Thursday, November 14, 2013

checking out the stores and neighborhood

Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2013

We will be here one week tomorrow.    We have checked out one of the Wall Marts, 3 Publix Grocery stores, 1 Winn Dixie grocery store, Home Depot, Lowes, The near by Sub Sandwich shop, McDonalds and the most
important one,  PARKSDALE, for a strawberry parfait!    And that is just getting settled in to Charlies.  Have not been to Sweet Tomatoes restaurant or Sweet Bay Grocery.  Oh, yes, We did check out the Big Top Flea Market on Sunday afternoon.  Perkins, this am, Ernie had a free breakfast coming as November is his month. 

With all those food places,  yes, we are walking.  Have gone from 1 round, divided for a rest, to 2 full rounds around our park.  2 rounds are about 1&1/2 miles. so we are progressing on our exercise. 

We heard from our son, and 2 pictures of our home, with the grass mowed and the leafs picked up.  He also checked out the eaves troughs.  Nice to have him do that chore for us.  He did say he would like to change a few things in our yard.  Could it be the 3 old rhubarb plants, or 2 old gooseberry shrubs, or even a few trees that have problems?  Then there are 2 asparagus beds, plus the poppy plants that are in the middle of where the garden used to be.   The peonies were already cut down and the forsythia has not had a chance to grow and be a problem.    We wonder what changes a new owner would make.  We have been there 50 years and we are sure they would change the landscape.

Both Nancy and Alan told us about the snow last night.  We had 83 degree weather on Monday.  It is down to 67 now at 10 pm.

We expect Linda and Austin any day now.  They said they would leave Saturday, but the snow may hurry them along. 

We are going to try the Plant City flea market tomorrow, so I better head for bed to get a good nights sleep.

Have a good day or night.

P.S.   We did get to Plant City flea market and we did most of the grounds.
      In our travels around this area it has been interesting to note the strawberry fields.   Some, the plants are very small.  A few are growing quite well, and every size in between.    Will not be long until we have fresh
berries.  Yeah!
We stopped by friends and made plans to go to Sweet Tomato restaurant tonight.  We did and it was good.  Not the choice of soups I really like, but the chicken pot pie soup was not bad.
it was windy today and much cooler.  We did wear our jackets and this evening I put on my long jeans.  But supposed to be back into the 70's Thursday. 


Look at a 1949 FORD 4 door sedan  like dad had . only wanted $12,000 for it,  Left it there

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