Sunday, November 10, 2013


And we are in Florida!!!!!!

Why are you leaving so early, ask Nancy, Danielle and Alan.  Because we can.    That is if on the 4th on the 5 week check on my hip, the Doctor says I may travel.  We will.  He did and here we are!   Sat. evening we took the family out to eat.  Good visit.  Sunday, Alan came down and helped us winterize the house.  And hook up the car to the RV.  More just to show him how it is done, as Ernie and I have our routing for that job.  He will come back later this month to mow one more time and check the eave troughs for leaves.

Ernie had one last visit with the hearing aid specialist, Kathy changed the compression and he was told, by the Dr.  to take some antibiotic for his stuffy ears that hurt at night.  He is feeling much better.  In fact he drove most of the way.

I drove an hour or two each day, just enough to give him time to move about and relax? a bit.  We were tired when we arrived about 4 pm and the 6th.  We got the electric hooked up and then the fittings had corroded for the water and we were not sure of the sewer connection.  so we added enough water for showers and did not connect anything but the electric.

Now all is fixed, new connections and fittings for the sewer hose.  Slide is
finally out and we relaxed.  Nice to be here in our spot.  Charlie, (the owner) has stopped by twice.  Once to say hello and the Ernie wanted to show him something so he stopped again to day.  And they talk awhile--
no surprise there.

Will write more later,

good night


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