Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dining Out

Dining out!  Doesn't everyone like to eat out now and then.  We seem to do a lot of it in Florida.  We see someone we haven't seen for sometime, and its "Lets eat out" 
We have been to two very nice restaurants this past week.  We were at the Lakeland RV Dealer  (just looking, rather Beth was and Clayton, Rita, Jane and Ernie were along for ???  a good time.)  It was getting noon time and Beth had found a good Chinese place when she was quilt shopping with friends.  We went to Lings Buffet.  Stuffed ourselves with good Chinese food.  and peel and eat shrimp.  Medium price, but worth it    enjoyed the day.  Took the long way home.  Nice way of saying we were not sure where we were going.  We just knew we were going South, but Clayton's GPS said North.  But when we turned to our right the GPS said West.  and this time she was right.  go figure----even a GPS can be wrong sometimes.
We had a laughing good time.  One of those times when you had to be there to see the humor in what was going on.  To tell the story of what when on, it is a dull time. 

And today we went to a special place.  Our daughter had sent us two gift certificates to The Colonnade Restaurant,  on the Tampa Bay.  Family dining, an old restaurant that serves fresh seafood.  It was on the other side of the bay, and meant a trip down the interstate 4 and thru parts of Tampa to get there.  But it was delicious.  I had grilled shrimp and broiled scallops.  Ernie had the same thing only fried.  Rita had salmon and Clayton had a fish sandwich.  All very good.  I also had a salad and cooked cabbage.  An unusual side dish.  It was good.  Tender, had ham and bacon, with a few slices of carrot for color.  And then came the Bourbon pecan pie, with a chocolate base and chocolate drizzled on top.  We split that.  The filling part of the pie was almost like cake and had plenty of pecans on top.  The pie was not as rich as it sounds.  Rita and Clayton split a coconut cream pie dessert.  More expensive than Steak and Shake, of course, but a good place to eat for special occasions. 
They are having rain, sleet, snow and ice in Indiana today.  We are glad we are in Florida.  The weather has been cooler here this past week.  Especially at night.  The space heater does run part of the time at night.  It is 61 degrees now at 9:15 pm.  this am it was 51 degrees.  We have had temps in the 40's a few nights.                                                                                    Did you see on TV about the sink hole in Seffner, Fl.?  About 10 - 15 miles from us.  It made National news! 
Time to close for today.  Have a great day.  jkc