Thursday, July 25, 2013


   Our forsythia bush is at least 45 years old.  Like every thing else around here.  Including us.   Add another 31 years on the us.

anyway,-----The bush resides behind the house almost in front of the bedroom window.   Fine, I can see when it gets the pretty yellow flowers (if I am home) and watch the green leaves appear.  And the last several years I have kept it trimmed in to a nice large bush.

Over they years I have cut it waaaay back once or twice, to about 3 feet.  It doesn't die from this cruel treatment.  It just keeps growing.  Like that bunny on TV.

This year it is so big that when it sprouts nice new leaves and stems, it is difficult to see out the bedroom window.  Enough already!

I am determined to cut the bush way down.  Out I go, collect the tools needed
The trimmer wound not run.   Go to my favorite fix it man, and Ernie determined that the extension cord was bad  He found me another one that worked.  So I trim off the new leaves and get out the heavy duty cutters and start at the back to cut it down. 

We have a burn barrel, Still can, where we live, and we took a barrow full out to be burned.  Ernie had a bunch of branches burning that he had cut off one of the maple trees, that were in the way when driving the RV down the drive
We walked back and  looked at the bush.  Oh, a birds nest, OH Oh----
it had 3 pretty blue eggs in it. 

Guess what?  I cleaned up the leaves and twigs on the ground, put my tools in the wheel barrow, Ernie took the trimmer and extension cord and we headed back to the barn. 

Later, I was looking in at the nest, put my hand up to it.  (mother bird was watching from a distance)  She did not like my hand near her eggs and let out a screech.  Leave my eggs alone   so I did, and will not look that close again.
I will wait until after the baby birds have flown the nest and then take another
chance at cutting the forsythia down to 3 feet.

Have a good day.   jkc

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Familly Reunion

what a good time------

Ernie and I left Thursday, July 19th for Madison, IN.  Took the RV to the City of Madison Campground.  One of my favorite camp grounds  We get a spot facing the Ohio river and then relax.  Watch the barges, I get out the binoculars and look for the names on the tugs that push them down or up the river.  Never tire of watching the river.  Here comes one now.  The Sarah Hunter of Hunter Marine.   only 3 barges long, two barges wide.  So 6 in all.  The barges are sitting high on the water, so they are empty. 

The Madison, IN., bridge to Ky. was to be demolished this week.  Wed,  then Thurs, Monday and now Tues. the 23.  We were all hoping for Monday, and all were going to stay and come on down to our camp site to watch the show.  No such luck.  It rained and the river is also too swift.   So 8 members of the family left this afternoon.  (Sunday)  6  of us will leave Monday.

Friday, we all met at Ernie's brothers home and ate too much lunch.  Do you ever go to a reunion or family get together and not eat too much good food?   Some went out to the farm for a look see out there.  There were two that had not been to Indiana, much less a Southern Indiana tree farm.  Another good evening meal and lots of talk.
Aileen ask what did the cousins remember about Christmas at Grandma's and about the farm.  Interesting comments. 

Saturday, the 21, John and Aileen took off for Bloomington, IN. for John's family reunion.  After lunch, 10 of the family went out to the farm and this time went over to
Big Creek and to Green Hole.  Don't ask me why it is called Green Hole, but it is a spot that Ernie and brother Nick used to go fishing.    (some one is tubing down the river)  And they got rained on, a cold hard rain. they also took time to stop at the family cemetery. When they got back to the house it was,  "can we go back to the hotel to get dry warm clothes before supper?"   Fun time
We had a surprise after supper.   John and David turn 70 in 2013.  so we had two long angel food cakes with "70" candles and cards from all of us.  They were quite surprised.   Their birthdays are in August and Sept. and so they were not expecting anything.

Sunday we met at 10  ish and again headed out to the farm.  this time, Aileen, John and Jane went with them.  We stopped and went thru the South woods first.  Uncle David took us the shorter??? route to Green Hole.  Past some bamboo that was growing in the woods.  It was up hill, down hill, watch out for spider webs and fallen tree limbs to trip on.  And then we got to the creek.  Off came the shoes and we put our tired hot feet into the cool water.  The creek had risen a foot due to the rain the day before.
David walks the woods and knows them well.  He also walks 5 miles a day for his exercise.  So he would get ahead of us old folks and then sit down and wait for us.
The younger group would help this old woman over the downed trees, muddy spots
and up and down the steep hill sides. 
While at the creek we skipped stones, found many fossils and two of the more adventurous fellows climbed a rocky wall.  Laugh and enjoy.  It is good to see the younger generation enjoying the creek and woods.
When we were younger there was a picnic spot that we would go to, canoe and swim.
That spot has been sold and so no more picnics at the creek.

Detroit, Arizona,  Columbia City, Anderson, Bloomington, Alexandria, and Ernie and I from Middletown.   Tonight Alan, Danielle, Lynn and Luis will come to the camp ground and try some fishing. 

