. these concerts during the week are mostly retired people

And I have not seen a retired person on Sheikra. That is a 200 foot drop when it comes down. and then there is another drop, a little shorter. And then thru some water. The spray is mostly behind and comes out over a walk way. so people on the ground standing near by get wet, but those on the Sheikra do not. when a bus load of students come in the park, you can bet the first place they head to is this ride. All the others are tame, compared to this one. The only one that leaves the ground that we get on is the sky ride. It just glides thru the air from point A--to B to C.

Pictures cannot do some of the floral arrangements justice. so pretty.

Ernie did get a picture today with his cell phone of a baby crane. The parents were walking around and this little guy stayed between them. He was still fuzzy, did not yet have feathers. We were in a sub division and they were checking out the bugs or whatever in the ground.
Talk to you later. jkc

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Huey Lewis & the News plus

It is Bands, Brew and BBQ at Busch Gardens in February. Huey Lewis and The News today. A huge crowd, loud and good music. We were about 14 - 15 rows back from the stage. good seats. Altho, if we had paid $27 Dollars , per person, we could have had the BBQ meal and front row seats. We opted out of that.

This shows all of the band. Like many of the rock and roll bands they were loud. and we were outdoors. so what the difference. No, one of the sax players was left out.
Huey Lewis sang all the favorites and then some. 65 minutes and then another 15 minute encore.

Looking behind us at the concert. They rented lawn chairs if you did not want to sit on the grass at the back. Standing room only. A lady in front of us said that last week with Willie Nelson that a lot of the crowd walked out. he would talk during his songs and not really get a full song sung. No one walked out today.

One of the eagles at the park. they have several that are there being in rehab. Injured a wing and cannot fly. He just sat there looking at us looking at him.

Thursday, the 18th, 45 Hoosier Cruisers (motor home club members) met at the Sun and Fun RV resort for an Indiana get together in Florida. The resort has a cafeteria and one or two private rooms for functions. We had the larger of the two and could use it for 4 hours. $10 dollars for a smorgasbord meal. Italian ? it was good. Seeing friends and catching up on the latest news was the best part of the day.

More of our group. It was a pretty day for the drive to Sarasota. The Sun and Fun RV Resort is a big complex. over 1500 spots. 500 for traveling RV's and the rest for park models or the resorts "guest homes" You can rent these guest homes by the week, month or season. It seemed crowded to us, but we are spoiled where we are staying. We may not have the activities that many parks have, but we have a quiet park, close to things we like to do and friends we enjoy and visit. And we realized that this past Saturday was the first day we did not leave the park, since we have been here. Maybe, I should say that we did not have anything planned to do, repair or place to go away from the park. A good day, hope you had one two.
I went to church today. This Methodist Church has a freindship with a group of American Indians that wanted a place to worship. They come twice a month, in the evening. Today, during the morning service one of their members, a Miami Indian, was welcomed and became a member of the Methodist church.. Good night. jkc

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Good Times February 17, 2010

The Marching "Band" at Busch Gardens. Brass and drums. They are at the opening gate and through out the park during the day.
Tut's Tomb. a realistic replication of Kind Tut's burial site as it was being excavated in the 1920's. this is in the Egypt section of the park. It is on the way to one of the roller coasters and the sky ride. We do the sky ride not the roller coaster. This was interesting.

There are 3 layers to the tomb. the one King Tut is supposedly in, then a second gold "casket" and then a third huge gold one. Impressive.

We are in the Nairobi section of the park at Rhino Rally ride. This is a 16 passenger vehicle that looks like it is going into the wall in this picture. So many of the rides that have a person explaining what is going on, is only as good as the person doing the talking. Today we had a good guy. His co-pilot was about 10. Josh.

When we came to this water the "jeep" gets stuck in the water. A water fall on one side and a "river" on the other. All of a sudden you break loose (see the darker drums) and you go careening down the river. almost running into a wall, or a water fall, or over a dam, what ever. We all had smiles afterward as our "guide" made it fun.

Another section of the track or road that the jeep goes on during the Rhino Rally ride. You also see some of the animals along the way and "Captain" told some stories about them also. Not all true, but everyone knew the difference. Even the children knew.

