Tuesday, May 29, 2012

They changed the format and I do not know how it works.  so we shall see how this comes out.

It has been over a month since I have written.  I thought I had written at least once since we have come home to Indiana, but I guess not. 

We have returned early from what was supposed to be a 16 day fun time.  It is only day 13.

We were to go to Elkhart, Indiana, to Elkhart campground for a National Great Lakers Rally.
We decided to go out for breakfast and get to Elkhart around noon,  we did.
  And had a good time, visiting and eating with friends from Ohio, Michigan and Indiana.  We had a couple of extra days there and it was a good time to relax.  Ernie did a lot of cleaning out on the old computer and I just read, visited, laundry, etc.  Tuesday the 22nd we headed for Brian Springs, Michigan, for the Great Lakes Area Rally, commonly know as GLASS.
we were parked in the handi-cap section and Bruce and Beth were parked in the Frustrated Maestros
section, or white section of the campground. Various sections of the campground are color coded. They are good friends, card playing buddies and have stayed in the same park in Florida the last two years.  Bruce stopped by to visit Tuesday afternoon.
Ernie thought his hat looked dirty so he gave him a new one.  We always have a supply of hats
Bruce finally said, "Well, I better go see what my sweetie is doing" and he left.  We found out later that
he realized the singing group of the Maestros were practicing so he got his music and went to practice.

Beth called later and said "come on down and let's play some cards" (euchre)  So we did, leaving around 8:30.   Wednesday morning I got a call from Beth.  "I need you"  Be there as soon as I get dressed.   silence and then she said  "Bruce died this morning"   We were there, zipping up on the way to their coach.  I won't go into details, he died around 2 am, from a massive heart attack.  Had been in good health.  Bruce did have Diabetes, but had seen the Dr. recently. 
Ernie called the other two couples of our card group.  We are devastated.    We know Beth, two daughters and a son are also feeling the same way, only more so.  Beth commented, "Well, Bruce was doing what he enjoyed,  the RV, singing and winning at cards"  And he was, it didn't matter is he had only a 9 of suit in his hand he would make it and win the round.  What better way to go.  And then the Hoosier Cruiser group that had come in that morning, came over to offer condolences  I think Beth's family was pleased that there were friends to help her out.  The Maestro group was attentive at 2 am
and checked on her until her son-in-law got behind the wheel of the RV and they left for Daleville, Indiana, where Bruce and Beth lived.

Saturday, we drove home for the visitation, came back to Michigan Sunday.  Funeral Services were Sunday at 4 and Burial today, Tuesday, private, at Frankfort, IN.
We have the family in our thoughts and prayers.  And Beth, we will keep on playing cards.

Sunday afternoon Ernie went to a meeting of the Great Lakes area  and I worked the FMCA merchandise booth.  At 2:30, started putting things in boxes to be transported back to FMCA headquarters in Cincinnati.  Ernie came back with news that the meeting was quite interesting
The Great Lakes Area rally will not be on Memorial Day Week end next year due to a timing problem, and all sorts of false accusations are now making the rounds.  This rally has been hosted by the same group for 35 years.  When problems occur in a large group it is disappointing to hear rumors that just are not true.  I feel it will all work out, but it is depressing.   We do have a great organization.

So, Monday, we were taking our time getting ready to leave.  We were to go to the Indiana Dunes State Park for 4 nights and then on to Wheaton, Illinois, for the wedding of a great niece.  We were not looking forward to going thru Chicago with the RV and tow car, but everyone said, "Oh, it can be done, its not so bad."

In getting ready to go I opened the curtains that go over the windshields.  And as I sat down, I said to Ernie, "is that a crack on that (passenger) windshield?"   Yep! a BIG one, in fact the windshield an separated slightly from the center post and the drivers windshield was out at the top.  HELP  the windshield company had left, the rally was over.  We think it was a heat related problem, it was in the 90"s  Saturday and Sunday.
We got out the gorilla tape, used a lot of it to cover where the windshields were out of their track and
high tailed it for home.  We had had the windshields replaced 5 years or so ago, and wanted to come back to the same business.  so two campground reservations cancelled and two nights reserved at the hotel where family will be staying for this wedding.  Bummer.  And the campground near Wheaton, Illinois, that were were going to stay in gives one free night a year to anyone over 65.  Being 10 years past 65, we both qualified. 

The refrig is emptied, most of the clothes out, and both computers and phones are in the house. 
will let you know if we get to Wheaton, and back safely.

Have a good day.  jkc