Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Stanlyvilles last day

The flamingos at Busch Gardens were out for their daily walk.  The handlers stopped them to let people see them up close.  These two children were timid with them, but cute to watch.  the one bird held his head up as to say, 'Take my Picture!'
Charo!  Remember Her?  Used to be with Xavier Cougat?  that is not how you spell his name.  Sorry.  Charo was the last act for the winter season.  She was good.  funny and plays an excellent guitar.  Classical music.
One of her ruffles got caught on her heel.  She did not miss a beat when it brought her to her knees.  she took the ruffle off her shoe, got up and finished her song.  Talked a few minutes and then left to change costumes for the second part of the show. Her guitar act. She had a pair of dancers that knew how to Tango and dance very well.

Here is Charo and her guitar.  She would  like to do a tour just playing her guitar.  Her manager said without the "koootchi, kootchi," she would not make any money.  She says she will just go  back to school and become a teacher.  And teach English.   With her accent, wouldn't that be fun?

A type of lizard at the booth Busch Gardens has for children to learn about the small animals. 

All the retirees are going back north so Busch Gardens closes Stanley Ville for the season.  They have about 12 weeks of "oldies, but goodies" for all the retirees that are in Florida for the winter.  And we fill the theater each week.  4 days, 3 shows a day.

Austin and Linda left this morning for Indiana.  Nikkie and Jack left last night for Clearwater.  They have Dr. appointments over there and stay in Nikki's condo.  So it is lonely here at Charlies.  We went to the Plant City Flea Market  today.  You can tell vendors know the snow birds are leaving.  Not as many vendors, bare spaces here and there.  3 vendors we talk with will be there another week or two.  One of them, a Mexican couple, live here year round and will keep working.  The other two, one from Indiana and the other from Canada.  We have enjoyed talking with them each week.  The kettle corn people, from Canada, have purchased a trailer.  He is thrilled, no wrestling that big kettle out of the truck and under the shelter.  She is not so sure.  He says she wanted it and now that she has it, she doesn't like it.  But with some adjustments it may work out just fine.  I am with him.  Much easier with the trailer, but I can see her advantages of the shelter.    the other couple just set out tables and put there wares out.  we hope to visit them this summer in Indiana.
I bought another flat of strawberries.  For $7.00.  the season for berries is coming to a close so the price is going back up.  Parksdale will have strawberry shortcake and sundaes until mid-April.  Then on the way home we saw that the u-pick near us is now open.  so next week or  before we leave I will get some from there.  We had over 3 inches of rain Monday and you could tell it in the berries.  Will have to make some jam or something.  Have a good day.  jkc

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Saturday, a busy day

Bob & Carolyn, Hoosier Cruiser
Took off after breakfast for the Big Top Flea Market.  Not much new there.  while visiting with Gene, one of the vendors.  Gene is 86, wants to sell his booth and retire.  But told Ernie he bought 9 tables of stuff at the auction.  Took two days to haul it home.  Go figure!     Anyway,  while there Ernie saw friends from Indiana.  Bob and Carolyn.   We talked awhile and then went our separate ways.  We had to go get a birthday cake for Frank.  The neighborhood, (3 couples), are having a pizza party for Frank.  He will be 72 on the 27th.  And he will ride 72 miles on his bike.  He also works 16 hours a week at a casino, driving the tram for the employees.  Yuck! a bug just went down the front of my shirt.   We have tiny ants.  At least I think they are ants.  I have ant traps out, but I think they are breeding places for these tiny ants.  Or did I tell you that.     Back to the cake.  They did not have a small one so I got an angel food cake.  that will be better with ice cream and strawberries, anyway.   Strawberries------what are they?

Saturday afternoon we went down to Lazy Days and found where Bob and Carolyn were parked and visited with them.  Out to Bob Evans for supper.  A good time.  We enjoy seeing our Friends and catching up on other friends we each know.  Gene, if you are reading this, you and Phyllis were mentioned. 

Back home we stopped at our neighbors to see what they had been up to today.  And then the middle neighbor came home with his new truck.  To pull his new 5th wheel.
Will get a better look tomorrow when it is day light. 

