Sunday, March 29, 2009

Back Home

Good Evening! Sunday evening and all is well. We still are tired, haven't stopped going or doing stuff. I told you I had a lot of wash. Friday is was a little cloudy, but I hung out the T-shirts and a few other things. At least 30 T-shirts. some mine, but mostly Ernie's white ones. I bleach and hang out in the sun, (it did come out a little)
when they are dry it is so nice to smooth out, fold and put away. I can also check to see if they go in the "work" pile or ok to go to town pile. some of that grease and stuff just does not wash out after awhile.

Ernie did take me out to Lone Star that night for a good steak dinner. Enjoyed!
Saturday was another busy day. Nancy came over with a bouquet for me. I enjoy flowers, and she had good ole Campbell's chicken noodle soup with us. After lunch we made a trip to town for a few items. Brian and Judie got home.

Sunday, I went to church. Found out from friends how my neighbor and good friend Vivian was doing. She is now in Millers Merry Manor and I miss her. The sermon was from Pastors heart, I think. His grandfather had just passed away and he talked about being cured and healing. Two different things. We can all be healed, not all are cured of what ever illness we may have. Really touched me, especially since I have lost a brother in the last year.

And then it was hurry home, pick up the plate of deviled eggs, Nancy joined us and we went over to Pleasant Valley Church where Brian's family was having a get together. Brian is home on a weeks leave before leaving for South Korea and the DMZ zone. Judie is counting on us taking her with us some this summer when the RV goes out. And we will take her.

Home, got out our tax info to be sure we have every thing and in order to go see the tax lady. Alan called and said "hello". It is now 10 pm news time, so I better go see what the weather will be like this week. Take care jkc

Friday, March 27, 2009


Home! Not the usual twigs and limbs in the yard! No "bad" ice or wind storms to clean out the trees. But the daffodils are blooming and there are some in a vase at my kitchen window. I love the daffodils. Ernie is in place on the couch with the morning news and I decided to write while I am thinking about our day yesterday and before I start cleaning!

The 26th started out rain! And we left Elizabethtown about 6:30 am. In the dark, fun when it is wet and raining. I was glad Ernie was driving. He is a good driver. I do relief when we have a nice dry stretch in the day time (and more often than not, in the middle of construction) He does more than me in construction, but that is a common thing for me. Anyway-----

Daylight did come and when we got close to Seymour we called friends Gene and Phyllis. Stopped and had coffee and a 2nd breakfast with them. About 2 hours later, we had to show them our new "toy" wood marble race. musical one! Good visit with good friends. They are former Hoosier Cruisers and so they want to be filled in with how everyone is doing. Sad new for some of our friends that are gone now, but good news also.

On our way, stopped at Meier to get a few groceries and then on down the country road to home. Decided to take most things out that may freeze as we could have freezing weather yet. I think Ernie found out how much "stuff" I carry out, cleaning supplies and canned goods. Then there were 3 hampers of dirty clothes, towels, etc. I hadn't done laundry since the 16th. I counted the number of clean socks and underwear and decided to heck with doing laundry. So the washing machine will get a work out. And when we get home from being gone 3 months I usually strip the bed to the mattress and wash all the bedding. Including the spread. It is supposed to be sunny today and the lines will be full of white t-shirts and other shirts that I like to hang out on the line. And most of the bedding.

So the RV is backed up against the barn and it will be waiting for a bath also. The rain got most of the Georgia red mud off the wheels of the car, but it needs a good wash also. After we were sure the hot water heater was fully hot and we had had supper, we hit the shower for a long, hot, no turning off the water to soap ourselves, shower. Sooooo nice. Then it was sort thru the mail. A waste basket full of stuff, bills, magazines and a stack of card for me to open today.

Our bills are paid automatically either by our checking account or by the credit card. But we still get paper copies.

So now it is time to use that hot water and wash my hair. Use the clarifing shampoo to get the shine back. Have a good day. See you down the road or around home! jkc

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Jack Daniels

When I clicked for a preview these pictures were in order. As I write this they are bunched together. We shall see how they come out when we post them. The first one is of The special single barrel Jack Daniels. We learned the usual is two barrel. This distillery is in Lynchberg, Tenn. and has been since it first started many years ago. An interesting fact is that it is a dry county. Jack went to Congress and got special permits to continue the distillery as he was the FIRST Registered whisky maker in the U.S.
You can buy a bottle there, but do not open it. And you get a glass of lemonade at the end of the hour tour. There is a picture of Betty and I outside the visitors center. We have not had the tour yet, just clowning for the camera. And then there is Ernie and I with the Jack Daniels statue. He was a short man and was always standing in company pictures and his employees were seated. He is standing in the statue and the artist made him taller than real life. The Caption on the statue ? Jack Daniels on the Rocks" What else? The statue is in front of the natural spring where they get there water for the distillery.

