Monday, May 31, 2010


Today is Memorial Day. While I was cutting off the poor old blossoms on the peony's I also remembered the parades of my days in Syracuse. There was always a parade, to the cemetery, reading of the names of those killed in wars and just looking over the cemetery. I used to go with my mother the day before, or early that morning to put flowers on family graves. And it seemed there were always peonies. And iris, now and then a poppy or two.

I marched in the parade as a Brownie Scout, Girl Scout and then as a member of the Syacuse High School Marching Band. Well, the only band the high school had, and Jr. High students were also a part of it.

I remember waiting for the parade to start and someone would have some kind of radio to hear how the race was going. Big time!!!! Special memories.

We got home from our two week adventure (two rallies) Sunday evening about 7:45. We usually unload the coach before taking it out to the barn. (Laundry, refrig, stuff that needs to be in the house.) I said lets get the milk, RX, computer, c-pak and not much else. No argument from Ernie. So today I got out the wheel barrow. The one I didn't think Ernie should buy, at the garage sale, I said we have enough stuff, but he got it anyway. We have the lightest. nicest, easy moving barrow. I put the laundry and other packages in it and just wheeled that baby right up to the back door. Right next to the washing machine. Two weeks of laundry is a lot. Well, I did do laundry before going to Michigan from Elkhart, but it was hot and we did change clothes often.

Our annual GLASS rally was a good one. We park in the handi - cap section and are near the grand stand and other venues. We went in on Tuesday. Sat and talked most of the afternoon with friends from Kendleville, IN. they used to be Hoosier Cruisers and we now see them at Glass. We followed the shade around their coach. Moving our chairs as soon as the sun started to hit us. Saw many friends that we see only at GLASS or other rallies. fun. Hi Siteseer , we need to make time to have a good visit next time we see you.

While talking with Beth, her husband called and said "would you and possibly Jane carry flags for the Frustrated Maestros?" What? But we did. It was for the National flags, U.S. and Canada and the 5 service flags. I carried the Marine Flag. Tried to remember how I marched in Band those many years ago. Kind of a rag tag group, but we did our stuff and the audience was just proud to see ALL of those beautiful flags. Who cared how we marched.

We left early. Usually not until Monday morning. This time we left Sunday to go to Wabash to an open house for a great-nephew. so good to see family. My sisters were there, a brother in law and of course Ethans full family. While there we happened to find a couple that knew Ernie's sister and brother-in-law. Plays golf with John and both families have been involved with Rotary exchange students. We had fun sending a picture to Ernie's sister and husband with a caption. "do you know these people?"

the yard is mowed, and grass picked up, thanks Brian. If Ernie goes fast enough the lawn sweeper works great. Peonies look bare, but neater and 16 tee shirts dried on the line and are ready to go again. And we are tired.

so, took an early shower and are now watching- listening to the race program where they give out the money.

Hope you all had a good holiday. We enjoyed our trip and will be ready to go again on the 10th of June. Take care. jkc

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Elkhart, Indiana

some of the National Great Lakers at the Elkhart Campground. there is a fire in the fire pit. We are relaxing after eating at the Essenhouse.

Sign at entrance of campground.

the inside of the West Baden Hotel---the atrium. many architects said a round room without columns to hold up the roof could not be done. But one man said yes, and got a bridge designer to figure it out. And it worked.

The grounds at the West Baden Hotel, you can see the towers of the hotel above the trees.

And this picture is inside Dr. Ted's musical marvels museum. You can see the size of this Calliope. It had many bells, whistles, drums and cymbals.

We are at the Elkhart Campground. Nice park, they keep making it better and adding more sites.

but earlier this month the Hoosier Cruiser Club traveled to West Boggs Park just north of Loogootee, IN. Finding a level parking place was a challenge for many of us, but we were all finally in our places and ready to have a good time. and what better way to start the week end and catch up with how everyone survived the winter was with a campfire. And Marshmallows!!!!

Friday found us traveling to Jasper to tour the Jasper Engine plant. Even the ladies enjoyed this tour. We had Janice and Dick with us and we drove on to Huntingburg and had lunch at the
Fat and Sassy Cafe. good food. And found out that Dr. Ted's wife was there getting a carry out lunch. Dr. Ted's musical Marvels was our next stop. Dr. Ted has a degree in engineering and then decided to go back to school to become a M.D. Along the way he became interested in musical marvels. The old metal plate phono-graphs, Calliope's, player pianos and other musical instruments. Two ladies were our guides and we had an interesting time.

Saturday we traveled to West Baden and French Lick, Indiana. WE had a wonderful tour of the West Baden Hotel. As we approached the hotel we noticed two tour buses loading with people. Many of the ladies had beautiful hats on. ???? Oh, Yeah, it was Kentucky Derby Day.

Our docent was a retired school teacher, and with only 11 in our group we had an excellent tour and history lesson of the hotel, hot springs and progress of the hotel from start to today.

After lunch at Denny's we went on to Petersburg to see Ernie's cousin Lou. some of our group took a train ride on old restored cars. We had a good visit with Lou and were home in plenty of time for the Chili supper. A good rally.

And now back to Elkhart. The National Great Lakers RV. club meet here each year before the
GLASS rally in Berrien Springs, Michigan. Do a lot of talking and eating. Trying to watch that we do not eat too much fat food. Tonight we are going to Essenhaus for supper. Sunday evening we will have "stone soup" with leftovers from last nights supper, (meat & potatoes) plus what ever else we toss in the pot.

My mind has gone blank with what I wanted to say. So will write again another day. JKC