Friday, September 25, 2009


It is a week since our rally. thought I better finish telling about it. Saturday, we went to

Carolee's Herb Farm. Site seer, you should have been there. Acres of gardens and herbs. Gardens for the butterflies and humming birds. Do not put a garden or food out for other birds near a butter fly garden. The birds will eat the butter flies. A children's garden and a faerie garden. And all kinds of plants. A kitchen garden also. She had a variety of spinach that can grow on a vine. Doesn't wilt during the summer. Looked good. She has a book and several small booklets. Tea pots and fairy houses. A nice morning trip.

That afternoon, we went to a quilt shop and then back over to the Minnetrista grounds. They were having a green space/idea fair. Interesting. Back to the campground for some visiting and then a big party. We had seen a cd the night before of all our members. Not your studio pictures, but at least we can look up a picture to see who we are talking about.

Tonight was a free catered meal and than a Magician. He was good. And the audience was super. He was having a good time, because we were also. I think it is obvious when a performer is doing well and has the audience right with them. Makes it more entertaining.

Sunday, after coffee and donuts we had a devotional period. Our leader had us singing several of the old time hymns and then had a short message.

We got home, got the essentials out of the RV and called our daughter. It was her birthday and we planned to take her out to eat. No, she wasn't up to that, but we could order a pizza and come over. So we did, along with a German Chocolate Cake, courtesy of Pepper Ridge Farms.

I added some star shaped candles and we had a party.

Monday, we crashed. Did very little. Tuesday, we got a call from our son, On Wednesday he

was scheduled for a heart catherization in Anderson. so we spent most of Wednesday at the hospital. His heart was clear and in good condition. So now it is to a G.P. to find out what is causing the chest pains. But a big relief that it is not his heart.

Thursday, was the start of a neighborhood garage sale. I had very little, I took it over to our neighbor and helped her all day. In a drizzle. And back and forth to the RV to help Ernie with changing the oi in the transmission. Today, my nose is very stuffed! Is it my allergies or do I have a cold. We shall see. So, now you are caught up on J. and E. See you later.

Friday, September 18, 2009

September Rally

Friday evening. good two day. Yesterday we just enjoyed seeing everyone. One couple had not been to a rally in several years, so they were quite welcomed. Ernie finally found the quarts of oil he had been hunting for the last two weeks. Sat and talked and then went out to supper to the Texas Roadhouse. There were 11 people and it took 32 minutes to get a table. Actually 2 tables. It was good, Ernie and I shared a rack of ribs. We had a campfire (courtesy of Dick S. and his portable fire pit) and we were all there for an hour or so.

Friday, This am we took a tour of the Minnetrista/Ball Mansion. This was quite interesting. The Minnetrista is an organization that has preserved the Ball Brothers Homes and surroundings. They have beautiful gardens and various activities through out the year. The exhibit this month has been memoribilia from t 1968. Do you remember what happened in 1968? The home we went through was the wood built home. Has a secret passage to a porch.
Not really furnished, but interesting in the number of rooms in the home. Smaller than what you would think for a "mansion"

Ernie and I called friends that live in Muncie and went out to Arby's for lunch They came back to the fair grounds with us and we had a good visit. Then the best tour.
At PAWS! The Jim Davis Art Studios. The artist for Garfield. They do not give tours at this facillity. But our Presidents wife knew a lady that had worked there for over twenty years and we were able to get a private tour. After working hours. Our guide was a gentleman who had retired from business and then came to work for Jim Davis. for another 20 years. He was only 88. We heard how Davis got started with Garfield, from the comic strips, to getting in the newspapers, and merchandising. He was with National companies and then bought out his Garfield business from these companies and does all of this from his own complex. They had a very large room with articles that "veners" come in to see and decided what they would like to have in their stores. We saw his 4 Emmy's and many other awards. We could even touch the emmys. Just a great tour that we were privileged to be able to do this trip. More later,
time for supper jkc

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Thursday, Sept. 17,2009

We arrived around 10 am. Got a good spot to park, not far from the building we will be using for meals etc. there are to be 41 coaches here for this rally. It is the 35th year for the Hoosier Cruiser Club. Many things are planned. So we shall see what unfolds.

Ernie had a torn muscle in his right leg (calf) last month and so his varicose vein surgery has been postponed. But we have managed to take down the shutters (6 pair), strip the paint off of
those aluminum things, prime and paint. They do look so much better. Back to the dark green that they were many years ago. Have done a few other chores also. Bleached out the fresh water tank in the RV and I have started polishing the outside. Have both ends and the passenger side done. Anyone want to help get the other side done?

Another chocolate thought I got on the e-mail. Earth is the only planet with chocolate!..
don't go to the moon if you need a chocolate fix.

Don't go to the moon if you need your chocolate fix.

see you later. jkc