The wood burning is the stack of sugar maple that is burned to make charcoal, which is then crushed and the whisky is dripped thru the charcoal. 17 employees that make the whiskey. Including the two men that burn the sugar maple. The company also makes their own barrels that they age the whiskey in., selling the barrels to other whiskey company's after only one use.

And the day was rainy. I tried taking a picture out the windows of the beautiful Tennessee country side. A little dismal. When we got into Northern Kentucky you could see the many trees broken in the January and March ice storms. Sad.

We split with Doug and Betty. They had other stops to make. It has been a good time traveling and sight seeing with them.

We are now at Elizabethtown, KY at dear Wally World. should be home tomorrow. I am not sure I am ready for that. There are two overflowing hampers of laundry, clean the coach, unpack the coach, and go in the house and turn on the water, furnace, etc. It has been a good change of lifestyle. Always nice to get back home tho, to see family and friends. Take Care. jkc

Jack Daniels

These are some of the pictures we took when we took a tour of the Jack Daniels Brewery. We were with Betty, Dorothy and Doug. A good tour.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Alabama and Tennessee

Another great day ! We left Georgia about 8:30 and
headed for Alabama. Scenic route to
Scottsboro, Alabama, to the famous unclaimed Baggage Center. BIG place. Clothes, shoes, books, jewelry,
toys, tools and electronics. I am sure there were other things also. Over 40,000 square feet of store! They add over 7000 items a day to the store. And it was busy. I talked with one shopper and she comes over 2 or 3 times a month. Be sure to check for buttons and try the zipper. Clothing has been cleaned, but you still have to watch for buttons, etc. They also have a lunch room. I had a good chicken salad sandwich. chips and a drink for $6.20. A designer dress, still with tags and original tag said $120. was marked $60. I didn't buy it. Fun to stop and see what it was all about.
Ernie had me set up the pictures and so I chose to put them in different positions. I guess it works. The trees are so pretty now. But the blossoms falling are everywhere. We left there and went over some mountains. Easy going up, coming down we came down over 800 ft alt. in a hurry. But a - ok. We are now just outside Winchester, Tenn. at Wally World. Both coaches are parked here for the night. We ate in tonight. Tomorrow it will be a scenic drive for another tour. I will tell you all about it AFTER we get there and take the tour. Might get to our Indiana home on Thursday. Have a good night. jkc

Monday, March 23, 2009

Acworth, Georgia

It is Monday evening. Sunday we did not go to CNN. Stayed home and relaxed for awhile. Then Ernie, Doug and I took off for Ingles Grocery store. Beautiful store. Really. It is only about 10 years old, still neat and clean with lots of interesting things. Different canned vegetables, souse and one other organ meat that we can not think of at the moment. Then on to some garage sales. No good buys, but fun looking. Oh, The fellows did buy a few things. and I guess I did too. It is late and I am not remembering very well.
Here I am by the shore of Altatoona Lake. There are 9 Corp Campgrounds on this lake. We like it here. Peaceful and nice spacing for your RV or tent. They do have several marked places for swimming where they have provided sand on the each. I picked up a few rocks for my hens and chickens.

Ernie and I in front of CNN. Monday morning we headed back to Atlanta for a tour of CNN. It was quite interesting. We saw control rooms, broadcasting rooms and had special stops where we learned how things were done. The new weather board is unique. No longer does the weather man have to worry about the color of clothes he wears. The map is put on the screen from behind, not the front. We were shown what would happen with the old way when if you wore green or blue, all you would see would be your face and hands. The atrium of CNN is a huge food court and shops. We ate at Don Juan's Cantina. It was pretty good. Betty even did a "broadcast" just like the real newsmen. With a script and the monitor to read it from in the fake studio. They give tours 7 days a week. We were fortunate that it was just the 5 of us and our guide. Dorothy was in her wheel chair and so we did not have to do the stairs and used the elevators. Our tour was backwards, starting at the top of the building and going down. The walking tours, up and down steps, had 45 persons in them. So it was special as we could talk with our guide and ask lots of questions. She told us that she was "in training", that she would be a guide for a year and then go on to broadcast journalism of some sort.

