Wednesday, March 31, 2010


You have read several times about our going to Parksdale at Plant City for strawberry sundaes. Linda and Austin kept telling us to "just wait, the u-pick farm will open up and then you can have all the berries you want for a small price." They usually open up about the 3rd week in March. They opened yesterday. Linda and Austin left today, by car, for Indiana.
but we do not leave until Thursday and we are going to Ft. Myer. so Tuesday I picked 6 quarts.
"Now Ma'am, you take this quart basket and fill it rounded and put those in your bucket. Then do it again, keeping track of how many quarts you put in your bucket. Round up your bucket also. So I picked 6 quarts. I had a 5 quart bucket.
Since we were going to see my brother and his wife, I called them and ask them if they wanted some strawberries. Well, yes, we could take two quart. How much are they? 50 cents a quarts. oh Oh bring us 6 and I will give them to some friends for Easter. So today I picked 10 quarts. It was easy. Like a child in a candy store. Oh, I want this one, look there is one even redder, oh, here is a great big, red berry. And I got 2 Florida onions. These are huge onions, like vidalias, but the man said. "No, these are Florida Sweet Onions" So there. And they are sweet. And they grow on the edge of the strawberry fields.

I ask the gentleman, why. To keep out the buffalo. No, joke! He showed me a picture of the neighbor's buffalo in his strawberry field. Planted onions and they will not cross into the Field.
Go figure. I suppose it might also keep out other varmits as well. Makes a good story, don't ask me how true it is. But I did see the picture of the buffalo in the strawberries.

The man said that this morning they had about 50 young school children. Fun, he said, to watch them. I ask if they ate many. No, he thought that they had been instructed not to eat the berries. I suppose they would take them back to school to be washed and fixed some way or another. There were 3 men manning the station. Southern drawl, interesting to talk to both time I went to pick berries.

We were going to go to Busch Gardens today. One last time. to see the new section open up. Sesame Street theme. You could not get near the entrance. Spring break. and the park was full. We went on up the road. Stopped at Wally world , McDonald's for 49 cent burgers and then home. and now it is time to fix supper. Strawberries anyone? jkc
tomorrow we will be at Siesta Bay RV resort in Fr. Myer.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Big Top Busch

Dawn--of C & D Delights.
Southern Specialties with SASS
Big Top section L

She sells pickled asparagus, beans, beets, okra and jams and some with jalapeno flavor. She lived in Indiana at one time. We would talk with her each time we went to the Big Top Flea Market not far from our park. Just interesting to talk to different people. Dawn was the one that told us the asparagus price went out of sight when the strawberries got frozen and in short supply. Now there is a glut of berries. She received 57 FLATS of berries last week. A supplier had an overflow. Hey, Do you want these? and was to get more today. Dawn will have berries to work with for some time.

Our next friend is Gene of "This and That" He has one end of one of the spokes. (Big Top is like a wheel with buildings going out from the center like spokes on a bike tire.) This gentleman is 85. Has had this booth for years. He has been trying to sell it for the last 3 or 4 years. And he is slowly cleaning and clearing. When we first went here a few years ago it was so very full and dusty. Stuff everywhere and piled on top of each other. Now there is much less stuff and cleaner. Each time we go, every week, he has moved things around and made things neater. We enjoy talking with him and hearing some of his stories. And he knows what he has and the value of each item.

He wears the colored wig when his head is cold or for people to notice.
we hope he will be around next year, but if he can find a buyer we wish him the best. He was even telling me to go to Sam's for good fish and how he fixed salmon.

At Busch. this is at the Moroccan Palace Theater. KaTonga
Journey to the heart of Africa in this live musical celebration of animal folklore. The four persons standing above the dancers have all told a story about living animals. The dancers and gymnasts are in colorful costumes, some are skin tight to make them look like a part of the scenery. It is a 40 minute show.

Here, you can see he is talking about the turtle. the turtle is on a board with wheels so he can move around. Just ingenious as to how they had various animals portrayed.

Look closely and you can see the tails on the monkeys. They also did Ariel stunts. The scenery moves in and out. It is amazing how the stage and costumes change to make a colorful and meaningful story.

Flowers! I hope my spring flowers are still blooming when we get home.

