Friday, August 26, 2011


 It is late August and I am trying to type with an emoblizer on my left arm.  More about that later.
We went to a rally.   Worked and got the coach cleaned, roof  top and sides, inside and out.  And took off.
almost.---- Ernie came in and said "we are almost out of propane!  What happened, do we have a leak?"
After we got the propane we remembered.  We did have the furnace set at 50 those first few nights we were home from Florida, and they kicked in when the electric heaters could not keep up.  Plus we used the stove and hot water heater while the kitchen remodel was done.  Simple, when you think of it.

We traveled far for the rally.  To Hoosier Park Race Park and Casino, in Anderson, IN.\  22 motor homes.  The park is about 6 miles from our home.  It was a dry camping time, new experience for some of the members.  We had a good time.
Tours---thru the old Paramount Theater with its old organ, all refurbished, Goods Chocolate and Ice Cream shop.  A dairy farm, where they milk 1500 cows 3 times a day, the horse barns at the track, 900 horses right now. Lunch at the Race Park and that evening box lunches, tables and chairs, front row seating at Conner Prairie to listen to the Glen Miller Orchestra.  Conner Prairie is an old time settlement that has a band shell for summer music.  And the people got up and danced.  Ernie commented that it was nice to see young people dancing.  We get used to seeing gray haired people at Busch Gardens during the winter. Saturday we went to a funeral home to hear about pet cremation.  sounds gross, but it was very interesting.  We had a pot- luck supper at one of our members home and had a good time visiting and good food. 
I did go over to the casino.  I lost 3 dollars and after I got to 3.76 I quit.  76 cents profit.  The casino gave us coupons of $5.00 for first timers.  Yes, the casino has been there several years and we have never gone to gamble or watch the horses.  So I lost the $5 too. not my money.
And then we came home.  Tomatoes on our 2 vines are ripening so we have at least one every day.  But the peppers are not doing so well.  The tomatoes are taking over, the small garden and the sidewalk.  thats ok, nothing like a fresh Indiana tomato.
Mon. the 22 of August I took my turn at going to the hospital for surgery. I have had an arthritic left shoulder for some time.  About 20 years ago I fell off Nancy's bike,(never have mastered handle brakes) and broke my arm right at the ball.  Now we find out thru x-rays that it did not heal in perfect alignment and that there were bone spurs, plus no cartilage between the ball and socket joint.  So now I have a new ball and socket
for my left arm.  The surgeon said the rotatory cuff muscle was in good shape and he was able to do the complete change, and straighten the alignment.  Now it is passive exercise at home until I get the staples out on the 6th.  Ernie gets to have the job of helping me do these exercises.  Plus, cook, clean, help me get dressed and bathed.  What ever.  Hardest thing today was putting on my pierced ear rings.  Gotta wear them or those little holes might close.  So at least 4 weeks with this thing on my arm.  It sticks out about a foot from my waist.  Elbow at my side hand at a 45 degree angle from my waist.  I sleep in the Lazy-Boy.
Came home the next day.  Pain has been tolerable, and now I am just taking regular strength Tylenol.

Planning on going to a rally in Sept.  And home to  Syracuse for a day over the holiday. 

some R & R for a while.

Maybe I can write some more later.  Hope all of you out there are haveing a great summer.