Back up to Friday.  Out for lunch with Linda and Austin, stopped at Tom's Rv parts for Austin and then rode thru Lazy Days RV Park.  Went down the wrong lane or we would have seen Bob and Carolyn's rig.  Came home and I defrosted the refrigerator.
The freezer needed it.  Took out the dill bread I had brought from home.  Past time to eat it.  But now I have room for the ice cream for the party. 

Must close it is 10:30 and I am just rattling on.  See you.  jkc

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Time flies when your are having a good time

This is the top of the 200 foot drop on theSheiKra roller coaster.  Some woman told Ernie that she had gone 12 times on it in an hour.  About our age.  Not only did we think she was ????? also it had to be before spring break time.  The park is really crowded the month of March.  The weather has been great the last two weeks.  70 to mostly 80 degree weather during the day.  Cool at night.  No hurry to head north before April.  
We saw Tony Orlando last week.  I knew it had been years since I had seen him on TV.   Amazing, he has put on weight and aged just like the rest of us?  50 years in show business.  And he had the crowd on their feet a lot.  Fun, sing a long, good band.  A great show. 

The full band.  I always enjoy the drummers.  Ernie had a video of the band and there is a good picture of the drummer.  Some drummers sit and play the drums.  Others do not sit still, their whole body moves and facial expressions are something else.  The band members all sing solos and take an active part, not just back up. 

We pass this hot dog stand each time we go to Busch.  so one day we decided to stop and try out one of these hot dogs.  They were good, Chicago style if you like, or any way you want one fixed.  But you pay more than what we want to pay for a hot dog.  The car sits in front of the diner.
Last week we bought a flat of strawberries.  $5.00.   Come home and decided to make some jam.  Since our freezer is small I made the cooked variety.  I must not have used the required amount of sugar as it still has not jammed!!!!  Guess it will taste good on ice cream.  Bought another flat this week and I knew better.   When the box dripped juice onto my shorts and socks, I should have taken it back and demanded my money.  NO, I just got a different flat.  Well, lesson learned, do not buy from that vendor.  I had to throw out at least 1/3 of the flat.
  And last week the coffee pot quit.  Ernie says it only had 129,000 miles on it.  So we went looking for another coffee pot that would fit under the cabinet.  Counter space is a premium in a RV.  No luck, came home in the afternoon and looked on the internet.  Well, would you believe that Sears had them, and that is just down the road about 10 miles from us.  New coffee pot in place and soon I will get the paper towel holder back up in a different place.
  Yesterday when we were leaving the flea market a lady wanted our parking place.  OK
Oh, you are from Indiana,  I am from So. Bend.  she said.   Well, I grew up in Syracuse.  She lives in New Paris. and her daughter lives in Syracuse.  Then we stopped at Parksdale for weekly strawberry sundae and the people sitting near us were also from Indiana.  The South Bend area.  They have lived in Florida the last 16 years.
Small world.   something else happened that I was going to write,  who knows????
add that next time.   Have a good day.   jkc

Sunday, March 6, 2011

A long week

I wrote some and then Ernie put on pictures, so things may be a little out of order.  A longer posting than usual.             Jack and Nikki's new 5th wheel.  
BIG,  we have not gotten the tour yet, but I am sure it is very nice.  Will let you know.
Edna and Tom, Hoosier Cruisers and strawberry shortcake.

an archway a1t Busch.  So pretty.

The 5th Dimension.  They sang
Aquarius.  Remember?  Oldies.  but good!

And little kangaroos at Busch.  Very friendly.  You can buy some food for $5.  and feed them.  We did not.  We learned that they train the young ones to go into a carrying cage.  Let them get used to it.  And if they seem to adapt then they take them everywhere for show and tell.  Even to California.  And they get a paid seat on the plane, staying in their carrying case. 

Before I forget, the name of the CEO of Lazy Days is John Horton.  Nice fellow!   and
help me,  what is the name of the Dr. Suess book that talks about Horton    Who?
I can not think of the book, other than something about Horton.