Alligators will eat turtles in the wild. But they are fed meat and other food and so they do not bother the turtles here. There were over a dozen turtles that had come up out of the water to sun themselves. Most had a nice mossy covering on their shells.

These next animals are part of a 30 minute show called Critter Castaways. They have taken animals from various shelters across the country and taught them tricks. The show is about a couple that had gotten lost from their ship and they arrive at this "ship wreck" The people living there show them how the animals help them each day. It is fun and we watch the children. They are very intent on what is going on. It is fast moving and you have to keep watching or you may miss an animal doing a trick. Thus pig and a smaller one were the garbage disposal system.

Not sure what the skunk does. But he walked thru the set.

Here are 3 of the cast members. With a dog, bird and llama. The guy on the gang plank has a cat I think.

And "Joey" ran thru the set.

Porcupine waddles thru.

And this guy came flying in. got something out of the water and then came over to the man. For more treats. The people all had treats in their pockets to give each animal as they performed there tricks.

This is the set for Critter Castaways. The animals do various things to items that roll up and S O S sign. for passing boats to see. We see this show several times a year. sometimes they change the story a little or have a new animal that has been trained. After the show they all come out with an animal for you to pet and learn about the animal and the show.

The park had been closing at 6. Now with day light saving time they are staying open until 7. In the summer they are open until 9.


The birds. these birds are at this tree each time we go. They are not tied to the tree. They will squawk at you but have not heard them talk.

Two pairs. See the yellow tents in the back ground. The 4 Sundays in March it is Viva La Musical! Latino music on the main stage. Open air.
In February it was the bands, barbecue and? that was when we saw Huey Lewis and the New and Pat Benitar. The tents are for food and souvenirs. Last month they were red.

Time is growing short. Linda and Austin are packing their car. Had planned to leave Wednesday. We think they will be gone Tues. We leave Thursday for Ft. Myer.
Talk to you later. jkc

Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Day-----March 27th

Nothing like blowing your own horn. It was an extra special day. Nothing fancy, just easy and a good day. Late getting up. After breakfast, it was off to the Big Top flea market. Bought a jar of pickled asparagus and one pretty silver plated fork. And then went to the antique wing of the market. This gentleman, I think I have written about him before, is an interesting man to talk with about many things. He lived in Indiana in his youth. He is now about 85. Has had a business at the Big Top for many years. I find things I like now and then. He knows all about them and asks a fair price. Altho we always try to get it for less. He says he never goes below 20% of the price on the item. I found an old glass pitcher. Holds about a pint or pint and a half. Had a symbol on the bottom of H with an A under the H. Hazel-Atlas. He told me that the Company made canning jars and other glass items. ( I have some jars that have the name ATLAS on them.) I researched it on the internet. They also made those milk glass disks that are in the lids of the old canning lids. And many other items. Some depression glass and advertising items. He told me much of this also. He is not sure if he will be back next year. He would like to sell out. But of course no one wants all of his inventory.

we came home and had lunch. We had gotten two lobster tails the other day. Publix grocery had a special on them. Had fresh steamed broccoli and then a salad plate of fresh veggies. Just enough. Lazy afternoon. did do some rearranging of the bins. Trying to fit in some of the red chairs we have fixed. Plus a few other things we have accumulated since December.

Came in and played some games on the computer.

Then I got out the advertisement I had cut out of the paper this week for

'Chancy's Catfish Shack" Over by Plant City. That is where I want to eat, I told Ernie.

so we went. Oh, it was good! Fresh!!! Ernie had 10 shrimp, 10 scallops, 1 piece of fish, garden salad and egg plant. I had frog legs and catfish. Slaw and applesauce.

We arrived about 6, had to wait for about 20 minutes and of course talked to another couple while waiting. We said to them, Well, come on in and sit with us. When he introduced us, he said they were celebrating his wife's birthday. How about that. I said''Good, it is mine also" but neither one of us told and they were too busy to mess with a song, etc.

This place was one of those little shacks with excellent food and a waiting line to eat. Our new friend stepped out the back door for a minute and when he came back in he said the original owner was sitting out there. An older gentleman, lived just up the road. The couple we ate with had driven over from Lakeland Fl. He told us of several FRESH Fish places to eat. I needed a pen and paper to write down a few.

