Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Kitchen remodel

It is May 26th.  The kitchen is,  well,  a mess.  The counter top is gone and all the appliances, except the refrig., are also gone.  Including the sink.    A new section is almost finished and the drawer slide for the waste basket is in place.  We had about 10 inches of space between the dishwasher and the cabinet we moved to make room for the dish washer.  So,  another week the cabinets will be white and the man will come to lay down new flooring.  Then the appliances go in and I may be able to cook again in the house kitchen.  We have eaten out 3 meals, I have something in the crock pot, in the RV, for supper. 

POPPIES are blooming and the peonies are starting to bloom.  I snitched some iris flowers from the neighbors yard.  Now I have one dark red peony in the house.

the front step has been raised and now slopes to the yard instead of the house. 
A-1 Concrete Leveling did a great job.  They were on their way to raise a corner of a
slab house that had settled.  Interesting set up.

Questions for me about the tile in the kitchen from Ernie and the man.  Must go----- 

Have a good day.  jkc

Later, like June 1st.

Ernie is in the hospital.  To make a long story short.  His right knee prosthesis came loose.  The bottom one decidedly so.  His leg was bowed out.  so Tuesday the 31st
he had a new complete knee put in to replace the old artificial knee.  He is doing fine, the Dr. said the surgery went well and Ernie just needs to do some good ole exercising of his legs.

The kitchen remodel is progressing.  I now have white cabinets.  The drawers and doors are at the contractors home to be painted.  The floor man comes next week and We hope the new counter top comes in next week also.  Then tile will be put on the back splash and new appliances put in place.  I will have to start cooking again.
we have been going out to the back yard diner.  At least that is what our contractor said when we said we were going out to the RV for lunch.  Nice to have the "diner" out there. 

The flowers between the house and sidewalk are blooming and looking pretty.  I did put two tomato plants, two pepper plants and a parsley plant in among the flowers in the back plot.  We shall see what happens.

We hear the GLASS Rally in Michigan was wet, cold and muddy.  We usually go, but did not this year.  Ernie was not moving that fast.  Hope to get to some of our Hoosier Cruiser rallies and the the FMCA convention in Wisconsin in August.

Time to relax a bit before it is bedtime.   Adios.   jkc