John Davidson. He is 69. Still sings as well, or better than he did in the 60's. Had the crowd singing and laughing. Altho the laugh was on him at one point. He had a man from the audience up on stage with him. To sing along. He wasn't bad. Anyway he happened to be an attorney. so when he was asked if this was his house. He sang This is my home. He was told. Just answer the questions. So when Davidson said. I have been in your home, on your sofa with your wife kissing her for 3 hours. Now what do you say. The man answered "that will be $300" The look on Davidson's face was priceless and the crowd roared. And the band really cracked up, so we figureed it was not planned. When he left the stage later, he said as he was going out. And I had to pick an attorney!

this pretty guy is a Saddle Nosed Pelican. Check his legs. They are bent FORWARD at the knee. The Flamingos also rest this way. And the Flamingos are ange or pink because of all the shrimp they eat. They look orange to me, but some say pink. Look at an older blog and see what you think.
They are white when they are born. or hatched.

Weaser, Betty, Doug, and I. At our park. They were here for 3 nights. Betty won way easily at Mexican train. good time.

the National Great Lakers at Parksdale Market for strawberry sundaes. then to a local park to visit and catch up on the latest news about the club and friends.
Feb 16, 2010

Our President Mike and Wife Sherry.
with the strawberry shortcake.

More of us. I have got to make Ernie quit putting my picture in the groups. Old stuff!

and here we are at the park. It was a little chilly. We all had on our jackets and sweaters. Last year we had on shorts and tee shirts.
We did not go to the flea market today. cold out there. It was warmer in the sun, but still cool for Florida. tomorrow we head to Sarasota for the day for a Hoosier Cruiser day. Talk to you later. jkc

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Power Plant near Ruskin, Florida. The manatees come in to be in the warm water that is discharged from the plant. When ever it is cold the are is full of the manatees.

We were with Doug, Dorothy and Betty.

And of course when ever we have friends to visit we take them to Parksdale for Strawberries. that is four sundies. I think Ernie and I split one.

Betty, Doug and Mom, Dorothy

Friday, February 12, 2010

Music and animals

Peter Noone of Herman's Hermits. Quite the showman and a good voice. fun and funny. He makes no bones that he was popular way back when.
It was a cold day and so after the concert we came home rather than seeing any other show. We did walk to the Stanleyville Theatre and back out. Looking at this and that. Seeing something different each time we go. Just the way the animals are behaving can be different.

The back drop for the concert. The dark haired guitar player dances/kicks up his legs. a nut. And I like to watch the drummers. Some are just cool doing their work. Others are almost comical in their movements, and others are really serious about their craft. The band is really in tune with Peter Noone. But then they have been together quite awhile and so they just do their thing without notes to say what is next. I really think Peter sings whatever song he wants and does not follow a list, other than to be sure and get in a few No. 1 hit tunes. Did you ever hear of anyone talking about being #2? or 3?

Flamingo's again. See the one in the middle, on one leg and you cannot see his head, just his neck? He is hiding his head between his wings. Sleeping? or keeping warm?

The tortoise had just been fed. Celery and grasses. The birds were checking out what was available to eat.

Isn't he a lovely fellow? He was just sitting there. I found it interesting that his lower foot looked more like a human hand than his upper foot/hand. We had not been thru this Myombe Reserve. A large area like a lush rainforest where gorilla and chimpanzees can be seen in their naturalistic habitat. There are information posters telling the difference between the gorilla and chimp. How they live and habits.
Today, Friday, it rained and it rained.
I know, it is not snow. It was also in the 40's. So, other than a quick trip to the store we stayed in. Sewed some buttons on a craft project from the rally and did a little cleaning. Went thru our tax information. How many of you have already done your taxes?
Saturday, we will check out the local flea market, Big Top, and maybe drive over to Plant City to this old hardware store we want to check out. Have a good day. jkc

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fleas, fields and rally

Plant City Flea Market. this man said $10 when you take my picture! We did not pay him and he laughed. He is selling Roosters, the hens were home laying brown eggs, that he sells, rabbits, guineas and shoes!!!!

Here are his animals. I wonder what his home is like, and how the chickens and rabbits are taken care of each day. And people buy.