My brothers have helped out there. John used to take us to a fish shack near Jacksonville for great fish. And Jim and Sara have taken us to the fish shop that has fish right off the boat. so good when it is fresh. Just like any food.

Strawberries. On the news today, some farmers are having a one day you pick day. One farmer is having you donate a dollar to a charity for the needy. Parksdale farms were having their workers cut off the berry plants to make way for pickles. The freeze caused a shortage of berries and then the berries all ripened at once. Delicious and sweet. But not a money making venture any more. A glut of berries on the market. sorry if I repeat===just like the news on TV.

Rita called, she has a birthday today too. Good friend.

We are now back at the RV. Ernie is reading and I am here at the computer. Found a new way to play a game, so am enjoying trying that out. I feel fortunate to be able to be here and to enjoy life as we are now. Hope all of you have a good day. jkc

P.S. I was looking at some past blogs. Noted that on one of them I made the comment that I had not seen an older person on any of the roller coasters. Last week when we saw "The Fifth Dimension" this lady came thru our row, said she was sorry, but she just had to take a ride on the Shieka. and she had grey hair like mine. And Shieka is the largest coaster at Busch with a 200 foot drop in one place. The lady next to us said "More power to her, but not me" I agreed. jkc

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Another Wednesday.

Our favorite stop on Wednesday is of course, Parksdale, for strawberry sundaes. this is Caitlin from Pendleton. She is with her Grandparents for spring break. She is a sweet young lady, and amazed at all the grey haired persons in the area. Oh, yeah, that is Florida.

and this is her Grandmother. We had already been to the Cookie factory. They will meet with the rest of the family this week end in Orlando. They bought two bags of cookies. 4 Grandchildren and 6 adults. The cookies will not last long, if they got there.

and here she is with her Grandparents, Clayton and Rita. Rita and I have known each other for many years and share the same birthday. Altho, I have to admit, she is a few years younger than me. We have good times and they are a part of our card club. That was the first short cake I had had. I still prefer my strawberries with out any kind of cake.

And then there are these to "lovelly' people. This is DUKE and his woman. When I ask him his name he said "it is Duke and ?, my friends call me Duke" So I call him Duke, as we want to stay on his good side. He and his woman are the "traffic persons" at the flea market. Stay on the left side, Can't you see these cars trying to get thru.? Walk on the left side, I tell you! And only once or twice did I see him with shoes on his feet. And that was a very cold and wet day. but by the time we left he was shoeless again. She tells you where to park and how to get out of the park. She wears shoes and, well, she is usually well covered. You have to see her to understand, the two do go together. I wonder what else he does and if they pay them to be there. Friendly, if you talk to them. Characters in our picture of Florida and the Flea market at Plant City. I did find a nice, collectible fork there this week.

the January, Tampa RV Super show, at a booth, they had a petition to sign that these half buried RV's, (air stream) was an art project, not junk!

We had seen them last year and so we signed the petition. Something neat to see. Just past these is an Air Stream dealer. Enough votes were garnered that the County commissioners said they could stay.

Another interesting item in the paper today. From the strawberry growers. They plant the berries over a

period of time so that they will have

berries all spring. The freeze was a problem, and then they all blossomed and produced berries at the same time. Now the market is flooded with berries and they cannot sell them at a profitable price.They do not want to put but a few acres in "you pick" berries as they have already planted cucumber plants and they could be hurt by people walking thru. Plus liability issues. But they are definitely sweet and good. And California berries are starting to hit the market.

Both neighbors are gone for a few days. Jack to his girl friends in Clearwater, and Austin and Linda to see their son graduate form Seaman School.

Oh, yes. We now have 5 red lawn chairs. There was another one in the dumpster last evening.

Should we get it? Sure, why not, we have plenty of bright red webbing. We are now being teased by our neighbors about being dumpster divers. We just check our the parks dumpster when we go put our trash in. You never know what bargains you may find. We have left a TV, chest of drawers and other stuff. Oh, also on Tuesday, Ernie came in and said there is a little
Dirt Devil vacuum beside the dumpster. Oh, No. Not another one. But I looked at it and we brought it home. Took out the very full bag, cleaned it up and bought some more bags at the flea market. Works great. Has a collapsible handle too. Better than the little hand vac we use. You never know.