Where we went "Underground" Atlanta on Saturday.

And from the Coca Cola Museum. Lots of old advertisement memorabilia. Brings back memories of what you remember seeing or used. We leave this park Tuesday. Head over to Alabama for a stay.
Weather here is cool in the morning, but sunny all day. have a happy day. jkc

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Hi! late breakfast, we did not get up until after 8. Nice, for a change!

Off to Atlanta. We drove around a bit. Rather Doug did and then we got to the Coca Cola Museum. It was interesting. We got to taste ( if you wanted) over 60 flavors of coke from all over the world. Do not drink Beverly. I think is done in Thailand. Blah!!!!

the kiwi and apple was good. And the raspberry ea from England was good. Several were similar in taste. Mostly like sprite. Then we all got a free bottle of Coke. And a trip thru the store. And like all souvenir shops the prices were high. But fun to look at and see what all was available with the word coke on it.

Went over to the Atlanta Underground City and had lunch at Johnny Rockets for a

Original Hamburger. They were good. A little walking around, looking at the shops below and above and then back to the campground. Will possible do CNN on Sunday. Move on Monday. But who knows? Only the Phantom knows!

See you later. jkc

Friday, March 20, 2009

McKinley Corp Of Army Engineers Park

Hi! Yep! your read the title and that is where we are located. about 8 miles from Acworth, Georgia. Exit 278 off of I-75. We had stopped here on our way to Florida and decided it would be a great place to stop and rest after our convention. Doug, Betty, and Dorothy are also here.

We walked down to the lake. Altoona lake. Picked up some stones to take home, put under the outside water faucet. Have shells under one of them. Or put them in the flower bed with the hens and chickens. Just so pretty, the red bud and dogwood are in bloom. A little cool, but the sunshine is great.

Took off for town. Stopped at the local drug store to find a good place to eat. Go to Henry's. A Louisiana Grill. Ernie and Betty were the smart ones. Betty's pasta and shrimp, came without the hot sauce as by her request. Ernie had a pork chop. Dorothy had gumbo. She said she did not know there were so many ways to make such a simple dish as gumbo. Not that great. Doug had the nights special of corn. potatoes, crayfish and lots of hot sauce. It even burned his lower lip it was so hot. The corn on the cob had hot pepper sprinkled on it. I had Etoufee. Shrimp and crayfish over rice. with some hot sauce. I ate all the meat and a little of the rice.
They also served a delicious sweet corn bread. But we had a good time. It is apparently the place to go on Friday nights as when we left it was standing room only.

Came back to the campground for hot showers and a good nights rest. No listening to generators running or other noises. Sleep well. jkc

Thursday, March 19, 2009

FMCA, Perry, is over.

We did it backwards this time, putting the pictures in after I had written. So you get the pictures and captions first and then more about the days happenings at the end.

The golf cart "trams" that we drove. We were to pick up those that had blue handicap name cards first. Then others that needed a lift and the big tram was not in sight.

Here is Ernie with Tommie and Pat. They work for the Frieghtliner Company as a liason for the Frieghtliner Club. Great people and fun to work and talk to when ever we see them.

Me on the cart. The sun had come out. I usually had three or 4 layers of sweaters or jackets on me. Especially on Tuesday at 6:30 am.

The Frustrated Maestros. Band and Chorus. They gave a great performance this am. The last half hour was patriotic. Good.

Me outside the coffee, donut tent. They start serving at 7 and go until 9am. I got hot chocolate. Not as strong as the coffee.

More of the coffee hour tent. We also got a daily newsletter about the convention. 2700 coaches with 500 show coaches. The Atlanta newspaper was also available free. This was for 3 days.

One of the BIG trams that carried people back to the far lots. A wonderful ride when you are tired of standing and walking.

Inside one of the vender buildings. Toys for the big guys and gals. Everything from tools to clothes, Vita-mix and other food products. We also got free waffles and pancakes. A new brand Wall Mart was promoting. Free Minute rice also. Lots of freebies, but not as many or as nice as in past years. Everyone is feeling a pinch. I was told today that one dealer had only sold two coaches. They usually sell several.

This picture does not do the red dirt of Georgia justice. This was our road after 3 days of rain. But the soil is sandy and after two days you could drive on it and not sink. You can also see some of the members coaches parked on each side.

