Thursday, July 30, 2009

Back Home

It is Thursday and it is not wash day, but I did. 4 loads and hung many tee-shirts out side on the line. The last load did not get completely dry outside, so it is now hanging on hangers in the bathroom. We took the RV to the west side of Anderson for some repairs. And Ernie just told me what we are having done. I can see it, he showed me on the Freightliner chassis that was at the FCOC rally, but I cannot name it.

So----- I have been pulling a few weeds among the flowers. The impatiens did not suffer from heat as I thought they might. In fact they look great. But the tomatoes have a problem. Maybe from too much dampness, or blight or ????? anyway, some of the plants are sickly.

And the peony bushes have black spots on some of the leaves. Now what do we do.

We are tired tonight, relaxing from being gone two weeks. Time to rest. have a good day


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Day at Allison & the 500 Track

Hey! Hey! Hey!!!! Look at these trucks! there were 15 of them. And we got to drive them on the Allison Transmission Test Track. Yep, We did!! I Did!!! 4 of them!. What an experience! We were told to go out and get in one of the trucks, we would have a person from Allison with us to tell us how to drive them around their test track. The track had several stops, turns and curves. so I got in a big one.
This is a Western Star 4900SA, Cat C15, 475 hp. Weighted at 61,900 lbs. With a 53 foot trailer. You see these going down the road with a load of big gravel or rocks. Very nice, except "jake" brake was on and I still have trouble using it, until I have driven several miles. Here I am ready to climb aboard the first one I drove.

And there I am, ready to take off. My helper, Ty, was very nice, told me I did a great job.? And told Ernie that I had done a good job also. Then I drove a semi. Freightliner Columbia MBE 4000. -12.8L 450hp @ 1900rpm/1550lb-ft @1100 rpm. Weight Empty (w/trailer) 29,260 lbs. Weight Loaded (w/trailer) 56,200 lbs. Each rig was loaded. with something so we could tell how it felt to drive a loaded rig. Then I got into a "box truck" Piece of cake after the other two. On the other side of the stand were off road dumpster trucks. Big ones. the track for these had a hill. A straight up hill. As I was driving up the hill my helper said just keep the flags on either side of the road in view. And that is all I could see, beside the sky. Stopped at the top and then came down and not seeing the road for a few feet coming down.

This is one half of our group from the red bus. A total of 80 of us made this filed trip. One bus to Allison's in the morning. We also had a tour through the factory. Just a portion, but our guide was a floor supervisor and made the tour very interesting. Allison's had a box lunch for us, a good one. And then we all got a protable, round cooler with the Allison name on it. Our bus took us to the 500 mile track at Speedway. We had tickets for the museum and a ride around the track. A good day, I do believe.

The Indianapolis Speedway Museum.

One of the cars in the museum. We left at 7:30 and back to the campground by 3. I just got up from a nap. This evening I get to help with supper. There is a cater and we are to have prime rib, baked potato, salad and dessert. The helpers serve and see that there are drinks available. etc. Not sure what the entertainment will be tonight. Last night I did not stay for the entertainment. Came home, showered and was in bed by 9:15. This good life out here can be tiring sometimes. We leave tomorrow (Wed) morning. See you down the road or along the way. jkc

It's pizza time! We had had a full brunch about 11'30, and it is tradition that after our annual meeting that we have pizza. this used to be done at the National Convention. It was decided not to do that as sometimes it is difficult to get enough pizza for 500 people as everyone comes out to the meeting at National Conventions.
Our Style shows participants. They were really funny. You can see the young man in front in the blue dress. These crazy old people he is probably thinking.

A full picture of a Freightliner chassis and the semi that carries it to different areas for display. It is awesome to see what we ride on every day. That tire at the side is a new tire that they are trying out. This tire is double tire and replaces dual tires. It cost a mere $800 and with rim it is $1200. Supposed to be a super duper tire, giving a better ride.
Just had a group picture taken. I may be in the background.