About time for lunch. Then we may have to go to Busch Gardens. See you. jkc

OOps, Ernie is outside. He just said, there goes another chair. Oh, My!
No, it was a step stool and does not fold up. so we left it there for some other dumpster diver.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A rainy day

It is 10 pm and the vote on the health bill has not yet been taken. the tv is on, but I really do not want to hear about it anymore.

I did get to church. And when I got there I realized my purse was still at home. We are less than a mile from the church, so I got into my "spare" coin purse in the glove compartment and had a dollar bill for the collection plate. Will have to replace that dollar. Also keep $1 worth of coins. 10 cents will not make a phone call anymore, but sometimes that $2.00 comes in handy.

It was a rainy day, and we did not go to Busch Gardens as planned. Did take a walk around the park, late afternoon, when the rain had stopped. Second time around we were stopped. One of the women here is quite a crocheter. Has a beautiful bedspread she had made. Her husband kept telling me I should see it. So I did! She had also made some table runners. Pretty.

We did make it to the cookie factory. Came home with some shortbread and a box of ginger snaps. Soft choc. chip and lemon for the neighbor. I think the choc chip, lemon and coconut are the best. did not think much of the gingersnaps and shortbread cookies. Then, after watching Dr. Oz about dieting, Ernie decided we had better get serious again about our diet. And proper eating. So most of the cookies are in the freezer. And we have two more Wednesdays before we leave Charlies, so what shall we do about our strawberry sundaes? Decisions Decisions!

We plan on leaving here the 1st of April. We will go to Ft. Myer for 1 week. See my brother and sister-in-law and finish up our taxes. Our tax lady that we have had for 30 years decided not to come home from Florida in time to do taxes. But she would be working in Florida.

Our daughter said she would have to write Debbie and tell her that her staying in Florida makes it late when her parents come home. We have been home in time that I spend a day with her during her spring break.

After Fr.Myer we will head North. Stopping in Leesburg, Fl., to visit some friends. Be home mid April. News is about over. Have a good day tomorrow. It may rain more here.


Monday, March 15, 2010

Late Night

These are Civil War utensils.
It is late night for me. After 11 pm. Could not sleep and so decided to get up and use the computer. Today, Monday, March 15th, we drove about 50 miles to Webster, Fl. to THE flea market. This place is something else. A large field, several buildings and then another field of vendors. Some of the buildings have stuff from other countries. A few buildings and most of the outdoor vendors are good old flea stuff. And that is what I heard one of the vendors say---I got my stuff here at ? when did you bring your stuff in. So----

I found two pieces of silver that were E's. S is seldom collected, C is collectible, H is highly collectible, E is extremely collectible and M is most collectible. We find very few M's. And I found an H and a C. We also found a couple of weird looking forks. Two were sterling. (Did I tell you a few weeks ago we found a sardine fork?) The two sterling were alike. Small fork with 3 tines. Dainty, The two outside tines were curved outward. And there was a bar across the tines. An Olive fork? we do not know. the other looks like a miniature fork from a Carving set. Can't resist the odd looking or pieces that we know not many were made or kept for long.

Ernie also found some Civil War forks and knives. We have a friend that collects these and he is not doing the big flea markets much this year. So Ernie called him and Frank said to buy them.

so we also came home with several Civil War forks and knives. They have wood handles. Similar to the wood "granny forks" that you can buy now. Only these have fancy metal decoration on the handle.

Got home and our friends were gone. And they were late getting home. We were a little worried as He had not felt the greatest. So when they came home Austin came over to tell us about their day. They went to a clinic and found out that he has shingles. One spot on his lower right leg. After he checked out the Civil War forks, another knock on the door and in comes his wife. So we discussed our day and had a good visit. We do have good times.

I guess it is midnight. Tues will be laundry day and polish silver day. Wed. is another flea market day, strawberry sunday day and we may also go find the cookie factory.

Talk to you later. jkc

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Hudson, Florida, Hurricane Hank's Pub. Has the best shrimp we have had in a long time. Sat outside, the sun was shinning when we went in, but it got cool by 5:30. We looked for a seafood restaurant on the GPS and up came Mike's Dock. And when we got to the Hudson Marina here was Hurricane Hank's. The waiter said Mike owns the land around there. O.K. Good time there was a man singing when we got there, Had a Cockateel with him. But they closed down shortly after we got there. We asked about the bird, He was putting him in the van first as she was getting cold. One of two birds, but the only one that goes with him on gigs. And no, I am not talking about computer Windows in the title. We needed some repair done on our RV windows and so we came to Suncoast Designers Inc. in Hudson, Florida. You will see why in later pictures. a recommendation from Our FMCA magazine.

