Sunday, April 25, 2010

Syracuse, Indiana

Hi! Just a quick note. We went to Syracuse this week end. To see my brothers and sisters. We have kept the family home and so 4 of us have a place to stay when we get together. Two live in Syracuse. so good to see them and catch up on the latest with our families.

We got a tour of our nephews new home on the lake. It will be beautiful when it is done.

On the way we stopped in Columbia City, Crooked Lake, to visit with Ernie's sister Aileen and husband John.

We are blessed with our families and being able to enjoy visiting with them.

It was raining so much and we were early getting home that we did not stop at our son's home, near Alexandria. We hope to get out there soon. see you all jkc

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

And the rest of the trip home

Well, we did not stay more than the one night at Altoona Lake. It is quiet and peaceful, so we had a good nights rest and took off about 8:30. We turned off I-75 and headed for Chattanooga, TN. Ernie drove thru the city and then stopped and said "here you go, drive over the mountain" So, I did. Almost to the top and someone stopped in front of me. Wow! We stopped, and then got going again. Ernie coached me, so it went smoothly and we made it to the top a-ok. And then we came down. I learned how to let the engine and "jake brake" do the work and we got down the mountain just fine. At least Ernie told me I did ok. And then I drove to Nashville, and around that by-pass and into Kentucky. After stopping for a rest, Ernie drove to Shepherdsville, Ky., just south of Louisville. We found a nice park, "Grandpa's" Just off the interstate, had pull thru spots and paved pads. Nice for an overnight stop. And longer if you are in the area for awhile.

We took off about 7 am. Ernie driving. about 70 mph right along with the truckers, on thru Louisville and across the bridge into Indiana. Our friends, Gene and Phyllis, from Seymour, were to be interviewed that morning, so we kept on going. Stopped at Hope, Indiana, for breakfast. We were home by 11 am. A good winter in Florida, might have been cold, but as we all said down there, "we aren't shoveling the snow." And after seeing the sticks in the yard and the tall grass and weeds in the asparagus. it was HELP.

Saturday, we got the living room emptied of stuff we had brought in from the RV. Have caught up with most of the laundry and today I picked up the spare bedroom of stuff. But it still has stuff that must be moved out. Papers, go thru and throw out, stuff.

The 29th we head for West Baden, IN., for the first Hoosier Cruiser rally of this season. Who knows when I will write again. Have a good spring and summer. JKC

Monday, April 19, 2010

Last days in Florida

Judy and Frank, friends from Anderson. We collect silver plate, Frank collects Civil War forks and knives. And Judy found a piece of crystal she liked.

This is Frank and Judy's home in Florida. near Leesburg.

Don and Sue, friends from Florida. Don is a great photographer and sent us pictures on a CD when we got back from Alaska in 2004. Sue loves tennis and enjoys all sports. We cannot keep up with her, but like hearing about what she is working on when we see them.

One of the bridges in the background. This beach was not the best, but I picked up some heavy shells and stones for the garden.

Dear Charlie. Owner - operator of Charlies RV park in Thonotassa.

We stayed at this park most of the time this year. Charlie is an interesting man to talk with and he keeps the park in good shape.

And Jack, his 5h wheel is next to us, and Linda and Austin. He does a lot of computer work. Likes chocolate chip cookies. We brought him a big bag from the cookie factory.

And you will have to go to the next blog to read more about our trip home. jkc

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Leesburg, Florida

We arrived in Leesburg on Thursday, and after getting parked we just rested!! Friday morning we took the civil war forks and knives to Frank. Had a good visit and then went to lunch. Good sandwich. Judy and I caught up about our children and other home news we had learned while we are gone.

That evening Don and Sue came over and we went to the Oakwood Smokehouse. We ordered ribs. Sooo good. We had met Don and Sue on our way to Alaska. They had their RV repainted last summer. Looks great. In Bremen, Indiana. Close to my home town.

Saturday, We met with Frank and Judy again and went to Mount Dora, Fl. to the Renninger Flea market. They have a section of antique furniture, costs 5 or 6 dollars to go in those buildings. We were more interested in the outdoor vendors. Found some silver and bought some green onions and bananas. Looked at the strawberries, but didn't buy. After paying 50 cents a quart I am not inclined to buy unless they are just perfect. Frank drove us around the area. Thru Mt. Dora. they were having a sailing regatta and we saw some antique cars. So the town was full and we did not get out to go into any of the antique stores. And also drive by the lake. We were trying to figure which house we should buy and how much lake frontage there would be. Idle talk. Enjoyed the day. It is a good day when you can be around friends and just take time to do whatever. Even just sitting and talking. We enjoy.

Today, we were on our way North by 8 am. Missed the first Flying J at exit 2 in Georgia. We were talking and did not realize we had crossed the Florida line. Can't be a Flying J in Florida?? oops there was the turn. so we kept on going. Stopped at a rest park for lunch and finally got to a Flying J further up the rode in Georgia. Decided to keep on going and get thru Atlanta on a Sunday. Not during the week.