Another view of the many coaches here at this convention.

Hi! It is Thursday and we have seen the last program, driven the last golf cart , gone to one more seminar, and checked out the vender's merchandise one last time. A good time. The entertainment tonight was Jerry Farber. A comedian. Funny. Made plans with friends to meet them at the Corp Park just north of Atlanta tomorrow. Down time to relax after our busy week of fun. We are tired.

We were not to go out to the far lots to take people back to their coaches. Only to the handi-cap designated lots. About 5:30 today this young lady from the FMCA office said I want to go out to lot k. OOPs, I'm not allowed out there. Then I saw her FMCA shirt and name tag and said "Where to." She was going to find Jerry the man who sets up the conventions. We got there, all the way out to the back lots! Nice drive. So many people were happy that volunteers man these golf carts. I hope there is one around the day I may need one!

We will be heading home now. slowly. So my blog may be shorter and not as often. We shall see. Ernie and I have wondered who has read our blog. Please let us know with a comment.

Have a good day, get Indiana warm. See you all soon. jkc

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


It is now Wednesday evening. We have just come from the show, Restless Heart. good and the seats we had were excellent. 10 rows from the front. They honored those that volunteered tonight. We got to stand up and wave our Handicap Tram hats. Over 800 volunteers. Whoopie!!!!

Monday, was also rainy. We had the Chapter Fair in the morning. They have the various clubs with in FMCA set up a table with information about their club displayed on the table. Ernie and I have been doing this since they started this program. We intend for this to be our last year of doing the Chapter Fair. New people will bring new ideas. We met a couple that said they knew Ernie's Uncle Howard. When he taught in Borden, Indiana, he stayed in the home where she lived. They all slept upstairs, except the Grandparents. She remembered going to Howard's farm and playing in Big Creek. So we called Ernie's cousin and she remembered the lady. And I met a lady who used to come to her Grandparents cottage on Syracuse Lake. Her Uncle was Peck Kline and his wife Betty was my Girl Scout leader. Small world.

In the afternoon the merchants displays and sales were open to the convention. We bought a LED light to go over the table. it works! Sure is less light and bluish. But it will be great when we dry camp. We have been putting our solar lights (like you put outside in the garden) out and then bring them into the bathroom at night. Makes a great nite lite. The things we do when we do not have power, water and sewer. Short showers. We stayed in Monday night.

Tuesday, up at 5 am! Ohhh, it was dark and damp. But the moon was bright, what there was of it. Then the moon disappeared and the sun did not appear until after 10 am. It was cloudy and now and then misty. We drove the carts from 6:00 until 9:30 am.The first 45 minutes we had few riders. But the free donuts and coffee opened at 7. And the people came out.
The roads thru the RV's were muddy, red mud, and so we had to stay on the black top. Made for good driving, but people did have to walk a bit. For some, that was difficult, so they stayed home. One couple thanked me for being a volunteer. He said "I haven't met a grumpy volunteer, you are all so cheerful, in all kinds of weather. Some of my peers are real grumps and complainers. I tell them they should be happy they are out here in their RV and not in a "home". " Real people! The rest of the day was fine. the Cat Club had their meeting, so we had pizza for supper last night. Last night was a special show. It was St. Patricks Day after all. Did you wear your green?

We saw Tony Kenny's Ireland. A Celtic variety show. Singer Tony, Kenny is a popular singer, one of Ireland's top entertainers since he was lead singer of the popular Sands Showband during the late 1960's. (So the book said.) The Celtic Nights Dancers. Another male singer and Tony's daughter sang and danced. Very good and great for St. Paddy's day.

Our friend Bruce enjoys singing. So the other day he stopped to listen to the Frustrated Maestros practice singing and the band playing. He told us the next thing he knew he had a Frustrated Maestros cap on his head, paid dues to the Great Lakes Area Maestros and was on the back row singing with the group. Yeah, for him!!! He also is a novice dulcimer player. So he says. He was able to practice with another dulcimer player and said he learned a lot from her.

Today was busy, looking at new coaches and checking out the vendors. The Great Lakes Area had a meeting. The President is a friend from Anderson. Ross and Melanie invited us to join a group that meets for breakfast once a week. Ross told about the direction FMCA is trying to take and other news we should know about. The Pres. of FMCA, VP and Treasurer also made a stop at the meeting to "greet us" Went from that meeting to a Frieghtliner meeting. They also had pizza. Many of the clubs have late afternoon meetings and many have pizza. Beer, wine, soft drinks and water. And then to the arena for the evening show.

