Saturday, October 13, 2012

A busy Saturday

Our children were here today.  Alan came early to help his Dad.   We decided to do something we have talked about for several years.  Alan put up "grab" safety bars in the shower and half bath.
something to hold onto getting in and out of the shower. 
After some stew, we went out to drain water out of the RV.  Ernie came too, sat on a lawn chair and supervised.  Next it was to change the cold water filter under the house and then check on how the new TV antennae will be put up and into use.   Danielle came and help too and then Nancy came over and we had a nice visit together. 
Ernie is gaining strength each day, today was a busy day.  Yesterday we made it to Steak and Shake for breakfast.  He received a warm welcome from our two favorite waitresses and cook.  Then on to Wall Mart and Menard's.  He actually rode the scooters at each store.  We shall see what tomorrow brings.  So nice to have our family to help when we need them.  
Hope all of you have family or friends that come to your aid as you need it.
God Bless you All

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ernie is home Wed. 10/10/12

Ernie was moved out of ICU on Mon. the 1st.  Stayed in the hospital until Fri. the 5th.  They had him walking down the hall, OT, RT and PT all were in each day.  His biggest complaint was the fact that they came in about 3:30 to draw blood, take a chest x-ray, do vital signs, and respiratory therapy.
OT (occupational therapy) RT  respiratory and PT Physical Therapy.  Just get to sleep and one of them would come in.  General care was good tho
He is gaining strength slowly.  Pretty weak after 15 days in a hospital bed.  rubbery legs those first two days. 
All of the tests have come back negative for any further cancer in his body.  Thank goodness.
But we will see an oncologist to hear what he has to say about the cancer he did have.  Plus follow ups with family doctor, pulmonary Doc, surgeon and heart doc.  Then there is that dentist appt.
Won't the insurance companies love us.
Thanks for all the cards prayers and concerns you have sent us.  Our children, Nancy and Alan have been a great support.  After the first week end,  they decided that Nancy would take the mornings and Alan the afternoons.  Alan went back to work on the first Wed. but would come after work.  They wanted to see their Dad and make sure Mother ate lunch and supper.  Nancy even stopped at Panera Bread for a roll or bun, brought in a carafe of hot water from home and tea bags, so that we could have a  mid morning snack.  I do miss those good rolls.
so we are recuperating at home, plan on heading south a little later than usual.  Life goes on, the bump in the road turned out to be a big hill, but Ernie survived for another day. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

More on Ernie

Sept. 30   Started to get on blog and it is all new.  A new format the computer says.  Darn, It takes time to figure out what is what.   And my last blog is kinda brief and does not tell the whole story.
So will try to sort it out.

Two years ago a spot was found on Ernies right lung.  All sorts of test, and the biopsy could not be done as the little tumor kept hiding behind a rib, just at the Doctor was ready to go for it.
Long story short, Ernie got a c-scan every 3 months to watch that little buger.
In May this year it had changed, and changed more on the next scan.  So down the throat for a biopsy.  This revealed some cancer cells.  More testing to see if there was cancer anywhere else.
None in body or head.  On Sept. 30 he had half of his right lung removed.  surgery was a success.
Lymph nodes looked clean and good.  (and lab reports showed no cancer cells there either) all
contained in the lung.
Friday was a good day.  Then the spinal wore off and he actually started having some pain.
He was restless and the blood pressure and breathing became erratic.    So a breathing tube was insserted down his throat and he was kept sedated until Tues. am.  slowly woke up and by now
is pretty much back to good ole Ernie.  Should get out of ICU sun. or Mon.  Will write more later.