Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Florida State Fair and other outings

Feb. 11, 2014

February has been a busy month.  We were in Brooksville, Fl., for the South Eastern Area Rally on the 1st.  We arrived on Jan. 29th.  A pretty day.  the next 3 days were wet and cold.  We did turn on the furnace a few times.  The second night when we had the generator running I turned on the electric blanket and shortly after the generator was turned off I was in my warm bed.  Saturday and Sunday were pretty days.  I drove the handi-cap golf cart Thursday and Saturday.  Thurs. I had a quilt (from knit fabrics, warm and heavy)   wrapped around my legs, 5 layers on the top half of me, long johns under my jeans and those heat pads on my feet.  Kept warm and many liked the quilt.  Saturday was warm and fun.  We had visitors from Alabama for a few hours.  So good to see Martha and Merrill.

The next week the Florida State Fair started.  We waited until Monday the 10th to go.  Pretty day, not really crowded and a good time.  bought some black pepper from the Watkins booth and some "gripstiks"  Those straw looking things you put on plastic bags to close them.  Very neat.  You can use them on cereal bags, frozen veggies when you use half a bag, cookie bags.  etc.    Oh, that reminds me,  We, Beth and I, took Bob and Mable over to the cookie factory.  Mable got 8 dozen cookies for $3.50    We all got some brownie crisps and I also bought coconut cookies.  They are sold whole sale.  they are rejects, broken and some excellent condition but had some left over after all orders were filled.  So the two, no three, places we like to go, all have something to do with food.  Parksdale for strawberry sundaes or shortcake, TOFAYON for cookies and Sweet Tomatoes for soup and salad.  Come to think of it so does the State Fair and RV show.

Today we traveled to Sarasota, to Sun and Fun Resort for the Hoosier Cruiser luncheon.  We have a room from 11 to 3 with a buffet at noon.  Rick makes the reservations at the park and is our host.  It is ideal as we have time to visit without having to leave right after we eat.  7 of us went from our park.  Edna and Mike are not Hoosiers, but they are friends of the 5 Hoosiers here at Charlies.  So we said come on down!! Good Time.

When the 7 of us are together we all get out our cell phones to show each other the snow pictures from home.  And Doug T. sent us a beautiful picture of his home and snow.  He is tired of persons that are south telling him the temps and shirt sleeve weather.  We also got a group of pictures from him showing us his plowed drive etc.  Yes, snow can be so pretty, we are glad we are south!!!!      Our son has a plow on his pick up truck.  His wife uses the truck, Alan the snow blower and shovel.  Danielle has 2 contracts to plow some parking lots and they both plow a low income housing complex in Alexrandia.  Danielle even went to Indpls that first week in Jan. and worked for 24 hours straight.  She was not going to go, but they said $100 per hour.   When Alan got off work at 2am, he rode with her.  3 pick ups would go down the street.  first one in the middle and the other two a little behind it to do the sides. 

Our daughter teaches in Indpls. and missed the first week of January because of the snow and extreme cold.  Her comments to us, you know it is bad when Indy closes its schools.  She also have 4 feline bed warmers.  Especially if she has her electric blanket turned on.  then they are on the bed before she is in it. 

Tomorrow is flea market day, kettle corn and Ernie usually finds some tomatoes.  more food.!

Have a good day.  Watching the Olympics!

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