Thursday we drive the carts one more time from 3:30 to 6:30. We will have to hurry to grab a bite to eat and then get to the show by 7.
Thurs. night will be Jerry Farber, comedian and piano player. We have seen him before and he is funny and a good piano player. Friday, it will be so long, until summer when we do this again in Bowling Green, Ohio. As Ernie says. "We have it rough out here" See you. jkc

Sunday, March 15, 2009


It is Sunday. It is raining. And rained most of the time between 12:30 and 3:30. That is the time we were driving the handicap and courtesy golf carts at the FMCA Perry, GA. convention.
Lots of fun!!!!!? Friday we left Twin Oaks campground about 10 miles down the road and it was pretty and sunny outside. Got cooler so when we went out to eat I put on slacks. Melanie and Ross found a great place to eat called the Swanson House. Good food, nice portions (not huge) and delicious for a good price. 8 Hoosier Cruisers out to eat.
Saturday found us looking up friends, checking out the lineup at the Freightliner caravan site and the weather was cool and dampish. and another group from Indiana plus two from Colorado went back to the Swanson House for another delicious meal. The sweet potato souffle was delicious.

Today, we went to the Sunday morning service, came home for lunch. And went to our volunteer job. I thought we were prepared. Two ponchos and towels in a sack. Ha!. The towels got soaked soon from keeping the seats dry. And, well, we were wet to the skin when we got back to the coach. The poncho and rain coat helped, but our legs and thighs were wet. Our coats are dripping. I need to get a towel and wipe up the water underneath. Hot showers and then we go out again for a free supper. Because we are volunteers. That is the pay, about 1000 volunteers to help put this convention on. About 3000 motor homes this year. Down from other years.

I think Ernie is out of the shower, My turn.jkc

Friday, March 13, 2009

Good Morning??

Good Morning. I lost my font system. So I am typing in small letters. Sorry.
It is 7:10am and still dark. I do not like EDT.
anyways----- Wednesday before we left the State Park, we went back to Striplings, the little grocery that had the sausage. Bought more sausage, it is in the freezer now, and jelly. Also say some Gullah products. Gullah is the dialect used in some of the south east areas. So I bought a cloth wrapped (inside plastic) wrapped corn bread mix. Two years ago we heard a story teller that told Uncle Remus stories using the Gullah dialect.

Then on two the Twin Oaks campground. Full of RVs going to Perry for the FMCA convention. Nice campground about 10 miles away from Perry. Got parked and Bret and Dianne came in to the park. Talked with them awhile. They had the news that Caterpillar company had pulled their exhibit from the convention. OUCH Our Cat
Club, (for caterpillar engine owners) always had a booth at their site to let people know there was a club. Sign up and join, etc. Our Officers (past) tried their best to convince the powers that be to let us have our booth as usual. No way, not the rules. Soooo

We went to town for milk and bread. Came home and enjoyed happy hour with Bret and Diane. They are from Texas and were the first officers of the Cat Club. We are also Charter Members of that club.

Ernie is going out to put fresh water in the coach and then dump the black and grey waters. Full and clean is the way we like to go into week long rallies. No hook ups and it is a pain to move the coach to dump or get water. There is a "honey wagon" that will come around to dump your tanks, but we have never used it. We just try to use very little water. Showers are very short. GI showers or as Diane says a Boat shower. And we always carry 2 - 3 extra bottle gallons of water for use.

Better get busy and do my chores to get us ready to go down the road. See you. jkc

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sunny Day

We did get to 4 or 5 antique shops. No silver worth buying. But I bought a cook book-- on vegetables and a brass mouse. The best stop was at the Ellis Pecan Store. Oh, my!. Goodies
Chocolate, light and dark, over pecans, peanuts, and almonds. Home made ice cream. Roasted pecans. Made me think of the pecans at Thornburgs and at home. We bought some dark chocolate covered pecans, some pecans rolls to take home, and some post cards. I do have some pecans in the freezer. It was hard not to buy more. Gooood.

The grass is getting greener and the road crews are out mowing. Even in Northern Florida.
Redbud and Dogwood are in bloom here and I saw some daffodils. 76 degrees at 7:45 pm at Cordele, Georgia. spring has sprung here. Nice to see, and I know the further north we go the colder it will be. Oh, no.