These 3 young fellows took out our windows and then replaced them. They also cleaned the glass so they all looked spotless. 19 and 20 year old guys. They made a joke about how long it would take and that is all it took. You know Ernie would not let that remark go and by the time we left on Tues. the whole crew was talking, joking and conversing with us.
We went in on Sunday afternoon. the road to this place was a typical factory road. junky We were not sure what we were getting into as we were told they would have 50 amp and water hook ups for us plus a dump station. But we had a black top drive and good level gravel to park on. Fenced in all around and the buildings were new and well kept. A positive feeling that all would be ok.

this next picture taken Sun. evening shows the factory and parking area.

You can see that it is neat and clean. The boys would have to go around (while they were waiting for windows to be done and ready to be put back in) and pick up around the area. They would strip off caulking and sometimes paper, but it would have to be picked up sometime before too long. There was at least 8 Rv's Sunday night and 13 Monday night.
At 6:25 am a worker knocked on the door. Have you signed in? No. Go do that and we will count your windows, mark them and take them out. 6 windows and they were out by 8 am.
They had plastic covered pieces of cardboard that they taped over the windows. Made it a little dim inside, but we were protected from the weather. They had said we might get done by Tuesday morning. We got the last window at 4:45 pm Tues. They take the windows out, separate the two pieces of glass (these are thermopane windows) Clean off all the seal that had squeezed inside, put them back together as they should be and put them back on the coach.

See the black scallop on the lower part of the windows? We have before and after pictures. It is said that the cause of the seal coming in like that is when going over the mountains, or a change in the altitude pressure, this can cause the seal to squeeze in on some windows. Doesn't matter the brand of RV, it can happen to all sizes and makes, sometimes. this company gives a 5 year guarantee. Full coverage the first year and then pro rated 20% down each year for the next 4.

these 4 pictures were taken at our campground in Thonotosassa. That is Jack's 5th wheel next to us. and on the other side of him are Linda and Austin from Muncie. We have our own little group. but we talk to all of them here. In fact, yesterday as we were leaving the flea market we saw one of our members and she said. "Are you going to the cookie factory now?" What?
there is a cookie factory on the East side of Plant City.! You can go to the factory and buy seconds. For $2. you get this big bag. What ever is available. she got us some coconut bars. I filled 3 qt zip lock bags and one more that is now gone. We gave some to the neighbors also. We all decided that we just might have to make a trip over there to see what other flavors they may have for sale.
I did buy some strawberries. They were so pretty. Big, bright red. too big for me as I do not think the large berries are as good and sweet as the smaller ones we grow in our own garden. But they do taste good with the soft serve we get at Parksdale.

And it would not be right to have a writing on the blog without something from Busch Gardens. Today it was Davey Jones from the Monkees Band and group of the 60's. Enjoyed

the band. One of the guitar players jumped and down, but the others were quiet compared to some of the bands we have seen with the various singers. But they were in tune with Davey Jones. I think he was about the only one that did not introduce his band. I like to watch the band and see how much they sing along and how they perform. Today they had a woman on a second keyboard and she also played a tenor sax and another smaller saxophone.

Today was a rainy day. We wore our ponchos and took our umbrella. Really did not get that much rain while we were out, but it did pour after we were back home. And some areas have had some flooding. Tomorrow is to be wet also. Have a good day. jkc

Sunday, March 7, 2010

We Moved!

For one or two nights we moved!!! To Hudson, Florida. We are sitting in the parking lot with 50 amp service and water, at Suncoast Designers Inc. Monday they will put in fix our windows that have some problems. Free parking, do not ask what the windows will cost. We arrived sometime after lunch. Made it to two garage sales. One was junk and the other was like a K-Mart, only in a storage building. All kinds of stuff. Where do they get this stuff?

