Monday, February 17, 2014

Later in February

Still on the go   It is Sunday night.  
Thursday was a busy day, decided to go to Sweet Tomatoes for supper.  No one would go with us as they had had a late lunch.  We went alone.  Do enjoy the soups and salads.
Thursday night is bingo night.   for the past 5 or 6 weeks.  I thought I had the correct change in my pocket.  I did not!   So I borrowed 75 cents off Mike.  and left the evening in debt 75 cents.  I have yet to bingo this year.
Boo Hoo.   Hi Barb!
Barb said she like to read our blog   so   Hi!
We will see if she reads this one.   We were surprised when we got out of bingo.  A friend had left a flat of strawberries.  Good!!
Friday we went to Busch Gardens.  Saw all 4 shows.  Paul Revere and the Raiders were there.  Then a song and dance show, and ice show and the last one was not the greatest.  Two groups supposedly competing against each other and it was not well done. 

Saturday I went to a quilt show in Lakeland with Beth and her sister.  I know why I do not quilt.  Beautiful quilts that take time and patience.
And color co-ordinating and an eye for appeal.  I enjoyed listening to the two girls talk about the quilts.

Sunday, Beth and I walked to church.  Went to Big Top this afternoon and the Girl Scouts were there with COOKIES.   Came home with 3 boxes.
Trefoils, thin mints and dosi does.   Will not open them for awhile.  Will have to get more next week.  Try out a new kind.  The girl was hoping to sell 2500 boxes so she could get a lap top.  If they sold out today she will be at 1500 boxes.  3 or 4 more weeks to go.

Mike and Edna stopped by, Bob, Mabel, Ernie and Jane rode with them to Bob Evans for supper.   And while there a bus full of people from the Fort Wayne area stopped for supper.  They are on their way to Sarasota for 2 weeks by the beach.   sounds like they were going to have fun.

and that's all for now.  Time to play some spider solitaire before heading for bed.   Good night have a good day.   jkc

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