We drove up to Perry, to check out the local Walmart to see if we could park there if we did not find a spot to stop on Thurs. night. And guess who was there? Ed and Dorothy. We took Ed to the Verizon store, he needed something for his phone. He had his car, but he was still hooked up
and so we offered a ride.

We stopped at a little grocery that is located just outside the park. Striplings. They have home made sausage, jelly, and saw several items that had their name on it. The owner cuts his own meats. The jelly is Wild Mayhaw jelly. A gentleman in the store saw Ernie's CAT hat and ask if he worked for CAT. No, but-----------and you know what happened next. Talk. Anyway. the man told us the sausage was excellent, best cooked on the grill. He preferred the hot jalapeno. We got the mild. And it is good. We were about thru shopping and looking around when he came up and said this jelly (the MayHaw Jelly) is good on your biscuits in the morning. (I didn't tell him I do not fix biscuits in the morning. ) Native grown berry, just a small round little berry, but makes great jelly with just a little bite. so we bought some of that too. We like checking out local stores for different things to eat. It is good jelly and did not really notice a bite. Maybe a little sting after it had gone down, but you had to think about it.

We had called Jerry and Ross about coming in a day early. Both commented we could try it, but that we might be told to go to Will Call or Wal Mart

After we got home we got a call from Diane asking the name of the campground that we did not like. She had been talking with Jerry and Jerry had told her that we were not happy with a campground. Ernie told her the name and she was relieved, it was not the campground where they had just made reservations near Perry today. So we checked out that campground and now have a place to stay before going to the convention.

Ernie is on the phone with Don. Thursday we move to the other campground. Have a good day.

Georgia Veterans Memorial State Park

We did not stop at Dixie Campground, Vienna, GA. Long story. You wouldn't believe. Connie C., if you are reading this you would have felt like I did. The campground was a field with electric short poles and a sort of gravel spot to park on. And getting there was even a better story. The water hook ups were up a hill that did not have a decent road to get there, and on a curve also. We had unhooked the car before we got to the camp ground and so I drove up this hill to see if it was the host house or what. or what was the answer, 3 older RV's no one around.

I probably should call the number and tell them we won't be there.

Anyway, I lost my patience and was not a happy camper to say the least. So.

We moved 8 to 10 miles back down the country road to this lovely state park that we had been to a few years ago. Nevermind that we only got two nights instead of three, we are in a nice setting, trees and electric and water. Dump station near by.

Once we got settled and I calmed down, Ernie said the right thing! Lets go to town and eat supper out. He got an immediate yes. That was our Tuesday.

Wednesday, have done a few chores and now we are about ready to go to town and hit the antique shops and others stores. Have a good day. Day will be better I know! jkc

Monday, March 9, 2009

Moving & The Villiages

Hi! Sunday was moving day to Ocala. Just about where we turn off to the camp ground we saw a big flea market. Nothing would do, but to get parked at the camp ground, grab and Arbys and head for the market. Not so great. I got one butter knife and some plant food for my bamboo plant.

Back home and after an evening meal we traveled south to the Villages. Buena Vista Blvd. goes on and on when you turn south off of 466. We finally got to where Billie and Calvin live and spent a nice evening with them. They are Hoosier Cruisers and have just become residents of Florida. A lovely home and Billie served some delicious hor' devores before we headed back to Ocala.

Today, we went back to The Villages to see Ernie's classmate Connie. She has a kitty cat that we almost could pet more than one or two pets, before we left. A good
time visiting and learning more about the Villages. Two different types of housing, both lovely homes. We enjoyed seeing them the homes and the Villages. Seeing our friends is always a good time. Connie also fed us a delicious lunch. We had planned on going out, but noooo, so we stayed in.

It is 90 degrees. hot in the RV. But it cools off in the evening so we haven't
turned on the air. tomorrow is another moving day. To Vienna, Georgia. For 3 nights. Get the laundry done, cleaning and stock up on foods that are quick.
We go into our FMCA National Convention at Perry, Georgia, Friday. Should be about 3 thousand Motor homes there. Down from past years. A week there and then we will meander back to Indiana. Unless the cold keeps us south.

Have a good day. jkc

Saturday, March 7, 2009

One Left out

Hi! Last night when we were setting up the blog this couple was left out. I think it is mama and baby. The hippos are so graceful under water. Just seem to float thru the water. then when they get out on to land they are so huge and seemingly cumbersome. But they can travel fast. Their size is deceiving. You can just see baby's head at the left of the picture. jkc

Friday, March 6, 2009

A Good day!