It is not yet 6 am. The ambassadors for the Freightliner Club, they travel with the semi group, were parked behind us. They just left. A diesel engine is not very quiet when it starts at 5:30 in the morning. We said it would make a good alarm clock as we have to board the 7:30 bus for Allison's and then after lunch the 500 mile track. A busy day. See you. jkc

Monday, July 27, 2009


Sunday was a good day. A delicious brunch was served about 11:30 and then we were free for the afternoon. Many of us went into Greenfield. The Antique stores were open, did not look to see what other stores were open downtown. We found a few pieces on the second floor, inn a flat open cardboard box. So today, Monday, we went back and found four more in that box on the second floor. Last night we had a style show, with the men being the models. Yes, they were dressed in women's clothes. Tags still on them, straight from Goodwill. Fun. They even got one of the members Grandson to dress up in a sparkly dress. He could not figure why those old men were laughing so hard at each other, before the show. We did not win at the money drawing again last night. Do not know if we will donate the $5 again tonight.

Teavanna------sort of a Red Hat Tea. We are not a formal club, we do not want to pay any dues to the Red Hat Society. If you join the National group there is a yearly fee. Sorry, not for us. A teavanna is a gathering where you may taste different teas. Small desserts are also served. The hostess gave two of our ladies hand sanitizer and a toothbrush for all of us. But they were to disguise it and also tell a story about it. They were very clever. One of them wrote a great poem. About how wonderful, strong, etc. the FCOC Women are in the club. fun.
We all got to take home our small tea cups and we also got a nice door prize. I got a new tea pot!!

Tomorrow we have to board a bus at 7:30 am to go to Allison's for a tour. That is early! I have not gotten up before 7 since leaving Bowling Green. Happy hour coming up and then another good meal. Talk to you later. jkc

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Freightliner Rallly at Greenfield, Indiana

Standing in line for supper. We stand in line frequently, usually for a meal. But once in awhile for other things. Saturday's rain did not stop us. We got out our ponchos or umbrella's and kept moving.

Happy Hour on Friday, the day we arrived. or maybe it is Saturday. Anyway, we have happy hour every day. With a variety of drinks, water, soft drinks, beer and wine. Take you pick. Friday we had plenty of hot and cold ore-devores. and there are two of these pictures. Unless I figure out how to get rid of one of them.

Got it smaller, anyway.

Cummins engine on the demo chassis. Freightliner brings a big semi full of things for the fellows to look at and dream about. The demo chassis goes in the semi and is lifted to the top so that other stuff can be loaded in to be used or shown at rallies.

Another look at the faboulous Freightliner chassis. The engine is in the rear of the motor home. this is what the living part of the RV is set on, carefully and securely, we hope.

The chassis and trailer that all the stuff comes in. At a big convention, like the one we just left at Bowling Green they have a large awning and a tent,that fit along the side of the trailer so that they can put out information about Freightliner and have the chassis under cover, less sun on potential customers. Or owners that have questions. RV owners can come to the "booth" and ask questions about their chassis and talk to service techs. The service techs may also come to your coach to address your problem.

The Hoosier Cruisers that worked the FMCA Booth saluting our captains, Greg and Bettie Wessel. We think we did a good job for FMCA. We had a lot of fun, the work was not hard, as we got to talk to a lot of people coming thru, some actually buying products with the FMCA logo.
Write later, we are having a church service and I would like to go. jkc

Friday, July 24, 2009

Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio

click on picture.
We are parked, if you look at the picture, in the left hand corner, the corner of the small picture, that is toward the middle of the big picture is about where we were parked. HI, It is Friday evening, the 24th. Where have the days gone. We are now in Greenfield, Indiana, at the S. & H. Campground with the Freightliner Chassis Owners Club. Until the 29th. Back Up.

Well, I thought I wrote when we arrived in Bowling Green, but I do not find it in our archives.

