Saturday, September 14, 2013

Friday the 13th

I cut off the forsythia!  Finally!    Then we burned all the cuttings.  Smoke
is still in my hair.  did get some in my eyes also!

I am achy from my waist to my knees.  Yesterday it was back on the roof of the RV to put some gel coat on the top of the front and back.  Cannot reach it with the ladder.  Well, I can the back, but in front you also have to lean over the windshield a bit and on a higher rung on the ladder than I like to be.  So I lay down and reach over the edge and polish.  Can't tell a whole lot of difference, but it will help make it easier to get the bugs off. 

Ernie did a bunch of small maintenance jobs that needed to be done.
plus helping me move the cut off forsythia.  Maybe it will grow back, The humming bird has been buzzing me.  I do not know if he thinks I should make his "juice" stronger or he is telling me it is about time to head south.
We think so too.  Will probably not leave until November.

The neighbor has had some of his corn cut for silage.  The last few weeks have been so dry the corn dried earlier than it should for full kernels. 

I am getting sleepy.  Talk to you another day.

Monday, September 9, 2013


Sept. 9, 2013

I finally did it and got it done!!!!!!!  Yeah!!!!

The rubber roof is clean, both sides, front and back, Washed.  Now who wants to come help me put the gel coat polish on.  I started on the front.
Where all the bugs hit.  Figured that would help when I clean off the bugs.

That's all.  I a tired, I did the the roof and one side last Thursday and today did the rest.  Oh, yes, I cleaned the windows also!

good night

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Baby birds are gone

Sept. 5, 2013

Our Grandsons birthday.  26 years ago we sat in the St. Vincent Hosp. while Nancy labored to have this little boy.  Not so little now.  Always enjoy him when we do see him.

The baby birds hatched,  two of the.  One was big, and mother bird did not like my peeking in on them.  They hopped out of the nest soon and stayed in the bush for some time.  then they were gone.??

Have yet to cut down the bush.  Need to trim the shrubs at the side of the house also.  Was going to do that today, but instead I moved up the
RV ladder and scrubbed the roof.  and awning covers. Best way to do that with out falling off the roof is to lie down and lean over the edge. Got rather wet, Ernie said my behind was wet.  so I tried to spay him with the hose.  He would like to get up on the roof also, to check out the stuff up there, but the knees
are not the greatest this summer.  Got that done, and since I was wet all over anyway, ( I would wash myself off with the hose as my capri's were dirty wet.  Then I would clean some more.)  I came in and took a shower.  After lunch I washed the passenger side of the coach and than called it quits.  Those muscles that I do not use every day are telling me they ache!!!

We had the front end of the RV aligned a few weeks ago.  Drives better.

and we have tomatoes!!!! I even canned some juice this year.  Our grape arbor had just enough grapes to make 1 large and 1 small grape pie.  They
are in the freezer.   Have green and red peppers also.
The neighbors kept us supplied with corn and green beans.

Have you ever made peach pie by just putting fresh sliced peaches in a baked pie shell, use a glaze on the peaches and whipped cream on top of a slice.  Oh, it is good!!!  Fruit has been good and plentiful this year.

We miss having a big garden,  only for the veggies we get, but not the work a nice garden entails.    So we mooch off the neighbors.  and they do not mind.

It is getting late, wish you all a beautiful fall season.



Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I just wrote a nice long blog about what we have done in August.  Somewhere, the computer is hiding it.  I know it did not delete.  Backed spaced it into oblivion, I guess.
that is the only key I may have hit..

The RV has had its front end aligned and next week we will drive it to Michigan to see Michelle.

I canned tomato juice and made a fresh peach pie.  Thank you Melanie, for the glaze recipe.  Baked pie shell, add freshly sliced peaches that have the glaze on them and a dollop of whipped cream.  Delicious!  Shared with friends that came over for pie and coffee and a few rounds of Rummy cube. 

Nancy is back at school for the second week.  Said she has 23 students.  Grandson David will be 26 next month.  Really......slender   good looking young man!   Even if Grandma says so!

Time to close.   Take care


p.s. spell check only found two errors.  not bad for second time on same letter.