Thursday, October 13, 2011

October, all ready?

the leaves are becoming so pretty. and lots on the ground. Ernie is going to put the mulching blades on the mower. We had our last rally last week end and it was a beautiful week end. Campfires that were nice, not huddled close to the fire to keep warm, just a sweater for comfort.

We were with t the National RV, Great Laker Club. Ohio, Michigan and Indiana travelers. National Motor homes are no longer made but we still meet and have good times. This time the rally was in Indianapolis, near Southport. The big item to do was to go to the Allison Transmission plant where we got a tour. then they took us out to the "test" track. Semi's of all sorts are lined up with Allison employees in the passenger seat. We were told to drive any one or more around the track. And did I go! A big one with the trailer that you see carring a large load of rocks, etc. You climb into the cab and there are all these dials and buttons. Do not pay any attention to those. Gauges and buttons are for over the road and to work the trailer. Look at this! the panel with N; R; and D. So, I put it in D and away we went. So neat. Ernie and I had done this with the Freightliner Club about 3 years ago. But it was still fun. I also drove the tri-axel dump truck, (stop on this hill, where all you can see are the flags on each side, no road) and then start again. Did not slide back far. And then they had a fire truck. Drove that too. Two of the ladies did that. And one lady, afraid to even sit in the drivers seat of the RV drove one of the semi's with the lady employee that was our contact for the tour. she said I had convinced her to try. No other traffic, a lady with you to give advice, easy route with turns and curves each directionm, no hill for the semi's. Even if you do not drive the RV, it is an experience that will help you get over the fear and give you faith (hopefully) that you can drive the RV if it were an emergency. That was my highlight to hear her say that the drive took away her fear of driving a big rig.

Saturday Ernie and I went uptown to the Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Wester ARt. The paintings and other art work were beautiful.
We enjoyed the artifacts on the second floor.
Stew for supper on Friday night and Sunday morning we had eggs in a bag for breakfast. Have a pot of boiling water, take a zip lock bag and put two or 3 eggs in it, then green pepper, onion, ham, sausage, what ever you want that is available at the table. Close the bag, squeeze it to mix it up and put it in the boiling water for 13 minutes. You have your omelot!!!! no mess, fun for a camp out. We have tried it at home also.

I wore my sling for a little over 5 weeks. I now have unlimited use and exercise of my left arm. Well, that is what the Dr's orders are for the rehab people. I can now tuck in my blouses, hang up the clothes, (by stretching up a bit) and drive the car (and semi's) Ernie no longer has to do my chores and we are now eating at home more than going out for meals. Rehab is a challenge that I want to master--I prefer using my left arm fully.

Ernie has also been visiting the Drs. Saw his heart Dr. and the stress test showed a shadow on his heart. Down to Indy we went for a catherization. All clear. So to family Dr. for check. A-ok, now it is to the lung Dr. to see why he gets out of breath and tires easily. He has a regular appointment with the lung Dr. at least twice a year. He hasd been to our daughters the last two days helping her get some things done that she needed dear ole dad's help.

My last orthoppedic Dr. appt. is the 15th of Nov. We hope to head south by the 17th. We shall see. The last three years we have set a date to leave and then something happens and we leave 2 or 3 weeks later. Friends want us there to go out for Thanksgiving dinner.
yes, I would like to stay home for a least one of the holidays. But this year with both of us having surgery, we are ready to go south and be in
our lazy, flea market, Busch Gardens mode of life. and no snow or ice!

My tomato plants are still thriving, all over the sidewalk, Somewhere under them are my aloe plants, hope at least one of the two has survived. I also planted some Duncan grapefruit seed last spring, just for fun, and they have been growning well. I have them in pots now and must bring them in if it frosts. We planted citrus seeds when the children were small. We had a tree for years. Lugged it out each spring and brought it in in the fall. Became a problem to keep it watered when we were gone all winter. so one year I did not bring it in. No more tree.
And I was down to one plant to take in the coach. Now I have 3 to cart back and forth with us.

Oh, yes, in Sept the Hoosier Cruiser RV club traveled to Fort Wayne, IN.
We visited the Zoo. To hear the Vet for the Zoo tell us about the hospital, and how the animals are cared for. Each animal gets a physical twice a year. Interesting time, and then we went to the giraffe pens and got to feed them Romaine lettuce. 6 females and one male, separated. Beautiful animals when you see them up close. We also toured the Sweetwater Sound business. They sell musical instruments, mostlyl guitars and pianos, sound equipment and have rooms and a full stage for recording. They have had top name artests come to record there.
They have a great employee program. Cafe with a Chef, ping pong, pool table, arcade, racquet ball court and a gym. Nice place to work. They have a small gift shop with musical items, etc. Saturday we went to the Johnny Apple Seed festival. A very nice festival, I would like to go again another year to see and do what we missed this year.

We are getting our fall chores done. Peonies cut down, RV drained and water blown out of the pipes. few other things. Ernie is now up, time to get busy for another good day. Hope you have a good day also. jkc

P.S. OUr former neighbor and good friend will be home from Iraq in November. God speed. jkc