Sunday, April 10, 2011

HOME spring 2011

Phyllis and Gene from Seymour, IN.
We try to stop and call  them to meet us for a cup of coffee when ever we go up or down I. 65.  always a good visit with good friends.  Phyllis and I just about got our family talk in, but did not take time for crafts.  I know they both are busy doing something.
a pleasant stop and makes the rest of the trip go faster.

We are HOME in Indiana. About 2:30 Friday.  A neighbor told me a week ago that the daffodils were about gone.  I was sad as I wanted to see them.  And we when pulled in the drive, walla!  there were my daffy down dillys just smiling away, looking so bright and pretty.  Didn't you know that your flowers smile for you?  all along under the grape arbor, a row where the apple trees were long ago and then I planted some two years ago in a corner of the fence.  They were all bright.  some of the tulips were blooming, more to bloom, the forsythia was still in bloom, my poor bush blooms here and there, now and then.  Peony buds were perking out of the ground, have not checked the asparagus beds yet.  And today I have some sheets hanging on the line.  Mother Nature does a great job at drying and ironing my sheets.
So it is good to be home,  Tonight we will meet with our friends to play cards.
Our son came over Sat. to help Dad change some water filters and I took Nancy some cookies and strawberries.  More family to see, a daughter-in-law, and two grandsons,but it was good to see Nancy and Alan.
Life is good, Thank you dear Lord for a safe trip home and all is well.  jkc
P.S.  The finch food sock is up, suet, and other song bird seed out, and the humming bird feeder is up.  With wasps at the moment.  The birds have already eaten one container full of the seed.  And the block of suet has several holes.  will need to get some more for our feathered friends.  jkcH

Friday, April 8, 2011

On the Road

Hi!  We are driving up I 65 in Kentucky.   We left the Flying J at Franklin, Ky., this morning at 7:30 am. There is bridge construction in KY.  In Alabama it was road construction, Please go to one lane.   We traveled over 10 miles, one lane, trucks and all of us., and then "end construction"   We never saw any construction. or actual one lane. This happened 3 different times.  One time it was so slow, Ernie and I switched driving.  Stopped and switched and did not cause any problems. 
We have been disappointed with the Flying J restaurants.  Since Pilot has bought out Flying J Truck stops they have switched to Denny's restaurants.  The food is good, when you finally get it, but not as good as it was.  And they no longer have a buffet.  We like the buffet in the mornings, But maybe that is just as well, not so full to be driving all day.

The first night after leaving Charlies we stopped at Dothan, Alabama.  Met two couples, parked on either side of us.  One from Thorntown, IN.  They have  a booth at various RV events.  Sell jewelry and a few other small items.  the other couple are from Wisconsin.  They came into the restaurant after we did Wed. night and we still had not been seated.  So we sat together.  Sue and Stuart. 
Thursday just as we were going to go eat, Lucky and Betsy, from Thorntown, pulled in to park for the night also.  so we ate with them.  They know a member from the Hoosier Cruisers.  And of course we talked about Stooky's Restaurant in Thorntown.  The place that serves all you can eat cat fish and the best onion rings you have ever eaten. 

the sun is trying to come out between the clouds.  Once it is out it is difficult to see the computer screen.  so will st\op for now.  jkc

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Our Winter Home

Something went haywire.  These pictures got lost.  Read the blog before , please.  ALSO CLICK ON THE PICTURE and it will enlarge.  EEC

Our Place in Florida

Southern Magnolia. These trees in Florida stay green all year. They do loose some of their leaves, but they always have a lot of green. A pretty tree. And as one of the ladies said in the park they are messy. Like the Northern Magnolia the flower petals do get brown and fall off. Then there are these seed pods that are around all winter. Look like pine cones. They are softer and have a small red seed inside. CLICK ON THE PICTURE AND IT WILL GET BIGGER. THEN CLICK BACK TO MAKE IT SMALL AGAIN
 A close up of more of the magnolia tree.
 And another picture of the tree. I remember the magnolias at home as having limbs starting closer to the ground. These trees have had some limbs cut off, but still have a single trunk bigger than the ones at home. We have one beside the RV which gives us a little shade, but I think it is also a path for some tiny ants to travel up the tree and into the RV. Ding dong ants.