Saturday we went to Zephyrhills to a flea market, only to find out there are more vendors there on Tuesday. So some Tuesday we may go back. I did find one fork for a quarter. A good one! Now and then that happens. Cleaned house and caught up the laundry. Trying to decide where to go out to eat. Thought we would ask our neighbors???whoever they are, but they already had made their plans. The gentleman came out when we pulled in here, and talk to us awhile. He is from Georgia and came down just to have his foggy windows fixed. We had met, so not a total stranger. So we shall see. Have a good day.

jkc Just thought---now how many people on vacation would go ask their neighbors, whom they did not know, to go out to eat? If you don't like them, drive away. Well, almost. We are not the only ones that have done this. So we are not the only weird ones out here. jkc

Thursday, March 4, 2010


this is the bird!----grey crowned crane. In the sun his crown looks white. He was really strutting around his pen. Look at me! Looks like he stuck his beak in a light socket.
We like the flower beds here at Busch Gardens. Hearts for February? And the pansy plants that are all over the place. all colors in some spots and then stripes of 3 different colors. This lady is petting a small wallaby, I think that is what they are named. we saw some other animals similar to kangaroos that were also in man made pouches.

these two cranes are the ones that were in front of our coach one day last month. I took the picture with my cell phone. and it has taken this long to get them transferred to the computer. they came one day after we had had a hard rain and it was warm. We have had rain, but it is cold. Supposed to warm up next week.

We saw this animal early one nice, sunny, warm day in January. Right after we got our new phones. another picture off my phone. this is a Kinkajou. that is right, sort of looks like a lemur and has a longer snout. He uses his tail for balance and hanging on to limbs. He also curls it around his body when he sleeps. there is a building that houses various small animals and they will take them out to this grassy area and tell about the animal.

We were waiting for the elephants to come out when the Rhino Rally van went by. this is a fun trip thru the park and nearer some of the animals.

The elephant handlers? were preparing the grounds for fun and food for the elephants. They had bananas, apples, sweet potatoes, palm fronds, hay, donuts and left over key lime pie. Popcorn also. The elephants brushed off the pie, ate the rest. The caretakers put some of the food into a plastic barrel and square. Leaving some on top. Stuck some palm leaves in the holes of those containers. The elephants knock over the box and barrel, moving it around so the food will fall out. The elephants eat between 300 to 400 pounds of food a day. Only 40% is digested properly, the rest is waste. The handlers get out the pitch fork and clean up the area every day. I enjoy watching these big beasts. They sleep lying down, and one elephant will stand guard over the others during the night. Taking turns as they only sleep two to three hours at a time.

The Osmond Brothers. 4 of them. they are good, altho most of us would like the oldest one to not tell so many of his old jokes. Rather hear them sing.

We were sitting on the top row and so was hard to get a good picture. One of them, sorry I do not remember his name, plays one mean drum. Have him play more on the drums and forget the jokes.

After the concert we went over to Timbuktu to the Desert Grill Restaurant and theater to see the group "Lets Dance" featuring "Burn the Floor" and they do. We decided to eat lunch there and had Shephards pie. Not bad. While I stood in line, Ernie found a place to sit. with 6 Canadians. French speaking Canadians. two could speak English. fun----They wanted to know about the motor home and we asked about Canada. They smiled big when I mentioned Canada won the hockey game.

Getting late. Talk to you later. jkc

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Birds and Sterling

Linda and Austin took us around a neighborhood where there daughter used to live. There on one of the lawns was this family of cranes. Mama, Papa and baby. Baby still was fuzzy, did not have full feathers yet. When they spotted us looking at them, the parents got the baby between them. We see cranes like this in our park. first baby.

This is a sterling silver sardine fork.

When we find something odd, one of the old pieces that was made during the Victorian era, we usually end up buying it. We collect silver plate patterns, but this was in great condition and we added it to our collection of "special" pieces. Does anyone know of the Daniel Low & Company? that is the mark on the handle. We tag our pieces with a catalog number and if we find the pattern in one of our books we also list the page number and pattern name. they are also listed on our computer.

Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo. rock and roll at Busch Gardens Bands, Brew and BBQ. during February.

somehow I missed listening to her way back when. I did recognize one or two or her songs. But it was a sunny day, cool, especially after the sun went behind the stage.

Pat Benetar and the bass guitar player of her band.

Can't stay up too late tonight. Wed is early flea market day in Plant City with strawberries on the way home. See you. jkc