Mickey Dolenz of the Monkeys. the band was loud and so we did not always hear the words he was singing. We liked Peter Noone with Herman Hermits better.

Took this picture from the sky ride. Look at those long horns! I still hold on tight when we ride the sky ride, but enjoy looking for animals and places we have seen on our visits to the park.

How about that shoe! Big! But so are the horses. You do not realize how big they are until you are close to them.

the lady said the horse are on "vacation" when they come to the park. They get to stand for about an hour once a day for pictures and petting by children. Other wise it is a restful day with plenty of fresh straw to rest on and easy work outs around the small track.

My Man! by the famous wagon

The Do Wop singers. A great group with a band that had the proper volume. They sang old favorites. A 35 minute routine that was fast and enjoyable.
We went over to another park Thursday evening. For strawberry shortcake and to play "Fast Track" with Bruce, Beth, Irene and Ralph. Fast Track is a lot like SORRY only with a board for marbles and you use a deck of cards instead of dice. The fellows won.
Today was cleaning day, wash the clothes day and clean the tanks day. Ready to go for another week. Then back to our friends for supper and another round of 'Fast Track." The ladies won tonight.
Hope this one goes thru. Interesting that one of our pictures was red lined.
See you, jkc

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

FRIENDS and strawberries

This is a line at Parksdale farms where all the "snow birds' come for a strawberry treat. It does curve around the side of the building.
Another shot of the line. You think it would take forever to get your strawberries. But it goes very fast.

these are the parfaits I keep writing about. Not that big, really. Better than the "boat" we used to get and split.---sometimes.
You can get a glimpse of the inside of this shop. Strawberry preserves, bread and cookies. Plus a variety of fresh vegetables and citrus fruits.

This is a GMC motorhome. It was parked next to us for a few days visiting their friends. The owner is a Doctor from Canada.
I wrote the blog before Ernie had posted the pictures.

Hi! today is Plant City flea market day. I think we have bought all the silver that market has for sale. 2 pieces for $1.00, Oh, No. I bought a sugar and creamer also.

But, while there we ran into friends from Penn. We have not found time for us to really get together. we just keep seeing them at various places.

On to Parksdale for our weekly treat. And to buy some pomuloes or however you spell those big fruits that are like grapefruit, but are not grapefruit. Just the same family. As we were leaving we met our neighbors, Linda and Austin. They had also had their treat. Austin thinks Ernie is going to have to get a bigger car, or a car with a bigger trunk.

So, shall we eat lunch out today? ok. Who refuses to eat out? Off to Lazy days.

Saw Linda and Austin again. They were waiting for some GMC (motorhome) friends.

And then Ernie said "Jane" look who is here. Karen and Alan from Rochester, IN.

So we invited them to lunch with us. (for those that do not know, if you have a card you eat lunch free at Lazy Days. Lazy Days is a big RV dealer) Ham & cheese sandwich, chips and your drink.

Home, to unload the fruit and veggies we bought at the flea market and Parksdale.

Oh, Ernie did buy some wrenches for Alan. Alan says when they are in a tight spot working on a machine they take an old wrench (double ended) and break it in two.

So, good old Dad stays on the look out for old, cheap wrench's.

Time to do chores? Tomorrow is Busch Gardens and Friday we need to clean up, wash clothes, etc. as we leave this area Sunday. And it is to be quite warms this week end. Really am not enthused about heading North.

Oh, Last evening a couple was walking by and stopped to talk. They live at Scipio, IN. We know where that is, go thru it on our way to Madison. They grew up in the Kent area West of Madison. They also knew Uncle Jimmy and others in the family from the Madison area. They have a trailer in this park.

We have seen more people in the last two days that we know or know someone they know, than we see in two or three trips to our hometown Meijer.
Go figure!
See you, jkc

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Days of rest

It is Tuesday and I realized I haven't written since Friday. Not much to tell.
Sat. am we went to be Big top outside flea market. Inside it is all "new" stuff, not from the Attic or garage sale.
Sun. and Mon. Lazy days. We did make a trip for a parfait.
Today-----made a trip to the grocery. worked on the board for the Chapter Fair and Ernie is doing some maintenance on the RV.
See, I told you ---- not much to tell.