On our way to the market we see the strawberry pickers. They are selling anywhere from $5 to $10 a half flat. Depending on where you get them and what the berries are like. Extra large or smaller. But the strawberry sundaes are good at $2.99. Huge. We split one.

And this is an air picture of the Brooksville rally. This rally is held at an airport, as I previously wrote. The top runway is used during our stayby the usual air planes. We did see sky divers one day. The two runways at an angle and the spaces in the middle are where 1335 motor homes parked for a week. There were 2035 people that walked in for a day. And 16 new RV's sold by the dealers there. So, altho they were disappointed at the number of motor homes there, the number of walk ins was good. And the vender's were happier. A good time even with the rain and wind.

While at the flea market we bought some vegetables. Broccoli, peppers, cabbage, tomatoes, onions, large sweet "strawberry" onions, avocado, (one for me) bananas. And then at Parksdale I bought 4 cucumbers for $1, 5 Dunlap grapefruit, $1. & 5 red peppers for $1. The other vegetables were a dollar per item. Well, banana per bunch, & tomatoes were 4 for $1. So we will be vegetarians for the nest few days. The grapefruit is white, sweet and seedy. But are so good I do not mind picking out the seeds.

And now it is about time to fix some supper with all this fresh goods. Talk to you later. jkc

Friday, February 5, 2010

More Brookville and parade

Coffee tent

Mary Ann and Leroy, Hoosier Cruisers. Morning coffee and donuts. The theme for this years rally is "Clowning Around at SEA"

SEA is South Eastern Area

of Family Motor Coach Association.

Florida, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi. 4 1/2 days of fun, if it doesn't rain, which it is doing right now. And it rained Mon. and Tues. The rally did not officially start until Wednesday. Sun. am is a devotional service and that is the end of the rally. 4 mornings of coffee and donuts. Tea and hot chocolate and orange juice and sugar free cookies.

some of the donuts ready to eat. All flavors.

The Frustrated Maestros and Choir perform each morning. So you can eat your donut, drink your coffee and read the morning paper all at once. While watching the people to see friends from all over the country.

One of the clowns. He was one of the volunteers. Had been the person in charge of the vendors tent for 5 years. Was doing another job this year. Nice guy.

The band played during the parade.

and so did one of the local High School bands. I think our band played better than they did. But they got lots of applause anyway.

Handi cap carts and golf carts, with a few antique cars. And bicycles and walkers were all that was allowed. This was a "special" made rig.

It took us awhile to figure out that the women was "riding" a duck. Look carefully at this one. SI is a group called "Singles International" Only single people belong. And at some rallies the women outnumber the men. Each person has their own RV. From small class B's to Big 45 foot RV's. And there are women that drive those 45 foot rigs!!

How fat can you be? Various "floats" tossed beads and candy. I now have 18 strands of beads. Need some? No underwear. We are a good clean group. Even if we do have 'Happy Hour"

Clowns and more clowns. Even the golf carts were adorned as clowns.

Nice car

Her lashes grew due to the supplement that Dr. Oz recommended. Dr. Oz also cleared her brain of fuzzy matter. evidenced by the fact that she could hold the string at each side of her head and pull them thru her brain/head??????cute

Wednesday we went to a class on fire safety. Very interesting and enlightening. Ladies, when you are in your RV where is your purse? With all those important credit cards and your face??? It should be by your seat or bed, where ever you are staying. You have about 40 seconds to get out of your RV if it should catch on fire. What kind of fire extinguishers do you have on board"? are they usable? where are they located? When and how often do you check them to see if they are usable? And we had demonstrations on how to put out fires. How to get out the window of your RV if it is on fire and the door is blocked. You need to practice that at least once to see how everything works. It made you think and realize how unsafe we could be in our rigs.

And after that I went to a luncheon and style show. Pretty clothes and a good meal. small, but tasty.

The lady clown again. Somehow I got pictues messed up.

A whole cart full of clowns, with candy and beads!!!!!

and former Hoosier Cruiser Lowel, now from Georgia. good friend.

Have a good day, hope you did not have too much snow. We are having plenty of rain, but at least not on the parade day.
I have stew on the stove and there is more entertainment tonight. see you. jkc