The campus is a lovely campus. A bit far from the morning tent area & vender's building over to the student union and Hall where our seminars were held, but between the buses and handi-cap golf carts every one usually got where they were going. 2600 plus coaches. I guess the best story was one of the members was in town and a young boy, 8 or 9, ask a lady what all these people with the tags around their neck were, an old peoples club? She had to laugh, well, the majority of us are older and to a young person are probably really old. We just act younger, maybe. sometimes and once in a while feel younger, when our arthritis is not bothering us. etc.

Our club, the Hoosier Cruisers, were the volunteers in the FMCA clothing booth. We had a good time and tried to keep things neat after various persons had tried on some of the shirts etc.

At the summer conventions we have a youth program, as many grandparents bring their grandchildren. They are taken to zoos, bowling alleys, local amusements parks, what ever is available. They also have officers just like all the clubs within FMCA. One young man, about 14, tried on the jackets that were on sale. Can you hold this while I go get my Dad? We hid it under the table as it was the only size medium we had. And he came back with his Dad, and and the other lady waited on him. She was telling him she said all the mediums were gone. Luckily I saw him and said, No We have it saved. He was much relieved and the gentleman with him was smiling. I later saw the young boy with a younger brother at one of the vendor booths. The lady said these are my nephews and the are learning the business. So I told them about the free ice cream given away that day and later found out that they got their ice cream. I am not sure of the relationship of the gentleman with him. Uncle, Dad, or Granddad, since they were at their Aunts booth.

Tuesday nights entertainment was great. 4 to 5 male singers. We had seen them in Florida at the Brookville rally. Wednesday nights was cancelled because of rain and Thursday night it was Phil Dert and the Dozers. A 50, 60 70's group that sang rock and roll songs of that era.

We bought a few things, renewed our tow in insurance, special deals at rallies, had a good time.

we had over 30 coaches from Indiana there. Weather wasn't bad, the rain was light and it dried off in the afternoon on Wednesday.

Started for Greenfield by 8:15 today. Stopped at the first rest stop and changed drivers. I drove until the next one. Just before we stopped Ernie said. "I saw Don several times, but never Sandy. Friends from S. Carolina, now Florida. As we were talking with other FCOC members at the rest park, they drove in. So, we got to ese Sandy after all.

We did attend some of the seminars. The Geeks were at the top of our list. They are computer experts and give very good seminars. I also took in a show and tell On the road Quilters show.

No, I do not quilt. But enjoy seeing their projects. We had several first time people from our club and they all thought it was great. Well run, for as many volunteers that they use. over 800. Ernie is waiting for the computer, so I better stop for now. Will try to write more often. jkc

Sunday, July 19, 2009

More friends

Lucky us! We are at the entrance of the Uiversity stadium and across the street from Starbucks, Big Boy and a few other eating places. And we are easy to find!

Sunday, July 19, 11:20 am

Went to the devotions this morning. Almost missed it as I thought it was at 9:00. Nope 8:30. We got there OK. It was good. The pianist and vocalist were from the 1st United Methodist Church from Campus. and the speaker we had heard before. Glad we went. And saw several people from Indiana and then a friend from S. Carolina, now living in Florida. Except they have been on the road since June 1. We do live a hard life out here in RV lan
Saturday We went to garage sales. Talked with one group of "students" selling out! We are on the Bowling Green State University campus. The young man has two more years to get his Doctorate. In College Administration. Getting married next Saturday. They asked a lot of questions about the RV's on campus. So we invited them out to see our 11 year old coach. They were impressed, nicer than some of their rooms they had had in college. Most of the garage sales were students about to leave campus for the last time. No silverware here! While driving around Ernie took some pictures of the many RV's parked here. Just a small portion of the 3000 expected.

Then off to the Easy Street Cafe. With Carol, Jerry and MaryAnn. We had ribs and they were good. We had to wait half an hour. Busy place, And most of the people had on FMCA name tags. We are asked to wear them as we go about town so that the Business people know we are out spending money in their city. And we do.

This after noon Bowling Green is having a downtown "Bash" Stores open, sidewalk sales, entertainment, etc. an additional Welcome FMCA from the city.