Hope all of you have family time that you enjoy. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

This and That

June 9th. 2013

Off to breakfast today, at Perkins.  Ernie's group of men from the factory.  Judy and our daughter Nancy joined me.  We had a good visit.
We discovered this am, before leaving for breakfast that the coffee maker was not making coffee.  Light was on, so it had electricity. but it would not percolate!
So I got out the little 4 cup maker and Ernie had his cup of coffee before leaving the house.
did some grocery shopping.   Found some fully cooked smoked turkey legs.
We get them while we are in Florida, had not seen them up here, until today.
The ones we get in Florida are not fully cooked.  So I put them in the crock pot
for about 2 hours and they usually are moist and tender.  Today they were good, but different.   Also had some fresh green bean and potatoes.  Brian came over and said I should come pick some beans, I did and they were good.

I have been baking cookies for a family reunion.  Tried a different recipe that I have had for some time, just never made them.  Called coconut washboards.  Use brown sugar and the coconut.  crisp    since I cut them thin.  I have found that most cookie dough will take being refrigerated, so I put them on wax paper make a roll and then I bake them when I have time.  So depending on how I cut them as to how they will turn out when baked!

Our son came down Friday and Saturday to help dear ol Dad work on the RV.   They got the mirror all set, except for the glass and Ernie ordered that.  Alan found a leak in the air pressure system, Ernie got a part and they fixed that Sat, after a trip to town for the right size part  Alan also found
a few hole in our exhaust system.  SOOOOO  off to the repair shop     Will check one out Wed or Thur.  in Muncie.

I think one of my two tomato plants may be sick.  An end to one of the stems is wilted and looks kinda droopy.  Will have to check it out in the morning.  I did pick a green
pepper yesterday.  And today after picking the green bean at the neighbors south of us, the neighbor north of us called me over and cut a nice head of cabbage for us..  He also showed me the weed pursalane, the leaves are good eating.  Did not taste bad, might be good in a salad.  If my tomatoes die and the ones out in the garden do not do well, we may have some from our neighbors. 

Nancy came over the other day, to pick up some things I had from Syracuse.  She brought back the big ledger that my mother had used as a scrap book when in high school.  1919, 1920 and 1921.   Interesting articles, pictures from magazines, various notes and stuff.  Fun to look at and I was able to fill in some questions she had about her Grandmother. 

Have a good evening.


Monday, July 1, 2013


June 30, 2013  I am writing letters and on the blog today!!!

Yes, we closed on the house June 20 and 21.  Took two days because -
 long story that I will not put down here.  Nothing drastic, just timing.

We had our laughs, memories and sighs, while we were cleaning the home.
We each took a few things, most was left for the new owner.  At his request.
And so now we can get busy with the things that need to be done at home.

The chigger bites are almost gone,  altho I found a couple of new ones.  Where is that
human bug spray you spray on yourself.  Maybe I need to be more careful what I
weed whip. 

The rally was a good time.  Ernie took Friday day off, staying in the coach and resting.
That evening we all went to the Ft. Wayne Tin Caps baseball game.  Nice, fairly new
ball park and good weather.  Not too hot, with a little breeze.  They are called the Tin Caps, because------Ft. Wayne is an area where Johnny Appleseed was located long ago.  He is often pictured with a tin pan on his head while he walked around planting apple trees.  Sat. we went to a private car showing.  Corvettes?  Ernie could tell you all
about the cars.  Very pretty and the man even said we could touch and  sit in some of the cars.   Then off to an Art Show.  (Ernie went back to the coach, I went with friends)
some neat things, some a little too modern for me, but I enjoyed looking.

Sunday we came home.  Our coach has a loose mirror on the drivers side.  A car pulling a trailer passed us in a no passing construction zone and the trailer they were pulling had an awning.  The awning brace hit our mirror.  It also moved the coach just enough that we scraped the guard rail.  I was looking down, could just see the white line
(I was the passenger, Ernie driving) and the guard rail next to that line.  so we have a scrape along the right side of the coach.  We did finally catch up with them and
got some info.  Poor RV.  It has had it share of problems this year.  Ernie hopes he and our son can fix the mirror.  We have plans to go to Madison, to the park by the Ohio River later this month.  Can not go until the mirror is fixed.

The pine tree in the front yard?  Looks so much better.  Friday, Ernie cut off all the limbs that were dead and more so that it is even all around.  Our neighbor helped clean up the limbs.  One more load and it will be all clear.  Can mow under it.  Well, I know, there is no grass there now, but at least Ernie will not have to go around a big pine tree.
And my tomato plants have tomatoes.  Not very big yet, but they are there.
Brian bought us some new potatoes and green beans last week from his garden.  Soooo good.

It is getting late. 
Sometimes when I write I get to thinking about what I have written or want to write and the time flies.  so---- enough for tonight.
take care,  see you down the road