We arrived at Altoona Lake Campground and were parked by 6 pm. A long day of driving. I only drove about 45 miles. Will drive more on the next leg. maybe. We had not planned on such a long day. But we do like this campground. And we wanted to get thru Atlanta. I have talked about this campground before. We like the lake and quiet surroundings. Sat at the picnic table and polished some of the silver we got yesterday. Early to bed. Will see how we feel in the morning as to whether we move on or just enjoy a relaxing day here. We really feel lazy and do not want to un-hook the car from the motor home.

Have a good day. jkc

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ft. Myers, Florida

Jim and Jane. my brother.

we are in Ft. Myers at my brothers condo.

Debbie and Jane at Debbie's trailer home in Ft. Myers. Debbie does our taxes. We had mailed them to her and then met her to finish going over them. She biked over to our place and then we went over to hers. Nice park.

Jim and Sara at our park. We had them come over to see our silver and check out the RV. And just visit.
They have a home in Syracuse, IN.

Syracuse is the family home for us. 4 of the 6 children have kept the family home. We have a place to stay when we go to the lake. We usually just enjoy visiting and catching up on what is going on around town.

I started writing this blog on the way to Leesburg, Fl. and then Ernie put in some pictures. So further down you can read about this RV. It really is NOW used for an RV. Carries all her flea market stuff in the side bins.

What a WEEK! We arrived at Siesta Bay RV Park last Thursday. April Fools Day!

And did not stop until we left this morning. Well, we haven't stopped. We are on the road to Leesburg, Fl., for 3 nights.

We arrived in Ft. Myers, called my brother and delivered 7 quarts of strawberries that I had picked the day before. Sara and I delivered some to her sister and Jim and Ernie delivered some to some other friends of theirs. Beautiful berries. Ripe all the way through. Sweet.

Friday we took off to go to the Flea master Flea Market. Only bought 3 pieces of silver. but talked with 3 different vender's. One, a lady, had just gotten a "new RV" A bright red used

EMT vehicle. She said all the side bins carried her flea market things and she had more room inside for her personal stuff than a Trek RV. thought it would be a good deal. she has a regular trailer in a park, but uses this to go north in the summer. Said she made enough money at the flea markets that she did not touch her pensions. Also she was tired of the locals complaining about the snow birds. She says the snow birds are the ones that have brought the money in so that they can enjoy many advantages. Like the bridge to the islands. another vender was telling us about his special silver piece that he had tried to sell for more than a year at $70. Took it to an auction on the East coast and got $2400. for it. The people there knew what it was.

Saturday we took off for the Flamingo Island flea market. near Bonita Springs. spent a little there. Does anyone need a set of 61 pieces of the Daffodil pattern by Rogers? We now have one, and in very good shape. the man deals mostly in coins, gold and silver. Then we spent time with a lady that had a little antique shop in the flea market.
we got one of our books and went back to her stall and talked with her. She had some nice pieces. One teaspoon she said was named grapefruit. We said no it is Orange. We were right.

she laughed. had another spoon called American Beauty rose. Would not come down on the price. Said now that she knew the name she could really sell it to someone.

Saturday afternoon we invited my brother and his wife over. To see the coach, visit and check out our silver. Sara likes the different patterns and can't believe how we find these things at garage sales and flea markets. And that Ernie barters.

Sunday, it was off to one more flea market. We did not buy a thing and realized we were two of very few people that spoke English. Needless to say, we made a quick round of the market and left. Friends from the National Great Lakers called in the afternoon. Came over and then took us to their park to see where they have become residents. Officially now Floridians. they had a home in Ohio. Very nice park.

Better stop for a while. Getting near Tampa and traffic.

Later that night. As I said, Ernie added some pictures.

Monday was tax day for us. Debbie has done our taxes for us for about 30 years. she sold her H. & R. business in Middletown, and now works part time in Florida. So we sent her our info and then since we had a week at Siesta Bay RV park (special reduced rate, that we won at the Tampa RV super show. in January) We saw her here and finished our taxes. Debbie does a lot of biking and so biked over to our place after work. And then we went over to see her park. We liked it. Then went out for pizza. found out that my brother said that is where they go for pizza. And it was good. Before Debbie came over we drove out toward FT. Myers Beach to go to the Beach Fish shop. two hours to go two miles. Someone was not a happy driver. But we bought some fish, shrimp and scallops. All fresh! Most is in the freezer. We have been going out to eat with family and friends.

Tuesday was beach day. Jim came to pick us up at 8 am and he drove us to Sanibel. We walked the beach for about two hours and then he drove us around the island and over to Captiva. Later that evening we went out for ribs with Jim and Sara.

Wednesday was one last trip to a Flea Market. The North Ft. Myers, outdoor theater flea market. Found a few pieces and enjoyed this market. All out door with a variety of vendors.

To Jim and Sara's to pick up two boxes to take to Indiana. They will fly home. We also went to a beach about two miles from our park. Not the best beach, but I found some stones and old shells to put in the flower garden and under the outdoor faucet.

On the way home we stopped at this ice cream store. um um coconut, almond, & fudge in vanilla ice cream. soooo good!!

And then came today. time to pack up and head North. Stop in Leesburg at Ridgecrest RV park. We finally got parked in a level spot and had a quiet evening. Made plans for Friday.

Gotta go to bed. See you later. jkc

Just re read this. had the spell check on. they also need a grammar check. I am tired and I can tell I am rambling on. Good night.