This evening we go to the volunteer "supper" that the National Officers give for the 700 plus volunteers that staff these conventions. Ernie and I, plus others from our club will be working in the FMCA "store" Would you like to buy a jacket, t-shirt,cap or map holder. The store has them all with the FMCA logo.

Time to fix lunch. Saturday while out shopping we found a farmers market stand. They had the most delicious tomatoes. Bought 3 and then went back later and bought 6 more. Almost like straight from an Indiana garden. Write later. jkc

Friday, July 17, 2009

Bowling Green, Ohio, FMCA Convention

Hi! We are in Bowling Green at the University. Prime ? Spot. At the entrance to the field house off of the main drag. I guess we could go to the Waffle house across the street for breakfast, or Big Boy for a sandwich. Anyway, we are parked and ready for next week when our RV convention begins.

Have met with some of our fellow Hoosier Cruisers. Went out to Bob Evans for supper with 3 Hoosiers. Then over to another area where some Hoosiers were having "Happy Hour". Left there and on the way out ran across some friends from National Great Lakers. Good to be back seeing friends from our clubs and just friends from all over.

Yesterday, we went back to the BIG antique store to check on the gravy ladle. It was scratched and so decided not to get it. Looked around some more. Drove into Findley, and spotted a farmers market booth. Got two ears of corn, oh, so good, fresh and not over ripe. Beth gave us some cucumbers from her garden and it was great having fresh vegetables with our lunch.

The weather has turned a little chilly. We were all putting on sweaters and/or jackets this evening. Nice not to have to run the generator to run the air conditioner. No air needed. Ernie ask me if I wanted the heavy bed spread that is on the bed. I had taken it off and into the house and brought out the summer spread that is on our bed there. I still have the old down comforter in the coach if we need it.

just rambling on-----Ernie just remembered, if we want to run the generator we will need to get out our "exhaust stack" It fits on the exhaust pipe of the generator and pipes it up over the coach. Does not blow into the neighbors RV front door. so, must get busy.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

On the Road, Finally!

It is a Wednesday in July, the 15th, to be exact. We have only been out one other trip this season and we have been missing out on good times. But, we are both ok and ready to go!

To Bowling Green, Ohio, and the FMCA Convention. We are now at the Pleasant View Campground, at Van Buren, Ohio. Site # Barn 2. yep, at the end of the row. We have water and electric so we are doing fine.

We had barely gotten parked when a friend in the Maestros, also from home, called. Where are you guys? Go out side of your rig to your car, turn right and walk to the end of the row, I said. Only I walked up to their coach before he got out of it.

After lunch we picked them up and went to the biggest of all antique shops. Lots and lots of stuff! With prices on the high side. The four of us decided we prefer flea markets, garage sales or auctions. Antique shoppes are usually high. We did by 3 spoons. two were lets see, as they were black, almost like they had been burned. But with Maas, silver polish and Ernie's power they came out quite nice. The bowl had some scratches, we had notices that, but wanted to see if they would clean up before we bought another piece we wanted.

Back to the RV. After supper Beth brought down a fresh blueberry pie. Delicious. Talked until after 10. Slept well. Today ?????
a free day.

We had a bird feeder on the front lawn, we had seen some cardinals in a front tree. so we put out a shepherds hook to put the feeder on. Worked fine, and then this past week we noticed that the feeder would be tipped over, still on the hook. And one time it was on the ground. The other clue was that the neighbors dog was checking out the feeder and one day would lay at the end of our driveway, facing the culvert.
A day later Ernie discovered the problem, a squirrel came ambling by, around a tree or two and then on out front of the house. and then the bird feeder was tipped to let out the seeds. Aaa ha!

Since we were leaving I took down the feeder and moved the shepherds hook a day early. Ringer did not go out to the culvert again. Who knows where the squirrel went. We had not seen squirrels for many years. But the neighbor to the north has a walnut tree and an English walnut tree in the lot between our houses. And our trees are now full grown.
We have also had some problems with the computer being slow recently. We wonder if it is because the corn in a field north of us is in direct line of a tower. And the corn has gotten tall.

About time to get busy, at doing something. Talk later.