Thursday, June 17, 2010

Greenville, Ohio

It is June 17th, 2010. We are in Greenville, Ohio, at their county Fairgrounds. It is a National Great Lakers Rally and the Hoosier Cruisers were invited to attend. So we are wearing both badges. (name tags with club name also)

But-----last week we were at Play-mor Campground between Nappanee and Bremen, Indiana, for a Hoosier Cruiser rally. Ernie has figured that when we get home on the 20th, we will have spent 38 days in our brick home. Yeah, motor home!

While at the H. C. rally we toured 5 neat places. First was to Precision Pain, INc. They paint motory homes and also refurbish the insides. Update almost anything you want done. For $$$$. Then off to Newmar RV factory for a tour of how motor homes are put together. No, no one decided to buy a new coach. Pretty---but no takers.

Friday evening we went into Nappanee to a community building where the Chamber of Commerce meets and other city venues take place. They had antiques and were haveing a quilt show at that time. We have several quilters in our group and so that was of special interest. I found out after the fact that a classmate of my sisters had several quilts there. After a delicious catered meal, the Pres. of the C. of C. gave us a talk, with slides show, about Nappanee and the surrouinding area. Talking about the Amish and Mennoites in the area also. Then Lana our rally masters daughter talked about her experiences with her Amish neighbors. We appreciated all the work Lana did with the evening dinner and entertainment. And then found out that she had helped a lot with the whole rally program.

Saturday we spent time at Martin's Buggy Shop. Where he makes Amish buggies, sleighs and restores old buggies and hearse. There was a small white hearse for children and a big black one for adults. He has some beautiful wood working on some of the buggies, some with pin stripes and small designs. They were in his show room. We also got a tour of his shop. The gentleman is inventive and has made some of his own molding pieces. His 7 year old son can weld and is already wanting to do some work in the shop. ( Dad says "fun things") We also got a tour of the grounds and heard from his wife and daughters. they have a large pond for swimming and fishing. What ever fish a friend catches they also have to catch a cat fish or two before they can take any fish home. And there were plenty of cat fish in the pond. One edge of the pond he had fixed for swimming. And an interesting story about the home, how it was moved back further from the road and how they found out after they had purchased the property that his wife's mother had been born there.

We then drove to a "general store" where we were treated to a buggy or wagon ride to a small park and back. Then ice cream with fresh strawberries. Dessert first, lunch was on our own.

the afternoon we drove out to Mint City Millwork to the shop of a man that makes beautiful Grandfather Clocks.