Friday, April 5, 2013

Back Home In Indiana

There should be musical notes on that post heading, don't you think?

We are back home in Indiana.  Arrived at our place about 6:30 or so.
Unlocked the house, plugged in the refrig., turned on the heat, put car in the garage and then back the RV to its spot by the barn and called it a day.
As our daughter said "we are camping in the back yard".  
We left Fl. on Wednesday.  Stopped for fuel at Valdosta, GA.  and propane.
Then I started to drive and it started to rain, and it poured and it rained.
I drove about an hour and a half.  Ernie took over and we stopped at Jackson, at a Fly.J.  thinking we would eat and stay the night.
  And of course we started talking to a fellow RVer.  You aren't going to try and go thru Atlanta tomorrow are you?  Well, we were.   And he added
The final 4 BB tourney is there this week end.  The police said they would be out at 6 am Wed. to direct traffic."   So, we followed this "friend", who has been thru and around Atlanta countless times, as he is a heavy equipment hauler, around Atlanta.  He was headed for the Pilot at Resaca, but pulled into a rest area around 9.  It was very full of semi trucks and RVs.  parked for the night.  We found two spots at the far end and stayed.  Figured the truck stop would be full also.  We had rain all thru Georgia and Tenn.  Finally stopped somewhere in Ky.  and the sun shone in Indiana.
HOO Ray!!!!!
Stopped in Greenfield and picked up chicken pieces and came on home.
Long day and Ernie drove it all today.  Tired, showered and in bed!
1035 miles this trip.
I am typing with the computer on my lap and the lighting is not the best.
So this will be full of errors.,  more than usual

We had a good winter.  Ernie gained a lot of strength back, and says he feels better.   All those strawberries helped.  And I picked 8 Quart Tuesday.
Have given away about half.   Some flea market finds and some good shows at Busch Gardens.  Found a couple of new places to eat.  New to us and we enjoyed them.  Well, one or two we may not go back, and one or two are for special occasions.  Meaning they are more expensive.  Yes, that is what we do, check out the flea markets and eat out with friends.  And we have been playing Rummykub.  Like the card game, rummy, but with tiles that have numbers on them. 

We found a set at the Lighthouse Ministries (like Good Will)  and it has extra cubes.  So if 5 of us play, we could add some more cubes or should I write kubs  as they do on the box and instructions.

gotta stop.  can't type well.

Have a good day.


It is now spring.  Seems so here in Florida.  But everyone in Indiana says to stay down south, it is still cold up here!
Possible plan, we will leave the 3rd or 4th of April.  I am slowly getting address changes made for the mail man.  And I have decided that there is a wicked gremlin in our computer.  2 magazines did not recognize my password or user name.  Neither did Kohl's or my bank.  Will call the bank in the morning.
 We made it to the Webster flea market Monday.  Clayton and Rita were with us.  We did not buy much, but did find one treasure.  Ernie found it, the man said it was sterling.  We doubted him.  But when we got home and Ernie started polishing it, it did have sterling written on the handle.  It was a food pusher.  A food pusher is a little piece that looks like a miniature hoe.  Children used it to push food onto their fork or spoon.  We did not have one in our collection. I do have one from my Grandmother. This one is more ornate.
   We have bought only a few JJ pins since January.  Seems as tho all the vendors have learned that the JJ company has gone out of business and that these whimsical pins are now quite the collectible item.  Prices have gone up and they are harder to find.  I have 65 or so.  Fun pins to collect.  No I do not try to wear them all at once.  Thinking how I could display them if I wanted to do so.
     I have been doing some knitting and crocheting.  My crocheting consists of hot pads, and scribes.  I knit dish cloths.  And I worked on the afghan
I started some years ago.  The partial finished product is in Indiana, along with the other yarns I intend to use.  I am making a knitted quilt.  Using a different color and pattern for each block.  I had a lot of odds and ends of yarn and so am trying to use up these partial skeins.
  Ernie is doing well.   Not as long a nap during the day, if he takes one, and not going to bed so early.  In fact, we are having a time getting up at the same time as usual.  It is still dark out.  I do not like DST.
   OH, to add to our list of repairs to the coach.  Some we knew we were going to do, but a couple snuck in there and needed to be replaced.  The latest is a nice new thermostat.  Well, rebuilt.  And it works much better than the old one ever did work.  Ernie ordered it on a Monday, it arrived on Wed.
he connected it to the RV and on Thursday he sent the old one to the man he bought it from.  And he has gotten an e-mail that it arrived where it was supposed to arrive.
 Excitement in the park.  A trailer has been sold!  And a water pipe broke!  our water was shut off for about an hour or so.  All fixed up.  the Couple that bought the trailer have just about gutted the insides.  They intend to put in new flooring and re decorate.  Will be a more permanent place to live when they are in Florida.  We are sticking with our RV.
All most 10 pm, time for my cup of tea.
see you down the road