 Our Florida home stead. We have a big side yard. Actually it is a path to the dumpster and quick trip to the club house and laundry. But it is nice not to have anyone else parked outside our door. And we have a good view of what goes on in the park. We think we are fortunate to have found Charlies. We are close to Tampa, Busch Gardens, Parksdale Farms where we get our strawberry sundaes, flea markets, Lazy Days RV Dealer and Park, where friends make quick stops. Weather is usually good here. It is raining hard right now, but will be over after lunch. We have put the slide in and have Checked tires, water, and went to Tofaylon Cookie factory to get cookies to take home. Our souvenirs, instead of cutesy stuff. Also, I went to the u-pick farm and picked 8 quart of strawberries. The man in charge said the berries were not as good as last year and that last weeks hard rain had taken a toll on the berries. And it had. I walked the whole long row and back to get my berries. Not as big as last year, but still sweet and good. And I heard him tell someone the name of the sweet onions. And the lady ask why they plant the onions along side of the field of strawberries. He said to keep the elephants out. I said. "Now wait a minute, you told me last year it was to keep the buffalo out?" Yes, that is right and I showed you a picture of buffalo too, didn't I. He did. He also did not think I had as many berries as I said I did. And I got one of those good, big sweet onions. He gave me $6. change from my $10. About $1 less of what I thought I should pay. Wait until Alan sees the onion I got for him. BIG. Unplugged the computer as it is lightning and really raining hard. Glad for batteries. There is a third reason why they plant onions at the edges of strawberries. That is so the workers will know when they get to the end of the row and then know they have to turn around and start back another row. Have a good day. See you soon. jkc

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lost Pictures

Well, go back to the one about Stanleville.  for some reason the pictures did not stay put.  So here they are.  You can match them easily.  Or maybe you did get them and we didn't.  Let us know.  jkc
And then someone said.  Write about these pictures on this blog.   soooo
I will.  More about them on the previous blog.

this guy -- lizard-- is  located at Busch.  they have a small pavalion for critters like these that the children (and adults) may look at, learn about and touch and feel.  Interesting.

Charo playing her guitar.  She takes her guitar playing seriously and plays very well.

and here is Charo singing, dancing----cootchi-cootchi.  She is another entertainer that can keep the crowd happy.

These two cute girls were not too sure about this flamngo.  He would stick his head over to them and they did not like that.
The flamingos were out for for their daily walk and interaction with the people.

Last days.

We woke up this morning and Ernie said, "4 more days to wake up in Florida."  Yes, we have finally set a date to head back to  Indiana.  When Jack ask if we were ready, we answered yes and no.   Have good ole Dr. and Dentist appointments to be done so we should be on our way.   Ernie is checking out the RV and car to prepare for the trip.  I am checking items I want before we leave.  Like cranberry, walnut bread from Publix.  So good.   And the u-pick strawberry farm is open.  so I want to go there.  It better not rain Tuesday morning.  Warm weather and cool nights are hard to leave, but I would like to see my family.

It rained so hard Thursday.  And the wind blew.  We pulled in the slide.  Seems narrow with the slide in, but it is back out now.  Seems to have more room as we have not turned the captains chair back around for friends to sit on it.

I raked some of our space this afternooon while Ernie was checking the water and oil in the vehicles and he needed to fill the window washer bottles.  We have a very narrow rake, I finally went over to Franks and borrowed his regular size lawn rake.  Much easier.  May have to put a rake and clippers in the bin if we come back here.  And we quite possible will again.

Austing and Linda are back in Indiana.  Nikki and Jack came back this pm.  Will leave again Mon.  So it is quiet around here.  Interesting to me is that some of the people that live here all year have become more friendly and talkative.  That is good.  Maybe they have decided that we are not so bad after all.  Living in the 'Ghetto" as they say.  here the ghetto is a section of the park that Charlie parks motor homes and other transients like us. 

Not much else going on.  Did talk to Bruce and Beth last week.  They have enjoyed one of the parks that we like to stop and take time to enjoy.  Altoona Lakes Core of Army Engineer park, North of Atlanta.  Close enough to go into Atlanta for sight seeing, but quiet and peaceful at the park.  We may not go that way home.

Must close.   Enjoy the day.  jkc

Friday, April 1, 2011

Friends and rain

Bob and Carolyn from Indiana.  Hoosier Cruisers.  I think I wrote about them earlier. Took sometime to get their pictures on the blog.  So Ernie finally just put them on a new blog.                                                       

Have you seen the news about Florida and RAIN and tornado's?   since Monday we have had over 12 inches of rain.  Over 8 today.  Rain all day.  Ernie said we may not have to scrub the roof as much rain as we have had today.  the Tornados were a narrow band that were mostly West and South of us.  High winds did major damage.
we did not have any damage here at Thonotosassa.  We watched a dark cloud to the north of us.  It kept moving East, not south toward us.  The retention pond at our park is as full as I have ever seen it.  We joked.  Maybe we will get a "gator" now.  It does dry in a hurry.  and when it is wet, we get mosquitoes.

We stayed in all day due to the rain.  It quit around 3 so we left and went to Freds Southern Cooking restaurant.   Very good buffet.  And if you eat between 2 and 4 you get a Senior discount.  and free drink.  OK, we can do that.   And it started to rain during our meal.   Got home without getting wet.  Have had the computer unplugged several times today due to the lightning.
Tomorrow it is supposed to be better and Sun. and Mon. back to 80 degree weather.
Ernie wanted to know if I really wanted to go home.  I am ready.  have a good day. jkc