We did go to the flea market Thursday.  The Patriot at Zepherhills.  About 30 minutes away.  Bought some tangerines and we got a buy on some silver plate.  No berry spoons, but some patterns that we look for that are highly collectible, according to our book.  Have them labeled in the book and on the computer.  Came to the last page in my latest little catalog book.  I looked at all my little books, and figured there are about
1555 entries.  Many of those entries have more than one piece of silver.   No, do not ask me what we will do with all of it,  I  do not know.  We are just having fun collecting.  the hunt is on for the hard to find patterns and pieces.  Like a sardine fork.

We also made a stop at the cookie factory.  The sales lady said on Wednesday she sold out in less than 30 minutes.  Come some other day than Wednesday.  Shirley found some sugar less cookies.  (uses sorbital, which is a sugar also.)  Then to Parksdale for a strawberry sundae and some grapefruit and an avocado.   On to Lazy Days for lunch.
While there we spotted a couple from Indiana.  Hope to see them Saturday.

Friday, we took off for Busch Gardens.  Saw and heard the 5th Dimension sing,   always a good show.  Decided to go to Fridays for lunch.  Got our favorite waitress and enjoyed a leisure salad and soup luncheon.  As we were leaving a different couple from Indiana called.  They were at Lazy Days also.   so we went over, took them past our place and then over to Parksdale.   And of course by now you know what that means.  Ernie and I have been splitting the sundaes.  I keep paper bowls in a plastic bag in the trunk just for that purpose.  took Them home, checked to see if Alan and Karen were home,,  nope.  and then realized that Edna's purse was still in our trunk.  Back to their place.  The salesman was there and showed us a sprinter RV.  Not quite what we are looking for.  No, we will keep our good ole National RV.  finally got home about 7:15.  I took down the laundry, we rested and had a small BLT for supper.  A long day.
This picture is of Richard and Shirley, friends from Pennsylvania, that we met in Texas.
Karen and Allen from Indiana.  Hoosier Cruisers.  We got together on Saturday.  Beth and Bruce stopped by, then we called Tom and Edna and met for lunch at Ho Ho Chinese Rest.  All Hoosiers.  Good time in Florida.

Tomorrow will not be any easier.  Beth and Bruce leave Sunday, so we will spend some time with them.  and some time with Karen and Allen, we hope.  See you later.  jkc

Thursday, March 3, 2011

This and That

Hi!  NO Pictures this time.  Just a few notes.  A couple from Pennsylvania called the other day.  Yesterday, Tues., we met them at Lazy Days.  Went out and thought we would see if we could see the RV with a Sprint Body .  A person with a Lazy Days tag on his shirt, came up and got on one of the carts.  We asked him where the sprint rv's were.  Hop on and he would take us.  He did and we looked, he even took us to the used RV lot.  And then said you have to see something I like.  Took us over to the Lazy Days Park to the Rally Building.  They have a new "diner"  made like a RV.  Very neat and classy.  It had just opened that day.   WOW.  Then he took us back to the "start", we thanked him and ask his name.  He is the CEO ---- Manager of Lazy Days.  Will get his name later.   My memory is not good about names.   Anyway, a nice surprise.
  Flea Market today.  a half flat of strawberries was only $4. today,   So we bought some more.  there was a recipe for Strawberry salsa in the paper today.  Beth tried it and brought us some.  Has some Rice vinegar in the recipe.  To use on grilled fish, if you like.  We have had strawberries for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  And in between.

To take Richard and Shirley to a different flea market Thurs.  Will stop by Parkdsdale for a strawberry sundae.  Did not get one today. 
We were with them this pm for dinner at Bob Evans.  I had a spinach salad with cranberries, pecans and chicken.  Rasberry Vingerett.  Delicious.
Thursday also brings a new 5th wheel RV into this park.  Our neighbors are getting a new rig and it arrives tomorrow.  We asked if we could get free tickets or at least half price when they have open house.  He knows we tease, but we have not recieved a ticket yet.  Austin and Linda are waiting for their tickets also.  Tune in tomorrow for results!!jkc